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103d Infantry Division of WWII, 1940s-2000s
Research collection of archives, records, books, memoirs, photographs, and memorabilia assembled by the 103d Infantry Division Association of World War II to document this U.S. Army division's training in the U.S. and combat service in Europe, 1942-45. 43 cu. ft.

20th Century Political Materials, 1919-1920
Speeches on the League of Nations, Theodore Roosevelt, labor problems, etc., 10 items.


Adams (John Q.) Letters, 1862 (M048)
Union soldier's letters about camp life, 13 items.

Adams (Victoria Gray) Papers, ca. 1938-2000 (M345)
Materials relating to her life-time of civil rights and human rights activities, 5 cu.ft.

Adams County Broadside, undated
Issued by the Committee of Law and Order, 1 item.

Adams County Police & Miscellaneous County Records, 1836, 1840-42, 1850-1856, 1894 (M085)
Documents relating to activities of the Adams County Board of Police, .25 cu.ft.

Adickes (Sandra E.) Papers, 1964-1998 (M322)
Materials relating to her life-time of civil rights and human rights activities, 5 cu.ft.

Aerospace Photography Training Collection, 1960s
Student study guides for aerospace photography training. 1 folder.

Agnew (Samuel Andrew) Diaries, 1852-1902
Diaries of farmer, teacher, minister in North Mississippi, 46 vols.

Ainsworth (Garrett Smith) Papers, 1860-1863 (M194)
Diaries, correspondence, miscellaneous items documenting Smith's service in Co. A, 15th Illinois Volunteer Regiment, .25 cu.ft.

Ainsworth (Wiley) World War I Letters, 1918-1919 (M426)
Copies of letters written soldier in 28th Division, 112th Infantry and photographs of Company headquarters in France, .25 cu.ft.

Allen (Creighton) Musical Scores, 20th century (M95)
Twelve musical scores by composer and concert pianist born in Macon, Mississippi, .50 cu.ft.

Allen (E.A.) Leaf River Masonic Lodge No. 19 Letter, 1873
Original letter for E. A. Allen, member of Leaf River Masonic Lodge No. 19, located in Jones County, Mississippi. 1 item.

American Civil Liberties Union, Southern Regional Office, Records , 1964-1970 (M32)
Legal briefs and transcripts of civil liberties cases handled by the Southern Regional Office of the ACLU, 1 cu.ft.

Amite County Tavern Keepers Record, 1824 (M460)
The collection contains one item, a list of persons who had obtained a tavern license for the 1824 term in Amite County.

Anderson (Joseph Reid) Letter, 1872 (M240)
Letter from Anderson, president of Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, Virginia to New York firm of Niel, Davidson & Co., relating to payment of bill, 1 item.

Andrews (Alfred P.) Sylvester Magee Research Collection, 1965-1971, 1974, 1976, 1990-1992
Scrapbooks containing A.P. Andrews’ correspondence, newspaper clippings and handwritten notes concerning Sylvester Magee. Topics include Sylvester Magee’s age, being born a slave, being Union soldier during the Civil War, controversy surrounding Sylvester Magee concerning his age, Sylvester Magee’s 1965 124th birthday celebration, and Sylvester Magee’s trip to New York, .50 cu.ft.

Armistead (John G.) Collection, 1994-2000
Manuscripts of novels and related papers by this Mississippi author, 1.55 cu.ft.

Ashley (Col. Grover) Papers, ca. 1970s-2012
Files related to Col. Ashley’s time as Director of Cook Library at the University of Southern Mississippi. 1 cu.ft.

Assaf (Woodrow "Woodie") Papers, 1931-1999
Materials that document the life and career of radio and television personality, Woodie Assaf, .9 cu. ft.

Austin (O.V.) Papers, 1921-1938 (M309)
Letters, photographs, and other materials reflecting his personal life as well as his association with Mississippi Normal College, 29 items.

Autry (Ewart A.) Typescript, 1964 (M119)
Typescript of works by this Mississippi author, .50 cu.ft.


Bailey (Nelson H.) Letters, 1862 (M75)
Letters about his Civil War experiences from Virginia and Delaware, 5 items.

Balfour (Jeff) Collection, 1872-1873, 1930s -1970s, 1997
Photographs, slides, postcards, and memoirs of Mississippi, 1.35 cu.ft.

Barber (Frank D.) Collection, 1952-1962
Scrapbook of his campaign for State Senator, materials concerning USM acquiring university status, issues of USM humor magazine Southern Exposure, .25 cu.ft.

Barrett (S.H.) Letter, 1894
Letter from Meridian, Mississippi, requesting supply of stationery, 1 item.

Barthe (Richmond) Collection, 1927-1980, 1999 (M118)
Research collection about the life and works of Mississippi's most famous African American sculptor, 2.35 cu.ft.

Bass (Freddie Lynn) Collection, 1980 (M190)
Original drawings and text for booklet Common Herbs in Colonial Gardens, 1 vol.

Bateman (James A.) Papers, ca. 1974-1992
Materials generated by Mississippi-born poet and co-author of Cotton Candy & Turnip Greens, 3.25 cu.ft.

Bates (James Edward) Photograph Collection, 2011
Material related to James Edward Bates’ photograph exhibit on the Ku Klux Klan “Passing the Torch” held in Cook Library.

Batson Family Deeds, 1841-1908 (M139)
Photocopies of deeds for land now in Stone County, Mississippi, 10 items.

Batzka (David) Civil Rights Collection, 1964
Informational pamphlets, correspondence, handwritten speech, and slides from Clarksdale, Mississippi. during the Summer of 1964, .25 cu.ft.

Baucum (Pete Shows) Collection, undated
Genealogy research files. 3 cu. ft.

Baylis (John) Homestead Certificate, 1884
Homestead certificate issued to Baylis, 1 item.

Beatty (George) and Heimer (John) Ledger, 1841-1848 (M116)
Ledger of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania brickmaking firm, 1 vol.

Beauregard (Pierre Gustave Toutant) Papers, 1862, 1863 (M237)
Documents written by and at the command of General Beauregard in Charleston, South Carolina, 2 items.

Beauvoir: Memorial to the Lost Cause, 1991
Documents written by and at the command of General Beauregard in Charleston, South Carolina, 2 items.

Beckwith (Byron De La, Sr.) Letters, 1963 and undated
Material from the Mississippi State Hospital in Whitfield, Mississippi, where B. Beckwith, Sr. was confined for observation in 1963, in connection with his trial for the murder of civil rights activist Medgar Evers. 4 items.

Belcher (Granville W. and Mary Caroline) Letters, 1862-1864 (M42)
Correspondence between Confederate soldier Belcher and his family, .25 cu.ft.

Bell (George Alfred) Letters, 1909
Letters written by George Alfred Bell to Miss Alice Rebecca McCulloch in Marion, Indiana prior to their marriage. 5 items.

Bellande (Ray L.) Papers, 1993-2006
Copies of this Ocean Springs Record columnist's "Sous Les Chenes" and "Images Under the Oaks" columns, 1.1 cu.ft.

Ben-Ami (Rabbi David Z.) Papers, 1924-2004 (M365)
Materials pertaining to the life and work of Rabbi David Z. Ben-Ami, who served at Temple B'Nai Israel in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, in 1963 and 1964, .5+ cu.ft.

Bennett (Stewart L.) Civil War Collection, 1862-1890s
Research collection about Union soldier Charles Dana Miller, including the diary of Union Captain R.S. Chamberlain .20 cu.ft.

Berry (David C., Jr.) Papers, 1950s-2004
Correspondence, manuscript materials, rewrites, publications containing, photos, and note cards pertaining to the writings of USM English professor and poet, Dr. David C. Berry, Jr., 14 cubic feet.

Berry (James) Family Scrapbook, ca. 1960s and 1970s, 2015
Scrapbook for the April 2015 ceremony during which donor’s family planted four magnolia trees on-campus to represent three generations of attendance at USM. 1 vol.

Berryman (Joe) Collection, 1945-1980
Musical instruments, record albums, trophies, photographs, manuscript and published musical scores, composing notes of noted Southern bandsman and USM professor, 10 cu.ft.

Bethea Family Collection, undated
Genealogical materials of the Bethea family, at least partially from Hattiesburg. It consists of notebooks, folders and miscellaneous documents.

Bethel Baptist Church (Newton Co.) Minutes, 1839-1945 (M342)
Minutes and membership lists of Newton County, Mississippi church, 1 item.

Bethel Methodist Church Class Book and Membership Rolls, 1855-1875 (M344)
Classbook and membership lists, 1 item.

Beverly Drive-In Collection, ca. 1950’s
Miscellaneous memorabilia from the Beverly Drive-In Theatre and the Broadway Drive-In Theatre.

Beymer (Richard) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964
One DVD copy of Richard Beymer's Freedom Summer documentary film, A Regular Bouquet. Mr. Beymer was a Freedom Summer volunteer in Mississippi in 1964, and made the film during his stay in the state, 1 item.

Bigelow (Dr. Roy G.) Collection, 1918-1919
Two items Dr. Roy G. Bigelow had with him during his time in France during WWI.

Bilbo (Theodore G.) Papers, 1905-1947 (M2)
Correspondence, memoranda, financial records, newspapers, broadsides, photographs, and scrapbooks of colorful State Senator, Lieutenant Governor, twice Governor, and U.S. Senator, 690 cu.ft.

Biloxi Historical Map, 1721
DVD contains a copy of a map of Biloxi, Mississippi, drawn in 1721.

Bishop (Edna) Papers, 1941-1996 (M403)
Materials relating to her service as a W.A.S.P. during World War II, 1.2 cu.ft.

Blair (Stephen H. Jr.) Architectural Drawings, ca. 1955-1987
Architectural drawings spanning three decades of the work of Hattiesburg, Mississippi architect Steve Blair, Jr., circa 50 cu.ft. Requires permission of current owner of building to view.

Blake (M.) Letter, 1837 (M148)
Letter from M. Blake to William P. Montgomery regarding the sale of Blake's land in Washington County near the present town of Greenville, Mississippi.

Blank (Donald) Documentary Film Collection, ca. 1964, 1999-2002, 2009
Notes and video tapes of raw footage used in the making of Blank's film Standing Tall about the working conditions of African Americans in the catfish factories of the Mississippi Delta and their successful efforts to join a national union, 1 cu.ft.

Blanton (C.H., Jr.) Scrapbooks, 1919-1998
Documenting the life and civic service of long-time Durant, Mississippi mayor, 5 vols.

Blind Roosevelt Graves and Brother, 1929-1936, 1995
Compact disk of complete recorded works of Mississippi-born Graves, including songs recorded 1936 in Hattiesburg said to be the earliest rock and roll recordings, 2 items.

Blumenthal (Daniel S.) Papers, 1967-1988 (M388)
Newspapers relating to civil and medical rights by this MCHR and VISTA physician, head of New Orleans MCHR and VISTA volunteer in Arkansas in 1970s, now Chair, Department of Community Health and Preventive Medicine, Morehouse School of Medicine, .80 cu.ft.

Boggs (William Robertson) Letter, 1863 (M232)
Letter from Brigadier General Boggs in Shreveport, Louisiana, to Commander at Vicksburg requesting free passage for Catlett family, 1 item.

Bolian (Etta Dunn) Memoirs, ca. 1870-1930 (M266)
Her life in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana and Magnolia and Bogue Chitto, Mississippi, 1 folder.

Bolton (Charles C.) Research Collection, 1994-1998
Research materials accumulated by USM Professor of History for his books on poor whites in the South, 1.75 cu.ft.

Bolton Family Collection

Boney Family Collection, circa 1840’s - 2000’s
Hattiesburg area local history memorabilia, 1 cu.ft.

Bonhomie & Hattiesburg Southern Railway Photographs, 1944 (M347)
B&HS Engine No. 200, 2 items.

Booth (W.T.) Collection Guide, 1840-1913 (M434)
Booklet entitled "W.T. Booth of Jasper County, Mississippi: His Life and Times, 1840-1913" written by Booth's great grandson Glover Robert and emphasizing his Civil War experiences, 1 item.

Botnick (A.I. and Fay) Civil Rights Collection, ca. 1819-1993 (M338)
Newspaper and magazine articles, journals, newspapers, bumper stickers, cartoons, etc. concerning anti-Semitism and Civil Rights, .75 cu.ft.

Boudreaux (Edmond A., Jr.) Papers, undated
Six articles written by Edmond Boudreaux, Mississippi Gulf Coast historian.

Bowers (Sam) Papers, ca. 1991-2006
Handwritten and typescript articles and manuscripts. 66 items.

Boy Scout Troop 007 Papers, ca. 1983-1988
Office files of Boy Scout Troop 007, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, circa 1983 - 1988

Branch (Raylawni) Collection, ca. 1960s, 1995 (M335)
Family photographs and materials documenting the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi, 2 cu.ft.

Brandon (Gerard Chittocque) Letter, 1829 (M60)
Letter from Mississippi Governor Brandon to Alabama Governor John Murphy regarding unsettled acounts, 1 item.

Breckinridge (John Cabell) Dispatch, 1862 (M73)
Dispatch sent to Col. H.P. Brewster in Corinth, Mississippi regarding Union troop movements shortly before battle at Shiloh, Tennessee, 1 item.

Brent (Charles R.) Photographic Collection, 1970s
Photographs of USM Professor Emeritus of Engineering Technology and his students engaged in various projects, .10 cu.ft.

Brown (J.D.) Records, 1876-1878 (M040)
Receipts from Mississippi riverboats and grocer, 4 items.

Brown (Kate B.) Papers, 1918-1939 (M114)
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, travel journal, report, photographs documenting Brown's work as director of Memorial Fund at Mississippi Normal College, .25 cu.ft.

Brown (Katherine) Scrapbook, 1950s-1990s (M402)
Documenting Brown's career as coordinator of Armed Forces Education 'Bootstrap' program at USM, 1 vol. and .30 cu.ft.

Brown (Sarah Jane Hickman) Diaries, 1896-1902 (M79)
Documenting her life and family in Madison County, Mississippi, .25 cu.ft.

Brown & Noonan Paid Draft, 1861
Paid draft to Brown & Noonan in Canton, Mississippi. 1 item.

Bryant (Levi Judson) Papers, 1887; 1910-1944
Materials relating to Judson Levi Bryant of Baxterville, Mississippi (Lamar County). A significant portion of the collection concern Mr. Bryant's activities as a cotton farmer, 0.1 cu. ft.

Bullock (Pat H.) World War II Papers, 1942-1946 (M278)
Papers, records, and memorabilia relating to his service as military scout in Philippine Islands during World War II, .20 cu.ft.

Bunker Hill Baptist Church Records, ca. 1882-1959
Church rolls, minutes, other records of this Columbia, Mississippi church, 4 vols.

Burkett (Fleet C.) Papers, 1912-1980s
Memoir and other items related to his life, including enrollment at Mississippi Normal College in 1912, 4 items.

Burnet (John) Certificate of Survey, 1788 (M116)
Certificate of survey and sketch of land in Natchez District, now in Claiborne County, Mississippi, 1 item.

Burney (Madge) Papers,1913-1953 (M4)
This collection contains the personal papers of Madge Burney, as well as material she collected from the United Daughters of the Confederacy (U.D.C.), Children of the Confederacy (C. of C.), Wayne County Red Cross, The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), and the Women's Christian Temperance Union (W.C.T.U.). 1.35 cu.ft.

Burns (Sarah E. Allen) Collection, ca. late 1800’s to 1964
Research notes of historian M. James Stevens about Ship Island, Mississippi, .25 cu.ft.

Burns (Zed H.) Collection, ca 1699-1968 (M26)
Research notes of historian M. James Stevens about Ship Island, Mississippi, .25 cu.ft.

Burruss (John C.) and Strain (A.G.) Universalist Collection,ca. 1890-1910 (M245)
Documents relating to Universalist Church in Mississippi, 2 items.

Burton (Jackie Yelverton) Papers, 1939-1955 (M263)
Memorabilia of Demonstration School of Mississippi Southern College, .90 cu.ft.

Burwell (Andrew and Mary E.) Letters, 1864-1865 (M100)
Original and photocopies of letters predominately between Mary E. and Andrew Burwell. A handful of letters are to Andrew’s family. Also in the collection are a photocopy of a lock of hair and poems, .5 cu.ft.

Business and Professional Women’s Club, Gulfport, Mississippi, 1927-1934
Correspondence, newspaper clippings and other materials pertaining to activities of the Business and Professional Women's Club of Gulfport, Mississippi, .25 cu. ft.

Butte (Charles David) Memoir, 1921-1997
Memoir chronicles the life of Charles David “Bud” Butte from 1921 until 1997. It covers his three careers of military service, teaching and World War II unit research. 1 item.

Bynum (Victoria E.) Papers, ca. 1992 - 2000
Research materials used by historian in her book The Free State of Jones, .25 cu.ft.

Byrd (Jesse M.) Collection, 1947, 1951 (M330)
Letters, campaign material, speeches related to candidacy of Byrd for Governor of Mississippi, 25 items.


Caldwell (Erskine) Letters to Jac L. Tharpe, 1980; 1982
Three letters written by noted author Erskine Caldwell to Dr. Jac Lyndon Tharpe, former professor at The University of Southern Mississippi, 3 items.

Cameron (Eugene V.) USS Biloxi Collection, Circa 1944-1998 (M480)
The collection contains correspondence, newsletters, news clippings and other materials related to the World War II cruiser U.S.S. Biloxi. 1.17 cu.ft.

Camp (David A.) Letters, 1862-1863 (M70)
Letters of Camp to his wife plus history of Lumberton, Mississippi, 8 items.

Camp McCain Soldier Letter, 1943
Letter written by soldier stationed at Camp McCain, Mississippi. 1 item.

Camp McCain, Mississippi World War II Slides, 1943
Twenty-two color slides taken by Lt. Omer Austin Heacox while stationed at Camp McCain (near Grenada, Mississippi) during World War II.

Camp School News, 1928
Newsletter published by Camp School of Hattiesburg City Schools. 1 issue.

Camp Shelby History Collection, ca. early 1900’s–2006
Photographs, newspaper clippings, postcards, correspondence relating to history of Camp Shelby, an armed forces training camp located near Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 51 items plus 1 cu. ft..

Campbell (Betty H.) Collection, 1890; 1969-2010
Newspaper and magazine collection of historically significant headlines as well as some of personal significance, 2 cu.ft.

Campbell (Will D.) Papers, 1950s-1990s (M341)
Literary manuscripts and office files of this Mississippi born author and Civil Rights activist, 28.8 cu.ft.

Cargill-Powers Photograph Collection, 1907-1989 (M314)
Scrapbook, photographs, and newspaper clippings documenting the Cargill-Powers family .6 cu. ft.

Carroll (Eleanor) Valentine Scrapbook, ca. 1911-1919 (M420)
Scrapbook sent to Carroll, 1item.

Carroll (Joseph Charles) Autograph Book, 1841, 1847, 1860-1867, 1920 (M200)
Autographs of Civil War generals, U.S. Presidents, Cabinet members, Senators, Ambassadors. Photocopy available for use. 1 vol.

Carter (William Hodding) The Angry Scar Manuscript, 1959 (M5)
Typescript of book dealing with Reconstruction, .45 cu.ft.

Carter-Fancher Collection, 1845-1889 (M305)
Family letters and deeds of land in Noxubee County, Mississippi, 11 items.

Case (Carroll) Papers, 1998
Copy of his 1998 book The Slaughter about the alleged massacre of African American soldiers at Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi during World War II; and a one-page document entitled "Hearsay Regarding the Alleged Massacre at Camp Van Dorn" transferred from the Carroll Case Oral History Interview, Vol. 672; 2 items.

Castleman (Rev. Thomas, II) Papers, ca. 1833-1859 (M493)
Brief genealogy record and sermons from Reverend Thomas Castleman, II.. 1 cu.ft.

Catalyst Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College History Collection, 1911-2000
DVD titled “Catalyst” of a movie filmed on the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Perkinston institution in 1912, plus 5 related notes.

Catholic Church Indulgence, 1737 (M198)
To those visiting the paschal church of Saint John the Baptist, 1 item.

Causey (James and Patsy) Photographs, 1920s
Black and white photographs taken of people, buildings, and scenes at State Teachers College. 5 items.

Chamberlain-Hunt Academy Collection, 1915
One monthly publication by the students of Chamberlain-Hunt Academy in Port Gibson, MS.

Chambers (Henry Tim) Collection, 1930-1987 (M433)
Journals, typescript and published poems, newspaper articles by Chambers, .50 cu.ft.

Chambers (William Pitt) Diary, 1862-1865 (M214)
Memoir of Chambers' service in 46th Mississippi Infantry, 1 folder.

Charles (Thomas C. and Ellen McRaven) Letters, 1851-1867, 1875-1876 (M120)
Family letters, genealogy, and history of Clinton, Mississippi, .25 cu.ft.

Chatham (W.L.) Letter, 1864 (M78)
Letter from Confederate soldier guarding Bull's Gap, Jefferson County, Tennesse, 1 item.

Chevron Oil Company Aerial Photograph Collection, 1937-1960
Aerial photographs of selected portions of selected counties in Mississippi and other states, 43 cu.ft.

Chilcoat (George W.) Freedom Summer Research Collection, 1994-1999 (M382)
Scholarly articles about the Freedom Schools co-authored by Dr. Chilcoat, .10 cu.ft.

Children of the American Revolution, John Dodd Society Records Records,1943-1962 (M101)
Minutes, reports, newsletters, scrapbook, .50 cu.ft.

Choctaw Indian Land Transfer, 1897 (M201)
Certificate transferring title to 320 acres of land originally acquired by a Choctaw Indian Land Grant to five individuals.

Church (Austin) Collection on Miss Oseola McCarty, 2005-2006
Two DVD’s, one CD, and other materials related to the creation of a song about Osceola McCarty called “Miss Ola, The Mississippi Giver”, 4 items.

Ciccarelli (Orazio) Research Collection, ca. 1861-1945
Primarily photocopies of documents from the Foreign Ministry Archive in Rome, Italy, concerning diplomatic relations between Italy, Peru, and the United States, as well as immigration/emigration, Peruvian political and economic history, and Italy's military missions and armament sales to Latin American countries. The entire collection is in Italian.

Circus, Minstrel and Traveling Show Collection, 1894-1953 (M329)
Posters, route cards and book, annual, magazine, program of several circuses that performed in Mississippi, 25 items.

Citizens' Council/Civil Rights Collection, 1954-1977, 1987-1992 (M99)
Research collection of historian Dr. Neil McMillen about Citizens' Council, Ku Klux Klan, N.A.A.C.P. and other groups, 1.35 cu.ft.

Civil Rights in the South Collection, 1956-2004, 2006, 2009-2010, 2014 (M406)
Miscellaneous programs, copies of articles, memorabilia and other materials pertaining to Civil Rights in Mississippi and elsewhere. 32 items and .75 cu. ft. in 2 boxes.

Civil Rights Letter sent to Kennedy (Robert F.) , 1961
Anonymous letter from Hattiesburger to U.S. Attorney General Kennedy critical of Civil Rights activists and the federal government. 1 item.

Civil War Band Instruments Research Collection, 1862-1865
Photographs of bands, bandsmen, and instruments, with supporting information, 1 folder.

Civil War Centennial Collection, 1961-1965 (M435)
Newspapers, brochures, calendar of events, newspaper clippings, favors and invitations to festivities, .50 cu.ft.

Civil War History Collection, ca.1862 - 1966 (M439)
An eclectic group of materials pertaining almost exclusively to the American Civil War, .25 cu. ft.

Civil War Stationery, ca. 1860s (M455)
Illustrated songs on note paper, 4 items.

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp Photographs, ca. 1935
Three black & white photographs.

Civilian Conservation Corps, District "G" Historical Materials, 1934-1936
Printed publications about the C.C.C. District "G", 2 items.

Clark (Gary Mark) Hurricane Katrina Collection, 2005-2006
One print copy and one digital copy of a diary.

Clark (Gloria) Freedom Summer Photographs, 1964-65, 1993
Copies photographs taken by donor documenting Freedom Summer activities. 29 items.

Clements (Dr. Joseph H.) Papers, 1942-2002 (M428)
Newsletters, photographs, other relating to his service in 107th Engineering Battalion in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II, .25 cu.ft.

Cleveland (L.R.) Papers, 1950-1960
Research materials, including study of wood-feeding roach Cryptocercus, 4 items.

Cleveland (Robert Hays) Collection, 1980s-1990s
Media guides and programs from college and professional athletics, .50 cu.ft.

Clinton (Sam & Gwen) Papers, ca. 2003-2009
Office files for Sam & Gwen Clinton.

Cole (Bonnie L.) Collection, 1911, ca. 1970s-1980, 2010
Materials relating to the family of Ms. Bonnie L. Cole, Brookhaven, Mississippi. 8 items.

Cole (James C.) Letter, 1907 (M54)
Letter from Cole in New Orleans, Louisiana to Eula Ellis in Florence, Mississippi, 1 item.

Collins (Henry Clay) Ledgers, 1911-1917 (M113)
Moselle, Mississippi merchant, 2 vols.

Colmer (William M.) Papers, 1933-1973 (M24)
Files documenting Colmer's 40-year tenure in the U.S. House that spanned the economic depression of the 1930s, three wars, and the Civil Rights Movement. 168 cu. ft.

Columbus Riflemen, Company "C", First Regiment, 1900 (M62)
Letter from members of Company "C" to Anna Banks regarding "Decoration Day" in honor of Confederate dead, 1 item.

Confederate States of America. Army. Field Report of the Second Brigade, 1862 (M234)
List of men present for duty, August 3, 1862 near Comite River northeast of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1 item.

Confederate States of America. Medical Records, 1861-1865 (M217)
Two journals and printed booklet relating to Confederate medical activities, 3 vols.

Confederate States of America. Army Board of Survey Proceedings, 1864 (M236)
Regarding the value of Brigadier General Daniel Ruggles' horse, 1 item.

Confederate States of America. Customs Form, 1861 (M33)
One oversized customs form with the heading "Schedule of Free Goods introduced into the Confederate States of America."

Confederate States of America. Port of Holly Springs, Mississippi, 1861 (M56)
Customs form recording shipment of whiskey to Holly Springs, 1 item.

Connor (Peggy Jean) Papers, ca. 1960s-2001 (M379)
Papers, clippings and articles; and a Harvard College undergraduate thesis regarding a reapportionment lawsuit , .10 cu.ft.

Cook (Fred) Collection, 1974
Commendation by Mississippi Senate and House of Representatives for USM student Fred Cook's outstanding accomplishments in intercollegiate athletics, 1 item.

Cook (Joseph Anderson) Family Papers, 1879-1991 (M209)
Correspondence, news clippings, photographs, and memorabilia related to career of Cook as educator and first president of Mississippi Normal College, 7.20 cu.ft.

Cook (Robert Cecil) Papers, 1912-1979 (M96)
Correspondence, speeches, articles, reports, minutes, manuscripts, business records, and photographs documenting Cook's activities as businessman, author, publisher, and president of Mississippi Southern College, 13 cu.ft.

Cooper (C.W.) Letter, 1887
Letter from physician in Northhampton, Massachusetts regarding a patient, 1 item.

Cooper-Chapman-Thompson Letters, ca. 1783-1893 (M302)
Letters from military camp sites, family letters, and deeds of land in Newton County, Mississippi, 11 items.

County Institutes - Programme and Syllabus, 1892-1893 (M162)
Booklets used by teachers attending a County Institute, 2 items.

Covington County Genealogical & Historical Society Collection, ca 1819-2008
2008 Historical Calendar.

Cox (Wayne & Minnie) African American History Collection, 2001
Historical information regarding Wayne Wellington Cox and his wife, Minnie M. Geddings Cox, 2 items.

Craven (P.H.) Letters, 1859-1865
Photocopies and transcripts of 18 letters written by a soldier in the 19th Virginia Regiment, Army of Northern Virginia to his mother, 1 booklet.

Craven (Thomas) Letter, ca 1940 (M147)
Letter from Craven in response to query about his book Treasury of Art Masterpieces, 1 item.

Crawford Company Civil Rights Letter, 1964
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee fund-raising letter to company in Madison, Wisconsin, 1 item.

Crichton Lumber Company Letters, 1909
Five handwritten letters from George A. Bell, Jr., President of Crichton Lumber Company.

Cropwell Baptist Church (Alabama) Records, 1881-1923 (M28)
Record book and membership list of this church in St. Clair County, Alabama, 2 items.

Crosby Family Letters and Miscellaneous Ledgers, 1849-1916
Family correspondence, ledger, financial reports of the Native and Ten Mile lumber companies of Mississippi, .20 cu.ft.

Cross (Wright W. and Annie Rae) Collection, ca. 1980’s
Two photographs.

Culpepper (John Wesley) Journal, 1861, 1864, 1999 (M264)
Journal kept by Confederate soldier in Army of Northern Virginia. and 3 transcribed letters. 3 folders and 3 items.

Cumbus (Frederick P.) Scrapbook, ca. 1918-1978 (M411)
Documenting his World War I experiences and his journalistic career with the New Orleans Times-Picayune, .25 cu. ft.

Currier (Lura Gibbons) Papers, 1937-1983 (M267)
Correspondence, articles, reports, speeches, photographs, other documenting her career as librarian and educator, 5.4 cu.ft.

Cushing (Major Thomas) Letterbook, 1799-1800 (M297)
Early settler of South Mississippi and Alabama, 1 vol.


D'Olive (Anne Louise) Papers, ca. 1930-1980 (M269)
Personal papers, sketchbooks, clippings of USM art instructor, 2.8 cu.ft.

Dabney (Thomas Gregory) Collection, 1892, 1910, 1914, 1915, 1920, 1926, 1937, 1938, 1965 (M7)
Materials relating to his service in the Confederate Army and his work as chief engineer of the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta Levee District, .25 cu.ft.

Dahl (Kathleen) Freedom Summer Collection, 1963-2003 (M357)
Correspondence, scrapbooks, photo albums, printed materials, political campaign and organizations' buttons, poster, and video tapes of this Freedom Summer volunteer in Holly Springs, 1.10 cu.ft.

Dahmer (Vernon F.) Collection, 1966-1998 (M250)
Newspaper clippings and programs about the life and assassination of prominent Hattiesburg, Mississippi African American businessman and Civil Rights leader, photographs of the 1998 trial of Sam Bowers for the murder of Vernon Dahmer, .75 cu.ft.

Daniel (Robert K.) Music Collection, ca. 1898-1950
Various types of sheet music, 7 cu.ft.

Daughters of the American Revolution-Twentieth Star Chapter Scrapbooks, 1967-1993
Official scrapbooks, 3 cu.ft.

Daughters of the American Revolution, John Rolfe Chapter, Records, 1936-1979 (M102)
Minutes, reports, yearbooks, scrapbooks, other of Hattiesburg, Mississippi chapter, 4.5 cu.ft.

Davies (Jon G.) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964 (M364)
Letters written by a Civil Rights volunteer in Holly Springs, Mississippi from Sept. 1964 to Mar. 1965, 9 items.

Davis (Captain William Van) Diary, 1864-1865, 1909 (M280)
Civil War diary of soldier in Company "D" of the 13th Mississippi Infantry, 1 item.

Davis (Charles) Papers, ca. 1862-2012 (M377)
Materials documenting activities of African-American political activist in Hattiesburg, 8.50 cu.ft.

Davis (Jefferson) Letters, 1853, 1880 (M43)
Letters written by Davis in response to inquiries, 2 items.

Davis (Martha) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964, 2003 (M412)
Three-page memoir recounting Martha Davis's involvement with the Medical Committee for Human Rights (MCHR) and her participation in Mississippi Freedom Summer in 1964 in Clarksdale, .25 cu. ft.

Davis (Reuben) Speech, 1859 (M222)
Speech given by U.S. House of Representatives by Congressman Davis, 1 item.

Dawes (Rufus R.) Letters, 1893 (M30)
Letters from Union Brigadier General Dawes concerning the Battle of Gettysburg, 4 items.

Dearman Collection of Hattiesburg History, ca. 1900-1910
Memories of life in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, .10 cu.ft.

Dedeaux (Ruby Randle) Collection (M469)
Memorabilia related to Ruby Randle Dedeaux’s time at Mississippi Normal College from 1914-1916 as well as her “Golden Jubilee Diploma” from 1966.

Demonstration School, ca 1948–1960s
Photographs, a football jacket, newspaper clippings, postcards, etc. from the Demonstration High School on the USM Hattiesburg campus in the late 1940s, .5 cu. ft.

Dickson (Hugh Carroll) Civil War Letters, 1861-1864 (M256)
Photocopies and transcripts of 8 letters written by a soldier in Company "C" of the 16th Mississippi Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia, 12 items.

Disney (Cathron) Letter, 1826
Letter to Registrar of Wills in Norwich, England, requesting Buxton family wills, 1 item.

Drew High School Class of 1957 Collage, 1957
Collage photograph of the Drew High School Senior Class of 1957 in Drew, Mississippi. 1 item

Duke (William) Speech, ca. 1892 (M454)
His valedictory high school address at Lake Como, Mississippi, 1 item.

Dukes (James K.) Papers, 1966 (M481)
Items used by former Forrest County Prosecutor in USM University Forum presentation on prosecution of Mississippi civil rights murders, 4 items.

Dukes (William F.) FBI Scrapbook, 1964-1967 (M404)
F.B.I. agent assigned to Civil Rights cases in Mississippi, circa .1 cu. ft.

Dunagin (Ralph) Editorial Cartoon Collection, ca. 1967-2001
Over 930 single-panel original editorial cartoons.

Duncan (John) Letter, 1863 (m151)
Letter to Confederate Brigadier General Daniel Ruggles concerning safe passage of two women, 1 item.


East (P. D.) Collection, ca. 1957-1971 (M324)
Issues of East's The Petal Paper, speech, and letters, .25 cu.ft.

East Sixth Street U. S. O. Club Souvenir Booklet, ca. 1945, 1955 (m432)
Booklet commemorating third anniversary of this African American club in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 1 item.

Edge (John T.) Speech, "Mississippi Hot-Tamales: A Culinary Conundrum", 2000
Speech by Director of the Southern Foodways Alliance at the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi, 1 item.

Education in Mississippi Collection, 1848-1944
Catalogs, annual reports, laws, commencement invitations and programs from various Mississippi institutions, 32 items.

Edwards (James M.) Collection, ca. 1950-2007
Photographs, certificates, and plaques awarded to Civil War collector, 13.1 cu.ft.

El Cazador Shipwreck Collection, 1993
Concerning the discovery of the El Cazador shipwreck by the trawler Mistake.

Ellin (Joseph and Nancy) Freedom Summer Collection, 1963-1988 (M323)
Correspondence and materials collected by these Freedom School teachers in Hattiesburg during Freedom Summer 1964, 2.65 cu.ft.

Ellzey (Wesley James) Papers, 1864-1887
Documents and a ledger pertaining to Wesley James Ellzey, a school teacher in Pike County, Mississippi, 6 items.

Estes (Thomas G.) Papers, 1976-1990
Materials from Hattiesburg, Mississippi City Planning Commission, Rotary Club, other, .25 cu.ft.

Eudora Welty Bookstore Poster
Eudora Welty Bookstore Poster. 1 item

Everett (Asha Burgess) Collection, 1913-1916
Scrapbook and class notebooks from former student of Mississippi Normal College (now USM), 4 items.

Ewing (Hugh Boyle) Letter, 1863 (M105)
Letter to his wife from Union Brigadier General Boyle in camp near Jackson, Mississippi, 1 item.


Fairley (J.C.) Civil Rights Collection. ca. 1960-1990 (M340)
NAACP correspondence and materials documenting the contributions of this Hattiesburg Civil Rights leader, .50 cu.ft.

Falk (Leslie A.) African American History Research Collection, 1842-1999 (M391)
Materials regarding the Underground Railroad and other aspects of African American history collected by Dr. Falk, the first Medical Committee for Human Rights Field Secretary in Mississippi, 1.8 cu.ft.

Farm book from an English estate, 1806, 1817-1834 (M213)
Records of estate in Northumberland County, England, 1 vol.

Farmer (Francis) Photographs, 1975-1997
Prints and negatives generated by Hattiesburg studio photographer, 47 cu.ft.

Faulconer (James G.) Freedom Summer Report, 2000 (M385)
Report of his Freedom Summer activities in Canton, Mississippi, 1 item.

Faulkner (L.E.) Papers, 1902-1963 (M22)
Correspondence, reports, financial records, speeches, articles, pamphlets documenting his career as employee and chairman of the board of the Mississippi Central Railroad, 20.25 cu.ft.

Faulkner (Leesha) Civil Rights Collection, 1932-1995 (M398)
A group of materials that give an in depth look into the Civil Rights Movement and primarily the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission, 5.2 cu.ft.

FBI Files: Grenada, Mississippi Public School Riots, 1966-1967 (M414)
F.B.I. files on riots over school integration, 2.25 cu.ft.

Featherston (Winfield Scott) Letter, 1850 (M41)
Letter from Mississippi Congressman regarding appointment of a cadet, 1 item.

Felder (Virginia Isabelle) Papers, 1922-1986 (M197)
Information concerning the personal and professional life of Virginia Isabelle Felder. Items range from her personal life and teaching career to she and her family’s involvement in the Methodist church to genealogical records. 2.5 cu.ft.

Ferguson (Samuel W.) Letter, 1893 (M133)
Letter requesting autograph of Confederate General Ferguson, 1 item.

Fike (Claude E.) World War II Diary and other papers, 1941-1993 (M275)
Diary, ship's log, memoirs, correspondence, memorabilia concerning his service in the U.S. Navy with the Seventh Fleet near New Guinea, .9 cu.ft.

Fike (Didamie Emaline Hicks) Diary, 1843-1845 (M270)
Documenting rural life in Spartenburg County, South Carolina, 1 folder.

First Baptist Church Collection, 1991-2003
Bulletins, Sunday School planners, brochures, flyers of this Hattiesburg, Mississippi church, 1.9 cu.ft.

Fish (A.G.) Collection, 1959
Research collection of USM professor of marine biology, .50 cu.ft.

Fitzgerald (S.J.) Collection, ca. late 1800’s-early 1900’s
T.L. Grace & Company and its cotton business affairs, .25 cu.ft.

Fleming (Dale Sallis) Papers, ca. 1932-1995 (M356)
Materials pertaining to the writings of Dale Fleming, who with his wife Pearl, wrote a column for the Clarion-Ledger/Jackson Daily News titled "This Week." The column presented a weekly memoir of events that occurred in Mississippi during the Civil War. 11 cu.ft.

Flinn-Pegram Family Collection, 1860s-1890 (M453)
Receipts, letters, deeds, correspondence, 1 folder.

Foote (Henry Stuart) Letter and Autograph, 1853 (M69)
U.S. Senator and Governor of Mississippi regarding his efforts to reconcile Lynn Boyd and Henry Clay, 2 items.

Foote (Shelby) Proof of Red River to Appomattox, 1974 (M115)
First proof of the first volume of his The Civil War: A Narrative, .40 cu.ft.

Force (Caroline) World War II Collection, ca. 1943-1965 (M489)
Assortment of items Caroline Force collected including two letters written by her son, Roland Steele, who served with the U.S. Navy in the South Pacific during World War II, three unidentified photographs, a 1965 Christmas card, an un-cancelled check, and a business card for a Hattiesburg, Mississippi, hotel called ‘The Central’. 8 items.

Ford (Charles Henri) Letters, 1986-1989
Letters and postcards from Charles Henri Ford to Robert Sharrard, 13 items.

Forest Trees of Mississippi, 1925
80-page pocket manual with drawings and descriptions of the trees in Mississippi. 1 item.

Forrest County Cemetery Book Typescript, 1983-1984 (M255)
Manuscript and typescript of cemetery markers, 3.5. cu.ft.

Forrest County, Mississippi, Criminal Record Book, 1912-1939 (M205)
Record book listing names of persons charged with minor offenses to murder, 1 vol.

Forrest Motor Company Records, 1944-1954
Minutes of meetings of this Hattiesburg, Mississippi business, 1 vol.

Foster (Mildred Seymour) Papers, 1915 - 1993 (M97)
Notes, news clippings photographs, scrapbooks, publications, other documenting the life of this Biloxi, Mississippi school teacher, .45 cu.ft.

Fourchy (Alexander) and Nixon (John) Papers, 1837 (M9)
English and French texts of documents relating to the purchase of the site of old Fort Biloxi, Mississippi, 18 items.

Fritchman Family Papers, 1800s-1920s
Letters, legal and financial documents, and other materials of this Pennsylvania family, .25 cu.ft.

Fritzsche (Bertha M.) Collection, 1929-1990 (M289)
News clippings, photographs, certificates, diplomas, history of USM's Department of Home Economics under Dean Fritzche, .25 cu.ft.

Frobenius (Courtney L.) Vietnam Research Collection, 1948-1996 (M396)
Materials pertaining to the Vietnam War and the Republic of Vietnam, including his military service from 1968 to 1970. 1.40 cu.ft.

Funchess (Glenda) Civil Rights Collection, 1968-1999 (M325)
Materials related to Freedom Summer 1964, .25 cu.ft.

Fundamentals of Good Stacking for the Effective Air Seasoning of Southern Pine Lumber, undated
Booklet of photos and description for stacking lumber for proper air seasoning. 1 item.


Gammon (Guy L.) WWII Collection, 1943–1945, 1999
Documents, memoirs, and photographs relating to the Army Air Corps Crash Boat Base in Ocean Springs, Mississippi during World War II, .25 cu. ft.

Gandy (Edythe Evelyn) Collection, 1910-2011 (M367)
Extensive films, manuscripts, memorabilia, photographs, and scrapbooks that document Edythe Evelyn Gandy's life and her public service career in Mississippi State Government. 66 cu.ft.

Garner (George G.) / Ruggles (Daniel) Message, 1862 (M61)
From Assistant Adjutant-General Garner of General Bragg's Second Corps in Jackson to Brigadier General Daniel Ruggles at Corinth, Mississippi, 1 item.

Gary (Martin Witherspoon) Papers, 1864 (M238)
Letters from Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Secretary of War Seddon recommending Gary's appointment as Brigadier General, 2 items.

Gaston (Paul L.) Insurance Agency Journal, 1931-1935 (M206)
Records of this Hattiesburg, Mississippi business, .65 cu.ft.

Gathering at the River: South Mississippi's Methodist Camp Meetings, 1989-1990
Video tapes and edit sheets of documentary produced by Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, 2 cu.ft.

Gaudet (William) World War II Okinawa Photographs, 1945-1946 (M421)
Taken by Gaudet while stationed on Okinawa during World War II, .5 cu.ft.

Gautier (James D.) Letter, 1945 (M311)
Letter to Gautier from U.S. Senator Theodore G. Bilbo, 1 item.

Gayarre (Judge Charles) Letter, 1850-1860s
Letter from Gayarre to John Perkins of Madison, Mississippi regarding cession of Louisiana to U.S., 1 item.

George (J. B.) Papers, ca. 1918-1943 (M310)
Correspondence, certificates, other for former USM President, .25 cu.ft.

George (Sherman) Funeral Announcement, 1880
Concerning George's son Sherman in Grenada, Mississippi, 1 item.

Gholson (Samuel Jameson) Letter, 1863 (M176)
Letter from Gholson to Brigadier General Daniel Ruggles recommending candidate for command of troops in First Military District, 1 item.

Gillespie (Sarah) Collection, ca 1920’s–1970’s
Files, notebooks, and other memorabilia mostly related to the Gulf Coast. 2.5 Cu.ft.

Gilliam (Margaret Eitel) Ledger, ca. 1815
Handwritten ledger believed to be from a bar in north Mississippi. 1 vol.

Ginn (Clyde) Education Materials, ca. 1970s
Materials collected for research, reel to reel films, USM student papers and tests, as well as class materials.

Glass (Jinny) Mississippi Freedom Summer Diary, 1964, 1996 (M257)
Diary of Freedom Summer 1964 volunteer in Palmer's Crossing Community Center and 1996 article on Freedom Summer, 2 items.

Glaze (Herbert E. P.F.C.) Photograph, 1941
Photograph of three soldiers at Camp Shelby, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 1 item.

Godman (Harry R.) Letters, 1863-1873 (M112)
Letters to Godman in Terry, Mississippi regarding Civil War and Reconstruction, 5 items.

Gonzales (Dr. John E.) Papers, ca. 1950s-1996
Files generated by USM professor of history, 6 cu.ft.

Gonzales, Louisiana, Baptist Church Records, 1934-1943 (M21)
Church roll, minutes, reports, budgets, correspondence, .20 cu.ft.

Gonzalez (Candy Brown) Freedom Summer Photographs, 1964 (M484)
Candy Brown Gonzalez of Los Angeles, participated in the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project from June to December 1964. The collection contains photographs she took while in Greenville, Issaquena County, McComb, Hattiesburg and Waveland.

Gooding (Bonnie Carter) Collection, ca. late 1800s-1960s
Materials documenting the Lamar Elementary School, of which Mrs. Gooding was principal, and other Hattiesburg and South Mississippi public schools, 43 items.

Goodman (Jill Wakeman) Civil Rights Collection, 1964-1966 (M328)
Materials relating to her activities with the Delta Ministry in Mississippi, .20 cu.ft.

Goodyear Yellow Pine Company Photographs, ca. 1918-1920 (M134)
Taken by New Orleans photographer John N. Teunisson, 45 items.

Gordon (Albert F.) Freedom Rider Collection, ca. 1961-1999 (M337)
Lists of Freedom Riders, arrest records, investigative reports, correspondence, newspaper clippings, etc., .25 cu.ft.

Gordon (Maude Moseley) Collection, 1931-1932
State Teachers College student memorabilia. 3 items.

Gore Civil War History Collection, 1861-1890s (M20)
History of Confederate Company "D", 15th Mississippi Infantry. .25 cu.ft.

Gower (Albert) Music Scores, 1969-1973
Original music composed by Gower for Mississippi's Junior Miss and Miss Mississippi pageants, plus his "Symphony No. 1", 3 items.

Grantham (John T.) Papers, ca. 1952-1973 (M440)
A collection of materials from the estate of Dr. John Grantham, a chiropractor who practiced in Yazoo City, Mississippi from the 1930s-1950s. Most items in the collection pertain to racial issues and the Methodist Church, .25 cu. ft.

Grantham (Linda B.) Collection, ca. 1950s-2005
Scrapbook, newspaper clippings, and programs documenting the history of USM and Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 36 items.

Gray (W.G. “Bud”) Papers, 1962-1998 (M387)
Civil rights related materials of Gray, Mississippi Highway Patrol officer and Sheriff of Forrest County, .20 cu.ft.

Great Britain, Parliament, English Parliamentary Acts, 1653 (M165)
Printed Acts of Parliament, 2 items.

Greene County, Mississippi Historical Collection, ca. 1899-1945, 2004
Calendar and photographic images portraying historic scenes in Greene County, Mississippi, between approximately 1899 and 1945, 8 items.

Greenwell (Dale) Collection, 1973 - 2007
Gulf Coast Oral History interviews conducted by Dale Greenwell.

Greer (Alexander and Joseph Thomas) Papers, 1862-1865, 1873-1877 (M192)
Service records and family documents of two Union soldiers from Pennsylvania, .20 cu.ft.

Gregg (Maxcy) Requisition, 1861 (M233)
Requisition for ammunition sent by Col. Gregg of South Carolina Volunteers, 1 item.

Griffith (R.) Letter, 1889 (M461)
Letter from R. Griffith to his wife at home on stationary from the Mississippi Compress and Warehouse Company in Jackson, Mississippi. 1 item.

Grimke (Thomas S.) Address, 1831 (M226)
Address at religious meeting by South Carolina State Senator Grimke, 1 item.

Grimsley (Reagan L.) Research Collection, ca. 1911-2005 (M486)
An assortment of materials relating to Camp Shelby, Mississippi, during World War I and II and forestry in South Mississippi, .8 cu.ft.

Grupper (Ira) and Beech (Bob) Civil Rights Collection, 1960s and 2002
In the Spring of 1965 Mr. Grupper and Rev. Beech visited Vernon Dahmer at his home north of Hattiesburg, where the Klan had nailed to a tree this poster with the caption "The Klan Wants You!" Also in the collection are photocopies of two envelopes addressed to Dahmer and a copy of an article written by Mr. Grupper.

Grupper (Ira) Papers, 1998-2002
Copies of articles from FORsooth, a newspaper of Louisville, Kentucky chapter of F.O.R. (Fellowship of Reconciliation).

Guier (John E. Jr.) Scrapbook, undated
Contains various newspaper clippings, cards, postcards, photographs, etc. related to Fairhope, AL. 1 vol.

Guildford/Richmond, England Map, 1945
Topographic map of Guildford/Richmond, England, 1 item.

Gulf and Ship Island Railroad Minute Book, 1887-1907 (M284)
Secretary's record book of Board of Directors minutes, 1 vol.

Gulf Hills, Mississippi, Photograph Album, 1927-1934
An album of photographs taken by Alfred A. Heldt, who was employed by Branigar Brothers of Chicago during the development of their Gulf Hills community in Jackson County, Mississippi, in the mid 1920s, 1 vol.

Gulf Park College for Women Collection, 1940-1941, 1950s, 2005-2014
Newsletters and some movies related to Gulf Park College for Women.

Gulf War Collection, 1990
Newspaper articles about Texas oil worker held hostage by Iraq, including his diary, 1 item.

Gunn (Esther K.) Retirement Letter, 1976
Letter announcing retirement of a Jones County Extension Home Economist. 1 item.

Gutsch (Dr. Kenneth U.) Collection, 1964, 1970-1988, 1991
Typescripts and galley proofs of books written by USM professor of counseling psychology, and other published material, .60 cu.ft.


Hall (S.C.) Collection, ca. 1877 - 1947
Newspaper clippings, originals and photocopies from USM predecessor colleges and other material. 12 items.

Hamel (Pat & Melany) Collection, undated
Genealogical materials and photographs scanned. 6 CDs.

Hamilton (Jones S.) Pamphlet, 1887-1888 (M306)
Pamphlet printed by Jones regarding communication from friends during his trial for murder resulting from a duel, 1 folder.

Hamlett (Ed) White Folks Project Collection, 1963-2001, 2014 (M376)
Original and printed materials accumulated by the state director of the White Folks Project, a part of Freedom Summer 1964; includes tape of recent interview with sister of WFP volunteer Sam Shirah; Photocopy of “Poor Whites and the Movement, A Working Paper.” .25 cu.ft.

Hamman (Dr. Altra Howse) Papers, ca 1950s–1990s
Files from Dr. Hamman’s involvement with the Mississippi Council on Family Relations as well as being a faculty member in the Home Economics Department at USM. 1 cu.ft.

Hammond (Kelly James) Papers, 1956-1962 (M185)
Documenting the career of Mississippi State Representative and Senator Hammond. 2 folders.

Hanley (Waverly D.) Papers, 1859-1991 (M429)
Correspondence, land-related documents, photographs and other materials relating to the life of World War II veteran, Waverly Dunlap Hanley. 1.35 cu. ft.

Hannegan (N.V.) Camp Shelby Letters, ca. 1943
Letters written by Captain N.V. Hannegan while stationed at Camp Shelby to Miss May Hannegan. 20 items.

Hardy (Robert B.) Papers, 1929-1995 (M17)
Correspondence, reports, photographs, news clippings concerning U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and Mississippi State Senator Hardy, 9.75 cu.ft.

Hardy (William H. and Hattie L.) Papers, 1873-1929 (M182)
Family correspondence, scrapbook, other of Mississippi railroad entrepreneur, politician, judge, and founder of Hattiesburg, Laurel, and Gulfport, Mississippi, .90 cu.ft.

Hardy (William H. and Sallie J.) Papers, 1860 - 1972 (M380)
Letters written during the Civil War from Hardy to his first wife Sallie Ann Johnson Hardy, photographs, newspaper clippings, and other family materials, 1.6 cu.ft.

Harmon (Duncan Sibley) Record Books, 1893-1903
Personal financial records, 4 items.

Harper (William E.) Muster Out Record, 1898 (M154)
Spanish-American War muster out record of Mississippian Harper, 1 item.

Harrington (Charles) Railroad Collection, 1906-1987
DVD, photographs, ephemera, etc., related to Mississippi Central Railroad Company and the Bonhomie and Hattiesburg Southern Railroad. 25 items.

Harris (Anthony J.) Civil Rights Memoir, 1998 (M369)
Memoir of his arrest as a child for picketing the Forrest County Courthouse during the Civil Rights Movement. 1 item.

Harris (Dr. W. H., Jr.) Letter, 1964
Letter to Doctor Glenn Pearson of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 1 item.

Harris (Merry B.) Papers, 1860-1862 (M210)
Letters, other by Mississippi attorney and officer of the Confederate Pettus Company of Volunteers, 12th Mississippi Infantry. 7 items.

Harrison (George Paul) Letter, 1897 (M241)
Letter from U.S. Congressman Harrison to ex-Confederate Brigadier General James H. Lane. 1 item.

Harwell (J.D.) Letters, 1923 (M71)
Letters from Harwell regarding his Civil War experiences in the 20th Alabama Infantry. 3 items.

Hatcher (Mary Ellen Becker) Card Collection, ca. 1920s and 1930s
Cards are to Miss Mary Becker in Brookhaven, Mississippi. 14 items.

Hatcher (William H.) Memories of World War II, 1942-1945
Paratrooper in the European Theater and member of General Eisenhower's Honor Guard. 1 item.

Hattiesburg (The) YWCA Records, 1924 - 1984 (M274)
Organizational records, .90 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg American Photograph Collection, ca. 1969-1992
Photographs from a Hattiesburg newspaper. 4.50 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg Area Architectural Drawings, 1956-1973
Blueprints, architectural drawings, and building specifications. 24 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg Area Chamber of Commerce Records, 1906-1911, 1930-1935, 1937-1982 (M216)
Organizational records. 5.5. cu. ft.

Hattiesburg Area Rose Society records, 1993-1998
Files, newsletters, records, and minutes from the from the Hattiesburg Area Rose Society, .25 cu. ft.

Hattiesburg Chamber of Commerce Collection, 1985-1999 (M479)
Minutes, correspondence, annual reports, brochures, newspaper clippings, etc., .25 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg Civic Light Opera Collection, 1970s-2001 (M415)
Playbills, news clippings, flyers, scrapbooks, other. 3.3 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg Civil Rights Film, 1964
8mm home video containing footage of civil rights activities in downtown Hattiesburg, MS. 1 reel.

Hattiesburg Country Club Collection, 1959-2000
Booklet of by-laws, rules, and lists of members, presidents, and sports champions. 2 items.

Hattiesburg Department of Urban Development / Historic Preservation Planner, 1991
Survey of historic and architecturally significant structures in three neighborhoods: North Main Street, Newman/Buschman Streets, and Mobile Street, .25 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg Group of the Sierra Club Records, ca. 1978-1986
Organizational records and membership information. 2 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg Historical Collection, 1926-1956, 1976, 2006-2014 and undated
Artifacts and memorabilia from Hattiesburg area businesses and others. 2.5 cu. ft. and 7 items.

Hattiesburg Historical Photographs (M246)
Photographs reproduced in Dr. Kenneth G. McCarty's book Hattiesburg: A Pictorial History, 1.65 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg Knights of Pythias Minute Book, 1900-1913 (M247)
Minutes. 1 vol.

Hattiesburg Lions Club Records, 1928 - 1993 (M247)
Organizational records, .80 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg Little Theatre Collection, ca. 1965-1977 (M331)
Playbills, financial statements, membership roster, correspondence, 29 items.

Hattiesburg Municipal Records, ca. 1885-1991 (M208)
Municipal records of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 84.7 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg Public School Records, ca 1903-1955
Ledgers and files containing the records of public schools in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 27 vols. and 3.5 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg Review Club Records, 1914-1993 (M449)
Organizational records. 1.90 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg Social and Service Club Yearbooks, 1923-1971
Organizational records. 1.90 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg Track Club Collection, 1977-1981
Newsletters, 1 photograph and 1 CD. .25 cu.ft.

Hattiesburg U.S.O. Club Records, 1942-1946 (M211)
Monthly program reports, .20 cu.ft.

Hawthorne (Gracie) Civil Rights Collection, 1965-1967, 1997
Copy of Ms. Hawthorne's State Sovereignty Commission file, documenting her work as a Civil Rights activist when she was a teenager in Mississippi. 1 folder.

Haynes (Melinda) Papers, 1999
Manuscript of her first novel, Mother of Pearl. .25 cu.ft.

Hazelton (Margaret J.) Freedom Summer Collection, ca. 1964 (M359)
Photographs taken during Mississippi Freedom Summer. 54 photographs.

Heartman (Charles F.) Papers, ca. 1893-1990 (M94)
Book catalogs, printed articles, pamphlets, business records, photographs of an important American bookseller and antiquarian. 24 cu.ft.

Heidelberg (Jane) Collection, ca.1962-2004 (M499)
Recipes and correspondences gathered by Mrs. Jane Heidelberg from 1962 to 2004. Recipes are typed and handwritten. Newspaper clippings are from The Clarion Ledger 1962. Mrs. Heidelberg was a prominent member of the Hattiesburg community throughout her life. 1 folder and 1 vol.

Helfrich (Robert B.) Papers, ca. 1966-2001 (M410)
Primarily materials relating to the 1998 trial of former Ku Klux Klan wizard Sam Bowers and the 1999 trial of Charles Noble for the murder of civil rights activist Vernon F. Dahmer, Sr. in 1966. Included are copies of F.B.I Files of the 1966 investigation, trial notebooks, background information on various Klan members, subject files, trial exhibits, newspaper clippings and other materials. 22 cu.ft.

Henry-Rowell-Waldrup Papers, 1901-1955
Letters written by members of the Henry, Rowell, and Waldrup families of Jasper County, Mississippi, during the first half of the twentieth century. 1 cu. ft.

Hensarling Family Collection, 1949-1960
USM materials and state teaching certificates, .30 cu.ft.

Hercules Powder Company Oral Histories Collection, 2004
Booklet titled, "Remembering Hercules: Oral Histories of Life with Hercules Powder Company (Hercules Hattiesburg Plant) in the Mobile- Bouie Street Neighborhood of Hattiesburg, Mississippi" that contains typescripts of six interviews with residents of the Mobile-Bouie Street neighborhood regarding their experiences of living near the Hercules Powder Company plant. 1 vol.

Heron (Duncan) Photographs
Photographer Duncan Heron's photographs of Paul B. Johnson (Sr. and Jr.) family in Mississippi, 1943 and 1967. 10 photographs.

Hickman (Alma) Papers, ca. 1877-1991 (M98)
Drafts of this early USM professor's memoir Southern As I Saw It, scrapbook, photographs of her life. 2.35 cu.ft.

Hiddle (David "Pears" Smith) Manuscripts, ca. 1860s (M459)
Photocopy and a transcript of two manuscripts entitled, "Travels in America" written by David "Pears" Smith Hiddle. There is a short history of Mr. Hiddle and his manuscript with the transcription. 2 items.

Higdon (May) Papers, 1889-1927 (M117)
Letters, teaching certificate, other, .25 cu.ft.

Higginbotham (Prieur Jay) Papers, 1958-2002 (M126)
Information concerning the personal and professional life of Jay Higginbotham. Items range from such things as personal correspondence to biographical information to his list of works. .50 cu.ft.

Hilbun (Dr. B.B.) Collection, ca. 1915-1924
Items relating to Dr. B.B. "Bennie" Hilbun, a native of Soso, Mississippi, and a 1920 graduate of Mississippi Normal College (now USM).

Hill (Chester W.) World War II Memoirs, 1939-1946 (M281)
Typescripts of his memoirs of service in the U.S. Navy in the Pacific. 1 folder.

Hinckley Sisters' Cash Book, 1875-1880, 1911-1914 (M177)
Business records of Hinckley Mercantile Company in Hinckley, New York, .25 cu.ft.

Hinton (Margaret Thatch) Collection, 1922-1930 (M419)
Photographs, brochures, news clippings, and mementos pertaining to the State Teachers College Band's participation in the "Know Mississippi Better" tours of the U.S. by train, .70 cu.ft.

Historic Sites of the Civil Rights Movement in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 1999
Descriptions of buildings and sites in the Hattiesburg area during the Civil Rights era.

Hodges (Rev. Graham R.) Papers, ca. 1920.; 1952-2003 (M88)
Manuscripts of Rev. Graham's books and other materials pertaining to his career as an author and minister, 4.95 cu.ft.

Hoffman (Dr. Gilbert H.) Papers and Research Collection, ca. 1870-1992 (M272)
Research collection for his book Dummy Lines Through the Longleaf, a history of sawmill operations and logging railroads in southwest Mississippi. 3.6 cu.ft.

Hoffmann (Marie L.) Papers, 1933-1942 (M287)
Case files, correspondence, reports, other relating to her work with the Emergency Relief Administration, Works Progress Administration in Mississippi, .45 cu.ft.

Holgerson (John, PFC) Letter, 1943 (M462)
Letter from PFC Holgerson at the Technical Training School at the Army Air Force Technical Training Command at Gulfport Field, Mississippi. 1 item.

Hollandsworth (James G.) Civil War Collection, 1995-2001
Typescript of article "What a Hell of a Place to Send 2000 Men 3000 Miles: Union Soldiers on Ship Island During the Civil War" and edited manuscript, etc. of the book "The Louisiana Native Guards" and " Manuscript of An Absolute Massacre: The New Orleans Race Riot of July 30, 1866," .5 cu.ft.

Hollensed (Edna L.) Papers, 1940s-1960s
Miscellaneous personal papers of a Hattiesburg resident, .50 cu.ft.

Hollensed (John Wesley) Letters, 1860-1864 (M34)
Correspondence between Confederate soldier in Company "C" of the 21st Mississippi Infantry and his family, .25 cu.ft.

Holmes (David) Letter, 1822 (M46)
Letter from U.S. Senator Holmes to Secretary of the Navy regarding the appointment of a midshipman. 1 item.

Holmes (David) Research Collection, ca. 1943 - 2005 (M501)
An assortment of items relating to Mississippi’s first governor, David Holmes (1817-1820) and the Liberty Ship named in his honor during World War II. 10 items.

Holmes Family Land Deeds, 1869-1926
Land deeds of the Holmes family, Scott County, Mississippi. 1 folder.

Holt (Dr. Joseph) Yellow Fever Address, 1905
Address "The Treatment of Yellow Fever" given by Dr. Holt, President of Louisiana Board of Health, to the Physicians of New Orleans. 1 item.

Homochitto Lumber Company Photograph, 1923
Black and white aerial photograph of the Homochitto Lumber Company in Bude, Mississippi (Franklin County). 1 item.

Horn Family Land Documents, 1895-1936
Land deeds and related documents pertaining to land in Jasper County, Mississippi. 10 items.

Howard (Ron and Elizabeth) Family Collection, ca. 1898-1940s
Historical items relating to Hattiesburg and Camp Shelby, Mississippi and family history, including a souvenir booklet of twenty colored scenic cards commemorating the dedication of the Hattiesburg Municipal Airport (now the Bobby L. Chain Municipal Airport ) on September 23, 1930.

Howe (Orville F.) Letter, 1882 (M150)
Letter from Howe in response to request of Harper's Weekly for sketches of the War of 1812. 1 item.

Howe (Tony) Railroad Map Collection, ca. 1999-2002
The bulk of the collection consists of 70 logging railroad maps drawn by Tony Howe. The maps portray railroad operations, timber holdings and other aspects of lumber companies that proliferated in South Mississippi during the latter years of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century.

Howell Family Collection, 1924, 1932
Bank payment receipt and military training certificate. 2 items.

Howey and McNair Genealogical Records, mid-1700s-late 1800s
Genealogical materials. 1 folder.

Hoyt (A.J., State Detective) Letter, 1905 (M463)
Letter from State Detective A. J. Hoyt to the Chief of Police in Dallas, Texas, asking for help locating an escaped convict, R. L. Buchanan. 1 item.

Hubbard (Bob) Hurricane Camille Photographs, 1969 (M259)
Color photographs taken of sites on the Mississippi Gulf Coast before and after Hurricane Camille. 26 items.

Hudson (T.J.) Letter, 1911
Descriptive letter from Hudson on The White House, Biloxi, Mississippi, stationary. 1 item.

Hughes Family Photograph Albums, ca. 1900-1957
Two photograph albums containing images of Mrs. F.A. Hughes and her family taken in various locations in Mississippi. 2 vols.

Hurricane Camille Photograph Collection, 1969 (M315)
Photographer Fred Hutchings' photographs of the aftermath of Hurricane Camille on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. 120 prints and 2,000 negatives.

Hurricane Katrina Research Collection, 2005-2006, 2015
Images, articles and a book pertaining to the destruction of the Mississippi Gulf Coast by Hurricane Katrina. 1 cu.ft. and 14 items.

Hurricanes Camille & Katrina Oral History and Slideshow, undated
DVD labeled Camille/Katrina, Oral History, Slideshow.

Hurricanes of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Collection, ca. 1715-1985 (M282)
Research collection of historian Charles Sullivan for his book "Hurricanes of the Gulf Coast." 3 cu.ft.


Ideal Primitive Baptist Church (Petal, Mississippi) Minutes, ca. 1888-2006
Minute books for Ideal Baptist Churches in Mississippi, including Petal, Oak Grove, and two Perry County Churches . 8 volumes.

Indian Claims in Mississippi. Petition of the Citizens of the State of Mississippi, Remonstrating Against Indian Claims, 1836 (M225)
Petition of 91 Mississippi residents to the U.S. House of Representatives that a tribunal investigate land claims in the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit area. 1 item.

Ingalls Shipbuilding Corporation Collection, 1944
Newsletter titled "Ingalls News" published by Ingalls Shipbuilding Corporation located in Pascagoula, Mississippi. 1 item.

Ingram (Carroll) Papers, ca 1971-1984
Correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, publications, and a scrapbook relating to Mr. Carroll Ingram's tenure as a member of the Mississippi Senate (Forrest, Lamar and Stone Counties) from 1972-1980, .7 cu. ft.

Ingram-Day Lumber Company Photographs, ca. 1906-1925; 2004 (M291)
Photographs of pine and oak forests owned by this Lyman, Mississippi lumber company and a 2003-2004 Forestry Association calendar. 30 items.

Iupe (Pat) Poster, 2005
Poster to thank the volunteers who helped clean the coast after Hurricane Katrina. 3 items.


Jack (Guy) Letter, 1922 (M53)
Letter regarding his 1919 book about Kemper County, Mississippi, "Iconoclast." 1 item.

Jackson (Alexander Melvorne) Papers, 1846-1892 (M16)
Correspondence and records relating to the Jackson family, Mississippi politics, the Mexican War, the New Mexico Territory, the Arizona campaign with the Sibley Brigade during the Civil War, and Texas politics preserved by Jackson, secretary of the New Mexico Territory, Adjutant General of the Sibley Brigade, and court reporter of the Texas Court of Appeals. 1.10 cu.ft.

Jackson Freedom House Civil Rights Photograph, 1964 (M400)
Photograph of Tom Wahman, assistant director of Mississippi Freedom Schools, and SNCC field secretary Ralph Featherstone at Freedom House in Jackson, Mississippi. 1 item.

Jas. D. Riley, Inc., Collection, 1913-1915, 1924
Business records for Jas. D. Riley, Inc., Newhebron, Mississippi, .25 cu.ft.

Jefferson Davis Soldiers' Home Records, 1920-1954 (M6)
Payroll and budget records, board of directors minutes, correspondence, inmate files of the Confederate Soldiers' Home located at Jefferson Davis' home 'Beauvoir' in Biloxi, Mississippi. 2.7 cu.ft.

Johnson (Isaac) Affidavit of Slave Ownership, 1801 (M431)
Affidavit of Isaac Johnson of Adams County, Mississippi, attesting to ownership of a female slave. 1 item.

Johnson (Paul B.) Family Papers, ca. 1910-1973 (M191)
Papers of two Mississippi governors: Paul B. Johnson, Sr., and his son, Paul B. Johnson, Jr. 90 cu. ft.

Johnston (Albert Sidney) Letter, 1849 (M221)
Letter from Johnston to General R. Jones regarding Johnston's appointment as paymaster in U.S. Army. 1 item.

Johnston (Erle E.), Jr. Papers, ca. 1922-1999 (M319)
Materials documenting the personal and professional life this Mississippi newspaper publisher and director of the State Sovereignty Commission. 15.3 cu.ft.

Johnston (Erle) Oral History Appendix, 1964-1967 (M321)
Typescript summary of the activities of the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission by one of the Commission's last directors. 1 folder.

Jolly (James L. and Van Buren) Letters, 1861, 1897
Correspondence of family originally from Covington County, Mississippi. 3 items.

Jones (Boaz) Oral History, 1992 (M312)
Tape and transcript of his memories of life in southwest Mississippi. 2 items.

Jones (James) Deed, 1838
Deed of land in Lowndes County, Mississippi. 1 item.

Jung (Charles F.) Collection, 1906-1910
Business records of a New Orleans livery stable, .20 cu.ft.


Kappa Tau Scrapbook, 1948-1955 (M430)
Girls' social club in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, .33 cu.ft.

Katagiri (Yasuhiro) Typescript of "The Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission," 1997
Copy of his dissertation on the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission. 1 item.

Kates (Jim) Papers, 1963-2001 (M390)
Primarily materials pertaining to the book, "Letters From Mississippi." Also included are copies of a number of letters that appear in the book, materials regarding the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP), and items that relate to Freedom Summer and civil rights in general. .9 cu.ft.

Keesler Field Historical Collection, 1941-2011 (M490)
Materials related to the history of Keesler Field, which was built in 1941 in Biloxi, Mississippi. In the early – mid 1940s, Keesler Field housed a Technical Training School, a Basic Training Center for the Army, and Specialized Flight Training programs. After World War II, the training focus of Keesler Field shifted to teaching radar, radio and electronics repair and maintenance. .25 cu.ft.

Kennedy (Jon) Cartoons, undated
Poster series titled “Light Up Your Life – READ!” with a light bulb, smiley face between the words light and up. 7 items.

Kennedy Assassination Associated Press Wire Reports, 1963
AP bulletins covering the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. 4 items.

Kershaw (Rev. Alvin L.) Papers, ca. 1955-1977 (M354)
Correspondence and newspaper articles regarding the controversy that erupted over Rev. Alvin L. Kershaw's scheduled appearance during the University of Mississippi's (Ole Miss) Religious Emphasis Week in February 1956. .25 cu.ft.

Kershner (Charles) Papers, 2007
A 7-page speech by Charles “Chuck” Kershner, editor of The Student Printz in spring 1964. The speech was delivered during the Symposium on Social Justice held at USM’s Thad Cochran Center in 2007, and it addresses the censorship of the March 20, 1964, issue of the Printz.

Kerstine Family Business Records, ca. 1927-1969
Business records and photographs of several stores owned by the Kerstine family in Clarksdale, Mississippi. 8.10 cu.ft.

Key Brothers Endurance Flight Film, 1935
Film of world endurance flight above Meridian, Mississippi. 1 item.

Kimball (Mary B.) World War I Letter, 1919
Letter written to Mary B. Kimball by a hospital librarian at Camp Shelby, Mississippi. 3 pages.

Kingsbery (Robert Wilson) Papers, ca. 1949-1950
USM-related materials of a masters in music student. 1 folder.

Kirkland (J. Brackin) Papers, 1886-1983 (M15)
Correspondence, speeches, reports, publications, clippings, photographs, genealogical materials relating to Mississippi-born educator in New York and Alabama and with the Boys Clubs of America. 27 cu.ft.

Kirkland (L. Clinton) Papers, 1886-1983 (M244)
Correspondence, autobiography, deeds, estate papers, photographs, family papers of a Jones County, Mississippi farmer. 1 cu.ft.

Kitson (John) Letters, 1826-1837 (M153)
Letters to Kitson and others. 4 items.

Kline (Matthew J.) Vietnam Narrative, 1996-1997
Narrative of his trip with his uncle to Vietnam revisiting sites where his uncle had served during the Vietnam War. 3 items.

Koenig (Ruth) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964–1994 (M362)
Materials pertaining to Ruth Koenig's service as a Freedom Summer volunteer in Holly Springs, Mississippi, in 1964, and her return visit to Holly Springs in 1966, .4 cu.ft.

Komisar (Lucy) Civil Rights Collection, 1961–1964, 1991 (M395)
Copies of issues of the civil rights newspaper "The Mississippi Free Press" published in Jackson, Mississippi; copy of her Radcliffe College oral history interview about her civil rights activities and work in the National Organization of Women (NOW), .65 cu.ft.

Ku Klux Klan in Jones County by Eleanor B. Lang, 1976 (M416)
Written by Eleanor B. Lang for Mississippi History course at USM, .25 cu. ft.

Kuhn (Francis X.) "Voices of Freedom Summer" Collection, 1999-2000
Videotape, programs, and posters of his dramatic reading first performed at USM in 1999. 4 items.

Kutack (Jason Noel “Jay”) Collection, ca. 1940s-1997 and undated
Photographs, postcards, printed, and other memorabilia collected by Jason Kutack dealing mostly with Hattiesburg and Gulf Coast local history. 24 items.

Kwanguvu (Umoja) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964, 1999 (M366)
Photographs and personal reminiscences of his experiences as a Freedom School teacher in Hattiesburg during Freedom Summer 1964. 14 items.

Kyker (Fannie) Collection, ca. 1940’s–2007
Post cards, printed items, photos, and other memorabilia collected by this long time Hattiesburg resident. 6.5 cu.ft.


Lackey (Richard S.) Collection, ca. 1800-1970
Miscellaneous materials from the Lackey Genealogy Collection. 3 cu.ft.

Ladner (Dorie Ann) Collection, ca. 1780 - 2009
Newspaper clippings, printed material, and photos regarding the professional activities of the donor and her sister Dr. Joyce Ladner, natives of Palmer's Crossing, Mississippi and SNCC Field Secretaries. 18 items.

Lake (Ellen) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964 (M370)
Photocopies of correspondence, a magazine article, Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) materials, and other items that document the activities of Mississippi Freedom Summer volunteer, Ellen Lake, in Gulfport, Mississippi. .1 cu.ft.

Landis (Lt. Cmdr. Arthur, Jr.) Collection, 1854-1860
Small group of Lincoln, slavery, and Nathan Bedford Forrest memorabilia. 4 items.

Landry Architectural Drawings, ca. 1930-1958
Drawings of buildings in the Hattiesburg, Mississippi area designed by the Hattiesburg firm founded by Juan G. Landry, now Landry and Lewis Architects, P.A. 10 cu.ft.

Landskov (Norvin L.) Family Papers, 1957-1998
Materials pertaining to the life and career of USM professor of education, 1947-1972, .45 cu.ft.

Lauren Rogers Museum of Art Postcard Collection, early 20th Century
An extensive collection of early twentieth century postcards from around the world. The majority of the collection is assumed to be from the collection of Mrs. Eugene V. Worth of Clinton, Iowa. A smaller portion is assumed to have been collected and arranged by Ella M. Bradley, Librarian, through donations to the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art. 4.6 cubic feet

Lavender Family Papers, ca. 1853-1982
Documents relating to the G.C. Lavender and J.L. Parker families of Tallahatchie County, Mississippi, .20 cu.ft.

Leaf River Baptist Church Minutes, 1829-1971 (M146)
Minutes of this Covington County, Mississippi church, .25 cu.ft.

Leaf River Masonic Lodge, No. 19 Records, 1858-1907, 1963 (M407)
Organizational records of lodge located in what is now Forrest County, Mississippi, .25 cu. ft.

Ledger, 1769-1774
Business ledger containing accounts for the Baltimore, Maryland, northern Virginia, and southeastern Pennsylvania area and early examples of Pitman Shorthand. 1 vol.

Ledger, 1882-1883
Unidentified business ledger. 1 vol.

Lee (Paul) Research Collection, ca. 2004-2009
Writings of Paul Lee concerning Kwame Ture formerly known as Stokely Carmichael. 5 items.

Lee (Robert Edward) General Order No. 14, 1864 (M235)
Order written by General Lee to General Jubal Anderson Early. 1 item.

Lee Guard History, 1920-1921
Printed history of military unit formed in 1885 at Mississippi A&M College, now Mississippi State University. 1 item.

Leech (Andrew Candler) World War II Diary, 1943-1945 (M285)
Diary of his experiences in the European Theater, .25 cu.ft.

Leflore County Sample Ballot, 1971
Leflore County Sample Ballot for State of Mississippi General Election. 1 item.

Lelyveld (Rabbi Arthur J.) Collection, 1964 (M483)
News clipping about his assault in Hattiesburg, Mississippi during Freedom Summer, 1 item.

Lenoir (Dorothy D.) Collection, 1856-1968 (M111)
Genealogical materials about the Lenoir and Foxworth families, .25 cu.ft.

Letcher (John) Proclamation, 1860 (M219)
Virginia Governor Letcher's announcement of appointment of Joseph C. Lawrence as New York State Commissioner for Virginia. 1 item.

Leverett (Rudy H.) Collection, ca. 1934-1999
Personal files, photographs, genealogical research, publications, and a variety of other research materials that relate to the life and work of the late Dr. Rudy. H. Leverett. 14 cu.ft.

Lewis (John South) Civil War Diary, 1864
Typescript of 24-page diary kept by Captain John South "Bud" Lewis during the American Civil War. Captain Lewis served with the 16th Mississippi Infantry, Co. K (Wilkinson Rifles). Most of the events recorded therein take place in Virginia. The battles at Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor are covered in some detail. 1 item.

Lewis (Levi) Letters, 1861-1863 (M212)
Materials of a Union soldier from Pennsylvania. 50 items.

Liddle (Moses) Letter, undated
Letter to Liddle from William Mabnant, addressed to Woodville, Mississippi. 1 item.

Lindsey Wagon Company Records, 1905-1984 (M444)
Ledgers, journals, office files of the largest manufacturing company in early 20th century Mississippi. 8 cu.ft.

Little (Pvt. James H.) World War I Memory Book, 1918 - 1919
Scrapbook containing military documents, newsletters, photographs, and narrative about his service in France in the 147th Aero Pursuit Squadron of the U.S. Army Air Service, 1 vol.

Little (Thomas) Journal, 1891-1907
Farm or business journal and deeds of trust of a Copiah County, Mississippi farmer. 4 items.

Locke (Andrew J.) Letter, 1862 (M57)
Letter from Marshall Locke to Jemmie A. Daesum(?) telling her she is free to leave Grenada, Mississippi, having been paroled. 1 item.

Long (Dr. James S.) Papers, 1934-1977
Articles, speeches, correspondence, scrapbook of USM professor of chemical engineering, 36 cu.ft..

Loomis (John Mason) Letter, 1863 (M107)
Letter from Loomis, commanding the 26th Illinois Infantry, reporting activities and casualties in Warren and Hinds Counties, Mississippi. 1 item.

Loper (Mrs. O.B.) Papers, 1932-1978
Scrapbooks, ledgers, date books concerning the Hattiesburg YWCA and Mississippi Garden Center, .65 cu.ft.

Lotterhos (P.A. "Gustus") Correspondence, 1897-1901 (M304)
Letters addressed to Lotterhos in Clarksville, Tennessee. 11 items.

Lovell (Mansfield) Letters, 1861, 1863 (M58)
Letters to family members from Confederate Major General Lovell. 2 items.

Lowrey (Mark Perrin) Autobiographical Essay, 1867 (M49)
Written by Confederate Brigadier General Lowrey. 1 item.

Lowrey (Rosewell G.) Typescripts, 1967 (M127)
Typescripts of compositions by USM Dean of Men, .50 cu.ft.


Mack (Will) Hanging Photographs, 1909 (M436)
Photographs of the public hanging in Brandon, Mississippi, of Will Mack, an African American man convicted of raping a white girl. 2 items.

Maeterlinck (Maurice) Papers, 1920-1965 (M12)
Literary manuscripts, correspondence, news clippings, essays, publications of Belgian-born dramatist, essayist, philosopher, and winner of the 1911 Nobel Prize for literature. 1 cu.ft.

Mahony (Patrick), 1923-1978 (M11)
Mahony was a literary assistant to both Nobel Prize winner Maurice Maeterlinck and English-Irish poet and Fantasy writer Lord Dunsany.

Major-Sowers Saw Mill Photographs, 1923, 1928-1929 (M292)
Photographs of Major-Sowers saw mills at Tallahala and Epley, Mississippi. 26 items.

Mantinband (Rabbi Charles) Papers, 1931-1997 (M327)
Writings, correspondence, photographs, and condolence letters on the death of this outspoken proponent of Civil Rights and Rabbi at Temple B'Nai Israel in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, .70 cu.ft.

Martin (J.M.) Broadside, 1884
Advertisement for settlers in northeastern Mississippi and southwestern Tennessee area. 1 item.

Martin (Josephine D.) Papers, ca. 1939-2000 (M375)
Files, research materials, etc. of Medical Committee for Human Rights (MCHR); compiler of "Health Care is a Human Right: A Collection of Biographies of the Medical Committee for Human Rights." 3.50 cu.ft.

Marton (Patricia) Collection, 1951-1999
Books and memorabilia related to Gulf Park College for Women. 1 folder, 5 items, 11 books; .75 cu. ft.

Marx (Charles A.) Papers, 1939-1997 (M313)
Correspondence, reports, files, magazines documenting his career with the Mississippi Highway Patrol and as an attorney. 21 cu.ft.

Maurer (John B.) Freedom Summer Photographs, ca. 1964 (M358)
Black and white prints taken by Rev. John B. Maurer during Mississippi Freedom Summer, 1964. Rev. Maurer is a Presbyterian minister who served as a Freedom Summer volunteer in Panola County, Mississippi. The photographs were taken in Batesville and Crenshaw (in Panola County), Holly Springs (Marshall County) and Ruleville (Sunflower County). 153 items.

McAdory (Jeff) Collection, 1979-1988
Primarily photographs taken by Jeff McAdory while employed at The Clarion-Ledger/Jackson Daily News (1979-1982) and The (Memphis) Commercial Appeal (1984-). 1.25 cu. ft.

McAtee (William “Bill” G.) Civil Rights Collection, 1964
An original curriculum packet given out at the SNCC-NCC training site in Oxford, Ohio, for Freedom Summer workers going to Mississippi, along McAtee’s notes about it, .25 cu.ft.

McAtee/Marion County Civil Rights Oral History Collection, 2009
Audio related to the Civil Rights Movement in Marion County, Mississippi. 7 tapes.

McCain (Dr. William D.) Papers of Heritage Organizations, 1957-1991
Bound originals and copies of documents for several heritage organizations in which Dr. McCain was a member and/or officer, 112 vols.

McCain (Dr. William D.) Travel Journals, 1965-1973
Bound travel journals kept by Dr. William D. McCain and . 28 vols.

McCain (William D.) Pamphlet Collection, 1935-1987 (M393)
Pamphlets collected by USM president on communism, civil rights, desegregation, and other race-related topics; a speech on Freedom by Dr. McCain and two books on Benito Mussolini and Italian Fascism. 2 cu.ft

McCartney (Charles) “Ches” Goat Man of Georgia Collection, undated
Reprints of photographs of “Ches” Goat Man McCartney. One is a close-up and the other shows him on a wagon that his goats are pulling. 2 items.

McCarty (Kenneth G.) Papers, ca. 1974-1999
Files generated by USM professor of history. 2 cu.ft.

McCarty (Oseola) Collection, ca 1920-1999 (M442)
Plaques, medals, certificates, photographs, correspondence, news clippings, artifacts, books concerning her $150,000 bequest to USM. 24 cu.ft.

McCleskey Architectural Drawings, ca. 1926-1964
Architectural drawings generated by Hearon & McCleskey Associated Architects. 15 cu.ft.

McCollum (Duncan) Diary, 1864-1865 (M295)
Diary of Confederate Captain of Company "A" in the 4th Mississippi Cavalry. 1 item.

McComb High School Photograph, 1926
Oversized photograph of the McComb High School Class of 1926. 1 item.

McCorkle (Sara Craig) Collection, ca. 1930s - 1970s, 1986
Material related to the life and public "pro- American" civic activities of Sara Craig McCorkle, 18 items.

McElrath (Esther Turner) Diary, 1859 (M141)
Personal diary of life in Warrenton, Mississippi. 1 folder.

McGuffey’s Reading Charts, ca. 1900
Original and digital versions of 6 posters.

McKeithen (Charles) Collection, late 19th and early 20th centuries
Family papers and memorabilia of family and business activities in Meridian, Mississippi and the counties of Kemper and Lauderdale. .5 cu.ft.

McLain (Jim) Forrest County Papers, 1906-1915
Letters, diary, and postcards regarding family in Forrest County, Mississippi, small manuscript box.

McLarty (Adelaide and Edith) Papers, undated
Research notes, church records, pamphlets, cemetery records, and other miscellaneous materials. 2.5 cu.ft.

McLemore (Richard Aubrey) Papers, ca. 1919-1973
Materials pertaining to the life and career of USM Dean and acting president. 1 folder.

McLeod (John A.) Department Store Records, 1873-1982 (M298)
Business records of a Hattiesburg, Mississippi department store. 7 cu.ft.

McMillen (Neil R.) Professional Papers, undated
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, flyers, and book reviews relating to USM professor of history. 3.25 cu.ft.

McNeely (Lewis) Letter, 1849 (M68)
Letter from McNeely in Water Valley, Mississippi requesting permission to preach to congregations in Chicakasaw Presbytery in north Mississippi. 1 item.

McNutt (Alexander G.) Letters, 1838, 1840 (M67)
Letters from Mississippi Governor McNutt. 3 items.

McNutt (Opie Lee) World War II Collection, 1943-1949 (M401)
Letters and government documents relating to the military service and death in action of Pvt. McNutt from Crawford, Mississippi, .25 cu.ft.

McPhail (James H., Dr.) Collection, ca. 1930-2013
Copy of Dr. James H. McPhail’s oral history interview and obituary. Dr. McPhail, former faculty member of the University of Southern Mississippi, worked to facilitate relations between Mississippi school districts and the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare during the implementation of court-ordered desegregation in the early 1970s. CD and document.

McQuagge, Carlton L. Papers, ca. 1928-1988 (M438)
Materials documenting the life and career of USM professor and dean, .90 cu.ft.

Meridian Light and Railway Company Minute Book, 1901-1910 (M294)
Business records of utility company acquired by Mississippi Power Company. 1 vol.

Merrifield (Vernon & Bonnie Fleming) Collection, 1823-1976
Photographs, booklets, pamphlets, periodicals, postcards, letters, menus, and scrapbooks. 1 cu.ft.

Methodist History Materials, undated (M451)
Copies from J.B. Cain's book Methodism in the Mississippi Conference plus Madison County history. 1 folder.

Methodist Hospital Historical Collection, 1915-1997, 2005 (M424)
Photographs, newspaper clippings and memorabilia about this Hattiesburg hospital (now Wesley Medical Center) and its School of Nursing. 1.8 cu. ft.

Methodist Hospital/Wesley Medical Center Collection, ca. 1921-2001
A collection of correspondence, photographs, slides, newsletters, advertisements, brochures, manuals, press releases, reports, scrapbooks, in-house publications, files and other material that document the history and activities of the Methodist Hospital/Wesley Medical Center through its various incarnations. 27 cu. ft.

Michaels (Sheila) Papers, 1960-2001 (M373)
Materials relating to the Civil Rights activities of S.N.C.C. field secretary who served as Project Manager of the COFO-Hattiesburg Project office during Freedom Summer, .85 cu.ft.

Miller (Michael J.) Civil Rights Collection, 1958-1988 (M368)
Materials generated and/or collected by former Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) staff member, Michael J. "Mike" Miller. Includes materials pertaining to SNCC's activities in Mississippi. 1.8 cu.ft.

Milner (Louella Gill) Collection, Circa 1920
Materials documenting Louella Gill Milner's years as a student at Mississippi Southern College and later the University of Southern Mississippi.

Minn (Jim) World War II Memories, 1940s, 1999 (M496)
Audio cassette and typed notes of his memories as a scout in the First Platoon of “D” Dog Troop in the 94th Recon of the 14th Armored Division in France and Germany during World War II. 11 items.

Mississippi (State of) vs. W. M. McDonald, Jr., 1927 (M181)
Court record of indictment and trial of W.M. McDonald, Jr., convicted of embezzlement while employed as a cashier at the Bank of Utica in Utica, Mississippi. 1 volume.

Mississippi Association of Educational Office Professionals (MAEOP): Higher Education Division Records, 1970-2011
Organizational records. 18 cu.ft.

Mississippi Bandmasters Collection, 1980s (M260)
Research collection for Dr. Perry B. Daniels, Jr.'s book Four Pioneer Mississippi Bandmasters and a History of the Mississippi Bandmasters Association, .25 cu.ft.

Mississippi Book Festival Collection, 2015
Ephemera from the first Mississippi Book Festival held at the Mississippi State Capital in Jackson, Mississippi, on August 22, 2015. 5 items.

Mississippi Broadside Collection, 1881
Thanksgiving proclamation. 1 item.

Mississippi Burning Collection, ca 1980s
Memorabilia concerning the filming of "Mississippi Burning" in the state of Mississippi, including unidentified snapshots of the cast, publicity photographs of the cast, some script pages, a paperback copy of the book, and a VHS tape of the movie. 0.5 cu.ft.

Mississippi County Courthouse Photographs, 1975
Color photographs of Mississippi county courthouses. 4 panels.

Mississippi Education Association Records, 1966-1974 (M128)
Organizational records. 1.35 cu.ft.

Mississippi Historical Collection, 1898, ca. 1920s
Three black and white photographs taken in Mississippi. 3 items.

Mississippi Historical Music Scores, 1912-1921 (M332)
Scores of Mississippi Cradle, On the Mississippi, Swanee River Moon, Mississippi Ripples, The Little White House at the End of Honeymoon Lane, and I'm Hopin' to Open an Old Garden Gate, Down in Dixie Land. 6 items.

Mississippi Historical Society Collection, 2010
Board of Directors Dinner program. 1 item.

Mississippi Library Association Collection, 1909-2005, 2008 (M473)
Administrative and historical records of the Mississippi Library Association (MLA). 57.75 cu.ft.

Mississippi Menu Collection, ca. 1942-2015
Menus from various eating establishments in Mississippi, primarily the Hattiesburg area. 39 items and .20 cu. ft.

Mississippi Renewal Forum/Hurricane Katrina Collection, 2005
Maps, reports, etc. documenting the Mississippi Renewal Forum and efforts towards recovery, rebuilding and renewal of the Mississippi Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina. 3 cu. ft.

Mississippi Secretary of State, Certificate of Election, 1851
Certifying election of John Tennyson as Justice of the Peace in District Four of Chickasaw County. 1 item.

Mississippi Writers A Portfolio of Portraits, 1981
Packet titled Featuring Twenty Noted Authors from the Cradle of Storytellers Mississippi Writers A Portfolio of Portraits. Contains two sets of twenty black and white portraits and a list of biographical facts of nineteen of the authors. 40 items.

Mississippi, State of: Proposed State Flag, 2001
Replica of proposed new flag. 1 item.

Mississippi: Its Climate, Soil, Productions, and Agricultural Capabilities Report, 1884 (M464)
Department of Agriculture Special Report, number 3, prepared by A. B. Hurt, on the climate in Mississippi, ideal for agriculture. 1 item.

Mississippi. Office of the Secretary of State. A Memorial to Congress, For the request of Lands to aid the construction of the Gulf and Ship Island Railroad, 1871 (M103)
Mississippi legislature petition to U.S. House of Representatives requesting lands to aid in construction of Gulf and Ship Island Railroad. 1 item.

Mitchell, Little, and Armstrong Families, 1862-1944
Miscellaneous family papers, .50 cu.ft.

Monaco vs. Mississippi: Research pertaining to a suit by a foreign state against a state of the Union, 1833-1934 (M179)
Research paper on lawsuit by Monaco regarding issuance of bonds. 1 item.

Moore (Charles) Civil Rights Photograph Portfolio, 1958-1999 (M405)
Framed numbered signed photographs by noted Civil Rights photographer issued as portfolio by the Eastman Kodak Company upon his receipt of the Crystal Eagle Award and other relevant material. 2.5 cu.ft.

Moorman (Charles) Papers, 1954-1969 (M171)
literary and academic manuscripts of Dr. Charles Moorman as well as his personal correspondence with the members of the professional and academic organizations of which he was a part. 2 cu.ft.

Morgan (Dr. Chester “Bo”) Manuscript, 1910-2010 (M491)
Research materials and copies of the manuscript for the centennial celebration history book

Morgan (Olin Robertson) Collection, 1923-1962
Bulletins, news clippings, plays, textbooks, and photographs from her teaching career, .25 cu.ft.

Morgan Family Letter, 1958
Letter written by Miss Antoinette Stanton at “The Five Bells” in Wickham, Newbury, Berks, in England to Shelton and Dena Morgan in Brookhaven, Mississippi. 1 item.

Morris (Toxey) Collection, 1966-1968, 1995
This collection of memorabilia from his active duty time as ship's surgeon on the U.S.S. Tripoli during the Vietnam War. 1 cu. ft.

Morrison (Jessie) Collection, 1864-1990 (M422)
Business records of the Riverside Brick and Manufacturing Company and the Gulf and Ship Island Railroad and materials documenting her life and career at USM, 1.8 cu.ft.

Mrs. W.'s 1901 Diary (M355)
A vivid portrait of the daily life of a middle class homemaker in 1901. 1 vol.

Mulloy (Betty) Collection, 1929-1993
Playbills, programs and miscellaneous items from cultural performances and sporting events in Mississippi and elsewhere, 280 items.

Mystic Krewe of Zeus of Hattiesburg Records, 1924-2015
Records, scrapbooks, photos, memorabilia, video cassettes, DVDs, etc. 15 cu.ft. and 125 items.


Natchez Business Ledger, ca. 1820-1827
Unidentified ledger, .25 cu.ft.

Natchez Trace Research Collection, ca. 1704-1978, 2002 (M249)
Research materials collected by historians of the Natchez Trace Parkway. 7.64 cu.ft.

Native American Collection, 1918; 1885; unknown
Variety of printed material mostly related to languages. 3 items.

Nau (John Frederick) Papers, ca. 1955-1980
Personal papers and research materials of this USM professor of religion and philosophy. 1 cu.ft.

New England Mississippi Land Company, Reports in Congress, 1823-1840 (M230)
Reports submitted to U.S. Congressional committees relating to the petition of the New England Land Company of Boston to obtain a portion of the settlement given by Congress to the Georgia Mississippi Company. 8 items.

Newhebron High School Class Collection, 1954-1955, 1985, 1995
Materials related to Newhebron, Mississippi High School Classes of 1954 and 1955. 6 items.

Newman (J. J.) Lumber Company Records, ca. 1895-1943 (M286)
Ledgers of this important Hattiesburg, Mississippi lumber company. 13 vols.

Newsome (Stella B.) Papers, 1936 (M129)
Written for the Newton County (Mississippi) Centennial. 1 folder.

Newspaper Collection, 19th-21st centuries
Collection of issues of primarily American newspapers, including commemorative editions of papers published in Mississippi, Northern and Southern papers covering the Civil War, the Camp Shelby "Reveille", and others.

Nineteenth-Century American Music Scores, ca. 1845-1874 (M361)
Music scores which may be of interest to researchers of music history, sheet music art and/or music publishing companies. 20 items.

Nolan (Philip) Marriage Certificate, 1799
Copy of marriage certificate of Nolan, the inspiration for Edward Everett Hale's The Man Without a Country, and Fanny Lintot, Adams County, Mississippi Territor., 1 item.

North (Ralph) Letter, 1883 (M52)
Letter from North to Sergeant Prentiss Nutt regarding reparations for Federal seizure in 1863 of Nutts' coal boats, part of the Nutts family claims for damages to Longwood Plantation. 1 item.

Nuclear Waste Disposal Research Collection, ca. 1969-1987 (M427)
Materials generated and/or collected by Perry County Citizens Against Nuclear Disposal, Inc. (PC-CAND). 5.5 cu. ft.

Nunnally (Mrs. Braxton L.) Western Union Telegram, 1940
Telegram to Mrs. Braxton L. Nunnally of Meridian, Mississippi, from Hugh McKay of Colgate Palmolive Pete Company, stating that Mrs. Nunnally won a diamond ring from Cashmere Bouquet Beauty Preparations. 1 item.

Nydegger Family Papers, 1905-1987 (M186)
Correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, genealogical materials. 1.5 cu.ft.


Oakman (Jack H.) World War II Memoir, 1941-1945
His reminiscences of service in the European Theater and as a prisoner of war. 1 item.

Ogden (Hamer) Methodist Hospital Superintendent’s Log, 1921-1958
Log book maintained by Hamer Ogden, Superintendent of Methodist Hospital. It contains a brief summary of the business of the hospital for each fiscal year beginning in 1922 and ending in 1958. 1 vol.

Ogletree (Powell G.) Papers, ca. 1929-2005
Correspondence, certificates, publications, files, and other materials relating to Ogletree’s membership and participation in the Rotary Club of Hattiesburg and its Rotary District. .9 cu. ft.

Okinawa World War II Photographs, 1945 (M283)
Taken during the invasion by U.S. Marines. 14 items.

Old Union Baptist Church (Jasper County) Minutes, 1866-1878 (M343)
Minutes of this Jasper County, Mississippi church. 1 item.

Olympic Record (The) Newspaper, 1984
Copies of the official newspaper of the 1984 Summer Olympics. 17 items.

Oregon Territory Map, 1841
Made by U.S. Exploring Expedition commanded by Charles Wilkes. 1 item.

Original Home and Garden Club Collection, 1927-1990
Scrapbooks, minute books, yearbooks, photographs, histories of Hattiesburg's oldest garden club. 3.5 cu.ft.

Orpheus Club Records, 1918-1986 (M409)
Organizational records of this Hattiesburg, Mississippi literary club. 1.35 cu.ft.

Orris (Leo) Civil Rights Collection, 1964
Photograph of Dr. Orris, a physician with the Medical Committee for Human Rights, taking the blood pressure of Mississippi Civil Rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer in front of her house in Ruleville. 1 item.

Owen (David) Freedom Summer Collection, ca. 1964-1989 (M350)
Information concerning David Owen's involvement in the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project in 1964, .75 cu.ft.


Parker (John) Collection, 1864 (M223)
Autograph book of 309 officers imprisoned at Johnson Island Military Prison near Sandusky, Ohio. 1 folder.

Parker (Joseph B.) Mississippi Political Campaign Materials, 1979-1983
Audio and video tapes, press releases and broadsides from the campaigns of Gov. Bill Allain, Sen. John Stennis, Haley Barbour, and Gov. Cliff Finch. 3.5 cu.ft.

Parker (Selby) Collection, ca. 1927-1972, 2004
Manuscripts and book. 3 items.

Parliamentarians' Records - Theta Unit, Mississippi Division of the National Association of Parliamentarians, 1959-1969 (M93)
Organizational records, .65 cu.ft.

Parliamentarians' Records-Mississippi Division of the National Association of Parliamentarians, 1949-1977 (M202)
Organizational records. 1.10 cu.ft.

Patrick (Andrew J.) Letter, 1862 (M106)
Letter from a Confederate soldier near Holly Spring, Mississipi to his family. 1 item.

Pearl River County , Mississippi : Chancery Court Execution Docket, 1896-1930
Ledger book which contains information regarding the disposition of Chancery Court cases in Pearl River County, Mississippi. 1 item.

Pearl River County (Mississippi) Records, 1891-1903
Journals containing official records pertaining to Pearl River County Sheriff's Office, Mississippi. 2 volumes.

Pearl River County, Mississippi Justice of the Peace Docket, District Four, 1942-1946
Ledger book containing the docket of both civil and criminal cases brought before Justice of the Peace Court, Pearl River County, Mississippi. 1 item.

Perkinston Junior College 50th Anniversary Documentary Film, Catalyst, 1962
One DVD film made from the original 16mm film commemorating the 50th anniversary of Perkinston Junior College, Perkinston, Mississippi. 1 item.

Petal Historical Collection, 1976 (M465)
“History of Petal” booklet, published in honor of the Revolutionary War bicentennial. 1 item.

Peters (Mary Lillian) Papers, 1921-1925 (M495)
Mary Lillian Peters was a music educator who graduated from Mississippi Normal College (now The University of Southern Mississippi) in 1923. The collection contains mementos of her college days including church bulletins, YWCA “helpful Hints”, music recital programs, and Mississippi Normal College historical items. 29 items.

Phillips (Mamie L.) Civil Rights Memoir, 1998 (M383)
Her memories of housing Civil Rights workers in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, in the 1960s. 2 pages.

Pickering Family Papers, 1844-1988 (M258)
Family papers containing genealogical research materials and family charts, books and journals, maps, and manuscript materials.. 4 cu.ft.

Pine Belt Family YMCA Records, 1913-2001 (M268)
Organizational records. 9.8 cu.ft.

Pine Belt Savings and Loan Records, 1968
Report to directors and members by president. 1 item.

Piney Woods School Collection, ca. 1900s and undated
Memorabelia related to Piney Woods School, including Business card of Neff Chastain, The Original Dry Boiled Peanut “King.” 1 item.

Pittman (Alvy Ray) World War II Memoir, ca. 2002 (M374)
World War II Memoir compiled by Sgt. Alvy Ray Pittman, USMC, and a paper written about Sgt. Pittman by his daughter, titled "A Common Virtue." The memoir spans the period 1942-1945. 2 items

Pittman (Richard B.) Letters, 1860-1864 (M251)
Family correspondence of Confederate soldier in Company "F"/"Marion's Men," .25 cu.ft.

Pitts (Jack E.) Account of Stuart's Raid, ca. 1890s (M279)
Account of a raid near Tunstall's Station, Virginia. 1 folder.

Political Campaign Collection, ca. 1904-1959 (M408)
Instructions for voters, newspaper ads, flyers, and campaign items for various candidates for public office in Mississippi, .5 cu.ft.

Political Correspondences (Lowndes Cty., Miss.) Broadside, 1860 (M81)
Anti-secession broadside printed in Lowndes County, Mississippi. 1 item.

Polk (Abner & Ida Chambers) Family Papers, ca. 1841-1998
Collection of correspondence, estate documents, certificates, newsletters, genealogical materials and other items pertaining to the families of Abner Polk and his wife, Ida Chambers Polk. .9 cu.ft.

Polk (Noel) Collection, 1973-1999 (M476)
English professor Noel Polk left to McCain Library and Archives many documents, namely correspondence related to his work as an English professor and researcher. Topics such as academia, William Faulkner, Eudora Welty, southern literature, and Natchez before 1830 are covered. 7 cu.ft.

Pope (Moran) Collection, ca. 1913-2010
Memorabilia from Mississippi Normal College, State Teachers College, and The University of Mississippi. 9 items.

Porter (Gwendolyn) Papers, ca. 1961-1995 (M474)
Papers, media, and miscellaneous items related to literature and literary history in Mississippi, particularly to the author Will Campbell. 2.5 cu. ft.

Postcard Collection, ca. early 1900s - 2015
Miscellaneous postcards. 2 cu.ft. plus more than 400 items.

Postlethwaite (A.J.) Records, 1849-1858 (M39)
Business invoices of a Natchez, Mississippi dry goods dealer, .25 cu.ft.

Powe (William A.) Article, 1979
Photocopy of article titled “He Left a Fortune in Cuba”, originally printed in Alumnus, Mississippi State University. This article tells of Bill Powe who spent 40 years in Cuba as a sugar machinery magnate until Fidel Castro took over. 1 item.

Powers (Ridgely C.) Letter, 1873 (M72)
Letter from Mississippi Governor Powers to U.S. Attorney General suggesting a nominee for U.S. Marshal in Mississippi. 1 item.

Prados (Anita) Collection, 1914-1915, 1922, 1989 (M452)
Items related to Anita Prados’ time as a student at Mississippi Normal College, .25 cu.ft.

Pratt (Ella Fountain Keesler) Collection, undated
Historical materials concerning the Keesler family of Greenwood, Mississippi. Some topics include World War I, Mississippi College for Women, and Keesler Air Force Base. 2.75 cu.ft.

Preer (George Thomas) Papers, 1948-1979 (M215)
Documenting the life and career of USM Presbyterian student advisor, .90 cu.ft.

Prenshaw (Maude Leet) Papers, 1926-1975 (M262)
Poems by Mississippi Poet Laureat. 3 cu.ft.

Prenshaw (Peggy) Manuscript, ca. 1983-1985 (M477)
Research material and manuscripts of Peggy Prenshaw's books on Mississippi authors Elizabeth Spencer and Eudora Welty. 2.5 cu.ft.

Prentiss Normal and Industrial Institute Collection, 1980
Brochure from the 73rd annual founders’ day of the Prentiss Normal and Industrial Institute . The dates covered in the brochure are 1907 to 1980. 1 item.

Prescott (Thomas C.) Letter, 1864 (M76)
Letter from Union officer of troops occupying Natchez, Mississippi. 1 item.

Press (Betty) Photographs, 2005
Three compact disks containing digital images of photographs taken by Press during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, along with 41 original letters. 44 items.

Presser (William) Original Music Scores, 1969-1978
Composed by USM professor of music. 3 cu.ft.

Price (David) Gulf, Mobile & Northern Railroad News Periodical Collection, ca. 1920’s
Digitized copies of news periodicals from the Gulf, Mobile & Northern Railroad circa 1920’s, 1 DVD.

Price (James Earl) Mississippi History Collection, 1943- 2000 (M397)
Materials relating to Methodism in Mississippi, the Civil Rights Movement, the alleged massacre of African American soldiers stationed at Camp Van Dorn in 1943, and other aspects of Mississippi history, .35 cu.ft.

Pride (Idelle) Collection, ca. 1925-1931 (M457)
Three booklets and one individual page of poetry composed by Idelle Pride of Ellisville, Mississippi. 4 items.

Pulley (Mary Winton) Papers, 1876-1956 (M92)
Documentation of her life and career as USM registrar, .90 cu.ft.

Purvis Tornado Photographs, 1908 (M252)
Aftermath of Purvis, Mississippi tornado. 63 items.

Purvis, Mississippi Municipal Records, 1990-1997
Documents pertaining to Purvis city government, .75 cu.ft.


Quantrill (William Clarke) Research Collection, 1858-1964 (M243)
Research collection about leader of Quantrill's Raiders in Missouri, .66 cu.ft.

Quitman (John Anthony) Letter, 1850 (M63)
Letter from Mississippi Governor Quitman to Connecticut Governor noting dispatch of copies of Mississippi laws. 1 item.


Rabb (W.C.) Farm Journal, 1839-1853 (M458)
Journal of farmer in Yazoo County, Mississippi. 1 folder.

Rachal (John R.) Papers, 1998 (M417)
Reprint of USM professor of adult education's award-winning article on Freedom Schools. 1 item.

Railroad Collection, ca. 1850-1967 (M169)
Organizational records of the Association of American Railroads; the Gulf, Mobile, and Ohio Railroad; the Mississippi Central Railroad; and the Illinois Central. 535.5 cu.ft.

Railroad Exhibit at 1939 World’s Fair, 1939
Promotional card for the Railroad Exhibit at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York. 1 item.

Railroad Stock & Bond Certificate Collection, ca. mid 1800's-early 1900's (M348)
From various railroad companies, .50 cu.ft.

Randall (Herbert) Freedom Summer Photographs, 1964-2001 (M351)
Photographs taken by creative artist at SNCC orientation session and in Hattiesburg, Mississippi during Freedom Summer, materials documenting USM's commemoration of the 35th anniversary of Freedom Summer on June 5-7, 1999 in conjunction with the opening of the exhibit "Faces of Freedom Summer: The Photographs of Herbert Randall", and materials related to the book Faces of Freedom Summer. 3.85 cu.ft.

Randall (Herbert) Photograph Collection, 1959-2011
50 black & white, proof quality, photographs from Herbert Randall’s personal collection (includes list).

Rankin (John E.) Collection, 1932-1964 (M333)
Letters, speeches, publications of Mississippi Congressman Rankin, .25 cu.ft.

Rankin (Thomas J.) Letters, 1861-1862 (M50)
Letters from Confederate soldier with the 7th Mississippi Infantry to his wife. 7 items.

Recipe Collection, 1929, 1988-1990 and undated
Recipes acquired through donations. 16 items.

Recollections of the Sanatorium, by Marie Gertrude Butler, 1916-1976
History of the Mississippi Tuberculosis Sanatorium near Magee, 1 folder.

Reeves (Geraldine) Collection, ca. 1960’s
This USM alumna collections is mostly from her time here, .5 cu.ft.

Reflections of Mississippi Freedom Summer, 2002 (M399)
Video cassette of a documentary film examining the experiences of Freedom Summer participants on a personal level. 1 item.

Republican Party of Forrest County Records, 1959-1964 (M203)
Miscellaneous materials, .20 cu.ft.

Riley (James A.) Collection of Mississippi Documents, Newspapers, and Letters, 1733 to current (M23)
Large collection of books, printed material, and memorabilia related to Mississippi and other subjects, 18 cu.ft.

Rimer (Wendell D.) Papers, 1940-1945 (M394)
Photographs, correspondence, service medals,and news clippings documenting his service as secretary to the U.S. Army's War Crimes Investigating Commission in Germany during World War II, .80 cu.ft.

Riverside Brick and Manufacturing Company/Hammond-Baton Rouge Brick Company Records, 1905-1975 (M108)
Business records of the Hammond-Baton Rouge (Louisiana) Brick Company and the parent Riverside Brick Company. 10.45 cu.ft.

Roberts (Anna Margaret) Papers, 1908-1960 (M138)
Documentation of the life and career of USM librarian, .50 cu.ft.

Roberts (Emma Lou) Papers, 1928–1982 (M494)
Pamphlets and programs from various Hattiesburg area activities, certificates and correspondence from the Office of Price Administration, and war bonds and ration books, .25 cu.ft.

Roberts (Wallace) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964-2000 (M349)
Letters, articles, clippings, photos of volunteer in Shaw, Mississippi, .10 cu.ft.

Robinson (John Leroy "Lee") Papers, 1861-1864, 1875, 1882 (M301)
Letters from a Confederate soldier with the Mississippi Volunteers. 27 items.

Rodney Family Papers, undated
Copies of Rodney family papers in Library of Congress, .40 cu.ft.

Rodriguez (Dr. Jorge A.) Illustration, 1950
Original illustration from the Book of Thoracic Surgery. 1 item.

Rogers (Peter) Collection, ca. 1970s-1980s
Magazine articles, campaign brochures, DVD and a dust jacket concerning Peter Rogers and Peter Rogers Associates, .25 cu.ft.

Rogers (Reba) Memoir: "Reba's Reflections"
A twenty-two page memoir written by Reba Pickering Rogers, a native of Covington County, Mississippi, at the request of her grandchildren.

Rose (Stephen C.) Papers, 1949-1998 (M389)
Materials relating to his activities as author, composer, songwriter, minister, Civil Rights activist, and editor. 3 cu.ft.

Ross (Thomas Jefferson) Business Ledger, 1855-1878 (M300)
Business records of a mercantile business in south central Mississippi. 1 vol.

Rotary Club District 6840 Records, 1960-2006
Organizational records of district encompassing the southern third of Mississippi and southeastern Louisiana. 39.55 cu.ft.

Rotary Club of Hattiesburg Records, 1918-2007 (M288)
Organizational records. 24.45 cu.ft.

Rue (Myrtis) African American Hattiesburg Collection, 1980
Newspaper article about history of Hattiesburg, Mississippi from the African American perspective. 1 item.

Ruleville, Mississippi Historical Collection, 1965-2002
Histories of Ruleville, the Ruleville Baptist Church, and the Ruleville United Methodist Church. 5 items.


Salem Baptist Church Records, 1874-1894 (M121)
Records of this Covington County, Mississippi church. 1 folder.

Salvation Army Collection
Hattiesburg American special pullout edition celebrating the Salvation Army’s 100th year of service, from 1907 to 2007. 1 item.

Sasman (William L.) Camp McCain Photographs, ca 1943
Black & white photographs taken at Camp McCain. 4 items.

Sawmilling Practices That Pay Publication, 1947 (M466)
Publication of the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau in New Orleans. 1 item.

Scanlan (T.M.) Papers, 1923
Booklet about the writings of author T.M. Scanlan of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 1 item.

Scarborough (Dr. William K.) Papers, ca 1963-1998 (M487)
Files from committees and councils Dr. Scarborough was a member and/or president of during his time at USM. 2 cu.ft.

Schiffrin (Andrew) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964
CD containing an interview with this Mississippi Freedom Summer volunteer,. 1 item.

Schuller (Gunther)/Carnovale (Norbert) Collection, 1950-1989
Research collection about composer and conductor Schuller compiled by USM professor of music Carnovale, 1.20 cu.ft.

Schwartz (Edith M.) Collection, ca. 1913-1977 (M418)
Personal and genealogical materials, .25 cu.ft.

Schwartz (Joseph A.) Civil Rights Letters, ca. 1962-1966 (M381)
Letters written by a Freedom Summer volunteer in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 9 items.

Scott (Flo Hampton) Papers, ca. 1960's (M86)
Anecdotal tales in her book That Passing Laughter, .25 cu.ft.

Scott (T.P.) Papers, ca. 1896 -1952 (M276)
Documentation of the life and career of USM vice president and Mississippi educator, .90 cu.ft.

Sellers (Con L.) Papers, ca. 1956-1981(M89)
Literary manuscripts and other materials related to the novels and short stories of this Mississippi-born author of popular fiction and historical romance. 5.15 cu.ft.

Shahn (Ben) Lithographs, 1964
Framed signed lithographs by noted American artist of murdered Civil Rights workers Michael Schwerner, James Chaney, and Andrew Goodman. 3 items.

Sharp (Joe and Charlotte) Cotton Gin Ledger, ca. 1947-1952
Ledger from a cotton gin in Newhebron, Mississippi, owned by Joe and Charlotte Sharp. 1 vol.

Shaw (Milton W.) Letter, 1863 (M59)
Letter from Union soldier with Grant's troops in north Mississippi. 2 items.

Shaw (Terri) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964-1999 (M326)
Typescript and articles recounting her experiences as a volunteer in the COFO office in Hattiesburg during Freedom Summer 1964, .10 cu.ft.

Sheffield (David) Collection, 1980-1997 (M488)
This collection is made up of screenplays and television scripts written primarily by David Sheffield and Barry Blaustein, plus manuscripts co-authored by David Sheffield and his brother Buddy Sheffield. 1.5 cu.ft.

Shelton Baptist Church (Moselle, Mississippi) Collection, 2007
Material pertaining to the 100th anniversary of Shelton Baptist Church in Moselle, Mississippi, held in 2007. 6 items.

Shemper Family Papers, ca. 1893-1996
Hattiesburg family album. 1 vol.

Shepard (Samuel) Letter, 1860s
Letter believed to have been written during the Civil War. 1 item.

Ship Island Quarantine Station Medical Journals, 1890-1893, 1902-1917
Digitized medical journals from the Ship Island Quarantine Station. 1 DVD.

Shirah (Samuel C. Jr.) Papers, ca.1955-2003 (M363)
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, newsletters, F.B.I. files and other materials that document the civil rights activities, arrest, and incarceration of Samuel C. "Sam" Shirah, Jr., .9 cu.ft.

Shonholtz (Raymond) Freedom Summer Memoir, 2002 (M371)
Memoir of Raymond Shonholtz's experiences as a Mississippi Freedom Summer volunteer in Clarksdale, Mississippi in 1964. 3 pages.

Shows (James D.) Civil War Letters, 1862
Copies of letters written by his wife by Shows, a soldier in the 7th Mississippi Battalion stationed in Camp Saltillo. 5 items.

Shows (Ronald C.) "Ronnie" Papers, ca. 1996-2003 (M360)
Appropriations files, redistricting files, newspaper clippings, correspondence, newsletters and other materials documenting the activities of Fourth District Mississippi Congressman Ronnie Shows during his two terms of office (1998-2002). 11.25 cu.ft.

Shreve (William Price) Papers, 1861-1864 (M29)
Civil War memoir, .7 cu.ft.

Simmons (Donald Clyde, Jr., Ph.D.) Collection, ca. 1864-2001
Political memorabilia, research collections, personal and family materials of a historian and student of state, national, and international politics. 2.7 cu.ft.

Sitzer (Lew) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964, 2006
One DVD of a segment from the 2006 History Channel series, Ten Days that Unexpectedly Changed America. This particular segment focuses on the 1964 murders of three civil rights volunteers in Neshoba County, Mississippi. 1 item.

Skates (John Ray)/ History of the Mississippi Supreme Court Research Collection, 1817-1973 (M130)
Research for his book A History of the Mississippi Supreme Court, 1817-1948. 2 cu.ft.

Skilton (Lewis E. & Albertine M.) Papers, ca. 1938-1949
Collection primarily consists of correspondence between PFC Lewis Eugene Skilton and his wife, Albertine Mason Skilton, .25 cu. ft.

Slobodkin (Tamara) Civil Rights Collection, 1960s
Former CORE worker's sound recordings of Civil Rights songs by Pete Seeger, Julius Lester, the Freedom Singers, and others, .20 cu.ft.

Smith (Barbara Byrd) Collection, 1952-1953 (M471)
Memorabilia from Barbara Byrd Smith, class of 1954 Mississippi Southern College, from her 1952-53 school year. 5 items.

Smith (Elva) Collection, 1932-1934
Materials collected by Elva Smith when she was a student at State Teachers College (now USM) in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, in the early 1930s, .25 cu. ft.

Smith (Renee Adrienne) Collection on the Alfred Burton Stuart Family, ca. 1998
Binder of materials that trace the Alfred Burton Stuart family from the early 1900s to 1997, including photocopies of census records, newspaper clippings, death certificates, and correspondence plus digital scans of photographs that were assembled around the year 1998, .25 cu. ft.

Smith (Rufus M. and Carolyn M.) World War I Collection, 1919 (M478)
Photographs, newsletters, postcards, brochure from World War I, .25 cu.ft.

Smith (William G.) Civil War Military Commissions, 1862-1863 (M299)
Commissions of his three promotions in the 9th Infantry Regiment of the Virginia Volunteers. 1 folder.

Southern Book Arts Collection, 1997, 2003, 2004, 2006
Various materials relating to the USM Libraries’ Book Art Lecture Series. 6 items.

Southern Railroad Company Letter, 1861 (M131)
Letter from Southern Railroad Company Secretary to Mississippi and Alabama Railroad Company Secretary regarding financial transactions between the two companies. 1 item.

Southern Tourism Collection, ca. 1926-1960 , 2004-2007 (M448)
Pamphlets promoting tourism in the Gulf South Central States of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. 8.25 cu. ft. and 31 items.

Sowerwine (Charles) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964 (M372)
Letters by civil rights volunteer. 3 items.

Spanish-American War Documents, 1898, 1937
Discharge and a broadside comparing this war with the Civil War and World War I. 2 items.

Spears (Lawrence D.) Civil Rights Collection, 1964-1999 (M482)
Photocopy of the donor's FBI file of the investigation of the assault on Rabbi Arthur J. Lelyveld, David Owen, and Spears during Freedom Summer in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, .20 cu.ft.

Speer (Klaus & Elisabeth C.) Papers, ca. 1963-1965 (M352)
Personal diaries of Elisabeth Speer, family Christmas letters, and scrapbook of newspaper clippings concerning Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi. 7 items.

Spight (Thomas) Letters, 1858-1887 (M47)
Family correspondence of the Spight and Barnett families, some relating to the Civil War. 21 items.

St. Francis Xavier School History, undated
Copies of correspondence and historical documents concerning St. Francis Xavier School in Vicksburg, Mississippi, .25 cu.ft.

St. Regis Paper Company Collection, ca. 1968
Booklet titled “All for the Love of a Piece of Paper, the Story Behind the New Roy K. Ferguson Mill of St. Regis, Monticello, Mississippi.” 1 item.

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church Collection, 2000-2014 and undated
Various publications from the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church located at 3117 West 4th Street in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 90 items

St. Thomas Parish Collection, 2005
DVD relating the effects of Hurricane Katrina on St. Thomas Parish in Long Beach, Mississippi. 1 item.

Stafford Mineral Springs Water Pamphlets Collection, ca. 1893, 1898 (M467)
Advertising pamphlets from the Stafford Mineral Springs and Hotel Company in Vossburg, Mississippi. 2 items.

Stanley (Thomas Hiram) Papers, ca. 1912-1986
Diplomas, photographs, and other materials about Stanley, an executive with Royal Crown Cola, and his wife Bonnie Lucile Martin, both graduates of USM in 1915 and 1916, .10 cu.ft.

Stevens (M. James) Mississippi and Gulf Coast Research Collection, ca. 1550-1987
Research notebooks of Mississippi Gulf Coast historian. 30 cu.ft.

Stevens (Rose Budd) Papers, ca. 1908-1996 (M199)
Newspaper articles and letters written by Mississippi author Mami Willoughby who wrote under the pseudonym Rose Budd Stevens. 2.85 cu.ft.

Stocks (Peter) Papers, 1960-1983
Documentation of the life and career of this USM professor of microbiology. 1 cu.ft.

Stone (John Marshall) Letter, 1891 (M132)
Letter written by Mississippi Governor Stone for autograph seeker. 1 item.

Stoner (Peter) Papers, 1964, 1998 (M168)
Two memoirs of his Civil Rights activities in Mississippi in 1964. 2 items.

Stout (Polly) Collection, 1950-1984 (M122)
Documentation of the life and career of "Miss Polly", assistant to four USM presidents, .45 cu.ft.

Stout (Wilbur White) Papers, 1766, 1821, 1827, ca. 1911-1965 (M137)
News clippings, books, typescripts, other concerning the interests of USM professor of languages. 7 cu.ft.

Stovall Family Collection (M497)
The Stovall Family Association records and research material. 59 cu.ft.

Student Research Papers, 1998, 1999, 2001 (M413)
Notable undergraduate students' research papers dealing with civil rights, .25 cu. ft.

Sullivan-Kilrain Fight Collection, ca. 1938-1990 (M271)
Notes, news clippings, recollections, photographs of the last professional bare-knuckle boxing match held in the United States near Hattiesburg, Mississippi on July 8, 1889, .35 cu.ft.

Summerlin (Walterine) SS Hattiesburg Victory Research Collection, 1946
Photocopies of research materials concerning the SS Hattiesburg Victory’s Heifer Project through the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration in 1946, .25 cu.ft.

Sundell (Carl H.) World War II Memoir, 1995, 1999
Account of the author's experiences aboard a U.S. Navy coastal transport vessel out of New Guinea, commanded by former USM Dean of Liberal Arts Dr. Claude Fike. 3 items.


Talmadge (Eugene) Pamphlets, 1942 (M180)
Materials of his 1942 campaign for Governor of Georgia, other. 7 items.

Tardy (Tom, Jr.) Collection , 1967
Information from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare in January 1967 containing a cover letter from Harold Howe, II, U.S. Commissioner of Education, to all Superintendents and Boards of Education of school systems qualifying for federal financial assistance under voluntary plans for desegregation. There are 5 sample letters and notices for their use in disseminating information regarding “choice of schools”. 1 folder.

Tatum Family Collection, 1881-1991 (M316)
Financial records, personal papers, photographs, blueprints, newspaper articles, maps and artifacts of the Tatum family’s business dealings as well as local Hattiesburg history, including W. S. F. Tatum’s mayoral term from 1922 to 1924 and again from 1928 to 1936. 443 cu.ft.

Taylor (Riley) World War II Memoir
Manuscript of Taylor's memories of service in the 4th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army in the European Theater as written by his wife, 1 item.

Temple B'Nai Israel Records, 1952-1997 (M485)
Minutes, scrapbooks, newsletters, programs, and bulletins for this Hattiesburg, Mississippi congregation. 3 cu.ft.

Terrell (Paul) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964-1965 and undated
Photographs and printed material related to Paul Terrell's time as a volunteer during Freedom Summer in Mississippi, 8 items.

Thigpen (S.G.) Papers, 1899-1996 (M446)
Ledgers, office files, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, radio scripts, copies of Thigpen's Store News, stories about Pearl River and Hancock Counties history collected by Picayune, Mississippi businessman and author, 38 cu.ft.

Thiry (Christopher J.J.) Sports Card Collection, 1972-2004
Sports cards of former University of Southern Mississippi students, 39 items.

Thomas (E.B. and Catherine Bilbo) Collection
Documentation of the life and career of a Biloxi, Mississippi insurance agent and realtor, 1 cu.ft.

Thomas (Emmett V.) Papers, 1964-1968
Documentation of the life and career of a Biloxi, Mississippi insurance agent and realtor. 1 cu.ft.

Thomas (Rosswell W. and Lorraine H.) Travel Collection, ca. 1950’s–1970’s
Travel diaries of Rosswell W. Thomas and Lorraine H. Thomas, along with related materials, .5 cu.ft.

Thompson (Jacob) Speech, 1847 (M224)
U.S. Congressman from Mississippi Thompson's speech to Congress on the war with Mexico and slavery. 1 item.

Thompson (Joseph Irving) Land Abstracts, ca. 1857-1956
Land abstracts of properties in Greene, Lamar, Jefferson Davis, Covington, Perry, and Forrest Counties in Mississippi. 1 cu.ft.

Thompson (Joseph Oswalt) Letter, 1926 (M207)
Genealogical topics. 1 item.

Thompson (Lou E.) / Attala County Records, 1860-1886, 1944 (M193)
Personal papers and county records, .20 cu.ft.

Thompson (Ray M.) Papers, ca. 1837-1972 (M8)
Literary manuscripts, publications files, photographs, news clippings of this popular Gulf Coast newspaper columnist. 3.8 cu.ft.

Tiberiis (Douglas) White Folks Project Collection, 1964-1965 (M378)
Original and printed materials accumulated by White Folks Project volunteer. 1 folder.

Tiblier (Eugene) Letter, 1863 (M77)
Letter from Confederate soldier in Company "E" of the 3rd Mississippi Infantry. 1 item.

Tingle (Melvin R. L.) Mississippi History Collection,1837-1839, 1908
Business ledger of James Ellis General Store in Decatur, 1837-1839; Newton County land deed, 1837; affidavit about B.F. Tingle, .20 cu.ft.

Tinnin (Q.T.) Poems, 1980’s, 2000-2009
Mrs. Q.T. Tinnin wrote this poetry in recognition of family and friends for their birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events. She wrote a short introduction of herself. 33 items (photocopies).

Tomicich (Maymie Pitts) Yearbook, 1924
Pine Burr yearbook of Mississippi Woman's College (now William Carey College) with photographs, newspaper clippings, and handwritten notes. 1 vol.

Torkington (Roy) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964 (M386)
Photocopies of letters written by Freedom Summer volunteer, Roy Torkington, to his fiance, Anne. Mr. Torkington assisted with voter registration in Itta Bena , Mississippi (Leflore County), and the letters describe his surroundings, his thoughts, and events that took place during his sojourn in Mississippi. 12 items.

Trebotich (John L.) World War II Collection, 1940s
Photograph documenting his service and that of his five brothers in World War II. 1 item.

Trommer (Karl) Letter, 1949
Letter and photos from Trommer in the Russian Zone in Germany to his pen pal in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 5 items.

Tucker (Rev. Elton Cartis) Papers, 1943-2002
Materials pertaining primarily to the donor's service in the U.S. Army during World War II, .20 cu.ft.

Tullos (R. Ingram) Papers, 1934-1947 (M242)
Correspondence among Mississippi Senators Pat Harrison and Theodore G. Bilbo and other Mississippi politicians about Tullos, a county election organizer. 15 items.

Tung Oil Research and Development Collection, 1930-1974 (M447)
Correspondence, laboratory notes, research notes, reports, newsletters, business records, photographs, and journal articles. 34 cu.ft.

Turner Family Genealogical Collection, 1884-2010
Genealogical materials tracing the Turner Family from Woodville, Mississippi. 2 items.

Tusa (Bobs M.) Freedom Summer Research Collection, ca. 1997-2001
Identifications of local and outside Civil Rights activists and correspondence with former SNCC Field Secretary Sheila Michaels, .80 cu.ft.


U.S. Army World War II Recruiting Posters, 1942
Copies of a recruiting poster. 2 items.

U.S. Congress. Committee on the Public Lands Report, 1812 (M227)
Regarding expediency of confirming claims to land in the Mississippi Territory founded on Spanish Warrants of Survey. 1 item.

U.S. Congress. Committee on the Public Lands Report, 1816 (M228)
Regarding Creek Indian depredations in the Mississippi Territory and the validity of British and Spanish grants. 2 items.

U.S. Congress. Committee on the Public Lands Report, 1818 (M229)
Regarding prohibiting Choctaw Indian settlement on the west bank of the Mississippi River until the tribe ceded lands lying east of the River. 1 item.

U.S.S Cairo Collection, 1968-1984 (M277)
Photographs and newspaper articles about the recovery and preservation of this Civil War Union gunboat at the Vicksburg (Mississippi) Military Park. 1 folder.

U.S.S. Biloxi Collection, 1944-1945; 1999 (M353)
Photographs, ship's newsletter, newspaper clippings, and a menu from the only U.S. Navy ship named for a Mississippi city. 1 folder.

Union Fraternal Association Letter, 1910 (M468)
Letter from Union Fraternal Association President J. R. Young of Aberdeen, Mississippi, to Vernon Brown in Sherman, Texas. 1 item.

United Daughters of the Confederacy, Nathan Bedford Forrest Chapter Records 1901-1982 (M204)
Organizational records. 2 cu.ft.

United States Army Fourth Military District Documents, 1868-1869 (M65)
Rosters of officers and companies. 1 folder.

United States Army. Office of Subsistence. Report. Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1863 (M135)
Report on distribution of rations to local citizens. 1 item.

United States Army. Ordnance Corps. Letter, 1826 (M55)
On the subject of arms for state militia. 1 item.

United States Daughters of 1812 Newsletter, 1984-1990
Organizational newsletter, .40 cu.ft.

United States Department of Interior Land Office Photostat, 1905
Regarding the charter of the village of Bassfield, Mississippi, 1 photostat copy.

United States Forest Service, Harrison Experimental Forest Station Collection, 1925-1998 (M318)
Photographs, slides, maps, and manuscripts produced by Station scientists and staff. 9 cu.ft.

United States of America vs. Theron C. Lynd, Registrar of Voters for Forrest County, Mississippi - Legal case, 1961-1967 (M27)
Court records of a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Justice against a county registrar of voters for infringing the civil rights of black citizens by denying them the right to vote. 4.95 cu.ft.

United States. Adjutant General's Office. General Orders # 25, 1870 (M239)
Order dissolving the Fourth Military District of Mississippi and Arkansas. 1 item.

United States. Army. Provost-Marshal's Office (4th District, Richmond, VA.) Documents, 1865 (M218)
Includes copy of President Lincoln's amnesty proclamation of December 8, 1863. 3 items.

United States....Land Patent-Alabama, 1821 (M142)
For 160 acres of land in Washington County, Alabama. 1 item.

United States....Land Patent-Mississippi, 1841 (M164)
For 40 acres of land in Covington County, Mississippi. 1 item.

United States....Land Patent-Mississippi, 1841 (M83)
For 483 acres of land in Scott County, Mississippi. 1 item.

United States...Land Patents-Alabama, 1837; Mississippi, 1841 (M143)
Patents for land in Alabama and Mississippi. 3 items.

University of Southern Mississippi Name Change, 1962 (M158)
Audio tape of radio interview with Governor Ross Barnett, Lt. Gov. Paul B. Johnson, Jr., and USM President William D. McCain. 1 item.


Valencourt (Dr. J. Roy) Papers, ca. 1960-1967 (M384)
Primarily photocopies of newspaper clippings regarding the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and Dr. J. Roy Valencourt's participation. 18 items.

Van Buren (Louisa D. Mott) Civil War Memoir and Related Material, 1861, 1960 (M220)
Her Civil War memoir, .25 cu.ft.

Van Hook ( Benjamin O.) Papers, ca. 1893-1988 (M441)
Documentation of the life and career of USM professor of mathematics and golf coach, .8 cu.ft.

Van Norman (H. L. "Bud") Papers, ca. 1920s -1964
Ledgers used to record accounts and receipts of tenants from the farming operation of Hiram Lafayette "Bud" Van Norman, near Liberty, Mississippi in the 1930s. Also includes several loose items and photographs. 1 cu.ft.

Vanasdall/Vanasdale (Jacob and Alexander) Civil War Letters, 1862-1864
Typescripts of letters written by Jacob and Alexander Vanasdall (also spelled Vanasdale) to their brother, Levi, during the Civil War. 15 items.

Vanek (Sharon) Drawings, 2001-2005
USM-related drawings by a Hattiesburg artist, Sharon Vanek, and four folders of newspaper clippings showcasing some of Ms. Vanek’s work. Several sketches of prominent USM benefactors are included. 1 cu. ft.

Video Tape Collection, 1980s
Television spots from campaigns of Mississippi Senator John Stennis, Mississippi Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Gandy, and Democratic Presidential candidate Gary Hart. Includes slides and audio cassettes of Hattiesburg Historic District walking tours. 1 cu.ft.

Vinzant Family Records, 1848-1926
Documents of this Smith County, Mississippi family, .10 cu.ft.

Virden (Admiral Frank) Papers, 1965-1985
Materials relating to South America. 4 cu.ft.

Virginia Governor's Communication Enclosing the Credentials of the Commissioner from Mississippi, 1860 (M189)
Pamphlet aimed at gaining Virginia's support for a convention of slave-holding states. 1 item.

Virginia Governor's Message Enclosing a Communication from the Commissioner from Mississippi, 1860 (M188)
Pamphlet requesting urgent response to proposal for a convention of slave-holding states. 1 item.

Virginia Militia, 114th Regiment, Company F (Captain William Wolford's Company) Morning Report, 1862 (M296)
Confederate military unit report and register of men. 1 item.


Wade (Daisy Harris) Papers, ca. 1939-1998 (M334)
Materials documenting the work of 1960s Forrest County N.A.A.C.P. leaders J.C. Fairley and Daisy Harris, .75 cu.ft.

Walcott (E.D.) Letter, 1828 (M45)
Family, economic, and political news from a settler in Walnut Hills, Mississippi. 1 item

Walen (Ernest A.) Collection, 1821-1955 (M123)
Collector's document collection, primarily dealing with the Civil War Collection, .70 cu.ft.

Walker (J. Fred) Papers, ca. 1948-1977
Documentation of the life and career of USM professor of biological sciences. 8 cu.ft.

Wallace (George C.) Speeches, ca. 1961-1968 (M308)
Speeches of Alabama Governor Wallace, .50 cu.ft.

Waller (Robert C.) Photograph Collection, 1947-1977 (M195)
Photographic negatives of people, places, and events of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 65 cu.ft.

Walls (David) Collection on the Child Development Group of Mississippi, ca. 1965-1966, 1981-1982
Correspondence, newsletters, articles and other documents pertaining to the Child Development Group of Mississippi (CDGM), a statewide Head Start program organized in the summer of 1965 to serve preschool children from poverty-level families, .25 cu. ft.

Walthall (Felix L.) Letter, 1863 (M290)
Letter from Confederate solider in the Mississippi swamps. 1 item.

Ware Family Papers, 1881-1952
Tax receipts from Smith and Simpson Counties, Mississippi, etc., 1 folder.

Watkins (W.H.) Letter, 1861 (M303)
Letter regarding sale of land. 1 item.

Watson (Ernest I.) Autobiography, 1974
The autobiography of a 50-year journalist in Louisiana and Mississippi. 1 item.

Weatherford (Sidney E.L., Jr., Ed. D. and Martha, Mrs.) Collection, ca. 1921 - 1994, 2015
Account of the desegregation of the University of Southern Mississippi as remembered by the author in 2010, in addition to 2 books by the author and material donated by Dr. Weatherford and Mrs. Weatherford. 2 cu. ft. and 3 items.

Welker (Dr. L. Conrad, Jr.) Collection, 1918, ca. 1945
Books dealing with higher education. 2 items.

Wells (Mary Ann) Photographs and Papers, ca. 1977-1999
Literary manuscripts of her books and photographs, slides, news clippings of articles written by her while a photojournalist at the Hattiesburg American newspaper. 23.3 cu.ft.

Wells (Samuel J.) Collection, 1980s
Manuscripts, galley proofs, other relating to his book After Removal: The Choctaws in Mississippi and additional Native American research materials. 5 cu.ft.

West (Janet R.) Collection, ca. 1954-1958
Letters from various people, boyfriends and friends, to Miss Janet West just after the Korean War.

Wester (Dr. Brooks H.) Papers, 1940-1982
Documentation of his life as a Baptist preacher in the South. 14 cu.ft.

Westerman (William) Document, 1823 (M110)
His contract as a teacher in Natchez (?), Mississippi. 1 item.

Weston (John) Letters, 1845 (M231)
Genealogical topics. 3 items.

Weston Lumber Company Photographs, ca. 1920-1924 (M293)
Oversized, panoramic views of the H. Weston Lumber Company in Logtown, Mississippi, which show the mill in full operation. 2 items.

Wheat (Edward M.) Papers, ca. 1976-2000
Publications and professional papers reflecting the 23-year career of USM professor of political science. 1 cu.ft.

Wheat (Roy M.) Papers, ca. 1945-2000s (M265)
Correspondence, video, other documenting the life and early death in the Vietnam War of this Congressional Medal of Honor winner. 7.55. cu.ft.

Wheeler (Ed) Collection, 1982
Photographs collected by Ed Wheeler. Many were taken by his former students at USM.

White (Velma Lou Lewis) Collection, 1950
Mississippi Southern College’s Biological Society material. 7 items.

Whitehead (Dr. P.F.) Letters, 1864 (M124)
Letters from a Confederate surgeon with Loring's Division in Alabama and Georgia. 77 items.

Whitfield (James) Letter, 1838 (M66)
Regarding a buying trip to New York and Philadelphia. 1 item.

Whitworth College Collection, 1859-1996
Dissertation, photographs, and index to documents and oral history interviews about this historic college in Brookhaven, Mississippi, .25 cu.ft.

Whyte (Iain) Civil Rights Collection, 1964-1965
Contains slides from during his time in Mississippi, during the Summer of 1964, in Greenville and Jackson.

Wiest (Andrew A.) Collection, 1998-2013 and undated (M498)
Information and pictures regarding World War II and the Vietnam War. Items range from photocopies of books and articles to interviews of Vietnam soldiers to material regarding Vietnam battles such as Hamburger Hill. 6.90 cu. ft.

Wiggins-to-Hattiesburg Film, 1927
Copy of a 13-minute film believed to have been made in about 1927; shot in Wiggins, Hattiesburg, and on the road between the two cities. 1 DVD.

Wilcox (William E.) Letters, 1854-1889 (M125)
Letters from a Union soldier in Company "K" of the 4th Massachusetts Infantry, .25 cu.ft.

Wiley (Bell I.): Typescript of Southern Negroes, 1861-1865 (M307)
Bound copy of the 1930s typescript for Southern Negroes, 1861-1865. 1 item.

Wilkerson (Edward Clinton) Collection, 1926-1933
Business records of a general store near Lake, Mississippi, .75 cu.ft.

Williams (Howard S.) Papers, 1916-1960 (M3)
Documentation of his career as a traveling evangelist. 1.8 cu.ft.

Williamson (G.D.) Papers, 1977-1989
Scrapbooks and other materials relating to G. D. Williamson, who served as Hattiesburg City Commissioner from 1977-1985, and Mayor of Hattiesburg 1985-1989, 6 large scrapbooks. 1 ledger, and less than .25 cubic feet of loose material.

Wilroy (Helen S.) Travel Journals, 1973-1992
Handwritten travel journals kept by Helen S. Wilroy documenting vacation trips, 6 items.

Wilson (Augusta Jane Evans) Letter, 1889 (M152)
Letter to Major E.C. Walthall thanking him for his compliments on her novel Infelice. 1 item.

Wilson (Gloria) Photographs
Panoramic photographs of J.R. Buckwalter Lumber Co., Union, Mississippi and Naval Operating Base, Norfolk, VA. 2 items.

Wilson (Hugh B) Manuscript (M472)
The collection consists of one eight-page manuscript titled History, Handsboro, Mississippi, which covers the history of Handsboro from 1840 to 1910.

Wilson (Neil) Freedom Summer Collection, 1964, 1990
FBI file of volunteer in Indianola, Mississippi. 1 folder.

Winstead (William Arthur) Papers, ca. 1935-1965
Scrap Books, publications and miscellaneous files pertaining to the political career of former Fourth District Mississippi Congressman, William Arthur Winstead, who served in the United States Congress from 1943-1964. 3 cu.ft.

Winter (William E. “Bill”) Scrapbook, 1955-1958 (M437)
Scrapbook of newspaper articles from The State (Columbia, South Carolina), written by political reporter and editorial writer William E. "Bill" Winter. 1 item.

Woman's Club of Hattiesburg, 1920-1967 (M163)
Organizational records, .20 cu.ft.

Woods Guest House / Hattiesburg COFO Headquarters Collection, 1890s, 1998
Brick salvaged from burned ruins of historic African American hotel and Civil Rights headquarters during Freedom Summer, with newspaper clipping about the building. 2 items.

Word (James O.) Collection, ca. 1963 (M456)
Correspondence regarding U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. 3 items

World War I Photographs (M492)
Two black and white photographs taken in MS during WWI. One shows workmen at Camp Shelby, and the other shows Ambulance Co. No. 2 Ind., Meridian, MS, on board a train.

Worthing (Capt. John P.) Civil War Letters, 1863-1864 (M339)
Transcripts of three letters written by white officer of the 88th Regiment of U.S. Colored Troops (formerly Corps d'Afrique), .25 cu.ft.

Woullard (Helen Fields) Collection, 2001 (M392)
Materials commemorating the life and legacy of the late Mrs. Helen Fields Woullard, who taught for 45 years in the public schools of Hattiesburg, Richton, Meridian, Canton, Vicksburg, and Rankin County. 14 items.

WWII Ephemera Collection, circa 1940
Matchbooks and other memorabilia from World War II era, 6 items.



Yoder (Paul) Musical Scores, 1940-1980
Manuscript and published scores of his compositions for marching bands. 30 cu.ft.

Young (Thomas Daniel) Papers, 1965-1989
Manuscripts, correspondence, and other materials related to his books about Southern literature. 12.80 cu.ft.


Zaninelli (Luigi) Collection, 1945-2000 (M346)
Scores and other material created by noted American composer and USM professor of music. 10.50 cu.ft.

Zeman (Zoya) Freedom Summer Collection, 1962-2002 (M320)
Materials documenting Zeman's activities as a Freedom Summer 1964 volunteer in Clarksdale, Mississippi, 2 cu.ft.

Ziegler (George Mike) Collection, 1919-1921 (M470)
DVDs containing digital reproductions of original materials relating to George Mike Ziegler, Hattiesburg YMCA Athletic Director from 1919 to 1921. 2 items.

Zwerling (Matthew) Freedom Summer Collection, 1963-1965 (M336)
Mathew Zwerling was a volunteer from New York during Mississippi Freedom Summer in 1964. .5 cu.ft.