Translation Cutter Table

Distinguish translations from the original work by applying an appropriate number from the table to the Cutter (.x) of the original work. In some cases, these numbers are based on numbers previously used in cataloging translations for the de Grummond Collection. Example:

  • Original English version of Sherry Shahan's The Changing Caterpillar : QU544.2 .S53 1997
  • Spanish translation, Los cambios de la oruga : QL544.2 .S5318 1997
Use the translation table when:
  • the main entry is a personal author or title, and
  • a uniform title plus language(s) is provided.
Do not use the table for:
  • autobiographies,
  • correspondence, or
  • entries with a corporate or conference heading.

If two languages are named in the uniform title, modify the Cutter for the first language.

PZ call numbers for juvenile fiction have been treated differently in past practice -- the 1 has been dropped from the number that represents translation. Example:

  • Original English version of Ezra Jack Keats' The Snowy Day : PZ7.K2253 Sn 1962
  • French translation, Jour de Neige : PZ7.K2253 Sn4 1999 (rather than Sn14 )

Continue this earlier practice of dropping the 1 from the translation cutter ONLY IF the pattern is already established for a title. If the pattern is not already established for a title, apply the translation cutter including the leading digit 1.

For books issued as part of a series but cataloged separately, look at the 646 field in the series authority record.

  • If |a=s , classify the book according to the title or subject of the individual volume.
  • If |a=c , classify it according to the subject of the series to keep all the volumes of the series shelved together.
  • If no authority record exists for the series, follow the rule of thumb of classifying works of literature according to the individual title and non-fiction according to the series subject.
.x121 Afrikaans
.x1211 Arabic
.x1214 Bengali
.x1216 Burmese
.x1217 Catalan
.x122 Chinese
.x123 Croatian
.x124 Czech
.x125 Danish
.x128 Dutch
.x13 English
.x137 Finnish
.x14 French
.x15 German
.x153 Greek
.x1535 Gujarati
.x154 Hebrew
.x155 Hindi
.x1554 Hmong
.x156 Hungarian
.x158 Indonesian
.x16 Italian
.x162 Japanese
.x163 Korean
.x164 Latin
.x1648 Malay
.x165 Malayalam
.x166 Marathi
.x167 Norwegian
.x1675 Oriya
.x1678 Persian
.x168 Polish
.x169 Portuguese
.x17 Russian
.x177 Slovenian
.x18 Spanish
.x183 Swedish
.x185 Tamil
.x186 Telugu
.x1866 Turkish
.x187 Urdu
.x188 Vietnamese


Linda Ginn
August 3, 2016

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