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1951-1983, n.d.
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Material was donated by Ms. King between 1974-1983.

Noncirculating; available for research.

The collection is protected by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, U. S. Code). Reproductions can be made only if they are to be used for "private study, scholarship, or research." It is the user's responsibility to verify copyright ownership and to obtain all necessary permissions prior to the reproduction, publication, or other use of any portion of these materials, other than that noted above.

Biographical Sketch
Marian King was born in Washington, D.C., attended Miss Madeira's School, and later studied abroad. She began writing in 1928, when she published A.B.C. Game Book. She has written in a variety of different genres for children, with special emphasis on historical and religious biographies. She also writes frequently about art and artists. Ms. King took great care to ensure the accuracy of her books. She traveled to various European countries to obtain background for her stories. She also communicated with scholars and authors to confirm the reliability of her information.

In addition to publishing nearly thirty books for children, Ms. King lectured throughout the country and served as a volunteer with the Hospitality Information Service at Meridian House in Washington D.C. The Meridian House provided services to the foreign diplomats and their families. A contributor to the Republican party, Ms. King was very active in Washington, D.C. social circles. She has also contributed countless copies of her books to libraries, schools, and charitable organizations. Ms. King died in 1986.


Scope and Content
This collection contains material for six books, three of which are art histories. Adventures In Art explains for children the history and meaning of several artworks held by the National Gallery. Ms. King transformed this book into the screenplay for a public television documentary which was narrated by Julie Harris. Highlights Gallery of Famous Artists reprints articles from the magazine Highlights for Children. Each article focuses on a single artist and one of his or her better-known pieces. Ms. King contributed four articles to this book. The Ageless Story of Jesus uses paintings in the National Gallery to retell the Gospels. Adventures In Art is documented in this collection by correspondence, publicity material, a galley, and a typescript for the television documentary. The collection holds two typescripts for The Ageless Story of Jesus.

In addition to The Ageless Story of Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy, and The Star of Bethlehem are also based on religious themes. Mary Baker Eddy: Child of Promise is a religious biography for young adults about the founder of Christian Science. The Star of Bethlehem is a picture book about the birth of Jesus, for which the collection holds one typescript. There is correspondence, a partial typescript and a galley for Mary Baker Eddy. For Mico and Piccolino, about a boy, his donkey and a fair, the collection contains typescripts, galleys and proofs.

The "Articles" series contains material relating to several articles on famous artists which Ms. King wrote for Highlights magazine, and other children's publications. The "Research Files" series includes correspondence, notes, and research material regarding famous artists featured in Ms. King's books and articles. There are also some typescripts of essays for which publication information could not be found.

The "Volunteer Activities" series contains material relating to the Art Barn and the Meridian House.

The "Correspondence" series includes fan mail and 28 postcards from the actress Julie Harris, a friend of Ms. King's. Ms. King's personal correspondence, and the two folders of invitations, demonstrate the extent of her involvement in prominent Washington, D.C. social circles. Five folders of thank you letters stem primarily from her contributions of books to schools and libraries. Also, this series includes letters to and from agents and publishers.

The materials in the "Alphabetical File" do not relate directly to Ms. King's activities. She collected them as part of her interest in art, children's literature and other subjects. Exceptions include a few photographs of Ms. King, and some publicity material concerning her writings.

Series and Subseries

A. Books (1968-1978)

B. Articles (Undated)

C. Subject File (Undated)

D. Volunteer Activities (Undated)

E. Correspondence (1951-1983, n.d.)

F. Alphabetical File (Undated)

Box Inventory


A.  Books (1968-1978)

     The Ageless Story of Jesus by Marian King (Washington, D.C.:
     Acropolis Books, 1970).

     1/1       Correspondence, 3 items.

     1/2       Research material, 3 items.

     1/3-1/4   Typescript, several versions interfiled,

     1/3            Front matter, 31 pp.

     1/4            Text, 88 pp.

     1/5       Typescript, 66 pp.

     1/6       Miscellaneous typescript pages, 6 pp.
     Adventures In Art: National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. by
     Marian King (New York: H. N. Abrams, 1978).
     1/7       Correspondence, 1975-1983, 39 items.

     1/8-1/9   Typescript, 

     1/8  	Front matter, 11 pp.

     1/9	Miscellaneous pages, 11 pp.

     1/10      Galley, front matter and pp. 1-89.

     1/11      Typescript for television program, 23 pp.

     1/12-1/13 Publicity material (2 folders).

     Highlights Gallery of Famous Artists by Marian King, Marguerite
     Buranelli, et. al. (Columbus, OH: Highlights for Children, 1974). 

     2/1       Photocopies of four sections written by Marian King, on Mary
               Cassatt, Edouard Manet, Paul Gauguin, and Hendrick Avercamp, 8

     Mary Baker Eddy: Child of Promise by Marian King, illustrated by
     David Hodges (Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1968).

     2/2       Correspondence, 1968-1976, 19 items.

     2/3       Typescripts, partial, 24 pp.

     2/4-2/5   Galley,

     2/4            Chapters 1-8, pp. 1-27.

     2/5            Chapters 9-16, pp. 28-60.

     2/6       Publicity material, 3 items.

     Mico and Piccolino by Marian King, illustrated by Beatrice Darwin
     (Irvington-on-Hudson, N.Y.: Harvey House, 1972).
     2/7-2/8   Typescripts, 

     2/7	5 versions, 58 pp.

     2/8	3 versions, 31 pp.

     2/9       	Photocopies of illustrations, 7 items.

     2/10      	Galley, 2 copies, 8 pp.

     2/11      	Proof, 2 copies, 12 pp.

     2/12      	Correspondence, 1 item.

     		Publicity material, 2 items.

     The Star of Bethlehem by Marian King, illustrated by Ursula Koering
     (Irvington-on-Hudson, N.Y.: Harvey House, 1968).

     2/13      Correspondence, 2 items.

     	       Typescript, 7 pp.

B.  Articles (Undated)

     3/1-3/8   Articles on famous artists for Highlights and other children's
               magazines [see also A. Books   Highlights Gallery of Famous

     3/1            Cassat, Mary, 2 photocopies of published article, 8 pp. 
     3/2            Gauguin, Paul,

     		    Typescript, 5 pp.

     		    Clipping of published article, 2 pp.

     3/3            Manet, Edouard, 

                         4 typescripts, 12 pp.
                         Clipping of published article, 2 pp.

     3/4-3/5	Morisot, Berthe, 

     3/4            Correspondence, 2 pp.

     		    Research material, 10 items.

     3/5            Typescripts, 7 items.

     3/6            Picasso, Pablo, 

     		    2 typescripts, 7 pp.
     Highlights, February 1982, photocopy of pp. 38-39.

     3/7            Renoir, Auguste, clipping of published article, 2 pp.

     3/8            West, Benjamin, clipping of published article, 2 pp.

     3/9       	    "How the National Gallery of Art Came Into Being," 2
                     typescripts, 7 pp.

C.  Research Files (Undated)
     3/10      Art, American: correspondence and research material, 12 items.

     3/11      Art, miscellaneous, 16 items.

     3/12      Eakins, Thomas: correspondence, notes, research material, and
               photographs of paintings.

     3/13      Glackens, William: 2 photographs of paintings.

     3/14      Hassam, Childe: photograph of painting, 2 newspaper clippings.
     3/15-3/16 Homer, Winslow,

     3/15      Notes and research material, 9 pp.

     3/16      Typescript versions of essay, 12 items.

     3/17      Indians and the Old West: notes, newspaper clippings, photographs
               of paintings, 10 items.

     3/18      Inman, Henry: correspondence, notes, clippings, 17 pp.

     3/19-3/20 Johnson, Eastman, 

     3/19      Clippings, notes, photograph of painting, 47 items.

     3/20      Typescripts of essay, 3 versions, 9 pp.

     3/21      Kane, John: notes and photograph of painting, 2 items.

     3/22      Krimmel, John Lewis: notes, 2 pp.

     3/23      Lippincott, William: correspondence, notes, and photograph of
               painting, 8 items.

     3/24      Luks, George: notes, typescripts of an essay, photograph of a
               painting, 16 items.

     3/25      Paul, Jeremiah: correspondence and notes, 3 items.

     3/26      Prendergast, Charles: clipping, notes, research material,
               photographs of paintings: 9 items.

     4/1       Sloane, John: correspondence and notes, 14 items.

     4/2       Unkown artist: correspondence and typescripts of essay, 5 items.

     4/3       Unknown artist: notes and photograph of painting, 9 items.

D.  Volunteer Activities (Undated)

     4/4       Art Barn, correspondence and ephemera, 16 items.
     4/5       The Hospitality and Information Service at Meridian House,
               correspondence and ephemera, 19 items.

E.  Correspondence (1951-1983, n.d.)
     4/6       Judy Blume, 1 item.

     4/7-4/12  Fan mail from children,

     4/7            1975, 32 items.

     4/8            1976, 37 items.

     4/9            1978, 13 items.

     4/10           1978, 26 items.

     4/11           Undated, 17 items.

     4/12           Undated, 27 items.

     5/1-5/2   Julie Harris,

     5/1            Postcards from, 28 items.

     5/2            Publicity about.
     5/3-5/4   Invitations, 2 folders.

     5/5-5/7   Personal correspondence,

     5/5	1969-1976, 31 items.

     5/6	1977-1983, 59 items.

     5/7	Undated, 35 items.
     5/8       Professional correspondence, 1951-1981, n.d., 38 items.

     6/1-6/5   "Thank you" and "congratulations" letters, 5 folders.

F.  Alphabetical File (Undated)
     6/6-7/1   Art museums,

     6/6-6/7        National Gallery of Art, 

     6/6 	    Newsletters, 14 items.

     6/7            Brochures and ephemera, 11 items.

     7/1            Other galleries, brochures and ephemera, 17 items.

     7/2-7/4   Children's literature and education: announcements, newsletters,
               and ephemeral materials, 3 folders.

     7/5       Christian Science: newsletters and ephemera.

     7/6       Miscellaneous, 12 items.

     7/7       Photographs, 6 items.

     7/8       Publicity material, 5 items.

     7/9       Republican party, 9 items. 
     7/10      Tennis.

Processed: May 1998

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