Formatting Your Paper in Microsoft Word

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Set up 1" Margins:
Step 1 - Select File > Page Setup...

Step 2 - Specify 1" Top, Bottom, Left, Right in Margins

Set up Running Name and Page Number in Upper Right:
Step 1 - Select View > Header and Footer

Step 2 - Type your last name, space, then click on the page number icon to insert the page number.

Step 3 - Align to the right by clicking on the "Align Right" icon on the top toolbar. Then close the "Header and Footer" toolbar.

Set up Double Spacing:
Step 1 - Select Format > Paragraph

Step 2 - Find "Line Spacing" and select "Double" from the drop down menu.

Beginning your Paper - Heading and Title
Now that you are formatted correctly, type your heading - type your name, professor's name, the course number and the date (on separate lines). Double space, center and type the title of your paper (it's okay to have a title which runs onto more than one line). Double space again and begin typing the first paragraph of your paper. Remember to indent (tab) the first line of each paragraph.

First page of a sample essay
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