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Historical Collections

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A Index

Adams County Broadside, n.d.
Issued by the Committee of Law and Order, 1 item.

Adams County Police & Miscellaneous County Records, 1836-1894 (M 85)
Documents relating to activities of the Adams County Board of Police, .25 cu.ft.

Agnew (Samuel Andrew) Diaries, 1852-1902
Diaries of farmer, teacher, minister in North Mississippi, 46 vols.

B Index

Balfour (Jeff) Collection, 1950s-1990s
Photographs, slides, postcards, and memoirs of Mississippi, 1.35 cu.ft.

Barrett (S.H.) Letter, 1894
Letter from Meridian, Mississippi, requesting supply of stationery, 1 item.

Baylis (John) Homestead Certificate, 1884
Homestead certificate issued to Baylis, 1 item.

Bellande (Ray L.) Papers, 1993-2005
Copies of this Ocean Springs Record columnist's "Sous Les Chenes" and "Images Under the Oaks" columns, 1.1 cu.ft.

Blake (M.) Letter, 1837 (M 148)
Letter from Blake to William Pinckney Montgomery regarding sale of land near Greenville, Mississippi, 1 item.

Bolian (Etta Dunn) Memoirs, 1870-1930 (M 266)
Her life in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana and Magnolia and Bogue Chitto, Mississippi, 1 folder.

Bolton Family Papers, 1890s-1940s (M 140)
Letter, postcards, photographs, other, .25 cu.ft.

Brown (Sarah Jane Hickman) Diaries, 1896-1902 (M 79)
Documenting her life and family in Madison County, Mississippi, .25 cu.ft.

Burnet (John) Certificate of Survey, 1788 (M 166)
Certificate of survey and sketch of land in Natchez District, now in Claiborne County, Mississippi, 1 item.

C Index

Cargill-Powers Photograph Collection, 1907-1989 (M 314)
Scrapbook documenting the Cargill-Powers family, 1 vol.

Carroll (Eleanor) Valentines Scrapbook, early 19th century (M 420)
Scrapbook sent to Carroll, 1 scrapbook.

Carter-Fancher Collection, 1845-1889 (M 305)
Family letters and deeds of land in Noxubee County, Mississippi, 12 items.

Charles (Thomas C. and Ellen McRaven) Letters, 1851-1876 (M 120)
Family letters, genealogy, and history of Clinton, Mississippi, .25 cu.ft.

Clark (Gary Mark) Hurricane Katrina Collection, August 2005-March 2006
One print copy and one digital copy of a diary kept by Gary Mark Clark from August 29, 2005-December 31, 2005, with an epilogue written in March 2006, 2 items.

Cole (Bonnie L.) Collection (1911, circa 1980, undated)
Materials relating to the family of Ms. Bonnie L. Cole, Brookhaven, Mississippi. 8 items.

Cole (James C.) Letter, 1907 (M 54)
Letter from Cole in New Orleans, Louisiana to Eula Ellis in Florence, Mississippi, 1 item.

Cooper (C.W.) Letter, 1887
Letter from physician in Northhampton, Massachusetts regarding a patient, 1 item.

County Institutes Programme and Syllabus, 1892-1893 (M 162)
Booklets used by teachers attending a County Institute, 2 items.

Currier (Lura Gibbons) Papers, 1937-1983 (M 267)
Correspondence, articles, reports, speeches, photographs, other documenting her career as librarian and educator, 5.4 cu.ft.

Cushing (Major Thomas) Letterbook (1799-1800) (M 297)
Early settler of South Mississippi and Alabama, 1 vol.

D Index

Disney (Cathron) Letter, 1826
Letter to Registrar of Wills in Norwich, England, requesting Buxton family wills, 1 item.

Duke (William) Speech, 1892
His valedictory high school address at Lake Como, Mississippi, 1 item.

E Index

Edge (John T.) Speech, "Mississippi Hot-Tamales: A Culinary Conundrum", 2000
Speech by Director of the Southern Foodways Alliance at the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi, 1 item.

Education in Mississippi Collection, 1848-1944
Catalogs, annual reports, laws, commencement invitations and programs from various Mississippi institutions, 32 items.

Ellzey (Wesley James) Papers, 1864-1887
Documents and a ledger pertaining to Wesley James Ellzey, a school teacher in Pike County, Mississippi, 6 items.

F Index

Fike (Didamie Emaline Hicks) Diary, 1843-1845 (M 270)
Diary of a farmer's wife near Buck Creek, South Carolina, 1 folder.

Flinn-Pegram Family Collection, 1860s-1890
Receipts, letters, deeds, correspondence, 1 folder.

Foster (Mildred Seymour) Papers, 1915-1993 (M 97)
Notes, news clippings photographs, scrapbooks, publications, other documenting the life of this Biloxi, Mississippi school teacher, .45 cu.ft.

Fourchy (Alexander) and Nixon (John) Papers, 1837 (M 9)
English and French texts of documents relating to the purchase of the site of old Fort Biloxi, Mississippi, 18 items.

Fritchman Family Papers, 1800s-1920s
Letters, legal and financial documents, and other materials of this Pennsylvania family, .25 cu.ft.

G Index

Gauget (J. Elie) Map, 1872
Unidentified map of Colombia, 1 item.

Gayarre (Judge Charles) Letter, 1850-1860s
Letter from Gayarre to John Perkins of Madison, Mississippi regarding cession of Louisiana to U.S., 1 item.

George (John) Funeral Announcement, 1880
Concerning George's son Sherman in Grenada, Mississippi, 1 item.

Grantham (John T.) Papers, circa 1952-1973
A collection of materials from the estate of Dr. John Grantham, a chiropractor who practiced in Yazoo City, Mississippi from the 1930s - 1950s. Most items in the collection pertain to racial issues and the Methodist Church, .25 cu. ft.

Great Britain, Parliament, English Parliamentary Acts, 1653 (M 165)
Printed Acts of Parliament, 2 items.

Greene County, Mississippi Historical Collection
Calendar and photographic images portraying historic scenes in Greene County, Mississippi, between approximately 1899 and 1945, 8 items.

Guildford/Richmond, England Map, 1945
Topographic map of Guildford/Richmond, England, 1 item.

Gulf Hills, Mississippi, Photograph Album, circa 1926
An album of photographs taken by Alfred A. Heldt, who was employed by Branigar Brothers of Chicago during the development of their Gulf Hills community in Jackson County, Mississippi, in the mid 1920s, 1 vol.

H Index

Hamilton (Jones S.) Pamphlet, 1887-1888 (M 306)
Pamphlet printed by Jones regarding communication from friends during his trial for murder resulting from a duel, 1 folder

Hanley (Waverly D.) Papers (M429)
Correspondence, land-related documents, photographs and other materials relating to the life of World War II veteran, Waverly Dunlap Hanley, 1.35 cu. ft.

Higdon (May) Papers, 1903-1908 (M 117)
Letters, teaching certificate, other, .25 cu.ft.

Hoffman (Marie L.) Papers, 1933-1942 (M 287)
Case files, correspondence, reports, other relating to her work with the Emergency Relief Administration, Works Project Administration in Mississippi, .45 cu.ft.

Holmes Family Land Deeds, 1869-1926
Land deeds of the Holmes family, Scott County, Mississippi, 1 folder.

Holt (Dr. Joseph) Yellow Fever Address, 1905
Address "The Treatment of Yellow Fever" given by Dr. Holt, President of Louisiana Board of Health, to the Physicians of New Orleans, 1 item.

Horn Family Land Documents, 1895-1936
Land deeds and related documents pertaining to land in Jasper County, Mississippi, 10 items.

Howard (Ron and Elizabeth) Family Collection, circa 1930s - 1940s
Historical items relating to Hattiesburg and Camp Shelby , Mississippi, including a souvenir booklet of twenty colored scenic cards, and envelope commemorating the dedication of the Hattiesburg Municipal Airport (now the Bobby L. Chain Municipal Airport ) on September 23, 1930.

Howey and McNair Genealogical Records, 1700s-1800s
Genealogical materials, 1 folder.

Hubbard (Bob) Hurricane Camille Photographs, 1969 (M 259)
Color photographs taken of sites on the Mississippi Gulf Coast before and after Hurricane Camille, 26 items.

Hurricane Camille Photograph Collection, 1969 (M 315)
Photographer Fred Hutchins' photographs of the aftermath of Hurricane Camille on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, 120 items.

Hurricane Katrina Research Collection, 2005
Images and articles pertaining to the destruction of the Mississippi Gulf Coast by Hurricane Katrina, 12 items.

Hurricanes of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Collection, 1715-1985 (M 282)
Research collection of historian Charles Sullivan for his book Hurricanes of the Gulf Coast, 3 cu.ft.

J Index

Jolly (James L. and Van Buren) Letters, 1861, 1897
Correspondence of family originally from Covington County, Mississippi, 3 items.

Jones (Boaz) Oral History, 1992 (M 312)
Tape and transcript of his memories of life in southwest Mississippi, 2 items.

Jones (James) Deed, 1838
Deed of land in Lowndes County, Mississippi, 1 item.

K Index

Kennedy Assassination Associated Press Wire Reports, 1963
AP bulletins covering the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, 4 items.

Key Brothers Endurance Flight Film, 1935
Film of world endurance flight above Meridian, Mississippi, 1 item.

Kirkland (J. Brackin) Papers, 1886-1983 (M 15)
Correspondence, speeches, reports, publications, clippings, photographs, genealogical materials relating to Mississippi-born educator in New York and Alabama and with the Boys Clubs of America, 27 cu.ft.

Kirkland (L. Clinton) Papers, 1886-1983 (M 244)
Correspondence, autobiography, deeds, estate papers, photographs, family papers of a Jones County, Mississippi farmer, 1 cu.ft.

Kitson (John) Letters, 1826-1837 (M 153)
Letters to Kitson and others, 4 items.

L Index

Lackey (Richard S.) Collection, 1800-1970
Miscellaneous materials from the Lackey Genealogy Collection, 3 cu.ft.

Lavender Family Papers, 1853-1982
Documents relating to the G.C. Lavender and J.L. Parker families of Tallahatchie County, Mississippi, .20 cu.ft.

Lenoir (Dorothy) Papers, 1856-1968 (M 111)
Genealogical materials about the Lenoir and Foxworth families, .25 cu.ft.

Leverett (Rudy H.) Collection, circa 1934 - 1999
Personal files, photographs, genealogical research, publications, and a variety of other research materials that relate to the life and work of the late Dr. Rudy. H. Leverett.

Liddle (Moses) Letter, n.d.
Letter to Liddle from William Mabnant, addressed to Woodville, Mississippi, 1 item.

Lotterhos (P.A. "Gustus") Correspondence, 1897-1901 (M 304)
Letters addressed to Lotterhos in Clarksville, Tennessee, 11 items.

M Index

Martin (J.M.) Broadside, 1884
Advertisement for settlers in northeastern Mississippi and southwestern Tennessee area, 1 item.

Marx (Charles A.) Papers (M 313)
Correspondence, reports, files, magazines documenting his career with the Mississippi Highway Patrol and as an attorney, 21 cu.ft.

McComb High School Photograph, 1926
Oversized photograph of the McComb High School Class of 1926, 1 item.

McElrath (Esther Turner) Diary, 1859 (M 141)
Personal diary of life in Warrenton, Mississippi, 1 folder.

McLarty (Adelaide and Edith) Papers, n.d.
Miscellaneous materials, 2.5 cu.ft.

Methodist Hospital Historical Collection, 1940s-1997 (M424)
Photographs and newspaper clippings about this Hattiesburg hospital (now Wesley Medical Center) and its School of Nursing, 1.8 cu. ft.

Mississippi Broadside Collection, 1881
Thanksgiving proclamation, 1 item.

Mississippi County Courthouse Photographs, 1975
Color photographs of Mississippi county courthouses, 4 panels.

Mississippi Historical Collection, 1898; circa 1920s
Three black and white photographs taken in Mississippi, 3 items.

Mississippi Menu Collection, circa 1999-2007
A collection of menus from various eating establishments in Mississippi, primarily the Hattiesburg area, .20 cu. ft.

Mississippi Renewal Forum/Hurricane Katrina Collection, 2005
Maps, reports, etc. documenting the Mississippi Renewal Forum and efforts towards recovery, rebuilding and renewal of the Mississippi Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina, 3 cu. ft.

Mississippi (State of) Proposed Flag, 2001
Replica of proposed new flag, 1 item.

Mississippi (State of) vs. W. M. McDonald, Jr., 1927 (M 181)
Court record of indictment and trial of W.M. McDonald, Jr., convicted of embezzlement while employed as a cashier at the Bank of Utica in Utica, Mississippi, 1 volume.

Mitchell, Little, and Armstrong Families, 1862-1944
Miscellaneous family papers, .50 cu.ft.

Monaco vs. Mississippi, 1833-1934 (M 179)
Research paper on lawsuit by Monaco regarding issuance of bonds, 1 item.

Morgan (Olin Robertson) Collection, 1923-1962
Bulletins, news clippings, plays, textbooks, and photographs from her teaching career, .25 cu.ft.

Mrs. W's 1901 Diary
A vivid portrait of the daily life of a middle class homemaker in 1901.

Mulloy (Betty) Collection, 1929-1993
Playbills, programs and miscellaneous items from cultural performances and sporting events in Mississippi and elsewhere, 280 items.

N Index

Natchez Trace Research Collection, 1704-1978 (M 249)
Research materials collected by historians of the Natchez Trace Parkway, 7.64 cu.ft.

New England Mississippi Land Company Reports in Congress, 1823-1840 (M 230)
Reports submitted to U.S. Congressional committees relating to the petition of the New England Land Company of Boston to obtain a portion of the settlement given by Congress to the Georgia Mississippi Company, 8 items.

Newsome (Stella B.) Pageant Script, 1936 (M 129)
Written for the Newton County (Mississippi) Centennial, 1 folder.

Newspaper Collection, 19th-20th centuries
Collection of issues of primarily American newspapers, including commemorative editions of papers published in Mississippi, Northern and Southern papers covering the Civil War, the Camp Shelby "Reveille", and others.

Nolan (Philip) Marriage Certificate, 1799
Copy of marriage certificate of Nolan, the inspiration for Edward Everett Hale's The Man Without a Country, and Fanny Lintot, Adams County, Mississippi Territory, 1 item.

Nuclear Waste Disposal Research Collection, circa 1969-1987 (M427)
Materials generated and/or collected by Perry County Citizens Against Nuclear Disposal, Inc. (PC-CAND), 5.5 cu. ft.

O Index

The Olympic Record Newspaper, 1984
Copies of the official newspaper of the 1984 Summer Olympics, 17 items.

Oregon Territory Map, 1841
Made by U.S. Exploring Expedition commanded by Charles Wilkes, 1 item.

P Index

Pearl River County, Mississippi: Chancery Court Execution Docket
Ledger book which contains information regarding the disposition of Chancery Court cases in Pearl River County, Mississippi, 1 item.

Pearl River County, Mississippi Justice of the Peace Docket, District Four
Ledger book containing the docket of both civil and criminal cases brought before Justice of the Peace Court, Pearl River County, Mississippi from 1942 - 1946, 1 item.

Pearl River County (Mississippi) Records, 1891-1903
Journals containing official records pertaining to Pearl River County, Mississippi, 2 volumes.

Perkinston Junior College 50th Anniversary Documentary Film, "Catalyst,"1962
One DVD film made from the original 16mm film commemorating the 50th anniversary of Perkinston Junior College, Perkinston, Mississippi, 1 item.  

Pickering Family Papers, 1844-1988
Letters, family documents, genealogical materials, 3 cu.ft.

Polk (Abner & Ida Chambers) Family Papers, circa 1841 - 1998
A collection of correspondence, estate documents, certificates, newsletters, genealogical materials and other items pertaining to the families of Abner Polk and his wife, Ida Chambers Polk.

Postcard Collection
Miscellaneous postcards, 1.6 cu.ft.

Press (Betty) Photographs, 2005
Three compact disks containing digital images of photographs taken by Press during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, 3 items.

Purvis, Mississippi Municipal Records, 1990-1997
Documents pertaining to Purvis government, .75 cu.ft.

Purvis Tornado Photographs, 1908 (M 252)
Aftermath of Purvis, Mississippi tornado, 63 items.

R Index

"Recollections of the Sanatorium" Typescript, n.d.
History of the Mississippi Tuberculosis Sanatorium near Magee, 1 folder.

Riley Collection of Mississippi Documents, Newspapers, and Letters, 1646-1980
Miscellaneous collections of materials concerning or relating to the state of Mississippi, 10 cu.ft.

Rodney Family Papers
Copies of Rodney family papers in Library of Congress, .40 cu.ft.

Ruleville, Mississippi Historical Collection, 1965-1996
Histories of Ruleville, the Ruleville Baptist Church, and the Ruleville United Methodist Church. 5 items.

S Index

Schwartz (Edith M.) Collection, 1913-1977 (M 418)
Personal and genealogical materials, .25 cu.ft.

Skates (John Ray) / History of the Mississippi Supreme Court Research Collection, 1817-1973 (M 130)
Research collection for his book A History of the Mississippi Supreme Court, 1817-1948. 2 cu.ft.

Smith (Renee Adrienne) Collection on the Afred Burton Stuart Family, 1900-1997
A binder of materials that trace the Alfred Burton Stuart family from the early 1900s to 1997. The binder includes photocopies of census records, newspaper clippings, death certificates, and correspondence plus digital scans of photographs that were assembled around the year 1998, .25 cu. ft.

Southern Tourism Collection, circa 1930s-1960
Ten pamphlets promoting tourism in the Gulf South Central States of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi, 10 items.

Stevens (M. James) Mississippi and Gulf Coast Research Collection, 1550-1987
Research notebooks of this Mississippi historian, 30 cu.ft.

St. Francis Xavier School History, n.d.
Documentation of the history of this Vicksburg, Mississippi school, .25 cu.ft.

Sullivan-Kilrain Fight Collection, 1938-1990 (M 271)
Notes, news clippings, recollections, photographs of the last professional bare-knuckle boxing match held in the United States near Hattiesburg, Mississippi on July 8, 1889, .35 cu.ft.

T Index

Talmadge (Eugene) Pamphlets, 1942 (M 180)
Materials of his 1942 campaign for Governor of Georgia, other, 7 items.

Thomas (Emmett V.) Papers, 1964-1968
Documentation of the life and career of a Biloxi, Mississippi insurance agent and realtor, 1 cu.ft.

Thompson (Jacob) Speech, 1847 (M 224)
U.S. Congressman from Mississippi Thompson's speech to Congress on the war with Mexico and slavery, 1 item.

Thompson (Joseph Irving) Land Abstracts, 1818-1962
Land abstracts of properties in Greene, Lamar, Jefferson Davis, Covington, Perry, and Forrest Counties in Mississippi, 1 cu.ft.

Thompson (Joseph Oswalt) Letter, 1926 (M 207)
Genealogical topics, 1 item.

Thompson (Lou E.) / Attala County Records, 1860-1944 (M 193)
Personal papers and county records, .20 cu.ft.

Tingle (Melvin R.L.) Mississippi History Collection, 1837-1908
Business ledger of James Ellis General Store in Decatur, 1837-1839; Newton County land deed, 1837; affidavit about B.F. Tingle, .20 cu.ft.

20th Century Political Materials, 1919-1920
Speeches on the League of Nations, Theodore Roosevelt, labor problems, etc., 10 items.

U Index

United States Department of Interior Land Office Letter, 1905
Regarding the charter of the village of Bassfield, Mississippi, 1 item.

United States Land Patent-Alabama, 1821 (M 142)
For 160 acres of land in Washington County, Alabama, 1 item.

United States Land Patent-Mississippi, 1841 (M 83)
For 483 acres of land in Scott County, Mississippi, 1 item.

United States Land Patent-Mississippi, 1841 (M 164)
For 40 acres of land in Covington County, Mississippi, 1 item.

United States Land Patents-Alabama, 1837; Mississippi, 1841 (M 143)
Three patents for land in Alabama and Mississippi, 3 items.

U.S. Congress Committee on the Public Lands Report, 1812 (M 227)
Regarding expediency of confirming claims to land in the Mississippi Territory founded on Spanish Warrants of Survey, 1 item.

V Index

Vinzant Family Records, 1848-1926
Documents of this Smith County, Mississippi family, .10 cu.ft.

Virden (Admiral Frank) Papers, 1965-1985
Materials relating to South America, 4 cu.ft.

W Index

Walcott (E.D.) Letter, 1828 (M 45)
Family, economic, and political news from a settler in Walnut Hills, Mississippi, 1 item.

Ware Family Papers, 1881-1952
Tax receipts from Smith and Simpson Counties, Mississippi, etc., 1 folder.

Watkins (W.H.) Letter, 1861 (M 303)
Letter regarding sale of land, 1 item.

Watson (Ernest I.) Autobiography, 1974
The autobiography of a 50-year journalist in Louisiana and Mississippi, 1 item.

Westerman (William) Document, 1823 (M 110)
His contract as a teacher in Natchez (?), Mississippi, 1 item.

Weston (John) Letters, 1845 (M 231)
Genealogical topics, 3 items.

Whitworth College Collection, 1859-1996
Dissertation, photographs, and index to documents and oral history interviews about this historic college in Brookhaven, Mississippi, .25 cu.ft.

Wiggins-to-Hattiesburg Film, circa December 1927
One DVD copy of a 13-minute a film shot in Wiggins, Hattiesburg, and on the road between the two cities, 1 item.

Word (James O.) Collection, 1963
Correspondence regarding U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, 3 items

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