Who is Will D. Campbell?
A preacher...

Providence Farm
Holmes County, MS

Well, the first dramatic confrontation was I had been there a short while when I read in the paper about a farm it was called "a communal farm," but it really was not a communal farm in Holmes County, called Providence Farm, which had been started in the thirties by a young group of churchmen who had come under the influence of Sherwood Eddy, Kirby Page, and Reinhold Niebuhr, and others. Probably their political orientation was socialist, but they went in there and set up this farm. One of them a doctor, one a nurse and they ran a clinic primarily for blacks, though they didn't exclude any body The majority of the poor populace was black and they organized credit unions, co-ops. They were missionaries, you know, really. -- Will Campbell Oral History

Campbell's involvement precipated one of many run-ins with university administration. Will realized the role they had to play, but felt obligated to his ideology and sense of freedom.
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Posted 25 February 2002