Fashions: Fit and Quality Tailored for You (1954)

In archival collections, we often find ephemeral material that doesn’t directly relate to the main focus of the collections.  In the recently processed Tatum Family Collection, there are a number of items found in the papers that do not relate to the lumber mill activities of the family.  These personal items often provide a glimpse into the lives of families and practices of the era.

Fashions: Fit and Quality Tailored for You (1954) is a clothing catalog that provides examples of tailored suits and uniforms available for men, women, and military personnel.  With Internet shopping, clothing catalogs are becoming more infrequent with many existing solely on the web. Paper catalogs provide the same services as online shopping sites by providing a way for shoppers to order clothing and other items from the comfort of their homes that may (or may not) be available locally. 


To view this item, visit Special Collections in McCain Library 305.   

Fashions: Fit and Quality Tailored for You can be found at SpCol HD9940 .A1.  For more information about the book, contact Jennifer Brannock at or 601.266.4347. To see more Items of the Month, click here.

Text by Jennifer Brannock, Curator of Rare Books and Mississippiana.