302 Bibliographic Services Redirect

Bibliographic Services at the University of Southern Mississippi has a new home!

Bibliographic services at the University Libraries has moved to a new location:


Please update your browser's bookmarks, or any class materials or publications that may list the older URL (www.lib.usm.edu/~techserv). The locations for materials such as tutorials and glossaries (along with all other pages) remains the same in the new directory structure, except the tilde is no longer needed, and all pages end in the standard suffix ".html"; If this is too confusing, or you feel that something may have been lost in the move, please feel free to e-mail Ann Branton, Head of Bibliographic Services, to clarify a location or to find an item or page.

You may also feel free to search our website for any items that you may need to locate. After clicking on the link, locate the search widget on the upper left side of the web page, and choose the 'web site' tab.

 Remember, Bibliographic Services has moved to "http://www.lib.usm.edu/techserv."

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