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de Grummond
Children's Literature Collection
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Aardema, Verna
Abbott, R. Tucker
Adams, Adrienne
Adelson, Leone
Adler, David
Adler, Irving
Adler, Larry
Ageton, Arthur
Agle, Nan Hayden
Ahl, Anna Maria
Aiken, Joan
Albion, Lee Smith
Albrecht, Lillie
Alderman, Clifford
Alderson, Brian
Aldis, Dorothy
Alexander, Sue
Allan, Mabel Esther
Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, J.A.
Allen, Thomas
Allingham, Helen
Allison, Linda
Aloise, Frank
Ambrus, Victor
Ames, Lee
Ames, Mildred
Amoss, Berthe
Anderson, Charles
Anderson, Derek
Anderson, Ella
Anderson, Poul
Anderson, Walter
Andre, Richard
Andrews, Mary
Andrews, Michael
Angier, Bradford
Annixter, Jane and Paul
Anno, Mitsumasa
Appelt, Kathi
Apple, Margot
Archibald, Joseph
Ardizzone, Edward
Armer, Roller
Armour, Richard
Arnold, Danny
Aruego, Jose
Arundel, Jocelyn
Asher, Sandy
Ashley, Bernard
Ashmore, Ann Mulloy
Averill, Esther
Ayer, Margaret
Ayars, James Sterling
Aylesworth, Thomas


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