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de Grummond
Children's Literature Collection

by Nancy Hands Kraus


construction paper, various colors
lasagna type pan
odorless paint thinner
several colors of oil based printing inks (speedball in tubes works well)
paper cups
plastic spoon stirrers


1. Fill lasagna pan with 2 inches of water.

2. Squeeze out a small amount of ink in each cup. Mix with thinner to the consistency of heavy cream.

3. Using a separate spoon for each cup, add a small amount of paint of each color. The colors will float around on the surface of the water. Use a separate spoon to stir the mixture slightly.

4. Lay the piece of construction paper on top of water. Count to 5. Pick up.


1. Odorless paint thinner works well, because you do not have the strong scent of turpentine. You can use any oil based paint. The basic principle is that oil and water do not mix.

2. When working with children, try to show the Weston Woods video of Ezra Jack Keats in his studio before doing this. Look at some of his books and his use of marbleized paper.


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