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Material was donated by Joan Balfour Payne from 1971 to 1972 and Jean Poindexter Colby (editor at Hastings House) from 1968 to 1970.

Noncirculating; available for research.

The collection is protected by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, U. S. Code). Reproductions can be made only if they are to be used for "private study, scholarship, or research." It is the user's responsibility to verify copyright ownership and to obtain all necessary permissions prior to the reproduction, publication, or other use of any portion of these materials, other than that noted above.

Biographical Sketch
Joan Balfour Payne Dicks was born on December 2, 1923 in Natchez, Mississippi. She and her family later moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she grew up in a large residential hotel that her father managed. Her mother, Josephine Balfour Payne wrote stories to amuse Joan. Ms. Payne began drawing and painting at an early age and often illustrated her mother s stories. She attended the Northrop Collegiate School for Girls and studied art privately under Gustav Krollman at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

In 1941, Ms. Payne and her family left Minnesota and returned to Mississippi. Her father purchased an old plantation house at Church Hill, a few miles north of Natchez. Her first published book, The Little Green Island (1942) was a collaboration with her mother. They collaborated on four other books as well. She moved again in 1952 when she married a cousin named John Barber Dicks, who was working on his doctorate at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. After many successes with her mother, Ms. Payne wrote and illustrated her own children s book, The Piebald Princess (1954). She continued to illustrate books for her mother, herself, and other authors until 1969. She died four years later on January 6, 1973.


Scope and Content
The collection contains correspondence, color separations, mounted illustrations, dummies, and proofs for 6 titles illustrated by Ms. Payne. The titles are arranged alphabetically. Within each title, the materials are arranged in the probable order in which they were created. The correspondence was not separated by title as it was written to the de Grummond Collection.

The bulk of the materials are color separations mounted on watercolor or inked illustrations. There are one-color separations for Ambrose (1956) and Lester and the Hound Pup (1960), and four-color separations for Charlie from Yonder (1962). Both Ambrose and Charlie from Yonder were written and illustrated by Joan Balfour Payne. Ambrose is a spoiled dog who is accidentally left in the park. He has humorous adventures, including falling in the ocean, before finding his way home. Another book in the collection, The Raven and other Fairy Tales (1969), was retold and illustrated by Ms. Payne. There is an illustrated dummy for this title with handwritten text in a spiral bound sketch book. Some of the illustrations are done in full color.

Josephine Balfour Payne collaborated on five books with her daughter, including The Journey of Josiah Talltatters (1953). In the story, Reverend Josiah and his nephew Jeremiah travel the Tennessee Path and the Natchez Trail to Mississippi to build a church. There is a dummy for this title donated by their editor, Jean Poindexter Colby.

The other two books in the collection, Lester and the Hound Pup (1960) and Tea Meeting Winner (1964), were only illustrated by Ms. Payne. There are color separations and a dummy for Lester and the Hound Pup (1960), the story of a boy whose father is a fox-hound breeder. Tea Meeting Winner is a book that describes a summer festival in Nova Scotia. There are proofs for four illustrations in the book.

Series and Subseries

A. Correspondence

B. Books

Box Inventory


A. Correspondence

     1/1       Correspondence with the de Grummond Collection, 1966-1972, 
               7 items.

B. Books

     Ambrose written and illustrated by Joan Balfour Payne (New York:
     Hastings House, 1956).

     1/2-2/4   One-color separations mounted on ink and watercolor
               illustrations, (color separation or illustration only as indicated),

     1/2            Front of dust jacket and end papers.

     1/3            pp. 2-3, and 5.

     1/4            pp. 7 (color separation only), and 8-9.

     1/5            pp. 11-13.

     1/6            pp. 14-15, and 17.

     1/7            pp. 19-21.

     1/8            pp. 23-25.

     1/9            pp. 27 (separation only), and 29-30 (illustrations only).

     1/10           pp. 31-33.

     2/1            pp.34-36.

     2/2            pp. 37, 39, and 40 (illustration only).

     2/3            pp. 41, and 42-43 (illustrations only).
     2/4            pp. 45, 47, and back of dust jacket.

     2/5       Layout, jacket blurbs, 2 pp.       

     Charlie from Yonder written and illustrated by Joan Balfour Payne
     (New York: Hastings House, 1962).

     2/6       Dummy with text paste-up, 1 item.

     2/7-2/16  Separations, pencil and ink,

     2/7-2/10  Black only separations,

     2/7            pp. 1, 4-5, 9, and 13.

     2/8            pp. 17, 21, 25, and 32-33.

     2/9            pp. 37, 40-41, 45, and 48.

     2/10      Color separations for pp. 2-3, includes mounted
               watercolor illustrations. 

     2/11-3/2  Color separations, 

     2/11          Front and back of dust jacket.

     2/12          Left and right end pages.

     2/13          pp. 7 and 10-11.

     2/14          pp. 15, 23 and 27.

     3/1           pp. 31, 35 and 39.

     3/2           pp. 43 and 47.

     The Journey of Josiah Talltatters by Josephine Balfour Payne,
     illustrated by Joan Balfour Payne (New York: Ariel Books, 1953).

     3/3       Dummy with text paste-up, 1 item.

     Lester and His Hound Pup The Raven, and Other Fairy Tales retold and illustrated by Joan
     Balfour Payne (New York: Hastings House, 1969).

     5/3        Dummy, illustrated with handwritten text, bound in a spiral
                sketchbook, 1 item.

     Tea Meeting Winner by Edith Palmer, illustrated by Joan Balfour
     Payne (New York: Hastings House, 1964).

     5/4        Proofs, illustrations for pp. 1 and 3-5.

C. Miscellaneous Material

     5/5        Miscellaneous material, 1 item.

Conservation Notes

The cardboard was removed from some of the illustrations that were double mounted. The separations that had tape on them were interleaved with acid free paper to prevent further damage.

Processed: February 6, 1998
Revised: June 2001

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