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Material was donated by Alice Cooper Bailey from 1966 to 1975.


Noncirculating; available for research.


The collection is protected by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, U. S. Code). Reproductions can be made only if they are to be used for "private study, scholarship, or research." It is the user's responsibility to verify copyright ownership and to obtain all necessary permissions prior to the reproduction, publication, or other use of any portion of these materials, other than that noted above.

Biographical Sketch

Alice Cooper Bailey was born in December 9, 1890 in San Diego, California. She was one of seven children. When she was just six weeks old, her family moved to Honolulu, Hawaii. She attended Wellesley College, Oahu College, College of Hawaii (now the University of Hawaii), the Boston Music Conservatory, and received a lifetime teaching diploma from the Honolulu Normal School.

Her father was an attorney when the family moved to Hawaii and became citizens. He became the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Acting President for the Republic of Hawaii and was later the first Secretary of the Territory of Hawaii. At her father's death, Ms. Bailey inherited one-sixth of two islands. Mr. Cooper had once owned 52 coral atolls throughout the South Pacific. She later donated all of her Hawaiian possessions to the Iolani Palace, where her father had worked, when the building was declared an historical landmark.

Ms. Cooper moved to Concord, Massachusetts sometime in the 1970s, where she often gave lectures and benefits on Hawaii and Robert Lewis Stevenson. She was a member of numerous organizations including the National League of American Pen Women, and served as the president of both the Honolulu and Massachusetts branches, the Hawaiian Historical Society, and the American Automobile Association.

In Concord, Ms. Bailey worked out of her home in a "bake shop" built in 1767. She lived just a few steps away from the homes of Louisa May Alcott, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Ralph Waldo Emerson in the "Historic Mile" district. Although Ms. Bailey only published seven books in her lifetime, she contributed numerous short stories to periodicals such as American Girl, Child Life, Story Parade, and Travel. She passed away in 1978.


Scope and Content

The collection contains materials for seven books and five published short stories. There are typescripts, galleys, and proofs for most of these titles. The materials are arranged alphabetically by title. Within each title the materials are arranged in the probable order in which they were created. The correspondence was arranged by title as well, with the exception of general correspondence, correspondence concerning unrelated or unpublished short stories, and correspondence with the de Grummond Collection.

Ms. Bailey's first two books were Dutch children's folk stories. Katrina and Jan (1923) and The Skating Gander (1927) were so well liked that she made many unsuccessful attempts to have them republished and made into animated films. She even sent copies of the books to the Queen of the Netherlands, Willhemina De Koningin. Her majesty's personal secretary and the US State Department both wrote letter's to Ms. Bailey thanking her for her generosity. There is correspondence concerning both books, manuscript notes for Katrina and Jan, and a typescript for The Skating Gander.

Some of Ms. Bailey's writings were inspired by her experiences in Hawaii. Kimo (1928) is the story of a Hawaiian boy who likes to whistle. There are typescripts and correspondence for this title. The Hawaiian Box Mystery (1960) was Ms. Bailey's first attempt at writing a mystery story and is set in Hawaii. There are several typescripts and galleys for this title. For Sun Gold (1930), also a story set in Hawaii there is a typescript.

Ms. Bailey spent many hours lecturing about Hawaii and Robert Lewis Stevenson, who lived and worked on the island. When she decided to write a biography about him, To Remember Robert Lewis Stevenson (1966), she gathered information from his family, including letters and photographs. The collection contains numerous photographs of Robert Lewis Stevenson, his family, and his homes. There are typescripts, galleys, proofs, and correspondence for the biography.

The collection contains typescripts and correspondence for many of the short stories written by Ms. Bailey. Five major titles are in the collection. Other titles, mentioned briefly in correspondence are filed together. Ms. Bailey contributed to children's periodicals such as American Girl, St. Nicholas, and Young People's Weekly. When available, a copy of the story as it appeared in the magazine was added to the collection.

There are also two scrapbooks in the collection. Both contain letters, memorabilia, reviews, and newspaper clippings. One scrapbook contains more personal items about Ms. Bailey's life, her family, and her career. There are letters from Shirley Temple (Black), President Taft's daughter, and the Queen of the Netherlands' personal secretary. There are also many newspaper clippings about her husband and her children.

Related Collection

Three pen and ink illustrations and a book jacket for Footprints in the Dust (1936) are in the Margaret Ayer (Mrs. Alfred Babington) Papers DG0047.

Series and Subseries

A. Correspondence

B. Books

C. Short Stories

D. Scrapbooks

E. Miscellaneous Materials

Box Inventory


A. Correspondence

1/1 Correspondence with the de Grummond Collection, 1966-1975, n.d., 23 items. 1/2 Correspondence concerning short stories, 1916-1964, n.d., 28 items. 1/3-1/4 General correspondence, includes a letter from General George S. Patton's wife, Beatrice Patton, the United States Department of State, and various publishers. 1/3 1940-1942, 33 items. 1/4 1944-1967, n.d., 35 items. 1/5 Correspondence dealing with a benefit called "One Night in Hawaii," 1939, 2 items. Includes two photographs from the benefit.

B. Books

Footprints in the Dust by Alice Cooper Bailey, illustrated by Margaret Ayer (New York: Longmans, Green, 1936). 1/6 Typescript, carbon copy, 5 April 1936; chapter 15, 9 pp. The Hawaiian Mystery Box by Alice Cooper Bailey, decorations by Yukio Tashiro (New York: Longmans, Green, 1960). 1/7 Correspondence, 1958-1960, 4 items. 1/8-1/10 Typescript, edited, 1/8 7 pp. 1/9 pp. 1-40. 1/10 pp. 1-46. 1/11-3/1 Typescript, 1/11-2/1 "Original copy," 1/11 Chapters 1-3, pp. 1-46. 1/12 Chapters 4-7, pp. 47-95. 1/13 Chapters 8-11, pp. 96-155. 1/14 Chapters 12-15, pp. 156-195. 2/1 Chapters 16-18(?), pp. 196-249. 2/2-2/6 Carbon copy, 2/2 Chapters 1-3, pp. 1-47. 2/3 Chapters 4-7, pp. 48-96. 2/4 Chapters 8-11, pp. 97-154. 2/5 Chapters 12-14, pp. 155-205. 2/6 Chapters 15-18, pp. 206-281. 2/7-3/1 Edited and marked for galley, 2/7 Chapters 1-4, pp. 1-47. 2/8 Chapters 5-7, pp. 48-106. 2/9 Chapters 8-10, pp. 107-154. 2/10 Chapters 11-13, pp. 155-195. 3/1 Chapters 14-17, pp. 196-280. 3/2-3/5 Galleys, 3/2 "Marked set," 15 December 1924; chapters 1-17, 64 pp. 3/3 "Author's set," 15 December 1924; chapters 1-17, 64 pp. 3/4 "Marked set," chapters 1-17, pp. 1-214. 3/5 "Author's set," chapters 1-17, pp 1-214. Katrina and Jan by Alice Cooper Bailey, illustrated by Herman Rosse (New York: P. F. Volland, 1923). 4/1 Correspondence, 1917-1947, 19 items. (Includes two letters of appreciation from the private secretary of the Queen of the Netherlands, Willhemina De Koningin). 4/2 Manuscript notes, 1 p. Kimo by Alice Cooper Bailey, illustrated by Lucille Webster Holling (New York: P. F. Volland, 1928). 4/3 Correspondence, 1927-1933, 8 items. 4/4-4/5 Typescript, edited, 4/4 Chapters 1-7, pp. 1-40. 4/5 Chapters 8-14, pp. 41-80. The Skating Gander by Alice Cooper Bailey, pictures by Marie Honr‚ Myers (New York: P. F. Volland, 1927). 4/6 Correspondence, 1924-1947, 16 items. 4/7-4/8 Typescript, edited, 4/7 Chapters 1-5, pp. 1-40. 4/8 Chapters 6-13, pp. 41-82. Sun Gold: A Story of the Hawaiian Islands by Alice Cooper Bailey, illustrated by Loretta and Prentice Phillips (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1930). 4/9 Correspondence, 1930, 1 item. 4/10 Typescript, edited, pp. 1-27. 4/11-4/13 Typescript, edited, 4/11 Chapters 1-5, pp. 1-53. 4/12 Chapters 6-10, pp. 54-121. 4/13 Chapters 11-14, pp. 122-172. To Remember Robert Lewis Stevenson by Alice Cooper Bailey (New York: McKay, 1966). 5/1 Correspondence, 1938-1967, 9 items. 5/2 Manuscript notes, 32 items. 5/3 Typescript, photocopied, pp. 1-40. 5/4 Typescript, carbon copy, edited; pp. 1-41 and 30 pp. of corrections and insertions. 5/5 Typescript, carbon copy, pp. 1-49. 5/6-5/8 Galleys, 5/6 Edited, 6 October 1965, pp. 1-20. 5/7 Minor corrections, pp. 1-20. 5/8 pp. 1-84. 5/9 Proofs, pp. 1-84. 5/10 Proofs of photo illustrations, 32 items. 6/1 Photographs used for publication, pp. vii, and 2-79, 31 items. 6/2 Photographs not used for publication and photographs sent by the family of Robert Lewis Stevenson, 8 items.

C. Short Stories

"Cherry Red Taffeta" by Alice Cooper Bailey, published in St. Nicholas Magazine, unknown date of publication. 6/3 Correspondence, 1935, 1 item. 6/4 Typescript, edited, pp. 1-13. 6/5 Typescript, "retyped," pp. 1-14. "The Flying Umbrella" by Alice Cooper Bailey, published in The Golden Magazine for Boys and Girls, May-July 1965. 6/6 Correspondence, 1948-1953, 5 items. 6/7 Photocopies of story in The Golden Magazine for Boys and Girls, May-July 1965; parts I-III. "Hallelujah Day" by Alice Cooper Bailey, published in The American Girl, March 1946. 6/8 Correspondence, 1945, 1 item. 6/9 Typescript, "first version," edited, pp. 1-26. 6/10 Typescript, "second version," pp. 1-13. 6/11 Photocopy of story from The American Girl, March 1946; pp. 3, 12-13, 47-48, and 50. "Out of the Past" by Alice Cooper Bailey, published in Young People's Weekly, 4 June 1932. 6/12 Photocopy of story from Young People's Weekly, 4 June 1932; pp. 1, 3, and 14-15. "Tomorrow: A New Place to Go" by Alice Cooper Bailey, published in Travel, September 1956. 6/13 Correspondence, 1946-1956, 4 items. 6/14 Typescript, edited, pp. 1-10. 6/15 Typescript, pp. 1-12. 6/16 Photocopy of story from Travel, September 1956; pp. 10- 16.

D. Scrapbooks

7/1 Personal scrapbook, contains letters, family photographs, and newspaper clippings. There are letters from Shirley Temple (Black), President Taft's daughter, and the Queen of the Netherlands' personal secretary. 7/2 Photocopies of personal scrapbook. 7/3 Scrapbook of reviews, photographs, and letters concerning her books. Includes a photograph and letter from Shirley Temple Black and her son, written 26 years after her first letter. 7/4 Photocopies of scrapbook.

E. Miscellaneous Materials

7/5 Miscellaneous items, 23 items.

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Processed: February 4, 1998
Revised: June 2001

Conservation Notes

The scrapbooks in the collection were photocopied onto acid free paper. Acidic news clippings, reviews, and periodicals in the collection were photocopied onto acid free paper and removed. The photographs that were not glued in the scrapbooks, were removed and put into mylar sleeves to prevent further damage. One photograph was ripped and was encapsulated in mylar to also prevent any further damage.

Separation List

Three pen and ink illustrations were removed from the collection and added to DG0047, the Margaret Ayer (Mrs. Alfred Babington) Papers.




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