Create Authority Records: Topical, Geographic

Click on Create Authority (the pencil point icon). On the set properties tab in WorkFlows, the format should be LCSH (for topical headings) or GEOGRAPH (for geographic headings), authorization level AUTHORIZED, and source MUS.


Fixed fields:


REC_TP   record type.  z=authority data.


ENC_LVL  encoding level.  n=complete authority record


STATUS    n=new


ENTRD     date entered.  The system automatically enters today’s date.


DIR/IND     direct or indirect geographic subdivision.  Indicates whether a heading can be subdivided geographically. 

i=indirect subdivision (Agriculture |z Mississippi |z Lee County is an example of indirect subdivision; Agriculture |z Lee County (Miss.) is an example of direct subdivision.  LC almost

always uses indirect subdivision.  An exception is U.S. states, which can be used after a

topical heading without  including the name of the country, e.g. Agriculture |z Mississippi, not

Agriculture |z United States |z Mississippi.               


Blank=not subdivided geographically.  Use when creating authority records for heading-plus-

                     subdivision strings and for geographic (151) headings.


ROMAN    romanization scheme



AUTHTYP  kind of record

                   a=established heading  

                   f= established heading and subdivision(s).  See instructions below.               


RULES       descriptive cataloging rules



SYS/THE    subject heading thesaurus

                    a=LCSH  (use if heading is a subject or a name coded for use as subject)                                              


SER_TP      type of series



SER_NUM  numbered or unnumbered series



NAM_US     heading use—main or added entry

b=not a name heading  a=valid as a name heading (for topical subjects, the value is always b.    For geographic names, use value a for the names of cities, towns and counties, since the name

of the geographic entity is also the name of the local government.  Use b for other geographic

names such as headings for geographical features (e.g Black Creek (Miss.)).


SUBJ_US   heading use—subject added entry

                    a=appropriate for use as a subject heading


SER_USE   heading use—series added entry

                    b=not a series heading


SUBDIV      type of subject subdivision (used for authority records for subdivisions, e.g., a separate authority

                    record for the subdivision Dictionaries.  Do not use for subject headings that consist of a main 

                    heading plus subdivisions.)     n=not applicable                


GOVT_A     type of government agency.  Leave blank.


REF_EVA   reference evaluation.  Indicates whether 4xx/5xx references formulated by same rules used to

                    formulate the 1xx.

                    n-n/a  (cross- references have to be created according to LC guidelines.   Please do not create

                    cross-references in local authority records; if you think a cross-reference is needed for a subject

                     heading, please see Kathy).


UPD_PRO  record update in process

                   a=record can be used


UNIQNAM   undifferentiated personal name



LEV_ES      level of establishment (extent to which heading conforms to the conventions used to establish it)

                    a=fully established


MOD_REC  modified record

                     blank=not modified


SOURCE    cataloging source

                   d=other (used for locally created records)


Variable fields:


040         Cataloging source.  Always use MUS|cMUS.


150         Topical subject heading.   (Indicators are blank). 1xx fields in authority records

                do not end with a period.


151    0   Geographic heading.  Indicators are blank.


667        Nonpublic general note. There are no indicators.  Type your initials and the date.               


670        Source of data.  There are no indicators.  Give the title of the work containing

             the subject heading in our catalog, followed by the date of the work.




 Example of topical subject authority record in WorkFlows:


Fixed Fields                                                                

 REC_TYPE       :z          ENC_LVL        :n          STATUS         :n      

 ENTRD          :060605     DIR/IND        :i          ROMAN          :       

 AUTHTYPE       :a          RULES          :c          SYS/THES       :a      

 SER_TYPE       :n          SER_NUM        :n          NAME_USE       :b      

 SUBJ_USE       :a          SER_USE        :b          SUBDIV         :n      

 GOVT_AGN       :           REF_EVAL       :n          UPD_PROC       :a      

 UNIQNAME       :n          LEVL_EST       :a          MOD_REC        :       

 SOURCE         :d                                                            


  040                 MUS|cMUS                                                

  150                 Euthalenessa                                            

  667                 kw 6/5/06                                               

  670                 Revision of the genus Euthalenessa... 1970.             



Example of geographic subject authority record in WorkFlows:


Fixed Fields                                                               

 REC_TYPE       :z          ENC_LVL        :n          STATUS         :n      

 ENTRD          :060605     DIR/IND        :           ROMAN          :       

 AUTHTYPE       :a          RULES          :c          SYS/THES       :a      

 SER_TYPE       :n          SER_NUM        :n          NAME_USE       :a      

 SUBJ_USE       :a          SER_USE        :b          SUBDIV         :n        

 GOVT_AGN       :           REF_EVAL       :n          UPD_PROC       :a      

 UNIQNAME       :n          LEVL_EST       :a          MOD_REC        :       

 SOURCE         :d                                                            


  040                 MUS|cMUS                                                

  151         0       Benoit (Miss.)                                          

  667                 kw 6/5/06                                               

  670                 Town of Benoit, Mississippi… 1990.













kw  rev 6/06

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