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Native American Collections

Indian Claims in Mississippi, 1836 (M 225)
Petition of 91 Mississippi residents to the U.S. House of Representatives that a tribunal investigate land claims in the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit area, 1 item.

U.S. Congress Committee on the Public Lands Report, 1816 (M 228)
Regarding Creek Indian depredations in the Mississippi Territory and the validity of British and Spanish grants, 2 items.

U.S. Congress Committee on the Public Lands Report, 1818 (M 229)
Regarding prohibiting Choctaw Indian settlement on the west bank of the Mississippi River until the tribe ceded lands lying east of the River, 1 item.

United States. General Land Office. Choctaw Certificate Transfer, 1897 (M 201)
Transferring title to 320 acres of land from an original Choctaw Indian land grant to five individuals in compliance with the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit, 1 item.

Wells (Samuel J.) Collection, 1980s
Manuscripts, galley proofs, other relating to his book After Removal: The Choctaws in Mississippi and additional Native American research materials, 5 cu.ft.

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