Gift Books

This procedure contains information about the cataloging of gift books selected for addition to the collections of University Libraries.

Gift Books for University Libraries

Gifts are managed by the Acquisitions Librarian. For information about receiving and managing gift materials, see Gifts and Donations under Acquisitions Procedures.

Books selected by curators or others for a special collection (de Grummond, Special Collection, Mississippiana, Juvenile Collection, Curriculum Materials Center, CurrLab, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory) will be flagged as such. The remainder will be for Cook Library or will be offered to Gulf Coast Library. All gift books to be cataloged will be routed to the Cataloging Unit.

All gift books added to the collections will be cataloged according to Edit Cataloging (Books) and other procedural documents for specific formats. See Cataloging Procedures.


Search the library catalog for a bibliographic record that matches the book in hand (author, title, imprint, edition, etc.). This search may have been done by someone earlier in the evaluation process, but it must be done at the point of cataloging.

If a matching bib record is found, inspect the holdings.

  • If we hold a copy in McCain Library (any collection), process the item for Cook Library. Add an item record, apply and scan the barcode, enter date and initials, print the label, etc. Change Bib Location coding on the bib record to reflect the holdings in multiple bib locations.
  • If we hold a copy at Gulf Coast Library, process the item for Cook.
  • If we hold a copy at Cook but not Gulf Coast, offer it to Gulf Coast Library. See below.

If no matching bibliographic record is found in our catalog, process and catalog the book for Cook Library.

  • Search the OCLC database for a matching bibliographic record. If the record is a candidate for enhancement and credit, enhance and replace the record. Add our holdings after any enhancement.
  • Catalog based on Edit Cataloging (Books) procedures.
  • Add bib and item record command lines via macro and enter item details.
  • Export the record to the library catalog with item record data attached.
  • Verify the record’s insertion into the catalog and that all information is correct. Check the access points.

If no matching bibliographic record is found in the OCLC database, refer the book to a librarian for creation of an original bibliographic record.

Offer Items to Gulf Coast Library

TBA. Gifts selected for Gulf Coast Library should have white Gifts flags inserted. These flags should stay in the books until they reach GCL.

Duplicate Books

If a search of the library catalog reveals that a copy of an item in hand is held at both Cook Library and Gulf Coast Library, route the book to library sale storage in the Acquisitions Unit. If items offered to Gulf Coast Library are not selected for addition, route these to library sale storage in Acquisitions.

Linda K. Ginn
June 2013


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