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B Index

Burney (Madge) Papers, 1913-1953 (M 4)
Correspondence, speeches, minute books, yearbooks, photographs of Mississippi woman active in national patriotic organizations, 1.35 cu.ft.

Business and Professional Women’s Club, Gulfport, Mississippi, 1927-1934
Correspondence, newspaper clippings and other materials pertaining to activities of the Business and Professional Women's Club of Gulfport, Mississippi, .25 cu. ft.

C Index

Children of the American Revolution-John Dodd Society Records, 1943-1962 (M 101)
Minutes, reports, newsletters, scrapbook, .50 cu.ft.

D Index

Daughters of the American Revolution-John Rolfe Chapter Records, 1936-1996 (M 102)
Minutes, reports, yearbooks, scrapbooks, other of Hattiesburg, Mississippi chapter, 4.5 cu.ft.

Daughters of the American Revolution-Twentieth Star Chapter Scrapbooks, 1967-1993
Official scrapbooks, 3 cu.ft.

E Index

East Sixth Street U.S.O. Club Souvenir Booklet, circa 1945 (M432)
Booklet commemorating third anniversary of this African American club in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 1 item.

H Index

Hattiesburg Area Chamber of Commerce Records, 1906-1982 (M 216)
Minutes, membership records, financial, and division activity records, 5.5 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg Chamber of Commerce Collection, 1985-1999
Minutes, correspondence, annual reports, brochures, newspaper clippings, etc., .25 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg Civic Light Opera Collection, 1970s-2001 (M 415)
Playbills, news clippings, flyers, scrapbooks, other, 3.3 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg Country Club Collection, 1959-2000
Booklet of by-laws, rules, and lists of members, presidents, and sports champions, 2 items.

Hattiesburg Group of the Sierra Club Records, 1978-1986
Organizational records and membership information, 2 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg Knights of Pythias Minute Book, 1900-1913 (M 247)
Minutes, 1 vol.

Hattiesburg Lions Club Records, 1928-1993 (M 273)
Organizational records, .80 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg Review Club Records, 1914-1993
Organizational records, 1.90 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg Social and Service Club Yearbooks, 1923-1971
Yearbooks and membership books for several Hattiesburg, Mississippi area social and service clubs, .20 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg U.S.O. Club Records, 1942-1946 (M 211)
Monthly program reports, .20 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg YWCA Records, 1924-1984 (M 274)
Organizational records, .90 cu.ft.

K Index

Kappa Tau Scrapbook, 1948-1950s (M430)
Girls' social club in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, .33 cu.ft.

L Index

Leaf River Masonic Lodge, No. 19 Records, 1858-1907; 1963 (M 407)
Organizational records of lodge located in what is now Forrest County, Mississippi, .25 cu. ft.

M Index

Mississippi Association of Educational Office Professionals, Higher Education Division Records, 1973-1986
Organizational records, 8.5 cu.ft.

Mississippi Education Association Records, 1966-1974 (M 128)
Organizational records, 1.35 cu.ft.

Mississippi Library Association Collection, 1909-2000
Administrative and historical records of the Mississippi Library Association (MLA), 50 cu. ft.

Mystic Krewe of Zeus of Hattiesburg Records, 1924-2001
Records, scrapbooks, memorabilia, 9 video cassettes, 6 DVDs, etc., 14.25 cu.ft.

N Index

National Organization for Women, Hattiesburg, Mississippi Chapter, Records, 1980-1984
Records documenting the activities of the Hattiesburg, Mississippi chapter of NOW, 8.5 cu.ft.

O Index

Original Home and Garden Club Collection, 1927-1990
Scrapbooks, minute books, yearbooks, photographs, histories of Hattiesburg's oldest garden club, 3.5 cu.ft.

Orpheus Club Records, 1926-1986 (M 409)
Organizational records of this Hattiesburg, Mississippi literary club, 1.35 cu.ft.

P Index

Parliamentarians' Records-Mississippi Division of the National Association of Parliamentarians, 1949-1977 (M 202)
Organizational records, 1.10 cu.ft.

Parliamentarians' Records-Theta Unit, Miss. Div. of the National Association of Parliamentarians, 1959-1969 (M 93)
Organizational records, .65 cu.ft.

Pine Belt Family YMCA Records, 1913-2001 (M 268)
Organizational records, 9.3 cu.ft.

R Index

Rotary Club District 6840 Records, 1964-1998
Organizational records of district encompassing the southern third of Mississippi and southeastern Louisiana, 32.65 cu.ft.

Rotary Club of Hattiesburg Records, 1918-1993 (M 288)
Organizational records, 21.65 cu.ft.

U Index

United States Daughters of 1812 Newsletter, 1984-1990
Organizational newsletter, .40 cu.ft.

W Index

Women's Club of Hattiesburg Records, 1920-1967 (M 163)
Organizational records, .20 cu.ft.

Revision date: February 3, 2010