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Material was donated by Lena de Grummond in 1987.

Noncirculating; available for research.

The collection is protected by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, U. S. Code). Reproductions can be made only if they are to be used for "private study, scholarship, or research." It is the user's responsibility to verify copyright ownership and to obtain all necessary permissions prior to the reproduction, publication, or other use of any portion of these materials, other than that noted above.

Biographical Sketch
Lena de Grummond was born in Centerville, Louisiana and received her bachelor's degree from the University of Southwestern Louisiana in 1929. She later obtained her Ph.D. from Louisiana State University in 1956. She married Will White de Grummond and they had two children, Jewel Lynn and Will White, Jr. Dr. De Grummond began her career as a staff member of the Louisiana State Library and a high school teacher and librarian. From 1950 until 1965, she was the State Supervisor of School Libraries for the Louisiana State Department of Education. She retired in 1965, but began a second career as a professor of library science at the University of Southern Mississippi in 1966. The same year, Dr. de Grummond received permission to found a special collection of children's books and original materials from children's authors. She developed the collection through the contacts she had made during her career as a librarian and administrator. Dr. de Grummond retired as a professor in 1970, whereupon the collection she founded was named in her honor. She remained active in the development of the de Grummond Children's Literature Collection until her death in 1987, traveling frequently to meet with donors and potential donors. Dr. de Grummond also wrote and co-wrote several children's books. How to Have What You Want in Your Future was published in 1958. With her daughter Lynn Delaune, she co-wrote four biographies for children, about Jeb Stuart, Jefferson Davis, Babe Didrikson, and Jean Felix Piccard. She was active in the Deep South Writers Conference, serving as director (1962-1964) and president (1970-1972).


Scope and Content
The materials in the "Books" series are arranged alphabetically by title. Within each title the materials are arranged in the probable order in which they were created.

The de Grummond/Delaune Papers contain material for three books, Jean Felix Piccard: Boy Balloonist; Jeb Stuart; and Jeff Davis, Confederate Boy, which Ms. de Grummond co-wrote with her daughter, Lynne Delaune. The collection contains research notes, a manuscript, and a typescript for this title.

The second series documents Ms. de Grummond's involvement in the collection of children's literature which bears her name. One file includes numerous newspaper clippings. Other folders contain notebooks which document trips which Ms. de Grummond made to solicit original materials from children's literature authors and illustrators.

Most of the missives in the "Correspondence" series stem from Ms. de Grummond's activities as curator of the de Grummond Children's Literature Collection. She frequently corresponded to maintain contact with donors and potential donors. However, Ms. de Grummond forged friendships with many of these donors, so many of the letters cover both personal and professional topics. The correspondence related to the de Grummond Collection is divided into three sections. From 1966 to 1969, letters were kept in a single file. From 1970 to 1988, the correspondence is divided into two files, one for British authors, and a second for American authors. There are also files devoted to correspondence with individual authors and illustrators, such as Diana Klemin and Esphyr Slobodkina.

The fourth series documents Ms. de Grummond's tenure as State Supervisor of Louisiana Public Schools. This series contains a dissertation by James Cookston on the history of Louisiana public school libraries. It also includes the proceedings of a meeting of the Louisiana Association of School Librarians. Both items describe Ms. de Grummond's accomplishments.

The "Library Science Instruction" series contains correspondence, student coursework, and student evaluations regarding the classes which Ms. de Grummond taught at the University of Southern Mississippi from 1965 to 1969.

For most of the photographs in series F., the date and context have not been recorded, except from some taken at the 1971 Children's Book Festival. However, the names of the subjects, usually children's authors or illustrators, are written on the back of many of these photographs.

The "Miscellaneous" series contains a microfilm copy of two diaries which record the daily activities of a turn-of-the-century farmer. The name "G. de Grummond" was inscribed in the front of one of these diaries. This person may have been the author of the diaries, or merely a subsequent owner.

Related Collections:

The Robert Doremus Papers (DG0281) contain illustrations for Jeff Davis, Confederate Boy, and Jean Felix Piccard: Boy Balloonist.

Series and Subseries

A. Books (1960)

B. De Grummond Children's Literature Collection (1966-1987)

C. Correspondence (1966-1988)

D. State Supervisor of School Libraries in Louisiana (1962-1971)

E. Library Science Courses (1965-1969)

F. Photographs (1971-1973, n.d.)

G. Miscellaneous (Undated)

Box Inventory


A. Book (1960)

     Jean Felix Piccard: Boy Balloonist by Lena de Grummond and Lynn de
     Grummond Delaune, illustrated by Robert Doremus(New York: Bobbs-Merrill, 1968).
     1/1-1/2   Typescript,

     1/1            Chapters 1-10, pp. 1-63.

     1/2            Chapters 11-19, pp. 64-118.

     Jeb Stuart by Lena de Grummond and Lynn de Grummond Delaune,
     illustrated by A. Chris Simon (Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1962).

     1/3       Galley, pp. 1-156.

     Jeff Davis, Confederate Boy by Lena de Grummond and Lynn de
     Grummond Delaune, illustrated by Robert Doremus (Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill,

     1/4       Research material, 3 items.

               Notes, 49 pp.

     1/5       Manuscript, 78 pp.

     1/6       Manuscript, 71 pp. 

     1/7       Manuscript, chapters 1-16, 109 pp.

     1A/1      Typescript, front matter, 3 pp., and chapters 1-11, pp. 1-68.

     1A/2      Typescript, chapter 1, pp. 1-8.

B.  De Grummond Children's Literature Collection (1966-1987)

               Correspondence [see series C.  Correspondence]

     1A/3      Newspaper clippings, 1966-1987, n.d., 61 items.

     2/1-4/2   Manuscript solicitation trips,

     2/1            1966 (?): Alabama, Georgia, District of Columbia, North Carolina,
                    South Carolina, Virginia, one notebook.

     2/2            March 1971: New York, one notebook.

     2/3            March 1971: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, one notebook.

     2/4            October 1971: Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North
                    Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, one notebook.

     2/5            April-May 1972: New England, one notebook.

     3/1            August 1972:Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Idaho, one

     3/2            October 1972: California, Colorado, one notebook.

     3/3            May-July 1973: Midwestern states, Texas, Arkansas,
                    Oklahoma, Kentucky, Tennessee and Florida, one notebook.

     3/4            August-November 1973: District of Columbia, Maryland, New
                    Hampshire, New Jersey, and North Carolina, one notebook.

     4/1            August-November 1973: Pennsylvania, North Carolina,
                    Virginia, one notebook.

     4/2            1977: England, one notebook.

     5/1-6/1   Notebooks,

     5/1-5/2        Lists of donors and potential donors, and their addresses, 3

     5/3            List of donors with value of their donations, 1 notebook.

     5/4-5/5        List of donors and notes about their contributions and their
                    contacts with Ms. de Grummond, 2 notebooks.

     5/6            List of donors and conference notes, 1 notebook.

     6/1            Conference notes, 1 notebook.

     6/2-6/4   Publicity Material

     6/2-6/4        Pamphlet "Growth of an Idea: The de Grummond Collection,"

     6/2                 Correspondence, 1973, 1 item.

                         Typescript, 4 pp.

                         Typescript, 35 pp.

     6/3                 Finished pamphlet, 2 versions.

     6/4            Other brochures and ephemera, 5 items.

     6/5       Trip to Decatur, Alabama, clippings and brochures, 7 items.

C.  Correspondence (1966-1988)

     6/6       Ashley, Grover C., 1972-1977, n.d., 19 items.

     6/7-9/1   de Grummond Collection correspondence,

     6/7            1966, 17 items.

     6/8-6/12       1967,

     6/8                 January-April, 22 items.

     6/9                 May-August, 44 items.

     6/10                September, 33 items.

     6/11                October-15 November, 49 items.

     6/12                16 November-December, 68 items.

     7/1-8/5        1968,

     7/1                 January, 53 items.

     7/2                 February, 36 items.

     7/3                 March, 58 items.

     7/4                 April, 32 items.

     7/5                 April, 40 items.

     7/6                 May, 50 items.

     7/7                 May, 54 items.

     7/8                 June, 46 items.

     8/1                 July, 38 items.

     8/2                 August, 31 items.

     8/3                 September-October, 47 items.

     8/4                 November, 33 items.

     8/5                 December, 32 items.

     8/6-8/8        1969,

     8/6                 January-15 February, 56 items.

     8/7                 16 February-March, 60 items.

     8/8                 April-June, 50 items.

     9/1            Undated, 56 items.

     9/2-9/4        American authors,

     9/2                 1970-1978, 31 items.

     9/3                 1979-1984, 22 items.

     9/4                 1985-1987, n.d., 39 items.

     9/5-9/7        British authors, 

     9/5                 1970-1979, 24 items.

     9/6                 1980-1984, 23 items.

     9/7                 1985-1988, 24 items.

     10/1      De Ville, Winston, correspondence and clippings, 1974-1978, 1986,
               n.d., 15 items.

     10/2      Fisher, Leonard Everett, 1971-1974, 15 items.

     10/3      Hutchison, Paula, 1976-1981, 7 items.

     10/4      The International Wizard of Oz Society, 1967-1978, 12 items.

     10/5      Klemin, Diana 1966-1973, 24 items.

     10/6      Miscellaneous, 1945-1977, 15 items.

     10/7      Potter, Peter, 1968-1982, 11 items.

     10/8      Slobodkina, Esphyr, 11 items.

     10/9-10/10 Student correspondence, 1974, 43 items.

D.  State Supervisor of School Libraries in Louisiana (1962-1971)

     11/1      "Development of Louisiana Public School Libraries, 1929-1965,"
               dissertation by James Cookston, 1971.

     11/2      "School Library Supervision in Louisiana, 1929-1965," transcript of a
               meeting of the Louisiana Association of School Librarians, 1965.

     11/3      "The State and the School Library," by Lena de Grummond, in
               Education, November 1962, 2 copies.

     11/4      Manuals for school librarians in Louisiana, 1962, n.d., 2 items.

     11/5      Other manuals, 1964, 2 items.

E.  Library Science Courses (1965-1969)

     12/1      Class schedules, 1968-1969, n.d., 6 items.

     12/2      Correspondence and newsletters,1965-1966, 17 items.

     12/3-12/15 Course material,

     12/3-12/5      "Advanced Reference and Bibliography" (LS 530)

     12/3                Student evaluations, 8 pp.

     12/4-12/5           Term papers, 5 items.

     12/6-12/7      "Books and Printing" (LS 520),

     12/6                Class schedules, 1967, 1968, 4 items.

                         Student evaluations, 14 pp.

     12/7                Student coursework, 5 items.

     12/8           "Communications and Libraries" (LS 525),

                         Student evaluations, 1965-1968, 14 pp.

     12/9           "Library Service for Children" (LS 550)

                         Student evaluations, 13 items.

     12/10          "Library Service for Young People" (LS 555)

                         Student evaluations, 25 items.

     12/11          "Special Libraries" (LS 542)

                         Schedules and exams, 4 pp.

                         Student evaluations, 13 pp.

     12/12               Student coursework, 21 items.

     12/13-12/14         Student term papers, 10 items.

     12/15          Unidentified Course, LS 540 

                         Student term paper, 1 item.

F.  Photographs (1971-1973, n.d.)

     13/1-13/4 Children's Book Festival,

     13/1-13/2      April 1971,

     13/1                10 photographs and 5 negative strips.

     13/2                23 photographs and 10 negative strips.

     13/3-13/4      Undated,

     13/3                24 photographs.

     13/4                16 photographs and 5 negative strips.

     13/5-1    Unidentified photographs,

     13/5-13/9      c. August-October 1972,

     13/5                22 photographs.

     13/6                19 photographs.

     13/7                28 photographs and five negative strips.

     13/8                35 photographs.

     13/9                7 photographs.

     13/10          c. 1972, 35 photographs.

     13/11          March 1973, 27 items.

     13/12-14/5     Undated, 

     13/12               13 photographs and 5 negative strips.

     13/13               11 photographs and 5 negative strips.

     14/1                26 photographs.

     14/2                31 photographs.

     14/3                12 photographs and 5 negative strips.

     14/4                17 photographs. 

     14/5                5 negative strips.

     14/6                Photograph of Lena de Grummond, 1 item.

     14/7           Slides, 16 items.

G.  Miscellaneous (Undated)

     14/8      Awards, 

     --             Plaque conferring honorary membership in the Randolph
                    Caldecott Society [Oversized, removed to box 15].

     14/8           Photocopies of 3 plaques.

                    Framed appreciation, 1 item.

     14/9      Christian Science material, 3 items.

     14/10     Christmas card list, 1 item.

     --        Color film print of television interview, 1 item [Oversized, removed to
               box 15].

     14/11     Delaune, Lynn de Grummond, 

                    Lecture notes, 8 pp.

                    Newspaper article,

     --        Diaries of a farmer, 1907-1917, 1 microfilm reel [removed to box 15].

     14/12     Genealogy material for the Richard family, 6 items.

     14/13     Illustration, watercolor and ink, 1 item.

     14/14     Miscellaneous, 5 items.

     14/15     Typography and calligraphy, 7 publicity brochures.

     Oversized Items

     15        Plaque conferring honorary membership in the Randolph
               Caldecott Society, 1 item.

     15        Color film print of television interview, 1 item.

     15        Diaries of a farmer, 1907-1917, 1 microfilm reel.

     16        Desk plate.

Processed: May 1998

Separation List


This collection included some items related to the work of other authors for whom the de Grummond Collection holds original material. Postcards, brochures and article reprints, and other items have been removed to the collection or vertical file for the following:

Edward Ardizzone (DG0037)
Katharine Briggs (DG0117)
Cora Cheney (DG0179)
Ezra Jack Keats (DG0001)
Sara Machetanz (DG0655)
Esphyr Slobodkina (DG0905)

An oil painting by Carolyn Haywood has been removed to the Carolyn Haywood Papers (DG0436)

A signed portrait photograph of Lois Lenski has been removed to the Lois Lenski Papers (DG0606)

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