In Millennium

  • Locate the order record to be cancelled.
  • If there are no other item records attached to the bib record for the ordering campus (Cook or Gulf Coast), go to the bibliographic record and copy the Bib Utility No. in field 001. This is the OCLC Control No. and is required to delete holdings in OCLC. (If there are other item records attached for the ordering campus, do not delete holdings in OCLC.)
  • In the order record, change the Status field to code z Cancelled. This will suppress the order record. When prompted to Suppress the bibliographic record, click Yes only if there are no other item records for any campus attached to that record.
  • Exit the record.
  • If there are no other cancellations, go to In Connexion below and delete holdings (if applicable) for the single OCLC control number.
  • If more than one order is to be cancelled, paste each Bib Utility No./OCLC Control No. into a Notepad document. Each control number must be on a separate line. See In Connexion below and delete holdings using the Batch process.

In Connexion

Delete Holdings in OCLC for a Single Record

  • Log in using the login for the correct campus location.
  • Look up the OCLC Control No. and display the record.
  • Verify that holdings are set for MUS (or MLA depending on the login).
  • Click on the ActionHoldingsUpdateHoldings icon on the menu bar at the top of the window to remove the holdings symbol.
  • Exit the record.

Batch Holdings Delete

  • This process deletes holdings from OCLC records using the OCLC Control numbers saved in a Notepad document. Each number must be on a separate line.
  • Verify that the correct campus login is set as default before running the batch process. When the batch process runs, you will be logged in and logged out automatically to the default campus location. Deleting holdings for the wrong campus location must be avoided.
  • With Connexion open, but not logged in, click on the Batch menu item and then click on Holdings by OCLC Number.
  • Select Browse and navigate to the saved Notepad document.
  • Click on Import. When prompted, do not delete the Notepad document. (Use the same Notepad document again, but delete the control numbers before next use.)
  • In the Action box, click on the Delete Holdings radio button.
  • Click OK at the bottom.
  • Inspect the Batch Report to verify holdings were removed.

June 2011



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