Formatting Your MLA Paper in Microsoft Word 2007

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Set up 1" Margins
Select Page Layout>Margins>Normal

Set up Double Spacing
Step 1 - Select Page Layout > Paragraph

Step 2 - Find "Line Spacing" and select "Double" from the box. Be sure that the "Spacing" boxes
Before: After: both indicate "0 pt".

Set up Page Number and running head (page header) of your last name in Upper Right
Your page number will appear in the upper right hand corner of each page with your last name. This is known as a "Running header" or "page header."
Step 1 - Select Insert > Header

Step 2 - Click on Header. From the box that appears, go to the bottom and select Edit Header.

Step 3 - Select Page Number, Top of page and from the list given, choose the page number that is top right.

Step 4 - The number one (1) will appear on your page to the right. Type your last name and then hit the space bar
one time to insert one space. Close the Header box using the top right toolbar link.

Beginning your Paper - Heading and Title
Now that you are formatted correctly, type your heading - type your name, professor's name, the course number and the date (on separate lines). Double space, center and type the title of your paper (it's okay to have a title which runs onto more than one line). Double space again and begin typing the first paragraph of your paper. Remember to indent (tab) the first line of each paragraph.

First page of a sample essay
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