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World Wars and Other Non-Civil War Conflicts Collections

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A Index

Ainsworth (Wiley) World War I Letters, 1918-1919 (M426)
Copies of letters written soldier in 28th Division, 112th Infantry and photographs of Company headquarters in France, .25 cu.ft.

B Index

Bishop (Edna) Papers, 1937-1995 (M 403)
Materials relating to her service as a W.A.S.P. during World War II, 1.2 cu.ft.

Bullock (Pat H.) World War II Papers, 1942-1946 (M 278)
Papers, records, and memorabilia relating to his service as military scout in Philippine Islands during World War II, .20 cu.ft.

C Index

Camp McCain, Mississippi World War II Slides, 1943
Twenty-two color slides taken by Lt. Omer Austin Heacox while stationed at Camp McCain (near Grenada, Mississippi during World War II, 22 items.

Camp Shelby History Collection, 1918-1971
Photograph, newspaper clippings, postcards, correspondence relating to history of Camp Shelby, an armed forces training camp located near Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 15 items.

Clements (Dr. Joseph H.) Papers, 1944-1999 (M428)
Newsletters, photographs, other relating to his service in 107th Engineering Batallion in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II, .25 cu.ft.

Cumbus (Frederic Price) Scrapbook, 1917-1964 (M 411)
Documenting his World War I experiences and his journalistic career with the New Orleans Times-Picayune, .25 cu. ft.

F Index

Fike (Claude E.) World War II Diary, 1941-1993 (M 275)
Diary, ship's log, memoirs, correspondence, memorabilia concerning his service in the U.S. Navy with the Seventh Fleet near New Guinea, .9 cu.ft.

Force (Caroline) WWII Collection, 1943-1965
Letters from her son in the South Pacific, 8 items.

Frobenius (Courtney L.) Vietnam Research Collection, 1948-1995 (M396)
Materials pertaining to the Vietnam War and the Republic of Vietnam, including his military service from 1968 to 1970. 1.40 cu.ft.

G Index

Gammon (Guy L.) WWII Collection, 1943-1945; 1999
Documents, memoirs, and photographs relating to the Army Air Corps Crash Boat Base in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, where Sgt. Guy L. Gammon was stationed during World War II. The collection includes 43 photographs of the base and its vessels, .25 cu. ft.

Gaudet (William) World War II Okinawa Photographs, 1943-1946 (M421)
Taken by Gaudet while stationed on Okinawa during World War II, .5 cu.ft.

Grimsley (Reagan L.) Research Collection, circa 1918-1944
An assortment of materials relating to Camp Shelby, Mississippi, during World War I and II, .3 cu.ft.

Gulf War Collection, 1990
Newspaper articles about Texas oil worker held hostage by Iraq, including his diary, 1 item

H Index

Hanley (Waverly D.) Papers (M429)
Correspondence, land-related documents, photographs and other materials relating to the life of World War II veteran, Waverly Dunlap Hanley, 1.35 cu. ft.

Harper (William E.) Muster Out Record, 1898 (M 154)
Spanish-American War muster out record of Mississippian Harper, 1 item.

Hatcher (William H.) Memories of World War II, 1942-1945
Paratrooper in the European Theater and member of General Eisenhower's Honor Guard, 1 item.

Henry-Rowell-Waldrup Papers
Letters written by members of the Henry, Rowell, and Waldrup families of Jasper County, Mississippi, during the first two decades of the twentieth century, 0.9 cu. ft.

Hill (Chester W.) World War II Memoirs, 1939-1946 (M 281)
Typescripts of his memoirs of service in the U.S. Navy in the Pacific, 1 folder.

Howe (Orville F.) Letter, 1882 (M 150)
Letter from Howe in response to request of Harper's Weekly for sketches of the War of 1812, 1 item.

K Index

Kline (Matthew J.) Collection, 1996-1997
Narrative of his trip with his uncle to Vietnam revisiting sites where his uncle had served during the Vietnam War, 3 items.

L Index

Lee Guard History, 1920-1921
Printed history of military unit formed in 1885 at Mississippi A&M College, now Mississippi State University, 1 item.

Leech (Andrew Candler) World War II Diary, 1943-1945 (M 285)
Diary of his experiences in the European Theater, .25 cu.ft.

Little (Pvt. James H.) World War I Memory Book, 1918-1919
Scrapbook containing military documents, newsletters, photographs, and narrative about his service in France in the 147th Aero Pursuit Squadron of the U.S. Army Air Service, 1 vol.

M Index

McNutt (Opie Lee) World War II Collection, 1943-1944 (M 401)
Letters and government documents relating to the military service and death in action of Pvt. McNutt from Crawford, Mississippi, .25 cu.ft.

Minn (Jim) World War II Memories, 1999
Audio cassette and notes regarding his service in the 14th Armored Division of the U.S. Army in France and Germany, 2 items.

The Mobile Riverine Force Association Vietnam Research Collection
Photocopies of Combat After Action Reports and Duty Officer's Log for 3rd Battalion, 60th Infantry (1968), .25 cu.ft.

Morris (Toxey) Collection, 1966-68; 1995
This collection is from Toxey Morris' private collection of memorabilia from his active duty time as ship's surgeon on the U.S.S. Tripoli during the Vietnam War, 1 cu. ft.

O Index

Oakman (Jack H.) World War II Memoir, 1941-1945
His reminiscences of service in the European Theater and as a prisoner of war, 1 item.

Okinawa World War II Photographs, 1945 (M 283)
Taken during the invasion by U.S. Marines, 14 items.

P Index

Pittman (Alvy Ray) World War II Memoir (M374)
This collection consists of a World War II Memoir compiled by Sgt. Alvy Ray Pittman, U.S. Marine Corps, and a paper written about Sgt. Pittman by his daughter, Beth Harrison, titled "A Common Virtue." Written circa 2002, the memoir spans the period 1942 - 1945.

R Index

Rimer (Wendell D.) Papers, 1944-1945 (M394)
Photographs, correspondence, service medals,and news clippings documenting his service as secretary to the U.S. Army's War Crimes Investigating Commission in Germany during World War II, .80 cu.ft.

S Index

Smith (Rufus and Carolyn) World War I Collection, 1919
Photographs, newsletters, postcards, brochure from World War I, .25 cu.ft.

Spanish-American War Documents, 1898, 1937
An 1898 discharge and a 1937 broadside comparing this war with the Civil War and World War I, 2 items.

Sundell (Carl H.) World War II Memoir, 1995, 1999
Account of the author's experiences aboard a U.S. Navy coastal transport vessel out of New Guinea, commanded by former USM Dean of Liberal Arts Dr. Claude Fike, 3 items.

T Index

Taylor (Riley) World War II Memoir, 1990
Manuscript of Taylor's memories of service in the 4th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army in the European Theater as written by his wife, 1 item.

Trebotich (John L.) World War II Collection, 1940s
Photograph documenting his service and that of his five brothers in World War II, 1 item.

Trommer (Karl) Letter, 1949
Letter from Trommer in the Russian Zone in Germany to his pen pal in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 5 items.

Tucker (Rev. Elton Cartis) Papers, 1943-2002
Materials in this collection pertain primarily to the donor's service in the U.S. Army during World War II.

U Index

United States Army Ordnance Corps Letter, 1826 (M 55)
On the subject of arms for state militia, 1 item.

U.S. Army World War II Recruiting Posters, 1942
Copies of a recruiting poster, 2 items.

U.S.S. Biloxi Collection, 1944-1945
Photographs, ship's newsletter, newspaper clippings, and a menu from the only U.S. Navy ship named for a Mississippi city, 1 folder.

W Index

Wheat (Roy M.) Papers, 1945-1992 (M 265)
Correspondence, video, other documenting the life and early death in the Vietnam War of this Congressional Medal of Honor winner, 1.55. cu.ft.

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