Who is Will D. Campbell?
A preacher...

So the time comes, the moment comes, when these children are going to leave the Dunbar Community Center to walk this several blocks to the school. Nobody knows what's going to happen.

They've got this mob down there, which is in essence being supported, if not protected, by the Arkansas National Guard. They weren't on the side of admitting the children; they were on the /other/ side. They were there to keep them out. And all of a sudden here they go, without any discussion or any forethought. I didn't realize, I claim no heroics in the thing, but what does it mean to be a human being in that situation? Here go nine children, defenseless, into God knows what. So four of us simply fell in beside them and went down with them. Of course, they were turned back. It was all over with quickly.

--Will Campbell Oral History

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Posted 25 February 2002