PreOrder Brief Records

Set-Up for Firm Orders (Brief Records)

  • Follow the document for selecting the proper template for the Order Record Type and Bibliographic Record type. See Record Templates under Cataloging Procedures/Millennium Procedures or Selecting Record Templates in III Millennium located in the III Procedures folder on the shared drive).
  • In Millennium, in the Settings window, click on the New Records tab. Under Options for New Order Records, select Use Today’s Date as Order Date? and Queue Purchase Orders for Records? Select the Order option at the bottom of the options.

Create Brief Record and Order

These procedures are for creating orders for monographic titles and a BRIEF or Temporary Title and order for monographic items with no suitable record in Connexion, or for Scores and Media items).

Select the Order button on the vertical toolbar in the Acquisitions module. Click on the New button on the horizontal toolbar. Follow the prompts and enter the information below if available. If orders are to be sent via EDI, an ISBN is necessary.

  • 020 ISBN
  • 100 Author
  • 245 Title
  • 260 Publisher and Pub Date
When finished, follow the prompts, entering price, fund, vendor and initials. After the order is created, click Save and go back to Browse. Repeat process for further orders.


June 2011



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