Call Number Abbreviations for Grade, Level and Unit

Format for grade line in call is: G2L8U1 OR G2L8UA

Grades G2 or G3

Capital G is used for Grade
Capital R is used for Readiness

R Readiness   GR
P Pre-Kindergarten   GP
K Kindergarten   GK
1 First Grade   G1
2 Second Grade   G2
3 Third Grade   G3
4 Fourth Grade   G4
5 Fifth Grade   G5
6 Sixth Grade   G6
7 Seventh Grade   G7
8 Eighth Grade   G8
9 Ninth Grade   G9
10 Tenth Grade   G10
11 Eleventh Grade   G11
12 Twelfth Grade   G12
A Age Special Ed. materials usually go by age of child
(A6-12 would be age 6 through age 12)
A 9-12
G2T Grade 2 Transition This is just a little higher level than just Grade 2  
Levels   Capital L is used for level
(Level is used for Book also)
L1 Level One   Bk. 1 could be L1
L2 Level Two    
L3 Level Three    
L4 Level Four    
L5 Level Five    
L6 Level Six    
L7 Level Seven    
L8 Level Eight    
LR Level Readiness    
LR1 Level Readiness 1    
LR2 Level Readiness 2    
LC Level Cursive    
LM Level Manuscript    
LMa Marquee Series Computer Education Series  
LPe Performing Series    
LSC Shelly Cushman Series    
LWW Web Warrier Series    
LKP Kid Pix Series    
L1B   Level 1a or Level 1b or Level 2a, etc.  
Lba Level Basic    
LS Level Strategic    
LB Level Blue    
LY Level Yellow    
LP Level Purple    
LO Level Orange    
LR Level Red    
LG Level Green    
Units   Capital U is used for Units, M for Mystery, A for Adventure and SF for Science Fiction  
U1 Unit 1    
U2 Unit 2    
U3 Unit 3    
U4 Unit 4    
UA Unit A    
UB Unit B    
    Unit could be by number (Unit 1) or by units of study (Unit Wo) for World or Ac for Access...  
UP Unit Prebasic Readers Laidlaw reading from Cox  
UE Unit Expansion    
    Mystery, Adventure & Science Fiction was used in SPED Reading  
UMy Unit Mystery    
UAd Unit Adventure    
USF Unit Science Fiction    
Uqu Quicken    
UXp Office XP Computer Education Area  
UOf Office    
UAc Access    
UFr Frontpage    
UPu Publisher    
UWk Works    
UPa PageMaker    
UDG Digital Gallery    
UABC ABC (alphabets)    
UIn Internet Basics    
UCP Computer Projects    
UDw Dreamweaver    
UWD Web Design    
Uwin Windows XP    
Ucu Unit Cursive Cursive inHandwriting  
UCC   Unit Characters in Conflict (Short Stories)  
UWI Unit Writers Inc.    
    Ver., Vol., Crse., Bk., Pt. & Chpt. are on the last line of call number  
Ver. Version cd version 1.1, etc.  
Vol. Volume    
Crse. Course Course 1 or 2, etc.  
Crse. A   Course Advanced  
Crse. I   Course Introductory  
Crse. Int.   Course Intensive  
Crse. P   Course Proficient  
ed. Edition    
Bk. Book    
Pt. Parts    
Chpt. Chapter Use on bottom line of call number just like Vol.  
    These are just notes from the old style sheet. For example, the new code for CD's is V:12  
Disk Floppy Disk i.e. Disk 4 (from old style sheet)  
CD-ROM   Text (from old style sheet)  
CD   Music (from old style sheet)  
CD-ROM TE   CD with Teacher Instructions (from old style sheet)  
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