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A Index

Allen (Creighton) Musical Scores, 20th century
Twelve musical scores by composer and concert pianist born in Macon, Mississippi, .50 cu.ft.

Assaf (Woodrow “Woodie”) Papers, 1931-1999
Materials that document the life and career of radio and television personality, Woodie Assaf, .9 cu. ft.

B Index

Barthe (Richmond) Collection, 1927-1980 (M 118)
Research collection about the life and works of Mississippi's most famous African American sculptor, 2.35 cu.ft.

Bass (Freddie Lynn) Collection, 1980 (M 190)
Original drawings and text for booklet Common Herbs in Colonial Gardens, 1 vol.

Berryman (Joe) Collection, 1945-1980
Musical instruments, record albums, trophies, manuscript and published musical scores, composing notes of noted Southern bandsman and USM professor, 10 cu.ft.

Blair (Stephen H. Jr.) Architectural Drawings, 1955-1987
Architectural drawings spanning three decades of the work of Hattiesburg, Mississippi architect Steve Blair, Jr., ca. 50 cu.ft. Requires permission of current owner of building to view.

Blind Roosevelt Graves and Brother, 1929-1936
Compact disk of complete recorded works of Mississippi-born Graves, including songs recorded 1936 in Hattiesburg said to be the earliest rock and roll recordings, 2 items.

C Index

Circus/Minstrel/Traveling Show Collection, 1894-1953 (M 329)
Posters, route cards and book, annual, magazine, program of several circuses that performed in Mississippi, 25 items.

Craven (Thomas) Letter, 1940 (M 147)
Letter from Craven in response to query about his book Treasury of Art Masterpieces, 1 item.

D Index

Daniel (Robert K.) Music Collection, 1906-1930
Various types of sheet music, 7 cu.ft.

D'Olive (Anne Louise) Papers, 1930-1980 (M 269)
Personal papers, sketchbooks, clippings of USM art instructor, 2.8 cu.ft.

G Index

Gower (Albert) Music Scores, 1969-1973
Original music composed by Gower for Mississippi's Junior Miss and Miss Mississippi pageants, plus his "Symphony No. 1", 3 items.

H Index

Hattiesburg Area Architectural Drawings, 1956-1973
Blueprints, architectural drawings, and building specifications, 24 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg Civic Light Opera Association Records, 1970s-2001
Playbills, news clippings, flyers, scrapbooks, other, 1.65 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg Little Theatre Collection, 1975-1977 (M 331)
Playbills, financial statements, membership roster, correspondence, 29 items.

L Index

Landry Architectural Drawings, 1931-1958
Drawings of buildings in the Hattiesburg, Mississippi area designed by the Hattiesburg firm founded by Juan G. Landry, now Landry and Lewis Architects, P.A., ca. 10 cu.ft.

M Index

Mississippi Bandmasters Collection, 1980s
Research collection for Dr. Perry B. Daniels, Jr.'s book Four Pioneer Mississippi Bandmasters and a History of the Mississippi Bandmasters Association, .25 cu.ft.

Mississippi Historical Music Scores, 1912, 1921 (M 332)
Scores of Mississippi Cradle, On the Mississippi, Swanee River Moon, Mississippi Ripples, The Little White House at the End of Honeymoon Lane, and I'm Hopin' to Open an Old Garden Gate, Down in Dixie Land, 6 items.

N Index

Nineteenth-Century American Music Scores (M361)
Twenty nineteenth-century music scores which may be of interest to researchers of music history and/or music publishing companies in nineteenth-century America. Graphic design is another aspect of the scores that could prompt research.

P Index

Presser (William) Original Music Scores, 1969-1978
Composed by USM professor of music, 3 cu.ft.

S Index

Schuller (Gunther)/Carnovale (Norbert) Collection, 1950-1986
Research collection about composer and conductor Schuller compiled by USM professor of music Carnovale, 1.20 cu.ft.

Y Index

Yoder (Paul) Musical Scores, 1940-1980
Manuscript and published scores of his compositions for marching bands, 30 cu.ft.

Z Index

Zaninelli (Luigi) Collection (M 346)
Scores and other material created by noted American composer and USM professor of music, 10.50 cu.ft.

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