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Civil War Collections

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A Index

Adams (John Q.) Letters, 1862 (M 48)
Union soldier's letters about camp life, 13 items.

Ainsworth (Garrett Smith) Papers, 1860-1863 (M 194)
Diaries, correspondence, miscellaneous items documenting Smith's service in Co. A, 15th Illinois Volunteer Regiment, .25 cu.ft.

B Index

Bailey (Nelson H.) Letters, 1862 (M 75)
Diaries, correspondence, miscellaneous items documenting Smith's service in Co. A, 15th Illinois Volunteer Regiment, .25 cu.ft.

Beauregard (Pierre Gustave Toutant) Papers, 1862-1863 (M 237)
Documents written by and at the command of General Beauregard in Charleston, South Carolina, 2 items.

Beauvoir: Memorial to the Lost Cause, 1991
Script and tapes of program produced by Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, 1 cu.ft.

Belcher (Granville W. and Mary Caroline) Letters, 1862-1864 (M 42)
Correspondence between Confederate soldier Belcher and his family, .25 cu.ft.

Bennett (Stewart L.) Civil War Collection, 1862-1890s
Research collection about Union solider Charles Dana Miller, including the diary of Union Captain R.S. Chamberlain.20 cu.ft.

Boggs (William Robertson) Letter, 1863 (M 232)
Letter from Brigadier General Boggs in Shreveport, Louisiana, to Commander at Vicksburg requesting free passage for Catlett family, 1 item.

Booth (W.T.) Collection, 1840-1913
Booklet entitled W.T. Booth of Jasper County, Mississippi: His Life and Times, 1840-1913 written by Booth's great grandson Glover Robert and emphasizing his Civil War experiences, 1 item.

Breckinridge (John Cabell) Dispatch, 1862 (M 73)
Dispatch sent to Col. H.P. Brewster in Corinth, Mississippi regarding Union troop movements shortly before battle at Shiloh, Tennessee, 1 item.

Burwell (Andrew and Mary E.) Letters, 1864-1865 (M 100)
Correspondence between Union soldier in Virginia and his wife in Wisconsin, 55 items.

Bynum (Victoria E.) Papers, 1992-2000
Research materials used by historian in her book The Free State of Jones, .25 cu.ft.

C Index

Camp (David A.) Letters, 1862-1863 (M 70)
Letters of Camp to his wife plus history of Lumberton, Mississippi, 8 items.

Carroll (Joseph Charles) Autograph Book, 1841-1920 (M 200)
Autographs of Civil War generals, U.S. Presidents, Cabinet members, Senators, Ambassadors. Photocopy available for use. 1 vol.

Carter (William Hodding) The Angry Scar Manuscript, 1959 (M 5)
Typescript of book dealing with Reconstruction, .45 cu.ft.

Chambers (William Pitt) Diary, 1862-1865 (M 214)
Memoir of Chambers' service in 46th Mississippi Infantry, 1 folder.

Chatham (W.L.) Letter, 1864 (M 78)
Letter from Confederate soldier guarding Bull's Gap, Jefferson County, Tennesse, 1 item.

Civil War Band Instruments Research Collection, 1862-1865
Photographs of bands, bandsmen, and instruments, with supporting information, 1 folder.

Civil War Centennial Collection, 1960-1965
Newspapers, brochures, calendar of events, newspaper clippings, favors and invitations to festivities, .50 cu.ft.

Civil War History Collection, ca. 1862-1966
An eclectic group of materials pertaining almost exclusively to the American Civil War, .25 cu. ft.

Civil War Stationery, 1860s
Illustrated songs on note paper, 4 items.

Columbus Riflemen, Company "C", First Regiment, 1900 (M 62)
Letter from members of Company "C" to Anna Banks regarding "Decoration Day" in honor of Confederate dead, 1 item.

Confederate States of America, Army, Board of Survey, Ruggles Command, Proceedings, 1864 (M 236)
Regarding the value of Brigadier General Daniel Ruggles' horse, 1 item.

Confederate States of America, Army, Field Report of the Second Brigade, 1862 (M 234)
List of men present for duty, August 3, 1862 near Comite River northeast of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1 item.

Confederate States of America, Customs Form, 1861 (M 33)
Merchandise shipped to various towns along the Mississippi Central Railroad, 1 item.

Confederate States of America, Medical Records, 1861-1865 (M 217)
Two journals and printed booklet relating to Confederate medical activities, 3 vols.

Confederate States of America, Port of Holly Springs, Miss., 1861 (M 56)
Customs form recording shipment of whiskey to Holly Springs, 1 item.

Cooper-Chapman-Thompson Letters, 1853-1893 (M 302)
Letters from military camp sites, family letters, and deeds of land in Newton County, Mississippi, 11 items.

Culpepper (John Wesley) Journal, 1861 (M 264)
Kept by Confederate soldier in Army of Northern Virginia, 3 folders.

Craven (P.H.) Letters, 1859-1865
Photocopies and transcripts of 18 letters written by a soldier in the 19th Virginia Regiment, Army of Northern Virginia to his mother, 1 booklet.

D Index

Dabney (Thomas Gregory) Collection, 1892-1965 (M 7)
Materials relating to his service in the Confederate Army and his work as chief engineer of the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta Levee District, .25 cu.ft.

Davis (Captain William Van) Diary, 1864-1909 (M 280)
Civil War diary of soldier in Company "D" of the 13th Mississippi Infantry, 1 item.

Davis (Jefferson) Letters, 1853-1880 (M 43)
Letters written by Davis in response to inquiries, 2 items.

Dawes (Rufus R.) Letters, 1893 (M 30)
Letters from Union Brigadier General Dawes concerning the Battle of Gettysburg, 4 items.

Dickson (Hugh Carroll) Civil War Letters, 1861-1864 (M 256)
Photocopies and transcripts of 8 letters written by a soldier in Company "C" of the 16th Mississippi Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia, 1 folder.

Duncan (John) Letter, 1863 (M 151)
Letter to Confederate Brigadier General Daniel Ruggles concerning safe passage of two women, 1 item.

E Index

Edwards (James M.) Collection
Photographs, certificates, and plaques awarded to Civil War collector, 11.8 cu.ft.

Ellzey (Wesley James) Papers, 1864-1887
Documents and a ledger pertaining to Wesley James Ellzey, a school teacher in Pike County, Mississippi, 6 items.

Ewing (Hugh Boyle) Letter, 1863 (M 105)
Letter to his wife from Union Brigadier General Boyle in camp near Jackson, Mississippi, 1 item.

F Index

Featherston (Winfield Scott) Letter, 1850 (M 41)
Letter from Mississippi Congressman regarding appointment of a cadet, 1 item.

Ferguson (Samuel W.) Letter, 1893
Letter requesting autograph of Confederate General Ferguson, 1 item.

Foote (Henry Stuart) Letter and Autograph, 1853 (M 69)
U.S. Senator and Governor of Mississippi regarding his efforts to reconcile Lynn Boyd and Henry Clay, 2 items.

Foote (Shelby) Proof of Red River to Appomattox, 1974 (M 115)
First proof of the first volume of his The Civil War: A Narrative, .40 cu.ft.

G Index

Garner (George G) / Ruggles (Daniel) Message, 1862 (M 61)
From Assistant Adjutant-General Garner of General Bragg's Second Corps in Jackson to Brigadier General Daniel Ruggles at Corinth, Mississippi, 1 item.

Gary (Martin Witherspoon) Papers, 1864 (M 238)
Letters from Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Secretary of War Seddon recommending Gary's appointment as Brigadier General, 2 items.

Gholson (Samuel Jackson) Letter, 1863 (M 176)
Letter from Gholson to Brigadier General Daniel Ruggles recommending candidate for command of troops in First Military District, 1 item.

Godman (Harry R.) Letters, 1863-1873 (M 112)
Letters to Godman in Terry, Mississippi regarding Civil War and Reconstruction, 5 items.

Gore Civil War History Collection, 1861-1890's (M 20)
History of Confederate Company "D", 15th Mississippi Infantry. .25 cu.ft.

Greer (Alexander and Joseph Thomas) Papers, 1862-1877 (M 192)
Service records and family documents of two Union soldiers from Pennsylvania, .20 cu.ft.

Gregg (Maxcy) Requisition, 1861 (M 233)
Requisition for ammunition sent by Col. Gregg of South Carolina Volunteers, 1 item.

H Index

Harris (Merry B.) Papers, 1860-1862 (M 210)
Letters, other by Mississippi attorney and officer of the Confederate Pettus Company of Volunteers, 12th Mississippi Infantry, 7 items.

Harrison (George Paul) Letter, 1897 (M 241)
Letter from U.S. Congressman Harrison to ex-Confederate Brigadier General James H. Lane, 1 item.

Harwell (J.D.) Letters, 1923 (M 71)
Letters from Harwell regarding his Civil War experiences in the 20th Alabama Infantry, 3 items.

Hollandsworth (James G.) Civil War Collection, 1994-1999
Typescript of article "What a Hell of a Place to Send 2000 Men 3000 Miles: Union Soldiers on Ship Island During the Civil War" and edited manuscript, etc. of the book The Louisiana Native Guards by USM Associate Provost and historian, .30 cu.ft.

Hollensed (John Wesley) Letters, 1860-1864 (M 34)
Correspondence between Confederate soldier in Company "C" of the 21st Mississippi Infantry and his family, .25 cu.ft.

J Index

Jackson (Alexander Melvorne) Papers, 1846-1892 (M 16)
Correspondence and records relating to the Jackson family, Mississippi politics, the Mexican War, the New Mexico Territory, the Arizona campaign with the Sibley Brigade during the Civil War, and Texas politics preserved by Jackson, secretary of the New Mexico Territory, Adjutant General of the Sibley Brigade, and court reporter of the Texas Court of Appeals, 1.10 cu.ft.

Jefferson Davis Soldiers' Home Records, 1920-1954 (M 6)
Payroll and budget records, board of directors minutes, correspondence, inmate files of the Confederate Soldiers' Home located at Jefferson Davis' home 'Beauvoir' in Biloxi, Mississippi, 2.7 cu.ft.

Johnston (Albert Sidney) Letter, 1849 (M 221)
Letter from Johnston to General R. Jones regarding Johnston's appointment as paymaster in U.S. Army, 1 item.

L Index

Lee (Robert E.) General Order No. 14, 1864 (M 235)
Order written by General Lee to General Jubal Anderson Early, 1 item.

Letcher (John) Proclamation, 1860 (M 219)
Virginia Governor Letcher's announcement of appointment of Joseph C. Lawrence as New York State Commissioner for Virginia, 1 item.

Lewis (John South) Civil War Diary
A twenty-four page typescript of a diary kept by Captain John South "Bud" Lewis during the American Civil War from February 9 - June 8, 1864. Captain Lewis served with the 16th Mississippi Infantry, Co. K (Wilkinson Rifles). As the diary begins, the author is apparently returning to the army after a furlough, but most of the events recorded therein take place in Virginia, and among the places mentioned are Clark's Mountain, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor. The battles at Spotsylvania (May 1864) and Cold Harbor (June 1864) are covered in some detail.

Lewis (Levi) Letters, 1861-1863 (M 212)
Materials of a Union soldier from Pennsylvania, 50 items.

Locke (Andrew J.) Letter, 1862 (M 57)
Letter from Marshall Locke to Jemmie A. Daesum(?) telling her she is free to leave Grenada, Mississippi, having been paroled, 1 item.

Loomis (John Mason) Letter, 1863 (M 107)
Letter from Loomis, commanding the 26th Illinois Infantry, reporting activities and casualaties in Warren and Hinds Counties, Mississippi, 1 item.

Lovell (Mansfield) Letters, 1861-1863 (M 58)
Letters to family members from Confederate Major General Lovell, 2 items.

Lowrey (Mark Perrin) Autobiographical Essay, 1867 (M 49)
Written by Confederate Brigadier General Lowrey, 1 item.

M Index

McCollum (Duncan) Diary, 1864-1865 (M 295)
Diary of Confederate Captain of Company "A" in the 4th Mississippi Cavalry, 1 item.

N Index

North (Ralph) Letter, 1883 (M 52)
Letter from North to Sergeant Prentiss Nutt regarding reparations for Federal seizure in 1863 of Nutts' coal boats, part of the Nutts family claims for damages to Longwood Plantation, 1 item.

P Index

Parker (John) Collection, 1864 (M 223)
Autograph book of 309 officers imprisoned at Johnson Island Military Prison near Sandusky, Ohio, 1 folder.

Patrick (Andrew J.) Letter, 1862 (M 106)
Letter from a Confederate soldier near Holly Spring, Mississipi to his family, 1 item.

Pittman (Richard B.) Letters, 1860-1864 (M 251)
Family correspondence of Confederate soldier in Company "F" "Marion's Men," .25 cu.ft.

Pitts (Jack E.) Account of Stuart's Raid, 1890's (M 279)
Account of a raid near Tunstall's Station, Virginia, 1 folder.

"Political Correspondence" (Lowndes Co., Miss.) Broadside, 1860 (M 81)
Anti-secession broadside printed in Lowndes County, Mississippi, 1 item.

Prescott (Thomas C.) Letter, 1864 (M 76)
Letter from Union officer of troops occupying Natchez, Mississippi, 1 item.

Q Index

Quantrill (William Clarke) Research Collection, 1858-1964 (M 243)
Research collection about leader of Quantrill's Raiders in Missouri, .66 cu.ft.

R Index

Rankin (Thomas J.) Letters, 1861-1862 (M 50)
Letters from Confederate soldier with the 7th Mississippi Infantry to his wife, 7 items.

Robinson (John Leroy "Lee") Papers, 1861-1882 (M 301)
Letters from a Conderate soldier with the Mississippi Volunteers, 27 items.

S Index

Shaw (Milton W.) Letter, 1863 (M 59)
Letter from Union soldier with Grant's troops in north Mississippi, 2 items.

Shepard (Samuel) Letter, 1860s?
Letter believed to have been written during the Civil War, 1 item.

Shows (James D.) Civil War Letters
Copies of letters written by his wife by Shows, a soldier in the 7th Mississippi Battalion stationed in Camp Saltillo, 5 items.

Shreve (William Price) Papers, 1861-1864 (M 29)
His Civil War memoir, 1 item.

Smith (William G.) Civil War Military Commissions, 1862-1863 (M 299)
Commissions of his three promotions in the 9th Infantry Regiment of the Virginia Volunteers, 1 folder.

Spight (Thomas) Letters, 1858-1887 (M 47)
Family correspondence of the Spight and Barnett families, some relating to the Civil War, 21 items.

T Index

Thompson (Jacob) Speech, 1847 (M 224)
U.S. Congressman from Mississippi Thompson's speech to Congress on the war with Mexico and slavery, 1 item.

Tiblier (Eugene) Letter, 1863 (M 77)
Letter from Confederate soldier in Company "E" of the 3rd Mississippi Infantry, 1 item.

U Index

United Daughters of the Confederacy, Nathan Bedford Forrest Chapter Records, 1901-1982 (M 204)
Organizational records, 2 cu.ft.

United States Adjutant General's Office, General Orders #25, 1870 (M 239)
Order dissolving the Fourth Military District of Mississippi and Arkansas, 1 item.

United States Army Fourth Military District Documents, 1868-1869 (M 65)
Rosters of officers and companies, 1 folder.

United States Army Office of Subsistence (Vicksburg, Miss.) Report, 1863 (M 135)
Report on distribution of rations to local citizens, 1 item.

United States Provost Marshal's Office (4th District, Richmond, Va.) Documents, 1865 (M 218)
Includes copy of President Lincoln's amnesty proclamation of December 8, 1863, 3 items.

U.S.S. Cairo Collection, 1968-1984 (M 277)
Photographs and newspaper articles about the recovery and preservation of this Civil War Union gunboat at the Vicksburg (Mississippi) Military Park, 1 folder.

V Index

Vanasdall/Vanasdale (Jacob and Alexander) Civil War Letters
Typescripts of letters written by Jacob and Alexander Vanasdall (also spelled Vanasdale) to their brother, Levi, during the Civil War.

Van Buren (Louisa D. Mott) Civil War Memoir, 1861-1960 (M 220)
Her Civil War memoir, .25 cu.ft.

Virginia Governor's Communication Enclosing the Credentials of the Commissioner from Mississippi, 1860 (M 189)
Pamphlet aimed at gaining Virginia's support for a convention of slave-holding states, 1 item.

Virginia Governor's Message Enclosing a Communication from the Commissioner from Mississippi, 1860 (M 188)
Pamphlet requesting urgent response to proposal for a convention of slave-holding states, 1 item.

Virginia Militia, 114th Regiment, Company F (Captain William Wolford's Company) Morning Report, 1862 (M 296)
1 item.

W Index

Walen (Ernest A.) Collection, 1821-1955 (M 123)
Documentation of his Civil War Collection, .70 cu.ft.

Walthall (Felix L.) Letter, 1863 (M 290)
Letter from Confederate solider in the Mississippi swamps, 1 item.

Whitehead (Dr. P.F.) Letters, 1864 (M 124)
Letters from a Confederate surgeon with Loring's Division in Alabama and Georgia, 77 items.

Wilcox (William E.) Letters, 1854-1889 (M 125)
Letters from a Union soldier in Company "K" of the 4th Massachusetts Infantry, .25 cu.ft.

Wiley (Bell I.) Typescript of Southern Negroes 1861-1865, 1933 (M 307)
.50 cu.ft.

Worthing (Capt. John P.) Civil War Letters, 1863-1864 (M 339)
Transcripts of three letters written by white officer of the 88th Regiment of U.S. Colored Troops (formerly Corps d'Afrique), 5 items.

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