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Tips for Developing Searches

1) Write out a Thesis/Statement to Develop Keywords

Example Thesis:
     Ethical standards guide the professional behavior of pediatric nurses.

Your Keywords:
pediatric nurses
moral, ethics, ethically
values, code, standard
pediatrics, nurse, nursing, RN,

2) Use AND OR NOT to Put Your Keywords Together
If you do not use AND, the words will typically be searched as a phrase.

Example search string:
     ethic* and standard* and profession* and pediatric nurs*

3) Use the TRUNCATION Shortcut for Searching Word Variations
To find the different word endings, simply type the root word and insert the asterisk at the end.

     ethic* (will find ethic, ethical, ethics, ethically)
     nurs* (will find nurse, nurses, nursing, nursery)

4) Use Advanced Searching to Limit by Date or to Full-text or Peer-reviewed
Look for an Advanced Search or Limiters to narrow your results:
  • By Date
  • To Full-text
  • To a Type of Material (i.e. journal article or book chapter)
  • To a Type of Study (i.e. case study, empirical study or peer reviewed)
  • To an Audience (i.e. general public or researcher).
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