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A Index

Armistead (John G.) Collection, 1994-1996
Manuscripts of novels and related papers by this Mississippi author, 1.55 cu.ft.

Autry (Ewart A.) Typescript, 1964 (M 119)
Typescript of works by this Mississippi author, .50 cu.ft.

B Index

Bateman (James A.) Papers, 1974-1992
Materials generated by Mississippi-born poet and co-author of Cotton Candy & Turnip Greens, 3.25 cu.ft.

Berry (David C., Jr.) Papers
Correspondence, manuscript materials, rewrites, publications containing, and note cards pertaining to the writings of USM English professor and poet, Dr. David C. Berry, Jr., 13 cubic feet.

C Index

Caldwell (Erskine) Letters to Jac L. Tharpe, (1980; 1982)
Three letters written by noted author Erskine Caldwell to Dr. Jac Lyndon Tharpe, former professor at The University of Southern Mississippi, 3 items.

Chambers (Henry Tim) Collection, 1935-1987
Journals, typescript and published poems, newspaper articles by Chambers, .50 cu.ft.

F Index

Fleming (Dale Sallis) Papers, ca. 1936 - 1995 (M356)
Materials pertaining to the writings of Dale Fleming, who with his wife Pearl, wrote a column for the Clarion-Ledger/Jackson Daily News titled "This Week." The column presented a weekly memoir of events that occurred in Mississippi during the Civil War.

H Index

Haynes (Melinda) Papers, 1999
Manuscript of her first novel Mother of Pearl, .25 cu.ft.

Heartman (Charles F.) Papers, 1893-1963 (M 94)
Book catalogs, printed articles, pamphlets, business records, photographs of an important American bookseller and antiquarian, 15 cu.ft.

Hiddle (David "Pears" Smith) Manuscripts, circa 1860s
Collection includes a photocopy and a transcript of two manuscripts entitled, "Travels in America" written by David "Pears" Smith Hiddle. There is a short history of Mr. Hiddle and his manuscript with the transcription, 2 items.

Higginbotham (Prieur Jay) Papers, 1958-1999 (M 126)
Biographical sketch, personal and professional correspondence, manuscript of his book The Pascagoula Indians, other research material of this author and archivist of the Archives of the City of Mobile, .40 cu.ft.

Hodges (Rev. Graham) Papers, ca.1920; 1952-2003 (M88)
Manuscripts of Rev. Graham's books and other materials pertaining to his career as an author and minister, 4.95 cu.ft.

J Index

Jack (Guy) Letter, 1922 (M 53)
Letter from Jack regarding his 1919 book about Kemper County, Mississippi, Iconoclast, 1 item.

M Index

Maeterlinck (Maurice) Papers, 1920-1965
Literary manuscripts, correspondence, news clippings, essays, publications of Belgian-born dramatist, essayist, philosopher, and winner of the 1911 Nobel Prize for literature, 1 cu.ft.

Mahony (Patrick) Papers, 1960-1975
Correspondence, news clippings, phonograph records, and memorabilia of author, lecturer, literary critic, and secretary to author Maurice Maeterlinck, 1 cu.ft.

Moorman (Charles) Papers, 1956-1970
Literary manuscripts, galley proofs, correspondence regarding his books and articles about middle English literature, 1 cu.ft.

P Index

Prenshaw (Maude Leet) Papers, 1926-1975 (M 262)
Poems by Mississippi Poet Laureat, 3 cu.ft.

Prenshaw (Peggy) Papers, 1983-1985
Research material and manuscripts of her books on Mississippi authors Elizabeth Spencer and Eudora Welty, 2 cu.ft.

S Index

Scanlan (T.M.) Papers, 1923
Booklet about the writings of this Hattiesburg, Mississippi author, 1 folder.

Scott (Flo Hampton) Papers, 1960's (M 86)
Anecdotal tales in her book That Passing Laughter, .25 cu.ft.

Sellers (Con L.) Papers, 1956-1981 (M 89)
Literary manuscripts and other materials related to the novels and short stories of this Mississippi-born author of popular fiction and historical romance, 5.15 cu.ft.

Sheffield (David) Papers, 1983-1995
Screenplays of Eddie Murphy films and television scripts by Saturday Night Live writers Sheffield and Barry Blaustein, 2 cu.ft.

Southern Book Arts Collection, 1997; 2003, 2006
Various materials relating to the USM Libraries’ Book Arts Lecture Series, 5 items.

Stevens (Rose Budd) Papers, 1947-1984 (M 199)
Newspaper articles and letters written by Mississippi author Mamie Willoughby who wrote under the pseudonym Rose Budd Stevens, 2.85 cu.ft. T Index

Thompson (Ray M.) Papers, 1837-1972 (M 8)
Literary manuscripts, publications files, photographs, news clippings of this popular Gulf Coast newspaper columnist, 3.8 cu.ft.

W Index

Wells (Mary Ann) Photographs and Papers, 1977-1997
Literary manuscripts of her books and photographs, slides, news clippings of articles written by her while a photojournalist at the Hattiesburg American newspaper, 23.30 cu.ft.

Wilson (Augusta Jane Evans) Letter, 1889 (M 152)
Letter to Major E.C. Walthall thanking him for his compliments on her novel Infelice, 1 item.

Y Index

Young (Thomas Daniel) Papers, 1965-1989
Manuscripts, correspondence, and other materials related to his books about Southern literature, 12.80 cu.ft.

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