DVD & VHS Cataloging Procedures

Fixed Fields:

BLvl- m (monograph)
Code most DVDs as "s," not "p" since the content has changed (usually added subtitles, special features or translations. Compare these additions to books with reference lists).
ELvl- I
Tech- a (animated), c (combination), l (live action), z (other, computer animation)
Time- duration in minutes of feature presentation only
TMat- v (videorecording)
Type- g (projected medium)

Variable Fields:

007 (Physical description)-  

DVD:  v   |b d   |d c/m/b   |e v  |f a   |g i   |h z   |i m/s/u
VHS:  v   |b f   |d c/m/b   |e b  |g h   |h o  |i m/s/u

040 (Holding library)- MUST for Hattiesburg campus and MLAC [Media] for Gulf Coast campuses.

020 (ISBN)- Provide ISBN, if available.

024 (Other Standard Identifier)- UPC #, if ISBN is unavailable.

028 (Product number)- Include any catalog or product numbers found on the item.

041 (Language code)- Note item is a translation or if it has subtitles in other languages. Code list.


041 1_ engfre |b engfrespa
546 In English or French with optional subtitles in English, French, and Spanish.

043 (Geographic area code)- Include appropriate code for items that warrant a geographical

060, 082, 090, 092, 099 (classification)- Delete all but the 090

245 (Title/Responsibility)- Follow guidelines for videocassettes, including |h [videorecording].

250 (Edition statement)-
Include all statements that differentiate one manifestation from another as an edition statement.

250 Letterbox format.
250 Widescreen version.
250 Collector's ed.

260 |c (Date of publication)-
Use latest date found anywhere on the item. Do not be limited by the date appearing on the source.
Copyrighted dates of cover design may be cited without the copyright symbol in brackets
(as an assumed date).

300 |a (Duration)- Provide the duration of the feature presentation, represented in 245 |a, only.
Do not include trailers, advertisements, or interviews.


For video recorded DVDs, the smd is "videodisc"

For video recorded VHSs, the smd is vi


300  1 videodisc (105 min.) : |b sd. col. ; |c 4 3/4 in.

For video recorded VHSs, the smd is "videocassette"

300  1 videocassette (105 min.) : |b sd. col. ; |c 1/2 in.

440 (Series statement)- Include all phrases that indicate a collection or series.

440 0 Five star collection
440 0 Star trek next generation movie collection
440 0 Criterion collection ; |v 171

538 (System requirements)- Strip out all sound features in this field and move to a 500.
Use separate fields for format and for system requirements. This note directly follows the 300
or 4XX field.

538 DVD.
500 Dolby digital 5.1 sound, stereo.

546 (Language note)- Use separate notes for closed-captioning and for language notes. Place this note immediately after the 538 field.

546 In English with optional subtitles in French or Spanish.
546 Closed captioned for the hearing impaired.

511 (Performer note)- List prominently featured actors only, up to 7 names.

508 (Production note)- Provide prominently credited screenwriters, editors, music composers, and directors of photography. Never list executive producers anywhere in the record.

500 (Original release/production)- Note the original release or production date if different from the production date on the item in hand.

500 Originally released as a motion picture in 1997.
500 Originally produced as a motion picture in 1997.

520 (Summary note)- Provide a brief (25 word) summary of the content or story plot.

520 Tells the story of pilot who is mortally wounded and loses his memory in an airplane crash and relies on the kindness of an army nurse to piece together his past and provide some comfort in his last days.

505 (Contents note)- No supplemental material is included in the contents note. "Supplemental material" is defined as items that do not appear prominently on the disc cover. List games and other enhanced features in general notes.

521 (Audience/Rating note)- Remove from record if present, except if cataloging for de Grummond of Juvenile.

586 (Awards note)- List any awards won at major film festivals or competitions.

586 Academy Awards, 1986: Best actor (Bob Smith), etc...


6XX (Subject entries)- Follow genre and subject guidelines for videos.

655 0 Films for the hearing impaired.

Special Considerations:

Double-sided DVDs- Do not note if single-sided since this is the norm.

500 Double-sided DVD.

Also add at end of 300 |b:  ... |b sd., col., double-sided ; |c ...

Special features- Do not note standard features such as interactive menu and scene selection.
But note their absence. Do not add preview information or advertisements, but do not delete
them if already in a record.

500 No interactive menu.
500 Special features include: 2 computer games.

Enhanced DVDs- DVDs with special features that are accessible through a computer. Most commonly the container does not read "Enhanced DVD," but it lists the system requirements.
Catalog the main item (i.e., the video) 006 for electronic resource, 007 for electronic resource, and 007 for video recording

538 Enhanced DVD.
538 System requirements for DVD-ROM features: Computer capable of playing DVD movies; Windows 95 or higher.
500 Special features include: 1 computer game and links to fan sites.

Aspect ratios- Include only if prominently featured. Prefer common language.

Include in 538 statement:

538 DVD.

538 Enhanced for 16 x 9 televisions, aspect ratio 1.77:1.


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