Your First Year with Baby – a Guide for New Mother’s (1950)

This image shows the front cover of the pamphlet. A baby’s head and a text area are on a background of pink and brown. The text reads: Your first year with Baby.

This image shows a floating baby head with pink paint marks radiating from the head.

This image shows the back cover of the pamphlet. On a pink background there is an illustration of a can of Wilson’s evaporated milk.

New mothers are often on the hunt for guidance and tips on the basic activities of raising a newborn. This booklet, published by Wilson’s Evaporated Milk in 1950, provides basic information about taking care of a new baby while promoting the benefits of their products.

Early in the publication, Wilson promotes the importance of its product in feeding a child. “Nurses are telling you about baby care and you are anxious to learn! Your doctor calls often and one day he may mention that baby is hungry – that he needs a supplementary feeding. He prescribes evaporated milk, and now you learn why Wilson’s Milk is good for baby.” The health benefits are also emphasized. “It’s fortified with sufficient Vitamin D – the ‘sunshine’ vitamin which baby needs to develop strong bones, good teeth and promote optimal growth.”

The pamphlet does eventually cover some non-feeding activities about newborns. From “his first splash” to “vogue in baby’s clothes,” the booklet provides some helpful yet brief advice for the new mother.

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Text by Jennifer Brannock, Curator of Rare Books & Mississippiana