Books with Accompanying Electronic Resources

DISCARDING the electronic resource due to licensing restrictions?

  • Remove the 006 and 007 fields related to the electronic resource.
  • Retain the physical description of the resource in 300 |e.
  • Delete 5xx notes related to the resource, such as 538 system requirements.
  • Add this note:

590 __ CD-ROM [or computer disk] removed from Cook Library [or Gulf Coast Library copy] due to licensing restrictions.

RETAINING the electronic resource?

Code the fixed fields for the main item (book). Catalog the book as usual according to Edit Cataloging (Books). Include data for the electronic resource in the following fields:

007 Physical characteristics
Provide correct coding for accompanying electronic resource (computer file)

006 Auxiliary fixed fields
Provide correct coding for accompanying electronic resource. Use as many codes or as few as apply to the accompanying resource.

300 Physical Description
Include the accompanying material in |e.

300 __ 456 p. : |b ill. ; |c 19 cm. + |e 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.) + 1 computer disk (3 1/2 in.)

538 System requirements
Transcribe information on minimal system requirements to operate the electronic resource successfully.

538 __ System requirements of accompanying computer disk: PC; 486XX hard drive; at least 4 MB RAM.

500 Title information on accompanying materials
Provide the title on the electronic resource.

500 __ Title from accompanying disk label: EduSim PowerPoint.

500 Copyright/production information on accompanying materials
List any distinctive copyright/production information found on the electronic resource. The date in 260 and DTST fields should correspond to latest date anywhere on the item. If the date of publication of the accompanying materials is later than the main item, include the copyright on the main item in a note.

500 __ Copyright date on disks: 2000.

520 Summary note
Provide a note summarizing the contents of these items and the relation between the main item and the electronic resource.

505 Contents note
Occasionally the accompanying material will warrant a contents note. Use judiciously. Prefer to explain programs in 520.

740 Added title entry
List the title found on the electronic resource.

Special Considerations

The electronic resource (CD, CD-ROM) will usually be packaged within the book in a sleeve on the inside back cover. Labels will be applied to the front cover of the book. The electronic resource, when packaged with the book, will not be identified separately in an item record attached to the bibliographic record.

Revised June 2013


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