Batch Holdings Update/Delete


Make a list of OCLC control numbers. Using OCLC’s Batch holdings process, import the list to delete a campus holdings symbol from a set of bib records in OCLC, or to update a campus holdings symbol to a set of bib records:

  • Discarded items: Delete the holdings symbol in OCLC if we hold no other copies at that campus.
  • Weeded items: Same.
  • Transferred items: Update the holdings symbol for the campus that receives the transferred item (if the item is new to that campus). Delete the holdings symbol for the campus that no longer has a copy of that item. This can mean deleting from one campus login and updating to the other campus login.

To see screen captures of the process described below, see the procedure document on the shared drive in the Cataloging Procedures folder.

OCLC Control Number List in Notepad

Create a Notepad (plain text) document and save it with an appropriate name, such as OCLC Holdings_Cook.txt or OCLC Holdings_GCL.txt.

  • Copy the OCLC control number from 035 and paste it into Notepad.
  • Place one OCLC number on each line. Press Enter to put a hard break (required) at the end of the line and put the cursor at the start of the next line, ready for the next number.
  • Control number length is not relevant. Control numbers that are less than 8 digits in length are OK with or without leading zeroes.
  • Control numbers that copy with a leading lower case “o” are OK, also.
  • Some 035 fields show it as (OCLC)xxxxxxxx . Double click on xxxxxxxx and copy. The (OCLC) will not be selected or copied.
  • List any quantity of OCLC numbers, as long as they are one to a line.
  • Save early. Save often. Close the file.
  • Run the batch process to delete and/or update.
  • Keep the Notepad doc for use later. Next time, delete the list of numbers and start fresh.

Here is a sample list of control numbers.


Batch Process Requirement -- IMPORTANT

To delete or update the MUS holdings symbol in a set of bib records, Connexion must be set to log in to MUS automatically. Set the default authorization to Hburg login under Tools/Options/Authorizations.

To delete or update the MLA holdings symbol in a set of bib records, Connexion must be set to log in to MLA automatically. Set the default authorization to Gulf Coast login under Tools/Options/Authorizations.

Delete Holdings

  • Open Connexion but DO NOT log in. If Connexion is already open or if it logs in automatically, log out.
  • Verify the default login is correct for the batch work. See Batch Process Requirement above.
  • On the menu bar, click on Batch.
  • Click on Holdings by OCLC Number.
  • Click on Browse and navigate to the saved Notepad documents. Select it and click Open (or double click on the document name).
  • Click on Import and see the list of control numbers in the box.
  • Answer No to the question: "Do you want to delete your original import file?"
  • Click on the Delete Holdings radio button under Action.
  • Click on OK.
  • Connexion will log in to the default authorization and process the list in groups of 25. A progress window will open for you to view.
  • When the process finishes, Connexion will log out automatically. A batch holdings report will be generated that can be printed for recordkeeping purposes. Note the successful or failed actions on the report.
  • If you changed the default login authorization, change it back if necessary.
  • Return to the Notepad document. Select and delete all the control numbers if they are no longer needed. Save the file for repeated use.

Update Holdings

Verify the default login. Follow all the instructions under Delete Holdings above, except:

  • In the Holdings by OCLC Number window, after importing the list of control numbers click on Update Holdings.

Linda K. Ginn
Updated January 18, 2017
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