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Dissertation ETD NEW
Master's Thesis ETD NEW
Master's Thesis
Honors ETD
Honors Thesis
Oral History Transcript (Print)
Oral History Transcript (Online)
Oral History Sound Recordings (Online Audio)

Getting Started With RDA (KW 2/2013)
Training Presentation (KW 2/28/2013)
RDA Toolkit
Changes from AACR2 to RDA Part 2: Access Points by Adam Schiff (Univ. of Wash.)
USMARC Format for Bibliographic Data (descriptions of new RDA MARC fields)
Library of Congress Catalogers’ Learning Workshop
ALA/ALCTS (links to free versions of RDA webinars)
ALA Editions Webinar: Introducing RDA (C. Oliver 6/13/2013 Audio)
ALA Editions Webinar: Introducing RDA (C. Oliver 6/13/2013 Slides)

LC Standards/Codes
Cataloging and Acquisitions Home

AACR2 Abbreviations and US Postal Codes

AACR2 Abbreviations for Certain Countries Names

MARC 041 Language Codes

MARC 043 Geographic Area Codes

MARC Country Codes (Fixed Field)

Core Records

Guide to the Usage of LCSH Free-Floating Form Subdivisions
Form Subfield v
Pattern Headings

Guidelines for Coding Electronic Resources in Leader/06

Guidelines for the Use of Field 856

LC Classification Outline

LC Classification Outline from

LC Cutter Table

LC Translation Cutter Table (brief)
See Translation Cutter Table under Local Tools below.
Cutter Table -- Regions and Countries
Cutter Table -- U.S. States and Canada
Cutter Table -- U.S Cities
F Schedule Table IV Historical works for cities with a single number (see Table I) A-Z from the 1958 3rd ed.:

OCLC Resources
OCLC home
OCLC Bibliographic Formats
Connexion Documentation
Master Enhance List
Batch Holdings Delete/Update
Holdings Symbols

Local Tools
Civil Rights in Mississippi Thesaurus
Bibliographic Processing Unit Guidelines
Oral History Interviewer Names NEW
USM Academic Degrees
USM Academic Departments
Style Sheet
Translation Cutter Table NEW
USM Acquisitions Glossary
USM Cataloging Glossary
USM Serials Glossary

Curriculum Materials Center
Format Style Sheet
Publisher Cutter List
Textbook Classification and Subjects
Textbook Grade, Unit, Level Style Sheet
Cook In-house Classification System
Gulf Coast CMC In-house Classification System
Item Type and Location


OCLC Authorities Reference Card
Library of Congress Authorities

Online Dictionaries
YourDictionary (Translations) (Translations)
Merriam-Webster's WWW Dictionary
Glossary of bibliographic information by language
Transliteration Tables

General Resources
Biographical Dictionary
Online Dictionary of Library and Information Science
GNIS Data Base

Professional Resources for Technical Service Librarians on the WWW

Ending Punctuation for Bibliographic Data
Metadata and Cataloging Education Web Clearinghouse
Dewey to LC Conversion Charts

MARC Format Tips and Tricks

International Standards/Tools
Special HTML Characters


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