Cataloging Procedures

Cataloging Standards by Format: See Cataloging.




Edit Cataloging (Books)
- With accompanying electronic resources
Special Collection and Mississippiana materials
de Grummond Collection materials
- Juvenile Collection materials
Facsimile reproductions
Gift Books
Rare book cataloging
Special Books


Curriculum Materials

State-approved textbooks (including kits)


Manuscripts and Manuscript Collections

Manuscript Collections (Coming soon)
Theses and Dissertations
ETDs (Electronic Theses and Dissertations)
Oral History Transcript (Print)



Music Recordings
Music Scores
- Multi-Volume Scores
Composer Cutter List


Motion Pictures and Video Recordings

DVD and VHS Cataloging
Classifying and Cuttering A/V Series
Classification of Feature Films
Special Instructions for Cataloging Videos
Workflow for processing new video recordings


Electronic Resources

Oral History Transcript (Online)
Oral History Sound Recordings (Online Audio)
Electronic Resources (Web pages, AACR2)

ILS System Procedures

Migrated Data vs. New Cataloging
Connexion: Export Settings
Connexion: 949/990 Fields
Connexion: Exporting Records
Location Codes for Bib and Item Records
Record Templates
Price Information for Item Records
Transfer Attached Records
Sort Order of Item Records

Training Procedures

Searching in Connexion
Marc Tutorial
Authority Tutorial
Cataloging and Exporting in OCLC Connexion
Library of Congress MARC Tools



590 Special Notes
Checking Series Statements
Tally Procedures
Transfer Materials
Weeding Proceduress


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