Sort Order of Item Records

The default order of item records for multi-volume or multi-copy titles in Millennium is determined by the order in which the items were added to the system. This can result in volumes appearing out of sequence and locations not being grouped together. Sort order for individual records can be changed manually.

Record with volumes showing in Millennium default order:

To change the sort order, click on Edit on the menu bar. You will see two sort options near the bottom of the list, both beginning with "Locations/Call no."

These functions will group the locations together and then sort the volumes in ascending (lowest number first) or descending order. Select ascending or descending order.

Record with "Ascending Order" selected:

To retain the sort order, pull down the Edit menu again and click "Preserve Sort." This will save the sort order for that record; it won't apply to any others. This will also change the order of the public catalog item display for that record, making it easier for patrons to use.



Kathleen Wells, May 2010



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