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A Index

Austin (O.V.) Papers, 1921-1938 (M 309)
Letters, photographs, and other materials reflecting his personal life as well as his association with Mississippi Normal College, 29 items.

B Index

Bolton (Charles C.) Research Collection
Research materials accumulated by USM Professor of History for his books on poor whites in the South, 1.75 cu.ft.

Brent (Charles R.) Photographic Collection, 1970's
Photographs of USM Professor Emeritus of Engineering Technology and his students engaged in various projects, .10 cu.ft.

Brown (Kate B.) Papers, 1918-1939 (M 114)
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, travel journal, report, photographs documenting Brown's work as director of Memorial Fund at Mississippi Normal College, .25 cu.ft.

Brown (Katherine) Scrapbook, 1950s-1999 (M 402)
Documenting Brown's career as coordinator of Armed Forces Education 'Bootstrap' program at USM, 1 vol. and .30 cu.ft.

Burkett (Fleet C.) Papers, 1912-1980s
Memoir and other items related to his life, including enrollment at Mississippi Normal College in 1912, 4 items.

Burns (Zed H.) Collection, 1699-1968 (M 26)
Research notes of historian M. James Stevens about Ship Island, Mississippi, .25 cu.ft.

Burton (Jackie Yelverton) Papers, 1939-1955 (M 263)
Memorabilia of Demonstration School of Mississippi Southern College, .90 cu.ft.

C Index

Caldwell (Erskine) Letters to Jac L. Tharpe, (1980; 1982)
Three letters written by noted author Erskine Caldwell to Dr. Jac Lyndon Tharpe, former professor at The University of Southern Mississippi, 3 items.

Church (Austin) Collection on Miss Osceola McCarty, 2005-2006
Two DVD’s, one CD, and other materials related to the creation of a song about Osceola McCarty called “Miss Ola, The Mississippi Giver”, 4 items.

Ciccarelli (Orazio) Research Collection, ca. 1861-1945
Primarily photocopies of documents from the Foreign Ministry Archive in Rome, Italy, concerning diplomatic relations between Italy, Peru, and the United States, as well as immigration/emigration, Peruvian political and economic history, and Italy's military missions and armament sales to Latin American countries. The entire collection is in Italian.

Clements (Dr. Joseph H.) Papers, 1944-1999 (M428)
Newsletters, photographs, other relating to his service in 107th Engineering Batallion in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II, .25 cu.ft.

Cleveland (Robert Hays) Collection, 1980s-1990s
Media guides and programs from college and professional athletics, .50 cu.ft.

Cook (Fred) Collection, 1974
Commendation by Mississippi Senate and House of Representatives of USM student Fred Cook's outstanding accomplishments in intercollegiate athletics, 1 item.

Cook (Joseph Anderson) Family Papers, 1879-1991 (M 209)
Correspondence, news clippings, photographs, and memorabilia related to career of Cook as educator and first president of Mississippi Normal College, 7.20 cu.ft.

Cook (Robert Cecil) Papers, 1912-1979 (M 96)
Correspondence, speeches, articles, reports, minutes, manuscripts, business records, and photographs documenting Cook's activities as businessman, author, publisher, and president of Mississippi Southern College, 13 cu.ft.

E Index

Everett (Asha Burgess) Collection, 1913-1916
Scrapbook and class notebooks from former student of Mississippi Normal College (now USM), 4 items.

F Index

Felder (Virginia Isabelle) Papers, 1931-1983 (M197)
Materials from career of USM professor of mathematics, .45 cu.ft.

Fish (A.G.) Collection, 1959
Research collection of USM professor of marine biology, .5 cu.ft.

Fritzsche (Bertha M.) Collection, 1929-1990 (M 289)
News clippings, photographs, certificates, diplomas, history of USM's Department of Home Economics under Dean Fritzche, .25 cu.ft.

G Index

George (J.B.) Papers, 1918-1943 (M 310)
Correspondence, certificates, other of USM President, .25 cu.ft.

Gonzales (Dr. John E.) Papers, 1963-1996
Files generated by USM professor of history, 6 cu.ft.

Grantham (Linda B.) Collection, 1950s-1990s
Scrapbook, newspaper clippings, and programs documenting the history of USM and Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 35 items.

Gutsch (Dr. Kenneth U.) Collection, 1970-1988
Typescripts and galley proofs of books written by USM professor of counseling psychology, .60 cu.ft.

H Index

Hensarling Family Collection, 1949-1960
USM materials and state teaching certificates, .30 cu.ft.

Hickman (Alma) Papers, 1910-1971 (M 98)
Drafts of this early USM professor's memoir Southern As I Saw It, scrapbook, photographs of her life, .80 cu.ft.

Hinton (Margaret Thatch) Collection, 1927-1971 (M 419)
Photographs, brochures, news clippings, and mementos pertaining to the State Teachers College Band's participation in the "Know Mississippi Better" tours of the U.S. by train, .70 cu.ft.

Hughes Family Photograph Albums, 1900-1957
Two photograph albums containing images of Mrs. F.A. Hughes and her family taken in various locations in Mississipp, 2 vols.

K Index

Kershner (Charles) Papers, 2007
A seven-page speech by Charles “Chuck” Kershner, editor of The Student Printz in spring 1964. The speech was delivered during the Symposium on Social Justice held at USM’s Thad Cochran Center on November 9, 2007, and it addresses the censorship of the March 20, 1964, issue of the Printz.

Kingsbery (Robert Wilson) Papers, 1949-1950
USM-related materials of a masters in music student, 1 folder.

L Index

Landskov (Norvin L.) Family Papers, 1957-1998
Materials pertaining to the life and career of USM professor of education, 1947-1972, .45 cu.ft.

Lenoir (Dorothy) Papers, 1856-1968 (M 111)
Genealogical materials about the Lenoir and Foxworth families, .25 cu.ft.

Long (Dr. James S.) Papers, 1934-1977
Articles, speeches, correpondence, scrapbook of USM professor of chemical engineering, 36 cu.ft..

Lowery (Rosewell G.) Typescripts, 1967
Typescripts of compositions by USM Dean of Men, .50 cu.ft.

M Index

McCarty (Kenneth G.) Papers, 1974-1999
Files generated by USM professor of history, 2 cu.ft.

McCarty (Oseola) Collection, circa 1920-1999 (M 442)
Plaques, medals, certificates, photographs, correspondence, news clippings, artifacts, books concerning her $150,000 bequest to USM, approx 24 cu.ft.

McLemore (Richard Aubrey) Papers, 1919-1973
Materials pertaining to the life and career of USM Dean and acting president, 1 folder.

McMillen (Neil R.) Professional Papers
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, flyers, and book reviews relating to USM professor of history, .25 cu.ft.

McQuagge (Carlton L.) Papers, 1928-1988
Materials documenting the life and career of USM professor and dean, .90 cu.ft.

Morrison (Jessie) Collection, 1864-1990 (M 422)
Business records of the Riverside Brick and Manufacturing Company and the Gulf and Ship Island Railroad and materials documenting her life and career at USM, 1.8 cu.ft.

N Index

Nau (John Frederick) Papers, 1955-1980
Personal papers and research materials of this USM professor of religion and philosophy, 1 cu.ft.

Nydegger Family Papers, 1905-1987 (M 186)
Correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, genealogical materials, 1.5 cu.ft.

O Index

Ogletree (Powell G.) Papers, ca. 1929-2005
Correspondence, certificates, publications, files, and other materials relating to Ogletree’s membership and participation in the Rotary Club of Hattiesburg and Rotary District 6840, .9 cu. ft.

P Index

Peters (Mary Lillian) Papers, 1921-1925
Mementos of her student days at Mississippi Normal College, 1 folder.

Preer (George Thomas) Papers, 1948-1979 (M 215)
Documenting the life and career of USM Presbyterian student advisor, .90 cu.ft.

Pulley (Mary Winton) Papers, 1876-1956 (M 92)
Documentation of her life and career as USM registrar, .90 cu.ft.

R Index

Rachal (John R.) Papers, 1998
Reprint of USM professor of adult education's award-winning article on Freedom Schools, 1 item.

Roberts (Anna Margaret) Papers, 1908-1960 (M 138)
Documentation of the life and career of USM librarian, .50 cu.ft.

S Index

Scott (T.P.) Papers, 1896-1952 (M 276)
Documentation of the life and career of USM vice president and Mississippi educator, .90 cu.ft.

Southern Book Arts Collection, 1997; 2003, 2006
Various materials relating to the USM Libraries’ Book Art Lecture Series, 5 items.

Stanley (Thomas Hiram) Papers, 1912-1986
Diplomas, photographs, and other materials about Stanley, an executive with Royal Crown Cola, and his wife Bonnie Lucile Martin, both graduates of USM in 1915 and 1916, .10 cu.ft.

Stocks (Peter) Papers, 1960-1983
Documentation of the life and career of this USM professor of microbiology, 1 cu.ft.

Stout (Polly) Papers, 1960s-1996 (M122)
Documentation of the life and career of "Miss Polly", assistant to four USM presidents, .45 cu.ft.

Stout (Wilbur White) Papers, 1766-1965 (M 137)
News clippings, books, typescripts, other concerning the interests of USM professor of languages, 7 cu.ft.

Student Research Papers, 1998-
Notable undergraduate students' research papers, 6 items.

U Index

University of Southern Mississippi Name Change, 1962
Audio tape of radio interview with Governor Ross Barnett, Lt. Gov. Paul B. Johnson, Jr., and USM President William D. McCain, 1 item.

V Index

Vanek (Sharon) Drawings, 2001-2005
The collection consists of USM-related drawings by a Hattiesburg artist, Sharon Vanek, and four folders of newspaper clippings showcasing some of Ms. Vanek’s work. Several sketches of prominent USM benefactors are included, 1 cu. ft.

Van Hook (Benjamin O.) Papers, 1945-1987 (M 441)
Documentation of the life and career of USM professor of mathematics and golf coach, .8 cu.ft.

W Index

Walker (J. Fred) Papers, 1948-1977
Documentation of the life and career of USM professor of biological sciences, 8 cu.ft.

Wheat (Edward M.) Papers, 1976-2000
Publications and professional papers reflecting the 23-year career of USM professor of political science, 1 cu.ft.

Z Index

Zaninelli (Luigi) Collection (M 346)
Scores and other material created by noted American composer and USM professor of music, 10.50 cu.ft.

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