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Mississippi Politicians Collections

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B Index

Barber (Frank D.) Collection, 1952-1962
Scrapbook of his campaign for State Senator, materials concerning USM acquiring university status, issues of USM humor magazine Southern Exposure, .25 cu.ft.

Bilbo (Theodore G.) Papers, 1905-1947 (M 2)
Correspondence, memoranda, financial records, newspapers, broadsides, photographs, and scrapbooks of colorful State Senator, Lieutenant Governor, twice Governor, and U.S. Senator, 690 cu.ft.

Blanton (C.H., Jr.) Scrapbooks, 1919-1998
Documenting the life and civic service of long-time Durant, Mississippi mayor, 5 vols.

Brandon (Gerard Chittocque) Letter, 1829 (M 60)
Letter from Mississippi Governor Brandon to Alabama Governor John Murphy regarding unsettled acounts, 1 item.

Byrd (Jesse M.) Collection, 1947, 1951 (M 330)
Letters, campaign material, speeches related to candidacy of Byrd for Governor of Mississippi, 25 items.

C Index

Colmer (William M.) Papers, 1933-1973 (M 24)
Correspondence, legislative files, speeches, newsletters, photographs, motion picture film, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks and artifacts of U.S. Representative from Mississippi, 168 cu.ft.

D Index

Davis (Reuben) Speech, 1859 (M 222)
Speech given in U.S. House of Representatives by Congressman Davis, 1 item.

G Index

Gandy (Edythe Evelyn) Papers, 1959-1983
Forty-two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and other materials that document Edythe Evelyn Gandy's public service career in Mississippi State Government from 1959 - 1983.

Gautier (James D.) Letter, 1945 (M 311)
Letter to Gautier from U.S. Senator Theodore G. Bilbo, 1 item.

H Index

Hammond (Kelly James) Papers, 1956-1962 (M 185)
Documenting the career of Mississippi State Representative and Senator Hammond, 2 folders.

Hardy (Robert B.) Papers, 1929-1995 (M 17)
Correspondence, reports, photographs, news clippings concerning U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and Mississippi State Senator Hardy, 9.75 cu.ft.

Holmes (David) Collection, 1943-2005
An assortment of items relating to Mississippi’s first governor, David Holmes (1817-1820), 10 items.

Holmes (David) Letter, 1822 (M 46)
Letter from U.S. Senator Holmes to Secretary of the Navy regarding the appointment of a midshipman, 1 item.

I Index

Ingram (Carroll) Papers, circa .7 cu. ft.
Correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, publications, and a scrapbook relating to Mr. Carroll Ingram’s tenure as a member of the Mississippi Senate, 30th District, Post 2 (Forrest, Lamar and Stone Counties) from 1972 – 1980.

J Index

Johnson (Paul B.) Family Papers, 1917-1970 (M 191)
Correspondence, photographs, news clippings, office files including Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission files, family papers, campaign materials, memorabilia of Mississippi Governors Paul B. Johnson, Sr. and Paul B. Johnson, Jr. and family members, 86 cu.ft.

M Index

McNutt (Alexander G.) Letters, 1838-1840 (M 67)
Letters from Mississippi Governor McNutt, 3 items.

Mississippi Secretary of State, Certificate of Election, 1851
Certifying election of John Tennyson as Justice of the Peace in District Four of Chickasaw County, 1 item.

P Index

Parker (Joseph B.) Mississippi Political Campaign Materials, 1979-1983
Audio and video tapes, press releases and broadsides from the campaigns of Gov. Bill Allain, Sen. John Stennis, Haley Barbour, and Gov. Cliff Finch, 3.5 cu.ft.

Political Campaign Collection, 1907-1944 (M 408)
Instructions for voters, newspaper ads, flyers, and campaign items for various candidates for public office in Mississippi, .5 cu.ft.

Powers (Ridgely C.) Letter, 1873 (M 72)
Letter from Mississippi Governor Powers to U.S. Attorney General suggesting a nominee for U.S. Marshal in Mississippi, 1 item.

Q Index

Quitman (John Anthony) Letter, 1850 (M 63)
Letter from Mississippi Governor Quitman to Connecticut Governor noting dispatch of copies of Mississippi laws, 1 item.

R Index

Rankin (John E.) Collection, 1932-1964 (M 333)
Letters, speeches, publications of Mississippi Congressman Rankin, .25 cu.ft.

Republican Party of Forrest County Records, 1959-1964 (M 203)
Miscellaneous materials, .20 cu.ft.

S Index

Shows (Ronald C.) "Ronnie" Papers, ca. 1996-2002
Appropriations files, redistricting files, newspaper clippings, correspondence, newsletters and other materials documenting the activities of Fourth District Mississippi Congressman Ronnie Shows during his two terms of office (1998-2002).

Simmons (Donald Clyde, Jr., Ph.D.) Collection, 1860s-2001
Political memorabilia, research collections, personal and family materials of a historian and student of state, national, and international politics, 2.70 cu.ft.

Skates (John Ray) / History of the Mississippi Supreme Court Research Collection, 1817-1973 (M 130)
Research for his book A History of the Mississippi Supreme Court, 1817-1948. 2 cu.ft.

Stone (John Marshall) Letter, 1891 (M 132)
Letter written by Mississippi Governor Stone for autograph seeker, 1 item.

T Index

Tullos (R. Ingram) Papers, 1934-1947 (M 242)
Correspondence among Mississippi Senators Pat Harrison and Theodore G. Bilbo and other Mississippi politicians about Tullos, a county election organizer, 15 items.

V Index

Video Tape Collection, 1980s
Television spots from campaigns of Mississippi Senator John Stennis, Mississippi Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Gandy, and Democratic Presidential candidate Gary Hart, 1 cu.ft.

W Index

Whitfield (James) Letter, 1838 (M 66)
Regarding a buying trip to New York and Philadelphia, 1 item.

Winstead (William Arthur) Papers, ca. 1935 - 1965
Scrap Books, publications and miscellaneous files pertaining to the political career of former Fourth District Mississippi Congressman, William Arthur Winstead, who served in the United States Congress from 1943 - 1964.

Revision date: February 5, 2010