Processing New Video Recordings for the Media Center

  • If case is damaged in anyway, recase prior to processing.

  • When a videocassette has a cardboard box cover, it is removed and the cassette is put in a full sleeve plastic cassette case. If the sleeve has no documentation, place it in a 1/3 sleeve cassette.

  • For accompanying materials (e.g. guide, manual) that need to be pambound, give to processing student to be pambound. Also check to see if any available VHS cases would be appropriate for shelving the video and accompanying material together.

  • A barcode is attached to the lower left-hand corner of the front of the cassette container and the eye barcode is trimmed to fit on the cassette label inside the container on the far right edge or bottom of the label. If there is more than one cassette in a case, hand write the barcode number on all other cassettes.

  • Edited, new and original records are exported into the library catalog. Check and verify that the record exported. Tally each exported title for Media Center, Gulf Coast Library Media or McCain/de Grummond on your statistics.

  • Videodiscs are processed in much the same way as videocassettes. The barcode is placed on the bottom left hand corner of the slipcover. The barcode number is hand written on the disc label in permanent marker. Do NOT stick the eye barcode on the disc.  Place eye on inside of DVD case or on insert, if present.

  • Two labels are printed per videocassette. One is to be placed on the spine of the cassette case 1/2" from the bottom; the other is trimmed to fit inside the case on the upper left hand corner of the cassette label. A label must also be printed for the guide, manual, etc., if in a pambinder.  One label is printed for DVD.  Place in uper left hand corner of DVD sleeve.  If insert is present, also print a label for it.

  • Place a property stamp label indicating library (Media University Libraries or Media Gulf Coast Library) on front of sleeve and on VHS or insert.

  • If it doesn't cover title or call number, place book drop warning label on front left of case, adject if necessary. 

  • Place plastic date due pocket on left inside of DVD case.  If VHS, use a paper pocket in same location.

  • When all processing is complete, secure VHS or DVD sleeve with 2 1" pieces of double-sided tape under left and right side of sleeve.


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