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Lumber Company Collections

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B Index

Batson Family Deeds, 1841-1908 (M 139)
Photocopies of deeds for land now in Stone County, Mississippi, 10 items.

C Index

Civilian Conservation Corps, District "G" Historical Materials, 1934-1936
Printed publications about the C.C.C. District "G", 2 items.

Cleveland (L.R.) Papers, 1950-1960
Research materials, including study of wood-feeding roach Cryptocercus, 4 items.

Crosby Family Letters and Miscellaneous Ledgers, 1849-1916
Family correspondence, ledger, financial reports of the Native and Ten Mile lumber companies of Mississippi, .20 cu.ft.

G Index

Goodyear Yellow Pine Company Photographs, 1918-1920 (M 134)
Taken by New Orleans photographer John N. Teunisson, 45 items.

H Index

Hoffman (Dr. Gilbert) Papers, 1870-1992 (M 272)
Research collection for his book Dummy Lines Through the Longleaf, a history of sawmill operations and logging railroads in southwest Mississippi, 3.6 cu.ft.

Homochitto Lumber Company Photograph
An 8.5" x 13.5" black and white aerial photograph of the Homochitto Lumber Company in Bude, Mississippi (Franklin County), 1 item.

Howe (Tony) Railroad Map Collection
The bulk of the collection consists of thirty-eight logging railroad maps drawn by Mr. Tony Howe. The maps portray railroad operations, timber holdings and other aspects of lumber companies that proliferated in South Mississippi during the latter years of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century.

I Index

Ingram-Day Lumber Company Photographs, 1906-1925 (M 291)
Photographs of pine and oak forests owned by this Lyman, Mississippi lumber company, 29 items.

M Index

Major-Sowers Saw Mill Photographs, 1923-1929 (M 292)
Photographs of Major-Sowers saw mills at Tallahala and Epley, Mississippi, 26 items.

N Index

Newman (J.J.) Lumber Company Records, 1895-1943 (M 286)
Ledgers of this important Hattiesburg, Mississippi lumber company, 13 vols.

T Index

Tatum Family Collection, 1991
Biographical sketch of W.S.F. Tatum, 1 item.

Tung Oil Research and Development Collection, 1939-1971
Correspondence, research notes, reports, newsletters, and journal articles, 32 cu.ft.

U Index

United States Forest Service, Harrison Experimental Forest Station Collection, 1925-1990 (M 318)
Photographs, slides, maps, and manuscripts produced by Station scientists and staff, 9 cu.ft.

W Index

Weston Lumber Company Photographs, 1920-1024 (M 293)
2 items.

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