Exporting Records in ValidatorTM

1. With the authority record you want to export on the screen, click SAVE (disk icon). For the first export of your Validator session, an export file information window will open.

2. In the LOOK IN: box, click on the U drive to pull up the export folders. Click on “auth, ” then on the folder you want to export to, depending on the type of heading with which you are working (name, subject or series).

3. In the FILE NAME: box, type in the name of the file to which you are exporting: auth_nam, auth_sub or auth_ser. It is not necessary to type the full path, only the file name itself.

4. Click on OPEN. Your record will export and all subsequent records in that Validator session will export to the same file. If you have your computer set to give a “warning” sound such as a beep, you will hear this every time a record is exported. To export to a different file, you will need to close Validator and reopen it, then enter the export filename as above.

5. To view a list of the records you have exported in your current session, click on OPTIONS on the menu bar, then on SETTINGS, then on the EXPORT tab. A list of records and the file to which they were exported will be shown. (Note: you cannot change the export destination file from this window).

6. Cutting and pasting are limited in the current version of Validator. You can copy and paste from a Validator record into WorkFlows, but you cannot copy and paste from or into the Validator search box.

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