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Subject Index - D

Dabbs Meriom Adair

    See: National League of American Pen Women, Delta Branch

Dairy Farming

Daisy Vestry, MS

Dale Robertson Celebrity Invitational

Daleville, MS

    See Also: Dale, Sam


Dancing Rabbit Creek Treaty

    See Also: Indians

Daughters of the American Revolution

Davis Family (Jefferson Davis) Memorabilia

Davis House (Pascagoula)

Davis Island

Davis Planetarium

    See: Jackson, MS - Planetarium

Day Care Centers

    See: Child Care

Deaf, Mississippi School for the

Death Penalty

    See: Capital Punishment

Decatur, MS

Decoration Day

    See: Confederate Memorial Day

Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo

Deer Island

    See: Barrier Islands

de Grummond Collection

    See: USM - de Grummond Collection

DeKalb, MS

Delisle, MS


    See: Mississippi Delta

Delta Airlines

Delta Blues Festival

Delta Blues Museum (Clarksdale)

Delta Center Stage

    See: Greenville, MS

Delta Children's Museum (Greenville)

Delta Council

Delta Data System Inc. (Picayune)

    See: Technology

Delta Medical Center

    See: Greenville, MS

Delta Ministry

Delta National Forest

Delta State University 1936-1969; 1970-

Democratic Party 1942-1964; 1967-

    See Also: Black, T.K.

Dental Techniques (including Forensic Dentistry)


Deposit Guaranty Corporation (Jackson, MS)

Deposit Guaranty Golf Classic

Deposit Guaranty National Bank

    See: Banks and Banking



    See: Integration

               Civil Rights
               Race Relations

DeSoto County, MS

    See Also: Historic DeSoto Foundation

D'Evereux (Natchez)

    See: Natchez, MS - Historic Buildings

Diamond, Jack - Estate Case

Diamonds - Industry and Trade

d'Iberville, MS

d'Iberville Stone

    See: d'Iberville, MS




    See: Health

Displaced Homemakers

    See: Pearl River Community College


Dixie Youth Baseball

    See: Baseball

Dixie Darlings

    See: Mississippi Southern College - Dixie Darlings
    See Also: USM - Dixie Darlings

Dixie National Livestock Show

Dizzy Dean Museum (Jackson)

D'Lo, MS

Dog Fighting

    See: Animal Rights

Domestic Violence

    See Also: Battered Women

                      Child Abuse

Drane House (French Camp)


    See: Drug Research and Education Association in Mississippi

Drew, MS

Driver's License


Drug Research and Education Association in Mississippi (DREAM)

Drugs and Drug Abuse

    See Also: Alcohol
    See Also: USM - Mississippi Institute of Drug-Free Schools

Dry Creek

    See: Covington County, MS

Dubs (Dr.) Townhouse

    See: Natchez, MS - Historic Buildings

Dublin, MS

Duck Hill, MS

Dunleith (Natchez)

Dunn's Falls

Durant, MS

    See Also: "Weekender" 1-12-86