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Selected Manuscript Collections

Bilbo (Theodore G.) Papers (M2)

Campbell (Will D.) Papers (M341)

Citizens Council/Civil Rights Collection (M99)

Colmer (William M.) Papers (M24)

Dahl (Kathleen) Freedom Summer Collection (M357)

Faulkner (L. E.) Papers (M22)

Johnson (Paul B.) family papers (M191)

Johnston (Erle) Papers (M319)

McCain (William D.) Pamphlet Collection (M393)


Selected Mississippiana Vertical Files

Bilbo, Theodore
Citizens' Council
Patriotic American Youth
Tougaloo College

Selected Online resources

Erle Johnston  oral history

Mississippi Department of Archives & History
Sovereignty Commission Online

Mississippi Digital Archive

USM Digital Archive

Selected Secondary Sources

Brown, Sarah Hart.  Standing Against Dragons:  Three Southern Lawyers in an Era of Fear.  Baton Rouge:  Louisiana State University Press, 1998.  (Cook Library or Online KF372 .B76 1998eb)

Campbell, Clarice T.  Mississippi:  the View from Tougaloo.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 1978.  (Cook or McCain Library LC2851 .T6 C35)

Colmer, William.  Attack on Mississippi is Communist-inspired:  speech of William M. Colmer of Mississippi in the House of Representatives, Wednesday, February 16, 1966.  Washington, DC:  GPO, 1966.  (McCain Library Mississippiana F345 .C65 1966)

Durham, Frank D.  Anti-communism, Race, and Structuration:  Newspaper Coverage of the Labor and Desegration Movements in the South, 1932-1940 and 1953-51.  Columbia, SC:  Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, 2002.  (Cook Library PN4722  .J62 vol. 4 no. 2)

Eastland, James O.  Is the Supreme Court pro-Communst?:  Here are the Facts.  Richmond, VA:  Patrick Henry Group, c1962.  (McCain Library Mississippiana F8748 .E27 1962)          

Evans, Medford S. Forced Integration is Communism in Action.  Jackson, Miss.: The Citizens' Council, 1962.  (McCain Library Mississippiana E185.61 .E93 1962)

Feldman, Glenn, ed.  Before Brown:  Civil Rights and White Backlash in the Modern South.  Tuscaloosa:  University of Alabama Press, 2004.  (Cook Library E185.61 .B36 2004)                             

Johnston, Erle.  Mississippi's Defiant Years, 1953-1973:  An Interpretive Documentary with Personal Experiences.  Forest, Miss:  Lake Harbor Publishers, 1990.  (McCain or Gulf Coast Library E185.93 .M6 J58 1990)

Katagiri, Yasyhiro.  The Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission:  Civil Rights and States' Rights in a Deep South State, 1956 to 1977.   PhD Dissertation: International Christian University, 1997. (McCain Library Mississippiana E185.93 .M6 K38 1997a)

Kaub, Verne P.  C ommunist-Socialist Propaganda in American Schools.  Madison, Wis.:  American Council of Christian Laymen, 1960.  (McCain Library SPCOLL LA209.2 .K3 1960)
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Solomon, Mark I.  The Cry was Unity:  Communists and African Americans, 1917-1936.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 1998.  (Cook Library HX83 .S665 1998)

Woods, Jeff.  Black Struggle, Red Scare:  Segregation and Anti-communism in the South, 1948-1968.  Baton Rouge:  Louisiana State University Press, 2004.  (Gulf Coast Library E185.61 .W64 2004)