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Materials received from Mary Stolz between 1966 and 1982.


Non-circulating; available for research.


This collection is protected by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, U. S. Code). Reproductions can be made only if they are to be used for "private study, scholarship, or research." It is the user's responsibility to verify copyright ownership and to obtain all necessary permissions prior to the reproduction, publication, or other use of any portion of these materials, other than that noted above.

Biographical Sketch

Mary Slattery Stolz was born on March 24, 1920 in Boston, Massachusetts. She attended the Birch Wathen School in New York City where she concentrated on the study of literature and history. She displayed an early talent for writing and served as assistant editor of her school magazine, Birch Leaves. Stolz also attended Columbia University from 1936 to 1938 and the Katherine Gibbs School.

Stolz married at the age of eighteen and for years stopped writing in order to devote time to housekeeping and to her young son Bill. After her marriage ended, Stolz began to experience chronic pain which grew increasingly worse until eventually, by 1949, she was confined to her home. When her doctor, Thomas C. Jaleski, learned that she had once enjoyed writing, he advised her to begin a novel so that she would have something to occupy her time while she was houseridden. This novel became her first published book, To Tell Your Love (1950). Under Jaleski's care, Stolz's illness eventually disappeared and she continued to write. Stolz and Dr. Jaleski were married in 1965.

Most of Stolz's books are fiction written for children and teenagers, although she has also published one adult novel and one nonfictional work. She has also written for such magazines as Cosmopolitan, Ladies' Home Journal, and Seventeen. Two of her books -- Belling the Tiger (1961) and The Noonday Friends (1965) -- were runners-up for the Newbery Award. In a Mirror (1953) won a Child Study Children's Book Award and The Bully of Barkham Street (1963) won a Boys' Club Junior Book Award. The Edge of Next Year (1974) was a finalist for the National Book Award and also made the Boston Globe/Horn Book Honor List. Several other books by Stolz have also received honors and awards. In 1982 Stolz received a George G. Stone Recognition of Merit Award for her entire body of work.

Mary Stolz's varied interests included social and environmental issues, reading, cooking, and baseball. She continued to live on the Gulf Coast of Florida until her death in 2006 at age 86.


Scope and Content

The collection contains biographical information about Stolz, correspondence, critical reviews of several Stolz novels, items related to honors and awards received by Stolz, clippings and articles collected by her, materials related to speeches and public appearances, notebooks, stories and research papers written by Stolz while she was in high school, and unpublished and unidentified material. Seventeen book titles which Stolz either authored or contributed to are represented in the collection; it is this material which constitutes the bulk of the papers. There are also materials related to some of Stolz's published short stories and articles. Stolz's personal material -- biographical information, correspondence, speeches and public appearances, etc. -- is grouped first, and followed by published material. Unpublished and unidentified material is grouped last. All materials have been arranged chronologically whenever possible with the exception of book materials, which is arranged alphabetically by book title and within title according to the probable order in which the materials were created.

The correspondence has been divided into subseries consisting of letters to and from the de Grummond Collection, book publishers, magazine publishers, Stolz's literary agency, and professional and personal correspondents, as well as fan mail. Much of the publisher correspondence is with Stolz's editor and close friend Ursula Nordstrom. Stolz is often addressed as "Molly" in these and other letters; it is the name by which she is known to her friends.

The collection holds original materials for all but two of the seventeen book titles represented in the collection. For The Noonday Friends (1965) and By the Highway Home (1973) the collection contains only Scholastic book club order forms for paperback editions of these books. Stolz is the author of every book represented in the collection except for Jane Austen's Emma. For this title Stolz contributed the introduction to a 1967 Scholastic paperback edition of the book.

The earliest title for which the collection holds materials is Because of Madeline (1957), a young adult novel representative of Stolz's early works, which were primarily aimed at teenaged girls. There are four pages of holograph notes for this novel contained in the collection. The Edge of Next Year (1974) is also a young adult novel; it tells how a thirteen-year-old boy reconciles himself to the sudden, tragic death of his mother in an automobile accident. For this book, which was highly lauded by critics, the collection includes a manuscript fragment, a typescript fragment, and three complete sets of marked galleys. Go and Catch a Flying Fish (1979) and its sequel, What Time of Night Is It? (1981) tell how the Reddick children and their father attempt to cope when the mother of the family abandons them. Held in the collection for these two titles are such original materials as typescripts, page proofs, paste-ups, and blueprints. Ferris Wheel (1977) tells the story of Polly Lewis, a fifth-grade Vermont farm girl whose best friend moves far away. For this title the collection holds a corrected typescript and two incomplete sets of galleys. For Cider Days (1978), the sequel to Ferris Wheel in which Polly finds another close friend to replace her lost one, there are three complete typescripts and a typescript of a short story based on a chapter from the novel. Also included is a full-color sketch, probably for the dust jacket, which was perhaps painted by Stolz.

A number of Stolz's juvenile novels are also represented in the collection. A Dog on Barkham Street (1960) tells how a young boy acquires a dog of his own while simultaneously dealing with a problem common to many other young boys: a neighborhood bully. For this book, which was based on the real experiences of Stolz's own son when he was a child, the collection holds a typescript photocopy fragment and the script for a 1961 Carnival of Books radio program which featured a brief dramatization of the novel. Stolz clearly revealed her ability to tell a story from differing points of view when she wrote The Bully of Barkham Street (1963), which essentially tells the same story as A Dog on Barkham Street with one important difference -- the story is told through the eyes of the bully this time instead of the victim.

For The Cuckoo Clock (1987), a funny and gentle children's novel about an orphan who is apprenticed to a master clockmaker, there are two typescripts. Cat Walk (1983), one of several Stolz books which reflect the author's love for cats, relates the extraordinary adventures of a six-toed cat who finally finds a permanent home. The collection holds two typescripts for this title. For Say Something (1968), a children's picture book, holdings include a photocopied typescript. The Story of a Singular Hen and Her Peculiar Children (1969) is a children's book about a hen who adopts different baby animals and tries to raise them as chickens. Holdings for this title include an unbound proof with dust jacket. In The Dragons of the Queen (1969), two arrogant American tourists in Mexico learn an important lesson when they are forced to accept the hospitality of a strange old woman who insists her crumbling hacienda is actually a castle, her dogs are dragons, and she herself is a queen. For this title the collection contains only a manuscript fragment. Night of Ghosts and Hermits: Nocturnal Life on the Seashore (1985) is a children's nonfiction work for which the collection holds notes, manuscript and typescript fragments, and one complete typescript.

Related to several of Stolz's novels are the contents of two undated notebooks included in the collection. These contain the author's handwritten notes and partial rough drafts for Cider Days, Go and Catch a Flying Fish, and What Time of Night Is It?, as well as notes and scenes from unidentified fictional works.

Though Stolz is best known as a novelist, she has also had numerous short stories and articles published in national magazines. The collection contains original materials for "Good Choice" and "Potato Vacation," two children's stories published in Cricket magazine. For "Storm Under Glass," published in Seventeen magazine in 1951, the collection holds printed pages from the magazine. Six articles written by Stolz are also represented in the collection. These span a period of twenty years and appeared in such publications as The Writer, Saturday Review, Woman's Day, and the New York Times. Materials for these articles consist of original or photocopied pages from the articles themselves, with the exception of one 1966 Woman's Day article for which there is a typescript carbon copy.

The collection is very fortunate to hold a number of items written by Stolz between the years 1935 and 1936, while she was still in high school. These holograph materials (signed "Molly Slattery") reveal the author as an already gifted writer at the age of fifteen. Among the high school writings are manuscripts for two short stories and compositions for English and history classes. There is also a copy of the Spring 1936 issue of Birch Leaves, the Birch Wathen School literary magazine for which Stolz (under the name of Molly Slattery) served as assistant editor. This magazine contains both a short story and a poem by Stolz.

Also contained in the collection is a significant amount of unidentified or unpublished material. There are complete typescripts for five novels, which may or may not have been published. There are also thirty-two pages of holograph notes which relate to an unidentified novel or novels, as well as typescripts and manuscripts for ten short stories. It is not known whether these stories were ever published; it is definitely known that some of the ones for adults were submitted to magazines such as McCall's and Cosmopolitan. Researchers should consult Stolz's correspondence with magazine publishers for possible clues as to the publication of these stories.

There are also manuscripts and typescripts for several unidentified articles, speeches, or essays by Stolz. The topics covered in these range from Stolz's views on adolescent novels to her political and social commentaries. Among the miscellaneous unidentified materials are holograph notes, a memo to Stolz's son Bill (William B. Stolz), and a typescript research paper of uncertain origin.

Further information on all of the holdings may be obtained from the box inventory.

Series and Subseries

A. Biographical Material and Photograph (ca. 1974-1982, undated)

B. Correspondence (1949-1982, undated)

C. Critical Reviews of Stolz's Novels (1950-1981)

D. Awards and Honors (1959-1982)

E. Clippings and Articles Collected by Stolz (1955-1982)

F. Speeches and Public Appearances (1950-1981, undated)

G. Books

H. Notebooks (undated)

I. Short Stories (1951-1982)

J. Articles by Stolz (1960-1980)

K. High School Writings (1935-1936)

L. Unpublished and Unidentified Material (undated)

Box Inventory


A. Biographical Material

1/1 Promotional items, Harper and Row publishers, [ca. 1974, ca. 1982], 2 items.

Responses to readers' questions, undated, 2 items. Photograph, "Mary Stolz and husband," 1980.

B. Correspondence

de Grummond Collection 1/2 1966, 1979-1980, 1982, 4 items. Book Publishers 1/3 1949-1950, 38 items; 1/4 1951-1957, 27 items; 1/5 1958-1976, 35 items; 1/6 1978-1980, 24 items; 1/7 1981-1982, undated, 19 items. Magazine Publishers 1/8 1950-1981, undated, 41 items.

Roslyn Targ Literary Agency 1/9 1977-1982, undated, 32 items. Miscellaneous Professional 1/10 1953, 1977, 1981-1982, 5 items. Includes letter from Margaret Hodges. Personal 2/1 1967-1982, undated, 39 items. Fan Mail 2/2 1967-1968, 19 items; 2/3 1969, 32 items; 2/4 1970, 1979-1981, 31 items; 2/5 1982, 22 items; 2/6 undated, 19 items. Photographs of child correspondents, 2 items.

C. Critical Reviews of Stolz's Novels

2/7 Clippings and photocopies, To Tell Your Love, A Wonderful, Terrible Time, and What Time of Night Is It?, 1950, 1967, 1981, 17 items.

D. Awards and Honors

Deutscher Jugendbuchpreis 2/8 Award for Liebe Hat Zeit [German translation of To Tell Your Love], 11 May 1959. George G. Stone Recognition of Merit 2/9 Correspondence, 1981, 2 items. Manuscript fragment, acceptance speech, 1 p. Typescript fragment, acceptance speech, corrected, 3 pp. Program, Forty-ninth Annual Claremont Reading Conference, 14 and 15 January 1982.

E. Clippings and Articles Collected by Stolz

2/10 1955-1982, undated, 26 items.

F. Speeches and Public Appearances

3/1 Correspondence, 1950-1981, undated, 17 items. 3/2-3 Typescripts of untitled speeches, most with holograph corrections, 3/2 1967, 1974, undated, 6 items; 3/3 undated, 6 items.

G. Books

BECAUSE OF MADELINE by Mary Stolz (New York: Harper and Brothers, 1957). 3/4 Holograph notes, 4 pp. BY THE HIGHWAY HOME by Mary Stolz (New York: Scholastic, 1973). 3/5 TAB Books of the Month club order forms, 1981-1982, 2 items. THE BULLY OF BARKHAM STREET by Mary Stolz, pictures by Leonard Shortall (New York: Harper and Row, 1963). 3/6 Mimeographed script for operetta, undated, 25 pp. Audio cassette recording of operetta, performed at Meadowbrook School, Corpus Christi, Texas, May 1982. [Stored separately]. 3/7 - 8 Script and musical score for operetta, photocopied, adapted by Walter W. Davis, undated, 3/7 introductory matter, scenes 1-4, 39 pp.; 3/8 scenes 5-6, 43 pp. CAT WALK by Mary Stolz, with drawings by Erik Blegvad (New York: Harper and Row, 1983). 3/9 Typescript, corrected, 77 pp. 3/10-11 Typescript photocopy, corrected, 3/10 chapters 1-9, 48 pp.; 3/11 chapters 10-18, 66 pp. CIDER DAYS by Mary Stolz (New York: Harper and Row, 1978). 4/1-2 Typescript, corrected, 4/1 chapters 1-7, 55 pp.; 4/2 chapters 8-11, 43 pp. 4/3 - 4 Typescript, partially photocopied, "first draft," corrected, 4/3 chapters 1-6, 57 pp.; 4/4 chapters 7-13, 68 pp. 4/5 Typescript photocopy fragment, corrected, 33 pp. 4/6 - 8 Typescript photocopy, corrected, 4/6 chapters 1-4, 41 pp.; 4/7 chapters 5-8, 44 pp.; 4/8 chapters 9-13, 56 pp. 4/9 Typescript photocopy, "October Story," short story featuring characters from Cider Days, 8 pp. Sketch, tempera, [dust jacket?]. SEE ALSO: SERIES H, NOTEBOOKS THE CUCKOO CLOCK by Mary Stolz, illustrated by Pamela Johnson (Boston: Godine, 1987). 5/1 Typescript, "The Haunted Cuckoo Clock," corrected, 60 pp. 5/2 - 3 Typescript carbon copy, corrected, 5/2 chapters 1-4, 37 pp.; 5/3 chapters 5-9, 41 pp. A DOG ON BARKHAM STREET by M.S. Stolz, pictures by Leonard Shortall (New York: Harper and Row, 1960). 5/4 Typescript photocopy fragment, edited, 9 pp. Script, Carnival of Books radio program, 9 April 1961, 7 pp. THE DRAGONS OF THE QUEEN by Mary Stolz, pictures by Edward Frascino (New York: Harper and Row, 1969). 5/5 Manuscript fragment, 11 pp. THE EDGE OF NEXT YEAR by Mary Stolz (New York: Harper and Row, 1974). 5/6 Manuscript fragment, 3 pp. Typescript, front matter, marked for typesetter, 2 pp. Proofs, dust jacket text, 2 items. 5/7 - 8 Galleys, author's set, corrected, with editor's annotations. 5/9 - 10 Galleys, "printer's proof," marked and edited. 5/11 Galleys, "printer's proof," incomplete, marked. 5/12 - 13 Galleys, "revised proof," marked. EMMA by Jane Austen, introduction by Mary Stolz (New York: Scholastic, 1967). 5/14 Typescript carbon copy, introduction, minor corrections, 9 pp. FERRIS WHEEL by Mary Stolz (New York: Harper and Row, 1977). 6/1 - 2 Typescript, corrected, 6/1 chapters 1-11, 53 pp.; 6/2 chapters 12-17, 58 pp. 6/3 - 4 Galleys, incomplete set, marked and edited, 14 December 1976. 6/5 - 7 Galleys, incomplete set, annotated, marked and edited, undated. GO AND CATCH A FLYING FISH by Mary Stolz (New York: Harper and Row, 1979). 7/1 - 2 Typescript, "first draft," corrected, 7/1 chapters 1-5, 74 pp.; 7/2 chapters 6-13, 75 pp. 7/3 Miscellaneous production materials, including typescript, galleys and display type for front matter; blueprint pages; and page proof photocopies, 9 items. 7/4 - 6 Blueprint, in seven signatures, 7/4 front matter, pp. 1-56; 7/5 pp. 57-152; 7/6 pp. 153-213, back matter. 7/7 Press release with typescript note. SEE ALSO: SERIES H, NOTEBOOKS NIGHT OF GHOSTS AND HERMITS: NOCTURNAL LIFE ON THE SEASHORE by Mary Stolz, illustrated by Susan Gallagher (San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1985). 7/8 Manuscript notes, 7 pp. Manuscript fragment, 4 pp. Typescript fragment, corrected, 5 pp. Typescript, corrected, 12 pp. THE NOONDAY FRIENDS by Mary Stolz (New York: Harper and Row, 1965). 7/9 Scholastic Arrow Book Club order form, 1981. SAY SOMETHING by Mary Stolz, pictures by Edward Frascino (New York: Harper and Row, 1968). 7/10 Typescript photocopy, 2 pp. Advertisement, photocopied, from The New York Times Book Review, 20 October 1968, 1 p. THE STORY OF A SINGULAR HEN AND HER PECULIAR CHILDREN by Mary Stolz, pictures by Edward Frascino (New York: Harper and Row, 1969). 7/11 Typescript photocopy, text for flaps, 2 pp. Proof, unbound, with dust jacket, pp. 17-48 only, with holograph note from publisher. WHAT TIME OF NIGHT IS IT? by Mary Stolz (New York: Harper and Row, 1981). 8/1 - 3 Typescript, corrected, 8/1 chapters 1-6, 54 pp.; 8/2 chapters 7-11, 64 pp.; 8/3 chapters 12-16, 50 pp. 8/4 Typescript photocopy, incomplete, chapters 1-3, corrected, 26 pp. 8/5 - 6 Typescript photocopy, incomplete, corrected, irregular pagination, 8/5 pp. 26-87, 8/6 pp. 107-216. 8/7 Typescript and typescript photocopy page revisions, corrected, 16 items. 8/8 Typescript page revisions, corrected, 21 pp. 8/9 -12 Typescript photocopy, corrected, 8/9 chapters 1-4, 41 pp.; 8/10 chapters 5-8, 46 pp.; 8/11 chapters 9-12, 68 pp.; 8/12 chapters 13-16, 56 pp. 9/1 - 4 Typescript, partially photocopied, corrected, edited and marked for typesetter, 9/1 front matter, chapters 1-4, 47 pp.; 9/2 chapters 5-9, 52 pp.; 9/3 chapters 10-14, 62 pp.; 9/4 chapters 15-18, back matter, 56 pp. 9/5 - 11 Page proofs, "author's first proof math page," marked and edited, 19 August 1980, 9/5 front matter, chapters 1-2, 28 pp.; 9/6 chapters 3-5, 34 pp.; 9/7 chapters 6-8, 33 pp.; 9/8 chapters 9-12, 35 pp.; 9/9 chapters 13-14, 31 pp.; 9/10 chapters 15-16, 29 pp.; 9/11 chapters 17-18, 27 pp. 10/1 - 7 Page proofs, photocopied, "author's galleys," marked and annotated, 15 September 1980, 10/1 front matter, chapters 1-2, 28 pp.; 10/2 chapters 3-5, 34 pp.; 10/3 chapters 6-8, 33 pp.; 10/4 chapters 9-12, 35 pp.; 10/5 chapters 13-14, 31 pp.; 10/6 chapters 15-16, 30 pp.; 10/7 chapters 17-18, 28 pp. 10/8 - 13 Page proofs, "author's first proof," marked and edited, 2 October 1980, 10/8 chapters 1-3, 43 pp.; 10/9 chapters 4-7, 39 pp.; 10/10 chapters 8-11, 37 pp.; 10/11 chapters 12-14, 40 pp.; 10/12 chapters 15-16, 30 pp.; 10/13 chapters 17-18, 28 pp. 11/1 - 7 Paste-ups, marked and annotated, 11/1 front matter, chapters 1-2, 29 pp.; 11/2 chapters 3-5, 34 pp.; 11/3 chapters 6-9, 37 pp.; 11/4 chapters 10-12, 29 pp.; 11/5 chapters 13-14, 30 pp.; 11/6 chapters 15-16, 30 pp.; 11/7 chapters 17-18, 29 pp. 11/8 - 10 Blueprint, in seven signatures, marked and annotated, 6 January 1981, 11/8 front matter, pp. 1-54; 11/9 pp. 55-118; 11/10 pp. 119-209, back matter. Typescript photocopy, flap text, 1 p. SEE ALSO: SERIES H, NOTEBOOKS

H. Notebooks

12/1 Holograph notebook containing notes and rough drafts for Cider Days, Go and Catch a Flying Fish, and unidentified material, undated. 12/2 Holograph notebook containing notes and rough drafts for Go and Catch a Flying Fish, What Time of Night Is It?, and unidentified material, undated.

I. Short Stories

"Good Choice," published in Cricket magazine, May 1982. 12/3 Manuscript, 4 pp. Typescript photocopy, minor corrections, 10 pp. Typescript carbon copy, 8 pp. "Potato Vacation," published in Cricket magazine, September 1974. Later reprinted in SRA Reading Laboratory 2a (Science Research Associates, 1978). 12/4 Typescript photocopy, corrected, edited and marked for typesetter, 6 pp. Memo to Mary Stolz from Science Research Associates, 30 October 1978, 1 p. Printed copy of SRA Reading Laboratory 2a. "Storm Under Glass," published in Seventeen magazine, October 1951. 12/5 Printed pages from magazine, 6 items.

J. Articles By Stolz

12/6 Printed article, "On Reading and Writing," The Writer, November 1960, 1 p. Printed article, photocopied, "An Honorable Profession," Saturday Review, 7 November 1964, 2 pp. Typescript carbon copy, "Where Are the Days of Yesteryear?," edited, 8 pp. Published in Woman's Day, November 1966. Newspaper article, photocopied, "Retire to Florida, We Both Decided -- And Yet, and Yet...," New York Times, 12 November 1972, 3 pp. Typescript photocopy, "Believe What You Write About," corrected, 5 pp. Published in The Writer, October 1980. Printed article, "Believe What You Write About," The Writer, October 1980, 2 pp. Printed article, photocopied, annotated by Stolz, unidentified title and source of publication, undated, 2 pp.

K. High School Writings

12/7 Manuscript, "Clearing Port," short story written for English IV, 21 October [1935], 5 pp. 12/8 Manuscript, "The Elizabethan Age," English IV composition, corrected and annotated by teacher, 23 October [19]35, 2 pp. 12/9 Manuscript, "Alexander Hamilton," history paper, corrected and annotated by teacher, 28 October [19]35, 6 pp. 12/10 Birch Leaves Spring Issue, 1936. Birch Wathen School literary magazine containing short story "No End to Spring" and poem "Futility" by Molly Slattery [i.e., Mary Stolz]. 12/11 Manuscript, short story "The Tale of the Heart," annotated [by editor-in-chief of Birch Leaves magazine?], [1935?], 9 pp. 12/12 Manuscript, "Poet of Freedom: The Life of Percy Bysshe Shelley," Birch Wathen School research paper corrected and annotated by teacher and annotated by Mary Stolz, 1935-1936, 12 pp.

L. Unpublished and Unidentified Material

Novels 12/13-15 Typescript, young adult novel "A Month in the Country," 12/13 chapters 1-4, 34 pp.; 12/14 chapters 5-8, 42 pp.; 12/15 chapters 9-12, 58 pp. 12/16 Manuscript, untitled juvenile novel about a cat named Albuquerque, 42 pp. 13/1-2 Typescript, untitled young adult novel about Jody Durwinn, corrected, undated, 13/1 chapters 1-9, 62 pp.; 13/2 chapters 10-18, 64 pp. 13/3-9 Typescript, untitled novel about Trish Cleary, corrected, 13/3 chapters 1-4, 33 pp.; 13/4 chapters 5-6, 36 pp.; 13/5 chapters 7-8, 33 pp.; 13/6 chapters 9-11, 31 pp.; 13/7 chapters 12-15, 39 pp.; 13/8 chapters 16-19, 33 pp.; 13/9 chapters 20-22, 38 pp. 13/10-14/5 Typescript photocopy, untitled novel about the Whitlocks, 13/10 introductory poems, pp. 1-30; 13/11 pp. 31-60; 13/12 pp. 61-91; 13/13 pp. 92-119; 14/1 pp. 120-149; 14/2 pp. 150-180; 14/3 pp. 181-213; 14/4 pp. 214-240; 14/5 pp. 241-271. 14/6 Holograph notes for unidentified novel or novels, 32 pp. Short Stories and Poems 14/7 Typescript carbon copy, "All My Own Work," minor corrections, [ca. 1954?], 15 pp. 14/8 Typescript, "Anna," undated, 11 pp. 14/9 Typescript carbon copy, "Before the Ball Begins," [not after 1980], 15 pp. 14/10 Manuscript rough draft, "Conversation Between Old Friends," unpaginated, undated, 7 pp. Manuscript, "Conversation Between Old Friends," undated, 7 pp. Typescript, "Conversation Between Old Friends," incomplete, undated, 2 pp. 14/11 Manuscript, "The Jungle Club," [not after 1982], 5 pp. Typescript carbon copy, "The Jungle Club," corrected, 10 pp. Typescript carbon copy, "The Jungle Club," 10 pp. 14/12 Typescript carbon copy, "The Listeners," annotated by "Molly" [i.e., Mary Stolz], [not after 1960], 16 pp. 14/13 Typescript carbon copy, "Wake of a Hunter," corrected, undated, 24 pp. 14/14 Typescript carbon copy, "Let's Call Him Garbage," minor corrections, undated, 4 pp. Typescript photocopy, "Who Needs a Baby Brother?," corrected, edited and annotated, undated, 4 pp. 14/15 Manuscript, untitled short story about a thief in Chinatown, undated, 4 pp. Manuscript, untitled poem fragment, undated, 1 p. 14/16 Typescript, untitled children's verse story about a visit to the zoo, corrected, with ink illustrations, undated, 6 pp. Articles, Speeches or Essays 14/17 Manuscript, "The Articulation of Young P. Probs. thru Y.P.'s [sic] Books," undated, 9 pp. Manuscript, "The Articulation of Youth Experiences thru [sic] Youth Books," undated, 7 pp. Manuscript, ["The Articulation of Youth Experiences through Youth Novels"], incomplete, undated, 4 pp. Manuscript fragments, undated, 2 pp. 14/18 Typescript, "Choosing Women Friends," corrected and annotated, undated, 8 pp. 14/19 Manuscript of article "That's No Minefield -- That's Connecticut: Running the Gauntlet through Connecticut," possibly incomplete, undated, 3 pp. Manuscript, untitled speech, article, or essay on censorship, undated, 5 pp. Typescript, untitled article expressing Stolz's own views on her writing, corrected, undated, 3 pp. Typescript, speech, article, or essay concerning John Dean and Watergate hearings, corrected, undated, 3 pp. Typescript pages expressing Stolz's political views, undated, 3 items. Miscellaneous 14/20 Holograph notes concerning various topics, undated, 8 pp. Memo to William B. Stolz from Peter J. Davies, "Fortification Projects Being Partially Supported by UBAID," May 1970, 1 p. 14/21 Typescript, "People of the Black Acres," research paper concerning area of Orange County, New York settled by Polish immigrants, undated, 9 pp. Authorship uncertain.

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Revised: July 2001

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