Who is Will D. Campbell?
A preacher...
Still from documentary, God's Will

I went off to Yale because it had been so instilled in me, "go and get that education, that's the key, get that." So that I could be the best, the most able minister to the people. I never rejected Mississippi. Never even during my sort of pseudo-sophistication period. I always had very strong emotional ties. You can't grow up in that atmosphere and environment and not, I think, have that as long as you live. Even in your denying of it is affirming it.//

So, I always intended on going back there but the very education that I thought was going to prepare me to best minister to quote "my people" is the thing that cut me off from it. You know, when they said, when I would come back, you know, "he doesn't preach like he used to, you know. He doesn't have the same fervor" and they were right. I'd had something educated out of me.

-- Will Campbell Oral History

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Posted 25 February 2002