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How do I Find Manuscripts?

A list of all collections can be found here. You may also search by keyword in the search box on the linked page.

How Do I Find Photographs?
Photographs can be found in many of our archival collections. A list of all collections can be found here, as well as a search box for searching across collections. You may also search by keyword in the search box on our homepage. Photographs can also be found in the USM Digital Collections.

How Do I Find USM History Information?
Special Collections has a large collection of materials that document the history of the University of Southern Mississippi. The Southern Miss History research guide is a great place to start your research. You can also search our digital collections on the USM Digital Collections homepage. If you need additional assistance, Ask-a-Librarian.

Can I Use My Digital Camera or Scanner?
Digital cameras without a flash may be used in the reading room. The photographs are for research only and cannot be used in publications. Patrons will need to complete a digital photography form while taking pictures. Scanners are not allowed in Special Collections. Digital reproductions for research and publication can be ordered for a fee. More information can be found here.

How Do I Request Photocopies or Scans?
Patrons may request photocopies or scans of images for publication and research for a fee of $0.10 a page.*

For information on high-resolution digital images, go here.

*Additional fees may apply for those requesting copies off-campus. There is also a $5.00 charge for every 100 photocopies.

What Are Your Guidelines for Using Special Collections?
How Do I Cite Special Collections Materials?
Books are cited according to the citation style required for your paper or publication. The format for citing manuscript material can be found in our Guidelines for Use.
Who Holds Copyright on Manuscript Materials?
Special Collections holds the copyright to very few collections. The copyright to the majority of the materials are held by the creator. For further assistance, Ask-a-Librarian.

Does Special Collections Do Appraisals?
Special Collections’ staff are unable to appraise materials.

How Do I Donate Materials?
We continually accept donations to Special Collections. Below is the contact information of each curator in the library. For additional information, please take a look at our donations page.

Jennifer Brannock, Curator of Rare Books & Mississippiana

Ellen Ruffin, Curator of the de Grummond Children’s Literature Collection

Lorraine A. Stuart, Head of Special Collections & Curator of Historical Manuscripts & Archives