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Civil Rights Collections

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A Index

Adams (Victoria Gray) Papers, 1938-2006 (M 345)
Materials relating to her life-time of civil rights and human rights activities, 5 cu.ft.

Adickes (Sandra E.) Papers, 1964-1994 (M 322)
Diary, articles, photographs, books concerning her activities as a Freedom School teacher in Hattiesburg during Freedom Summer 1964, .10 cu.ft., 4 items.

American Civil Liberties Union, Southern Regional Office, Records, 1964-1970 (M 32)
Legal briefs and transcripts of civil liberties cases handled by the Southern Regional Office of the ACLU, 1 cu.ft.


Barthe (Richmond) Collection, 1927-1980 (M 118)
Research collection about the life and works of Mississippi's most famous African American sculptor, 2.35 cu.ft.

Ben-Ami (Rabbi David Z.) Papers, 1924-2003 (M365)
Materials pertaining to the life and work of Rabbi David Z. Ben-Ami, who served at Temple B'Nai Israel in Hattiesburg,
Mississippi, in 1963 and 1964, .5+ cu.ft.

Beymer (Richard) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964
One DVD copy of Richard Beymer's Freedom Summer documentary film, A Regular Bouquet. Mr. Beymer was a Freedom Summer volunteer in Mississippi in 1964, and made the film during his stay in the state, 1 item.

Blank (Donald) Documentary Film Collection, 1999
Notes and video tapes of raw footage used in the making of Blank's film Standing Tall about the working conditions of African Americans in the catfish factories of the Mississippi Delta and their successful efforts to join a national union, 1 cu.ft.

Blumenthal (Daniel S.) Papers, 1967-1988 (M 388)
Newspapers relating to civil and medical rights by this MCHR and VISTA physician, head of New Orleans MCHR and VISTA volunteer in Arkansas in 1970s, now Chair, Department of Community Health and Preventive Medicine, Morehouse School of Medicine, .80 cu.ft.

Botnick (A.I. and Fay) Civil Rights Collection, 1819-1993 (M 338)
Newspaper and magazine articles, journals, newspapers, bumper stickers, cartoons, etc. concerning anti-Semitism and Civil Rights, .75 cu.ft.

Branch (Raylawni) Collection, circa 1960s, 1995 (M 335)
Family photographs and materials documenting the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi, .30 cu.ft.


Campbell (Will D.) Papers, 1950s-1990s (M 341)
Literary manuscripts and office files of this Mississippi born author and Civil Rights activist, 20.25 cu.ft.

Case (Carroll) Papers, 1998
Copy of his 1998 book The Slaughter about the alleged massacre of African American soldiers at Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi during World War II; and a one-page document entitled "Hearsay Regarding the Alleged Massacre at Camp Van Dorn" transferred from the Carroll Case Oral History Interview, Vol. 672; 2 items.

Chilcoat (George W.) Freedom School Research Collection, 1994-1990 (M382)
Scholarly articles about the Freedom Schools co-authored by Dr. Chilcoat, .10 cu.ft.

Citizens' Council / Civil Rights Collection, 1954-1992 (M 99)
Research collection of historian Dr. Neil McMillen about Citizens' Council, Ku Klux Klan, N.A.A.C.P. and other groups, 1.35 cu.ft.

Civil Rights in the South Collection (M 406)
Miscellaneous materials pertaining to the Civil Rights Movement of the sixties in Missississippi: "Health Care is a Human Right: A Collection of Biographies of the Medical Committee for Human Rights", 1 item. Issue of Life magazine containing story about 1958 desegregation of Van Buren, AK high school, .75 cu. ft.

Connor (Peggy Jean) Papers, 1960s, 1981 (M 379)
Harvard College undergraduate thesis regarding lawsuit Peggy Jean Connor et al. v. Paul B. Johnson, Jr. for reapportioniment of the Mississippi state legislature, newspaper clippings, .10 cu.ft.

Cox (Wayne & Minnie) African American History Collection, 2001
Historical information regarding Wayne Wellington Cox and his wife, Minnie M. Geddings Cox. Wayne Cox was an educator and businessman in Indianola, Mississippi; his wife was the first African American Postmistress, appointed 1891, 2 items.

Crawford Company Civil Rights Letter, 1964
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee fund-raising letter to company in Madison, Wisconsin, 1 item.


Dahl (Kathleen) Freedom Summer Collection, 1963-1994 (M 357)
Correspondence, scrapbooks, photo albums, printed materials, political campaign and organizations' buttons, poster, and video tapes of this Freedom Summer volunteer in Holly Springs, 1.10 cu.ft.

Dahmer (Vernon F.) Collection, 1966-1986 (M 250)
Newspaper clippings and programs about the life and assassination of prominent Hattiesburg, Mississippi African American businessman and Civil Rights leader, photographs of the 1998 trial of Sam Bowers for the murder of Vernon Dahmer, .75 cu.ft.

Davies (Jon G.) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964 (M364)
Letters written by a Civil Rights volunteer in Holly Springs, Mississippi from Sept. 1964 to Mar. 1965, 9 items.

Davis (Charles) Papers, 1970s-1980s (M377)
Materials documenting activities of African-American political activist in Hattiesburg, 2.60 cu.ft.

Davis (Martha) Freedom Summer Memoir (M 412)
Three-page memoir recounting Martha Davis's involvement with the Medical Committee for Human Rights (MCHR) and her participation in Mississippi Freedom Summer in 1964 in Clarksdale, .25 cu.ft.

Dukes (James K.) Papers, 1966
Items used by former Forrest County Prosecutor in USM University Forum presentation on prosecution of Mississippi civil rights murders, 4 items.

Dukes (William F.) F.B.I. Scrapbook, 1964-1967 (M 404)
F.B.I. agent assigned to Civil Rights cases in Mississippi, circa .1 cu. ft.


East (P.D.) Collection, 1957-1971 (M 324)
Issues of East's The Petal Paper, speech, and letters, .25 cu.ft.

East Sixth Street U.S.O. Club Souvenir Booklet, circa 1945
Booklet commemorating third anniversary of this African American club in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 1 item.

Ellin (Joseph and Nancy) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964-1965 (M 323)
Correspondence and materials collected by these Freedom School teachers in Hattiesburg during Freedom Summer 1964, 2.65 cu.ft.


Fairley (J.C.) Civil Rights Collection, 1960-1990 (M 340)
NAACP correspondence and materials documenting the contributions of this Hattiesburg Civil Rights leader, .50 cu.ft.

Falk (Leslie A.) African American History Research Collection (M391)
Materials regarding the Underground Railroad and other aspects of African American history collected by Dr. Falk, the first Medical Committee for Human Rights Field Secretary in Mississippi, 1.75 cu.ft.

Faulconer (James G.) Freedom Summer Report, 1964 (M 385)
Report of his Freedom Summer activities in Canton, Mississippi, 1 item.

Faulkner (Leesha) Civil Rights Collection, 1932-1995 (M398)
An engaging group of materials that give an in depth look into the Civil Rights Movement and primarily the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission, 5.2 cu. ft.

F.B.I. File: MIBURN (Mississippi Burning) (Cook Library, microfilm E185.93 .M6 F34 1990)
F.B.I. file on the investigation of the murders of Michael Schwerner, James Chaney, and Andrew Goodman in Neshoba County, Mississippi, June 21, 1964, 1 reel with guide.

F.B.I. File: the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (Cook Library, microfilm E185.61 .F35 1991)
F.B.I. file on SNCC, the national civil rights organization most active in Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement of the sixties, 2 reels with guide.

F.B.I. Files: Grenada, Mississippi Public School Riots, 1966-1967 (M 414)
F.B.I. files on riots over school integration, 2.25 cu.ft.

Funchess (Glenda) Civil Rights Collection, 1964, 1994 (M 325)
Materials related to Freedom Summer 1964, .25 cu.ft.


Glass (Jinny) Mississippi Freedom Summer Diary, 1964-1996 (M 257)
Diary of Freedom Summer 1964 volunteer in Palmer's Crossing Community Center and 1996 article on Freedom Summer, 2 items.

Goodman (Jill Wakeman) Civil Rights Collection, 1964-1966 (M 328)
Materials relating to her activities with the Delta Ministry in Mississippi, .20 cu.ft.

Gordon (Albert F.) Freedom Rider Collection, 1961-2000 (M 337)
Lists of Freedom Riders, arrest records, investigative reports, correspondence, newspaper clippings, etc., .25 cu.ft.

Gray (W.G. 'Bud') Papers, 1962-1998 (M 387)
Civil rights related materials of Gray, Mississippi Highway Patrol officer and Sheriff of Forrest County, .10 cu.ft.

Grantham (John T.) Papers, circa 1952-1973 (M 440)
A collection of materials from the estate of Dr. John Grantham, a chiropractor who practiced in Yazoo City, Mississippi from the 1930s - 1950s. Most items in the collection pertain to racial issues and the Methodist Church, .25 cu. ft.

Grupper (Ira) and Beech (Bob) Civil Rights Collection, 1960s
Ku Klux Klan sign from property of slain Civil Rights leader Vernon Dahmer and tampered envelopes, 3 items.


Hamer (Fannie Lou) Papers, 1966-1978 (Cook Library, microfilm E185.97 .H35 A2)
Microfilm copy of the papers of prominent Mississippi black Civil Rights leader, originals in the Amistad Research Center, 17 reels with guide.

Hamlett (Ed) White Folks Project Collection, 1963-2000 (M 376)
Original and printed materials accumulated by the state director of the White Folks Project, a part of Freedom Summer 1964; includes tape of recent interview with sister of WFP volunteer Sam Shirah, .25 cu.ft.

Harris (Anthony J.) Civil Rights Memoir, 1998 (M 369)
Memoir of his arrest as a child for picketing the Forrest County Courthouse during the Civil Rights Movement, 1 item.

Hattiesburg Civil Rights Film, 1964
8mm home video containing footage of civil rights activities in downtown Hattiesburg, MS, 1 reel.

Hawthorne (Gracie) Civil Rights Collection, 1965-1967, 1997
Copy of Ms. Hawthorne's State Sovereignty Commission file, documenting her work as a Civil Rights activist when she was a teenager in Mississippi. 1 folder.

Hazelton (Margaret) Freedom Summer Collection (M 359)
Photographs taken during Mississippi Freedom Summer (1964), 54 photographs.

Helfrich (Robert B.) Papers, circa 1966-2001 (M 410)
Primarily materials relating to the 1998 trial of former Ku Klux Klan wizard Sam Bowers and the 1999 trial of Charles Noble for the murder of civil rights activist Vernon F. Dahmer, Sr. in 1966. Included are copies of F.B.I Files of the 1966 investigation, trial notebooks, background information on various Klan members, subject files, trial exhibits, newspaper clippings and other materials. circa 22 cu.ft.


Jackson Freedom House Civil Rights Photograph, 1964 (M400)
Photograph of Tom Wahman, assistant director of Mississippi Freedom Schools, and SNCC field secretary Ralph Featherstone, 1 item.

Johnson (Isaac) Affidavit of Slave Ownership, 1801 (M431)
Affidavit of Isaac Johnson of Adams County, Mississippi, attesting to ownership of a female slave, 1 item.

Johnson (Paul B.) Family Papers, 1917-1970 (M 191)
Correspondence, photographs, news clippings, office files including Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission files, family papers, campaign materials, memorabilia of Mississippi Governors Paul B. Johnson, Sr. and Paul B. Johnson, Jr. and family members, 86 cu.ft.

Johnston (Erle E., Jr.) Papers, 1922-1999 (M 319)
Materials documenting the personal and professional life this Mississippi newspaper publisher and director of the State Sovereignty Commission, 15.3 cu.ft.

Johnston (Erle) Oral History Appendix, 1964-1966 (M 321)
Typescript summary of the activities of the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission by one of the Commission's last directors, 1 folder.


Katagiri (Yasuhiro) Dissertation, 1997
Copy of his dissertation on the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission, 1 item.

Kates (Jim) Papers, 1964-1965; 2001 (M390)
Primarily materials pertaining to the book, Letters From Mississippi, which was first published in 1965, and republished in 2002. Included in this collection are copies of a number of letters that appear in the book, release forms signed by the authors of the letters, materials regarding the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP), and an assortment of items that relate to Freedom Summer and civil rights in general.

Kennedy (Robert F.) Civil Rights Letter, 1961
Letter to U.S. Attorney General Kennedy critical of Civil Rights activists and the federal government, 1 item.

Kershaw (Rev. Alvin L.) Papers, 1955-1956 (M 354)
Correspondence and newspaper articles regarding the controversy that erupted over Rev. Alvin L. Kershaw's scheduled appearance during the University of Mississippi's (Ole Miss) Religious Emphasis Week in February 1956.

Kershner (Charles) Papers, 2007
A seven-page speech by Charles “Chuck” Kershner, editor of The Student Printz in spring 1964. The speech was delivered during the Symposium on Social Justice held at USM’s Thad Cochran Center on November 9, 2007, and it addresses the censorship of the March 20, 1964, issue of the Printz.

Koenig (Ruth) Papers, 1964 – 1994 (M362)
Materials pertaining to Ruth Koenig's service as a Freedom Summer volunteer in Holly Springs, Mississippi, in 1964, and her return visit to Holly Springs in 1966, .4 cu.ft.

Komisar (Lucy) Civil Rights Collection, 1961-1991 (M 395)
Copies of issues of the civil rights newspaper The Mississippi Free Press published in Jackson, Mississippi; copy of her Radcliffe College oral history interview about her civil rights activities and her work in the National Organization of Women (NOW), .65 cu.ft.

"The Ku Klux Klan in Jones County" Research Paper, 1976 (M 416)
Written by Eleanor B. Lang for Mississippi History course at USM, .25 cu. ft.

Kuhn (Frank) "Voices of Freedom Summer" Collection, 1999-2000
Videotape, programs, and posters of his dramatic reading first performed at USM in September 1999, 4 items.

Kwanguvu (Umoja) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964, 1999 (M366)
Photographs and personal reminiscences of his experiences as a Freedom School teacher in Hattiesburg during Freedom Summer 1964, 14 items.


Ladner (Dorie Ann) Collection, 1998
Newspaper clippings regarding the professional activities of the donor and her sister Dr. Joyce Ladner, natives of Palmer's Crossing, Mississippi and SNCC Field Secretaries, 3 items.

Lake (Ellen) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964 (M 370)
Photocopies of correspondence, a magazine article, Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) materials, and other items that document the activities of Mississippi Freedom Summer volunteer, Ellen Lake, in Gulfport, Mississippi, in 1964.

Lelyveld (Rabbi Arthur J.) Collection, 1964
News clipping about his assault in Hattiesburg, Mississippi during Freedom Summer, 1 item.


Mack (Will) Hanging Photographs, 1909
Photographs of the public hanging in Brandon, Mississippi, of Will Mack, an African American man convicted of raping a white girl, 2 items.

Mantinband (Rabbi Charles) Papers, 1931-1997 (M 327)
Writings, correspondence, photographs, and condolence letters on the death of this outspoken proponent of Civil Rights and Rabbi at Temple B'Nai Israel in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, .70 cu.ft.

Martin (Josephine D.) Papers, 1964-1999 (M 375)
Files, research materials, etc. of Medical Committee for Human Rights (MCHR); compiler of "Health Care is a Human Right: A Collection of Biographies of the Medical Committee for Human Rights", 3.50 cu.ft.

Maurer (John B.) Freedom Summer Photographs, 1964 (M 358)
One hundred fifty-three black and white prints taken by Rev. John B. Maurer during Mississippi Freedom Summer, 1964. Rev. Maurer is a Presbyterian minister who served as a Freedom Summer volunteer in Panola County, Mississippi. The photographs were taken in Batesville and Crenshaw (in Panola County), Holly Springs (Marshall County) and Ruleville (Sunflower County). Subjects of the photos include volunteers, local residents, buildings, and street scenes. Most of the images are identified.

McCain (William D.) Pamphlet Collection, 1940-1971 (M393)
Pamphlets collected by USM president on communism, civil rights, desegregation, and other race-related topics; a speech on Freedom by Dr. McCain and two books on Benito Mussolini and Italian Fascism, .90 cu.ft

Michaels (Sheila) Papers, 1960-2000 (M 373)
Materials relating to the Civil Rights activities of S.N.C.C. field secretary who served as Project Manager of the COFO-Hattiesburg Project office during Freedom Summer 1964, .85 cu.ft.

Miller (Michael J.) Civil Rights Collection, circa 1964 - 1984 (M 368)
Materials generated and/or collected by former Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) staff member, Michael J. "Mike" Miller. Of particular interest in this collection are materials pertaining to SNCC's activities in Mississippi.

Moore (Charles) Civil Rights Photograph Portfolio, 1958-1999 (M 405)
Framed numbered signed photographs by noted Civil Rights photographer issued as portfolio by the Eastman Kodak Company upon his receipt of the Crystal Eagle Award and other relevant material, 2.5 cu.ft.


Orris (Leo) Civil Rights Papers, 1964
Photograph of Dr. Orris, a physician with the Medical Committee for Human Rights, taking the blood pressure of Mississippi Civil Rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer in front of Mrs. Hamer's house in Ruleville, 1 item.

Owen (David) Freedom Summer Collection (M350)
Information concerning David Owen's involvement in the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project in 1964, .75 cu.ft.


Phillips (Mamie L.) Civil Rights Memoir, 1960s (M 383)
Her memories of housing Civil Rights workers in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 2 pages.

Price (James Earl) Mississippi History Collection, 1943-2000 (M397)
Materials relating to Methodism in Mississippi, the Civil Rights Movement, the alleged massacre of African American soldiers stationed at Camp Van Dorn in 1943, and other aspects of Mississippi history, .35 cu.ft.


Rachal (John R.) Papers, 1998 (M 417)
Reprint of USM professor of adult education's award-winning article on Freedom Schools, 1 item.

Randall (Herbert) Freedom Summer Photographs, 1964-2001 (M 351)
Photographs taken by creative artist at SNCC orientation session and in Hattiesburg, Mississippi during Freedom Summer, materials documenting USM's commemoration of the 35th anniversary of Freedom Summer on June 5-7, 1999 in conjunction with the opening of the exhibit "Faces of Freedom Summer: The Photographs of Herbert Randall", and materials related to the book Faces of Freedom Summer, 2 cu.ft.

"Reflections of Mississippi Freedom Summer" (M 399)
One video cassette of a documentary film examining the experiences of Freedom Summer participants on a personal level.

Roberts (Wallace) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964-2000 (M349)
Letters, articles, clippings, photos of volunteer in Shaw, Mississippi, .10 cu.ft.

Rose (Stephen C.) Papers (M389)
Materials relating to his activities as author, composer, songwriter, minister, Civil Rights activist, and editor, 3 cu.ft.

Rue (Myrtis) African American Hattiesburg Collection, 1980
Newspaper article about history of Hattiesburg, Mississippi from the African American perspective, 1 item.


Schiffrin (Andrew) Freedom Summer Collection
One compact disk containing an interview with Mississippi Freedom Summer volunteer, Andrew Schiffrin.

Schwartz (Joseph A.) Civil Rights Letters, 1962-1966 (M 381)
Letters written by a volunteer in Hattiesburg, Mississippi from Sept. 1964 to Mar. 1965, 9 items.

Shahn (Ben) Lithographs, 1964
Framed signed lithographs by noted American artist of murdered Civil Rights workers Michael Schwerner, James Chaney, and Andrew Goodman, 3 items.

Shaw (Terri) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964 (M 326)
Typescript and articles recounting her experiences as a volunteer in the COFO office in Hattiesburg during Freedom Summer 1964, .10 cu.ft.

Shirah (Samuel C., Jr.) Papers, circa 1962-1973 (M 363)
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, newsletters, F.B.I. files and other materials that document the civil rights activities, arrest, and incarceration of Samuel C. "Sam" Shirah, Jr., .9 cu.ft.

Shonholtz (Raymond) Freedom Summer Memoir (M 371)
A three-page memoir of Raymond Shonholtz's experiences as a Mississippi Freedom Summer volunteer in Clarksdale, Mississippi, in 1964.

Sitzer (Lew) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964, 2006
One DVD of a segment from the 2006 History Channel series, Ten Days that Unexpectedly Changed America. This particular segment focuses on the 1964 murders of three civil rights volunteers in Neshoba County, Mississippi, 1 item.

Slobodkin (Tamara) Civil Rights Collection, 1960s
Former CORE worker's sound recordings of Civil Rights songs by Pete Seeger, Julius Lester, the Freedom Singers, and others, .20 cu.ft.

Sowerwine (Charles) Freedom Summer Collection (M 372)
Two letters by civil rights volunteer.

Spears (Lawrence D.) Civil Rights Collection, 1964-1999
Photocopy of the donor's FBI file of the investigation of the assault on Rabbi Arthur J. Lelyveld, David Owen, and Spears during Freedom Summer in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, .20 cu.ft.

Speer (Klaus and Elisabeth Clark) Papers, 1963-1965 (M352)
Personal diaries of Elisabeth Speer, family Christmas letters, and scrapbook of newspaper clippings concerning Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi, 7 items.

Stoner (Peter) Papers, 1964 (M 168)
Two memoirs of his Civil Rights activities in Mississippi in 1964, 2 items.

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Papers, 1959-1972 (Cook Library, microfilm E185.61 .S916 1981)
Records of SNCC, the national civil rights organization most active in Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement of the sixties; microfilm of the original records in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center in Atlanta, Georgia, 73 reels with guide.

Student Research Papers, 1998- (M 413)
Undergraduate students' research papers on the subject of Civil Rights, .25 cu. ft.


Tiberiis (Douglas) White Folks Project Collection, 1964-1965 (M 378)
Original and printed materials accumulated by WFP volunteer, 1 folder.

Torkington (Roy) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964 (M386)
Photocopies of twelve letters written by Freedom Summer volunteer, Roy Torkington, to his fiance, Anne. Mr. Torkington assisted with voter registration in Itta Bena , MS (Leflore County), and the letters describe his surroundings, his thoughts, and events that took place during his sojourn in Mississippi.

Tusa (Bobs M.) Freedom Summer Research Collection, 1997-2001
Identifications of local and outside Civil Rights activists; e-mail correspondence with former SNCC Field Secretary Sheila Michaels, .80 cu.ft.


United States vs. Theron C. Lynd, Registrar of Voters for Forrest County, Mississippi - Legal Case, 1961-1967 (M 27)
Court records of a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Justice against a county registrar of voters for infringing the civil rights of black citizens by denying them the right to vote, 4.95 cu.ft.


Valencourt (Dr. J. Roy) Papers (M 384)
Primarily photocopies of newspaper clippings regarding the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, and Dr. J. Roy Valencourt's participation therein, 18 items.


Wade (Daisy Harris) Papers, circa 1939-1998 (M 334)
Materials documenting the work of 1960s Forrest County N.A.A.C.P. leaders J.C. Fairley and Daisy Harris, .70 cu.ft.

Wallace (George C.) Speeches, 1961-1968 (M 308)
Speeches of Alabama Governor Wallace, .50 cu.ft.

Walls (David) Collection on the Child Development Group of Mississippi, circa 1965-1966; 1981-1982
Correspondence, newsletters, articles and other documents pertaining to the Child Development Group of Mississippi (CDGM), a statewide Head Start program organized in the summer of 1965 to serve preschool children from poverty-level families, .25 cu. ft.

Wilson (Neil) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964-1990
FBI file of volunteer in Indianola, Mississippi, 1 folder.

Winter (William E. "Bill") Scrapbook, 1955-1958
Scrapbook of newspaper articles from The State (Columbia, South Carolina), written by political reporter and editorial writer William E. "Bill" Winter. 1 item.

Woods Guest House/C.O.F.O.-Hattiesburg Headquarters Brick, 1890s, 1998
Brick salvaged from burned ruins of historic African American hotel and Civil Rights headquarters during Freedom Summer, with newspaper clipping about the building, 2 items.

Woullard (Helen Fields) Collection, 2001 (M392)
Materials commemorating the life and legacy of the late Mrs. Helen Fields Woullard, who taught for 45 years in the public schools of Hattiesburg, Richton, Meridian, Canton, Vicksburg, and Rankin County.


Zeman (Zoya) Freedom Summer Collection, 1890-1998 (M 320)
Materials documenting Zeman's activities as a Freedom Summer 1964 volunteer in Clarksdale, Mississippi, 1.10 cu.ft.

Zwerling (Matthew) Freedom Summer Collection, 1963-1965 (M 336)
Correspondence, photographs, and other materials of a voter registration volunteer in Clarksdale, Mississippi; includes the probable last photograph taken of slain volunteer Andrew Goodman, .50 cu.ft.

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FACES OF FREEDOM SUMMER, book published in January 2001.




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