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de Grummond
Children's Literature Collection
Contributor Index & Finding Aid Index - R


Radford, Ruby Lorraine
Rathjen, Carl Henry
Reading, J.P.
Reeder, Russell P. (Red)
Reeves, James
Reid, Meta Mayne
Reit, Seymour
Renfro, Edward R.
Rey, Margret and Hans Augusto
Ricciuti, Edward
Rich, Josephine Bouchard
Riedman, Sarah Regal
Rieseberg, Harry Earl
Rietveld, Jane (Klatt)
Roach, Marilynne
Roam, Pearl (Sovern)
Roberts, Bruce and Nancy Correll
Roberts, Howard R.
Roberts, Willo Davis
Robertson, Keith
Robinson, Evelyn
Robinson, Joan Gale
Robinson, Marileta
Rochman, Hazel
Rockwell, Anne F. and Harlow
Rodgers, Mary
Rodowsky, Colby
Rogers, Frances
Rogers, John
Roginski, Jim W.
Rojankovsky, Feodor
Rollins, Charlemae Hill
Romulo, Beth Day
Rosenberg, Nancy Sherman
Rosenfield, Bernard
Rosetti, Tina
Ross, Anthony
Rothman, Joel
Rounds, Glen
Roy, Ron
Rubin, Susan Goldman
Ruchlis, Hyman
Rudolph, Marguerita
Rushmore, Helen
Rutledge, Archibald
Rutzebeck, Hjalmar

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