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Finding Aid Part 6: Container Listing

V. Personal

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V. Personal

A. H.A. Rey's Personal Artwork
1. Artwork up to 1935
236/2Framed painting of horses and riders in a park made when he was eight years old, [ca. 1906], (1 item)
132/7Book of cut paper silhouettes and ink drawings with loose drawing and cut-out figures, [ca. 1908-1911], (4 items)
132/8Photocopies of Wilhelm Gymnasium class journals, numbers 1-4, 16-26 & 28-42, 1913-1916, with photocopies of envelope and notes, 33 items (PLEASE USE PHOTOCOPIES BEFORE HANDLING ORIGINALS)
133/1Original issues of Wilhelm Gymnasium class journals, numbers 1-4 & 16-17, (6 items)
133/2Original issues of Wilhelm Gymnasium class journals, numbers 18-23, (6 items)
133/3Original issues of Wilhelm Gymnasium class journals, numbers 24-26 & 28-30, (6 items)
133/4Original issues of Wilhelm Gymnasium class journals, numbers 31-36, (6 items)
133/5Original issues of Wilhelm Gymnasium class journals, numbers 37-42, (6 items)
133/6Tear sheets of article listing graduates of Wilhelm Gymnasium, 1912-1920, ( 4 pp.)
133/7Letters received from Martin Goldschmidt with ink drawing by H.A. Rey and envelope, 1922 & 1972, (4 items)
133/8Postcard of painting, possibly "Opfertag 1916 für Heer und Marine," [ca. 1916], (1 item)
133/9Photocopy of "Italíenísche Reíse-Erínnerungen," a cartoon booklet of a trip to Italy in December 1921, (1 item)
133/10Photocopies of cartoons probably drawn in Brazil, [ca. 1925-1935], (3 items)
133/11Wedding announcement, August 1935, (1 item)
2. New Year Cards
133/12Photocopies of holiday cards, 1927-1934, (3 items)
133/13Lists of New Year cards, 1968 & 1972, (2 items)
133/14Handmade New Year card for 1940, (1 item)
133/15Handmade New Year card for 1941, (4 items)
133/16Handmade and printed New Year cards for 1942 (2 varieties), (4 items)
236/3Framed New Year cards for 1940 & 1942, (1 item)
133/17Printed and hand painted New Year card for 1943, (5 items)
133/18Printed New Year card for 1944, (4 items)
290/1Framed New Year cards for 1944 & 1950, (1 item)
133/19Printed and hand painted New Year card for 1945 with pencil drawing, (9 items)
134/1Printed and hand painted New Year card for 1946, (2 items)
134/2Printed and hand painted New Year card for 1947, (3 items)
134/3Printed New Year card for 1948 with negative, (6 items)
134/4Printed New Year card for 1949, (3 items)
134/5Printed and hand painted New Year card for 1950, (3 items)
290/1 Framed New Year cards for 1950 & 1944, (1 item)
134/6Printed New Year card for 1951, (2 items)
134/7Printed New Year card for 1952, ( 2 items)
134/8Printed New Year card for 1953, (4 items)
134/9Printed New Year card for 1954 with watercolor illustration, (4 items)
134/10Printed New Year card for 1955, (3 items)
282/5Wood block for New Year card for 1955, (1 item)
134/11Printed New Year card for 1956 with color pencil illustration, (4 items)
134/12Printed and hand painted New Year card for 1957, (4 items)
134/13Printed New Year card for 1958, (2 items)
134/14Color pencil illustration for New Year card for 1959, (1 item)
134/15Printed New Year card for 1960, (1 item)
134/16Printed New Year card for 1961, (6 items)
134/17Printed New Year card for 1962 with color pencil illustrations, (3 items)
134/18Printed New Year card for 1963 with color pencil illustrations, (5 items)
134/19Printed New Year card for 1964, (9 items)
134/20Printed New Year card for 1965, (6 items)
134/21Printed New Year card for 1966, (7 items)
290/2Framed New Year card for 1966, (1 item)
134/22Printed New Year card for 1967 with color pencil illustration of second variety, (7 items)
135/1Printed New Year card for 1968, (6 items)
135/2Printed New Year card for 1969, ( 6 items)
135/3Printed New Year card for 1970 with color pencil illustration and color separation, (8 items)
135/4Printed New Year card for 1971 with color pencil illustration and color separation, (7 items)
135/5Printed New Year card for 1972, (4 items)
135/6Printed New Year card for 1973 with color pencil illustration and color separation, (8 items)
135/7Printed New Year card for 1974 with color pencil illustrations and color separation, (9 items)
135/8Printed New Year card for 1975, (12 items)
239/14Color separation for New Year card for 1975, (1 item)
135/9Printed New Year card for 1976 with altered 1975 card, (7 items)
135/10Unused pencil drawing and poem, (2 items)
135/11Clippings re Christmas cards, 1971, (2 items)
135/12UNICEF greeting card catalogs, (3 items)
135/13Clipping re calendars with manuscript poem, (2 items)
3. Artwork for Margret Rey & Friends
a. Artwork for Margret Rey
136/1Color pencil drawing of dog resembling H.A. Rey, April 1942, (1 item)
136/2Twenty-fifth wedding anniversary card, 1960, (1 item)
136/3Card for a gift of shares in Harper & Row, May 1963, (1 item)
136/4Drawing of Curious George and piano, (1 item)
125/9Color marker drawings probably for Margret Rey, (7 items)
286/4Cardboard lap desk made for Margret Rey, (1 item)
b. Artwork for Family Members
125/10Black marker drawing of dinosaurs for Renate Eaton, April 1960, (1 item)
136/5Watercolor illustrations for housewarming and wedding anniversary of Frank & Renate Eaton, (2 items)
136/6Color pencil drawing for fiftieth wedding anniversary for Sexta & Oscar Gerson, October 1964, (1 item)
136/7Pencil drawings for eightieth birthday card for Oscar Gerson with postcard received, April-June 1966, (3 items)
c. Artwork for Friends
136/8Pencil drawing for sixtieth birthday of Marge Cleverly, July 1968, (1 item)
Drawer 3-J/2Ink and crayon drawing of poster for Massachusetts Horticultural Society with photograph and letter received, March 1973, (3 items)
136/9Pencil drawing of housewarming card for Tom & Daphne Corcoran with letter received, May 1976, ( 2 items)
136/10Color pencil drawings for card for Al & Bibs Hubert's move to Florida, (2 items)
136/11Color pencil drawing for birthday card for an unidentified friend, (1 item)
136/12Photographs of a piano decorated by H.A. Rey for an unidentified friend, [ca. 1950-1959], (8 items)
4. Sketchbooks and Assorted Drawings
a. Early sketches and sketchbooks
136/13Pencil drawings of trees, 1924-1933, (3 items)
136/14Pencil drawings of plants, one dated December 1934, (4 items)
136/15French-made sketchbook with pencil drawings of kangaroos, street scenes, and nature scenes, [ca. 1935-1940], (1 item)
136/16Pages of a sketchbook with pencil drawings of street and nature scenes, November-December 1936, (31 items)
136/17Pages of a sketchbook with pencil drawings of street scenes and plants, (7 items)
136/18Pages of a sketchbook with pencil drawings of trees, (8 items)
136/19Pages of a sketchbook with pencil drawings of a dockside, (4 items)
136/20Sketchbook and loose pages with pencil drawings of scenes in Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village, New York City, June 1948, (4 items)
136/21Pages probably from the sketchbook above with pencil drawings of scenes in Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village, New York City, June 1948, (19 items)
b. Drawings of Animals
(1). Birds
136/22Pencil drawing of an owl, August 1961, (1 item)
136/23Color pencil drawing of a dead baby robin, July 1963, (1 item)
136/24Clipping of a wild turkey, ( 1 item)
(2). Carnivores
136/25"Sundry Carnivores" file of pencil drawings, clippings, and postcards of bears, raccoons, armadillos, seals, anteaters, etc., (47 items)
(3). Cats
136/26"Cats" file of clippings, (30 items)
(4). Chipmunks & Squirrels
137/1Color pencil drawing of George, a dead baby squirrel, August 1967, (1 item)
137/2Pencil drawings of chipmunks, (11 items)
137/3Pencil drawings of chipmunks, (11 items)
137/4Clippings of chipmunks and squirrels, (4 items)
(5). Dogs
137/5"Dogs" file of clippings and pencil drawings (1 of 4), (11 items)
137/6"Dogs" file of clippings and pencil drawings (2 of 4), (10 items)
137/7"Dogs" file of clippings and pencil drawings (3 of 4), (19 items)
137/8"Dogs" file of clippings and pencil drawings (4 of 4), (54 items)
137/9"Setters" file of clippings, (8 items)
(6). Lizards
137/10Pencil drawing of lizards, August 1959, (1 item)
(7). Marsupials
137/11Ink drawings of kangaroos, (2 items)
137/12Clipping of koala, (1 item)
(8). Primates
137/13"Monkeys" file of clippings and pencil drawings, (25 items)
137/14"Chimps" file of clippings and pencil drawings, (16 items)
137/15"Gorillas, orangs, gibbons" file of clippings, (34 items)
137/16Clippings re art and language among primates, (17 items)
(9). Rodents
137/17"Rodents & Sundry" file of pencil drawings and clippings of rabbits, (16 items)
137/18Smaller folder within "Rodents & Sundry" file of clippings, postcards, photographic proofs, and pencil drawings of pandas, sloths, opossums, mice, squirrels, etc., (27 items)
(10). Other Animals
137/19Assorted clippings of hippopotami, donkeys, walruses, and Mexican honey bears, (5 items)
c. Drawings of Vegetation
137/20Pencil drawings of vegetation, June-August 1961, (8 items)
137/21Pencil drawings of vegetation, June-September 1964, (5 items)
137/22Pencil and color pencil drawings of vegetation with clipping, (12 items)
288/2Framed color pencil drawing of tree stump, (1 item)
288/3Pencil and color pencil drawings of tree stumps and lavender, (4 items)
d. Cartoons
137/23Group of color pencil drawings of dogs, (11 items)
137/24Color pencil drawings of assorted cartoons, (18 items)
137/25Color pencil drawings of assorted cartoons, (25 items)
Tube 6/2Color marker drawings of prowtzel (pretzel + owl) and banary (banana + canary), (2 items)
e. Other Drawings and Art Supplies
137/26Pencil drawing and watercolor drawing of barnyard scene, (2 items)
137/27Pencil drawings and postcard, (3 items)
137/28Pencil drawings, watercolor paintings, and print possibly made by H.A. Rey, (7 items)
138/1Samples of colors for printing, (16 items)
138/2Samples of colors for printing, (25 items)
138/3Test color separations, (12 items)
138/4Pamphlets of typeface samples from The Composing Room Inc., (8 items)
138/5Literature on colors, typefaces, and printing tools, (27 items)
5. Crafts
138/6Folded figures of sailors with accordions, (2 items)
138/7"Please Do Not Disturb" sign, (1 item)
138/8Clippings of assorted gadgets with two evidences of conception, 1944 & 1966, (36 items)
138/9Clippings of assorted gadgets (1 of 2), (13 items)
139/1Clippings of assorted gadgets (2 of 2), (48 items)
139/2Decorated notebook dividers, (12 items)
139/3Decorated file folders, (6 items)
140/1Puppet theater with elephant hand puppet and evidence of conception, 1950, (3 items)
140/2Insect made from a wooden spoon, screws, and bolts, (1 item)
140/3Bird made from a shoe stretcher and shelf supports, (1 item)
140/4Man made from a wooden pipe holder, screws, and a light switch, 1977, (1 item)
140/5Curious George mask, (1 item)
140/6Model of a windmill, [ca. 1960-1969], (1 item)
141Illustrated metal tags for accordion files, (154 items)
B. Margret Rey's Personal Artwork
1. Photographs, Prints, & Drawings
267/2Framed linoleum print of tree and village, 1926, (1 item)
125/11Matted photographs taken along a dockside, May 1935, (4 items)
125/12Matted photographs labeled "Winter in Petropolis," August 1935, (2 items)
125/13Matted photographs taken in Brazil, (3 items)
125/14Matted portrait photographs, ( 3 items)
125/15Matted photographs of interlocked chairs and a telephone, (2 items)
142/1Framed pencil drawing of H.A. Rey, April 1939, (1 item)
142/2Pencil drawings of H.A. Rey, October 1942 & June 1948, (2 items)
142/3Framed oil-based pastel drawing of H.A. Rey, July 1961, (1 item)
2. Pottery
a. Journals & Records
139/4Journal of pottery notes, October 1965-April 1971, (47 pp. and 21 loose drawings)
139/5Journal of pottery notes and Haystack diary, November 1968-July 1970, (43 pp. and 32 loose drawings & clippings)
139/6Journal of pottery notes and Haystack diary, October 1970-September 1975, (26 pp.)
143/1Journal of pottery notes and Haystack diary, Autumn 1971-March 1973, (37 pp.)
143/2Journal of notes on glazing compositions and techniques, [ca. 1972-1973], (14 pp.)
143/3Letter received from Boston Museum of Fine Arts, September 1965, (1 item)
143/4Correspondence, pamphlets, registration records, photographs, and maps re summer courses at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, 1967-1972, (57 items)
143/5Letters received, pamphlets, and maps re financial support for the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, January 1975-May 1992, (21 items)
143/6Slides and photographs of Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, July 1972, 37 slides & (8 prints)
143/7Photographs of Margret Rey's pottery pieces, 1969-1973, (32 slides & 23 prints)
143/8Assorted clippings re pottery designs and supplies, 1972-1973, (26 items)
b. Pottery Pieces
(1). Ashtrays
144/1Small ashtray with circular pattern
144/2Small ashtray painted orange, black, and green
144/3Small ashtray with wood-like etching on sides, (May 1967)
(2). Bowls
144/4Large deep bowl painted in brown and black
144/5Medium bowl painted with star-flower pattern
144/6Medium bowl, unglazed and charcoal colored, (January 1966)
144/7Small bowl painted with black criss-cross pattern over white natural color
145/1Large bowl, blue glazing with X pattern around sides, (1974)
145/2Medium bowl with rough brown glaze, (1975)
145/3Small shallow bowl with black cross and circle pattern, (1975)
145/4Small glazed bowl with black interior and simple black design on white natural color
145/5Small bowl with circle and triangle pattern in interior
145/6Medium shallow bowl with pentagram and circles pattern, (1975)
146/1Bisque sugar bowl with lid
146/2Large shallow bowl with circle and star pattern and pinched lip, (1975)
146/3Small bowl, blue glaze with white rim
146/4Medium square bowl with red and green glaze
146/5Large shallow bowl with brown wheel and circle pattern, (1971)
146/6Bisque sugar bowl with candleholder lid
146/7Medium deep bowl with fluted shape, (1967)
147/1Damaged small blue glazed bowl, (1974)
147/2Damaged large fluted bowl with brown circles and triangles painted on sides, (1971)
147/3Damaged large shallow blue glazed bowl, (1974)
147/4Small square shallow bowl with brown glaze
148/1Large blue glazed bowl with triangular pattern painted on sides, (1973)
298/1Large black and gray partially glazed shallow bowl, (1970)
299/1Damaged large black partially glazed bowl
299/2Medium tan bowl with spiral design on outside, (1968)
299/3Small brown glazed bowl
299/4Small brown and green glazed bowl, (1972)
299/5Small brown, black, and green glazed bowl, (1971)
299/6Damaged small square blue and white glazed bowl
299/7Small green and white glazed bowl with circle and cross pattern in bowl
300/1Large blue, black, and tan glazed bowl, (1969)
300/2Medium black and white glazed bowl with star and triangle pattern in bowl, (1975)
300/3Brown sugar bowl with candleholder lid
(3). Candleholders
148/2Small candleholder with pinched lip painted in black & white pattern
148/3Small candleholder with pinched lip painted in black & white pattern, (1972)
300/4Medium brown and white candleholder for two candles
(4). Cups
148/4Cup with brown glaze and fish on sides, (1973)
148/5Cup with green, brown, and red glaze and fish design, (1971)
148/6Cup with white, green, and blue glaze, (1975)
149/1Handle-less cup with varying shades of brown glaze
149/2Brown cup with blue glaze wave design on side, (1975)
149/3White cup with blue, green, and brown glaze wave design on side, (1975)
149/4Blue glaze cup with fish on side
149/5Brown and white glaze cup with fish design, (1973)
149/6Brown and white glaze cup with fish design, (1973)
149/7Brown and white glaze cup with fish design, (1973)
149/8Brown glaze cup with fish design, (1971)
149/9Brown glaze cup with fish design, (1971)
149/10Brown glazed cup with spiral designs
300/5Brown and tan glazed cup, (1969)
300/6Brown and white glazed cup with wave design on outside
300/7Unglazed earthenware cup with brown and yellow glaze accents
(5). Figurines
150/1Small glazed whale, (1972)
150/2Medium unglazed mother elephant, (1972)
150/3Very small unglazed baby elephant, (1972)
150/4Medium glazed owl with wire eyeglasses, (1972)
150/5Medium unglazed chicken and chick with planter in tail, (May 1972)
150/6Hollow unglazed two-faced male figure representing H.A. Rey, perhaps used as candleholder or planter, (1971)
150/7Hollow unglazed female figure representing Margret Rey, perhaps used as candleholder or planter, (1972)
150/8Very small object with "REY" cut backwards on both ends
151/1Medium unglazed dragon without feet, perhaps used as candleholder or planter, (1972)
151/2Medium unglazed dragon with feet and five scales on neck, perhaps used as candleholder or planter, (1974)
151/3Medium unglazed dragon with feet and nine scales on neck, perhaps used as candleholder or planter, (1973)
152/1Large unglazed two-faced standing male figure holding bowl on head, used as planter
152/2Large unglazed two-faced standing female figure holding bowl on head, used as planter, (1972)
153/1Large glazed Jonah and the whale, (1973)
153/2Large unglazed Jonah and the whale, (1972)
153/3Medium unglazed boar
301/1Plaster head of Curious George used to serve as an example to merchandisers of how to design stuffed dolls
301/2Metal head of Curious George identical to one above, February (1971)
301/3Rubber head of Curious George identical to one above, February (1971)
301/4Plaster and rubber mold from which the three Curious George heads above were cast
(6). Plates & Platters
154/1Large platter with sun and lopsided pentagram pattern, (1970)
154/2Large red and green glazed terra cotta platter
154/3Large green glazed platter with orange and white eagle design
154/4Large white platter with eight-pointed sun design, (1974)
154/5Damaged plate with smiley-faced sun design, (1969)
155/1White plate with brown Star of David and eight circles pattern, (1973)
155/2Glazed white plate with brown criss-cross pattern, (1973)
155/3Glazed white plate with brown and blue eight-pointed star pattern
155/4Glazed white plate with brown criss-cross pattern, marked "Test 1," (1973)
302/1Large brown and tan platter with stars design, (1969)
302/2Medium brown glazed platter with black wave pattern, (April 1969)
302/3Damaged black and white striped glazed plate, (1971)
302/4Damaged brown and white glazed plate with cross and circle pattern, (1974)
302/5Brown and white plate with criss-cross pattern in center
302/6Glazed tan, red, and brown plate with spiraled texture
302/7Brown and black glazed plate, (1973)
302/8Small green glazed plate with black criss-cross and wave patterns, (1973)
(7). Teapots
155/5Glazed teapot with lid
156/1Unglazed teapot with lid, (1975)
(8). Vases
156/2Large blue and brown vase, (February 1971)
156/3Damaged green glazed medium vase with brown three-circle patterns on sides
156/4Small partially glazed vase with wave pattern on sides, last piece of pottery made by Margret Rey, (1980)
157/1Large white glazed vase with blue wave pattern on sides, (1968)
157/2Medium fluted red glazed vase
157/3Medium white glazed with brown painting and narrow neck, (1973)
157/4Medium fluted glazed vase with blue circle and wave patterns on sides
157/5Small square blue and white glazed vase, (1971)
158/1Small fluted white vase with blue crossed pattern, (1975)
158/2Small square-mouthed red clay vase with white glaze
158/3Damaged medium narrow-necked glazed and grooved vase
158/4Small narrow-necked vase with white glaze and brown painted circles, (1974)
301/5Small brown, blue, and white round vase, (1972)
301/6Small round green and white glazed vase with small round mouth
303/1Medium green and brown glazed vase with handles, (1973)
303/2Brown and tan glazed vase with white interior, (March 1972)
303/3Short, squat unglazed vase with wave pattern on sides
303/4Small unglazed vase with wide mouth and blue interior, (1979)
303/5Small green glazed vase with circle and line pattern on sides
303/6Small square unglazed vase with brown glaze accents, (July 1980)
303/7Small red glazed vase with round belly and square mouth
303/8Small red glazed vase with round belly and round mouth
303/9Small brown and white glazed vase, (1972)
303/10Small white and brown glazed vase with square mouth
3. Needlepoint & Knitting
a. Needlepoint
(1). Adam & Eve
159/1Early pencil, color pencil, and ink drawings, (15 items)
159/2Positive and negative enlarged photocopies, (3 items)
159/3Color pencil and ink drawings on graph paper, (8 items)
160/1Finished needlepoint piece, 1973, (1 item)
(2). The Birds & the Bees in Waterville Valley
159/4Pencil and ink drawings, needlepoint samples, 1971, (7 items)
(3). Bluejay at Window Feeder
159/5Ink and color pencil drawings, (5 items)
(4). Characters from Books by the Reys
159/6Pencil drawing and photocopies (one colored), (5 items)
159/7Ink and color pencil drawings, photograph, and slides, 1970, (14 items)
(5). Cocker Spaniels & Other Dogs
159/8Ink, chalk, and color pencil drawings; photograph; and needlepoint samples for portrait of Andy, (25 items)
160/2Finished needlepoint piece of Andy, labeled "with Love to the Wolfes," 1983, (1 item)
159/9Negative photocopy for portrait of Scoopy, (1 item)
161/1Stool with finished needlepoint piece of Scoopy with 2 slides, 1970, (3 items)
159/10Color pencil drawings for portrait of Maxie, 1971, (2 items)
159/11Color pencil drawings for "Petra's Girls," (3 items)
160/3Finished needlepoint piece of three dachshunds, labeled "Petra's Girls," (1 item)
(6). Daniel in the Lion's Den
159/12Ink drawings, (7 items)
(7). Hot Air Balloon over Waterville Valley
159/13Ink and color pencil drawings and needlepoint samples, (15 items)
(8). Jonah and the Whale
159/14Pencil, ink, crayon, and color pencil drawings, (13 items)
159/15Color pencil and ink drawings on graph paper, 1973, (13 items)
159/16Needlepoint samples, (1 item)
Framed finished needlepoint piece, (1 item)
(9). Lions
159/17Ink and crayon drawings and negative photocopy for male lion design, 1970, (6 items)
159/18Pencil, color pencil, and ink drawings with photocopies for female lion and cub design, 1970, (6 items)
159/19Finished needlepoint pillow covers for both designs, 1970, (2 items)
(10). Noah's Ark
164/1Block print and ink drawing, (2 items)
(11). Portrait of H.A. Rey
164/2Ink drawings and photocopies of early designs, (18 items)
164/3Ink and color pencil drawings of later designs, many on graph paper, with needlepoint samples, 1974, (11 items)
164/4Needlepoint samples, (3 items)
163Framed finished needlepoint piece, (1 item)
(12). Portrait of Margret Rey
164/5Pencil, ink, and color pencil drawings, (6 items)
164/6Unfinished needlepoint piece, ( 1 item)
(13). Washington Square Apartment Building
164/7Pencil and color pencil drawings and slides, (23 items)
160/4Finished needlepoint piece, 1971, (1 item)
(14). Other Needlepoint Material
164/8Pencil and ink drawings, (6 items)
164/9Border patterns and needlepoint samples, (13 items)
164/10Correspondence and clippings, 1971-1985, (16 items)
164/11Stiff paper forms and other papers, (10 items)
b. Knitting
164/12Notebook of knitting patterns, labeled "Les Tricots de Peggy," 1939-1982, (1 item with 15 loose sheets)
165Framed Curious George socks, (1 item)
C. Journals & Diaries
1. Personal Journals & Diaries
166/1-20H.A. Rey's annual journals, 1936-1955, (20 items)
167/1-19H.A. Rey's annual journals, 1956-1974, (19 items)
286/5Cardboard box made by H.A. Rey to store annual journals, (1 item)
168/1Margret Rey's diary, April 1925-March 1929, (1 item)
168/2H.A. & Margret Rey's miscellany journal, 1941-1950, (1 item)
2. Address & Telephone Number Books
168/3List of addresses in New York City, [ca. 1940-1963], (1 item)
168/4Book of telephone numbers and some addresses, 1953-1963, (1 item)
169/1Address book with some telephone numbers, 1955-1970, (1 item)
169/2Address book, 1967-1979, (1 item)
169/3Address book, 1980-1986, (1 item)
169/4Waterville Valley telephone number book, n.d., (1 item)
169/5Cambridge telephone number book, n.d., (1 item)
D. Legal Records
1. Germany
169/6Vaccination certificate for Alex Reyersbach, October 1873, (1 item)
169/7Photocopy of birth registration record for Hans Reyersbach in October 1898 and proof of birth issued in May 1966, (2 items)
169/8Birth certificate for Margarete Waldstein in May 1906, vaccination certificate issued in February 1908, and reverse photocopy of proof of birth issued in April 1937, (3 items)
169/9Vaccination certificates for Hans Reyersbach, October 1899 & December 1910, (2 items)
170/1Evidence of maturity for Hans Reyersbach from Wilhelm Gymnasium in Hamburg, August 1916, (1 item)
170/2Evidence of maturity for Margarete Waldstein from Klosterschule in Hamburg, February 1925, (1 item)
170/3Certificate of acceptance for Margarete Waldstein from Staatliche Kunstakademie in Dusseldorf, October 1927, (1 item)
2. Brazil
170/4Naturalization and military service certificates for Hans Reyersbach, April 1934 & April 1935, (2 items)
170/5Pre-marriage document and marriage license, August & December 1935, (2 items)
170/6Dual passport, May 1942, (1 item)
3. France
170/7Registration books with the Prefecture of Police, December 1937, (2 items)
4. United States of America
170/8Response to Selective Service questionnaire by H.A. Rey, May 1942, (1 item)
170/9Naturalization certificates for H.A. & Margret Rey, April 1946, (2 items)
170/10Certificate of Literacy for Margret Rey, October 1946, (1 item)
170/11Passports for Margret & H.A. Rey, May 1949 & April 1951, ( 2 items)
170/12Social Security card and New York University report card for Margret Rey, [ca. 1950-1959], (2 items)
170/13International Vaccination Certificates for H.A. & Margret Rey with 2 blank certificates, June 1955, (4 items)
170/14Legal documentation re purchase of property in Kent, New York, by Margret Rey, July-September 1955, (4 items)
170/15Passports for H.A. & Margret Rey with undated passport renewal application for Margret Rey, April 1956, (3 items)
170/16International Driving Permit for Margret Rey, August 1956, (1 item)
170/17Voter registration cards and cancellation of registration notices for H.A. & Margret Rey with correspondence, July 1957-March 1963, (7 items)
170/18Traffic ticket for Margret Rey, May 1960, (1 item)
170/19Letter sent by H.A. Rey to Social Security Administration with proof of age, May 1966, (3 items)
170/20Passports for H.A. & Margret Rey, April 1967 & January 1973, (2 items)
170/21Notice received from State of New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles for Margret Rey with photograph, [ca. 1970-1979], (2 items)
170/22Passport for Margret Rey, March 1978, (1 item)
170/23Summons for jury duty for Margret Rey, February 1981, (1 item)
170/24Notice received from U.S. Census Bureau for Margret Rey, [ca. January 1986], (1 item)
5. Personal Agreements between H.A. & Margret Rey
170/25Handwritten donation of literary artwork by H.A. Rey to Margret Rey, December 1939, (1 item)
170/26Notarized statement by H.A. & Margret Rey on the history of their artistic collaboration since 1935, July 1975, (1 item)
E. Financial Records
1. Financial Records, 1936-1945
170/27Bank books for Lloyd's Bank, Chelsea Branch, London, February 1936-January 1940, (2 items)
170/28Correspondence, bank book sheet, and check for Lloyd's Bank, July 1939-July 1940, (8 items)
170/29Account statements for Lloyd's & National Provincial Foreign Bank, Paris, January 1938-May 1940, (9 items)
170/30Lists of contents of trunks, [ca. January 1938], (3 items)
171/1Correspondence with Reyersbach family members, vaccination certificates, and passenger list issued in Portugal, June-July 1940, (9 items)
171/2Letters received, receipts, and notes re debt to James Magnus, July 1940-May 1945, (6 items)
171/3Correspondence between Margret Rey and the Banco Germanico da America do Sul, August 1940-March 1941, (4 items)
171/4Letter received and assorted receipts issued in Brazil and the United States, September-October 1940, (5 items)
2. Income Tax Records
171/5Income tax records, 1944-1946, (4 items)
171/6Income tax records, 1955, 1963 & 1966-1968, (3 items)
171/7Income tax records, 1970, 1973, 1984-1985, (11 items)
296/2Income tax records, 1988, (2 items)
296/3Income tax records, 1989, (2 items)
296/4Income tax records, 1990, (3 items)
296/5Income tax records, 1991, (4 items)
296/6Income tax records, 1992, (4 items)
296/7Income tax records, 1993, (12 items)
296/8Income tax records, 1994, (4 items)
296/9Income tax records, 1995, (2 items)
297/1Income tax records, 1996, (3 items)
171/8Records of tax-exempt transfers from H.A. Rey to Margret Rey, 1959-1968, (12 items)
171/9Permanent tax reference folder, 1944-1972, (10 items)
3. Family Estates
171/10Carbon copy of will of Gertrude Waldstein, June 1940, (2 pp.)
171/11Photocopy of an account of the Waldstein family history written perhaps by David Felix Waldstein, [ca. August 1941], (52 pp.)
171/12Letters received from Hans Waldstein and Gunter Eichenberg re a settlement for the Waldstein family members, February 1950-April 1951, (2 items)
171/13Correspondence with Walter Müller re the Waldstein Estate, December 1953-April 1971, (26 items)
171/14Letters received from Emil von Sauer re the estate of Elisabeth Rosenfeld, October 1952-November 1953, (2 items)
171/15Letter received from Konrad Höra re the estate of Elizabeth Windmüller, April 1965, (1 item)
171/16Printed instructions for remuneration of losses during Nazi period, 1953, (1 item)
4. Assorted Financial Records & Instruments
171/17Personal financial record book, 1940-1975, (1 item)
171/18List of Margret Rey's investments, September 1980-June 1985, (2 items)
172/1Correspondence with Melvin Kornbliet, CPA, September 1972-January 1986, (13 items)
172/2Correspondence with banks and brokers, February 1970-May 1988, (8 items)
172/3Correspondence with financial periodicals, January 1972-December 1975, (4 items)
172/4Hand decorated personal checks, December 1970-December 1985, (13 items)
172/5Blank stock transfer slips signed by H.A. Rey, September 1952, (15 items)
F. Correspondence
1. Family
a. Reyersbach Family
(1). Correspondence between H.A. & Margret Rey
172/6Letters sent from H.A. Rey to Margret Rey, June-July 1969, (9 items)
172/7Letters sent from H.A. Rey to Margret Rey, June-July 1970, (4 items)
172/8Letters sent from H.A. Rey to Margret Rey, July 1971, (2 items)
172/9Letters sent from H.A. Rey to Margret Rey, June-July 1972, (10 items)
172/10Household notes between H.A. Rey and Margret Rey, (2 items)
(2). Correspondence with Siblings
172/11Photocopy of portion of letter on James Magnus & Co. letterhead, November 1925, (1 item)
172/12Correspondence and photograph for Max Henry & Hilde Reyersbach, November 1941-June 1967, (20 items)
172/13Correspondence with Heinz Gaul re death of Max Henry Reyersbach, April-May 1967, (2 items)
172/14Correspondence and bank drafts for Hilde Reyersbach & Walter Kamp, March 1973-January 1976, (33 items)
(3). Correspondence with Others
172/15Correspondence and photographs for Edith Magnus Landmann & sons, July 1951-December 1995, (33 items)
172/16Letters received from Gerda Elias Adamsson & Margerita Johnson Gerborg, July 1991-February 1992, (3 items)
172/17Correspondence and photograph for Wera Corvin Morley, January 1941-January 1974, (7 items)
173/1Correspondence and photograph for Ellen Reyersbach Rubin & Monica Rubin, October 1953-September 1977, (22 items)
173/2Correspondence with unrelated Reys and Reyersbachs, June 1966-October 1969, (2 items)
b. Waldstein Family
(1). Correspondence with Parents
173/3Letters received from David Felix & Gertrude Waldstein, January-December 1940, (19 items)
173/4Letters received from David Felix & Gertrude Waldstein, January-December 1941, (25 items)
173/5Letters received from David Felix & Gertrude Waldstein, January-December 1942, (37 items)
173/6Correspondence with David Felix Waldstein, January-December 1943, (17 items)
(2). Correspondence with Siblings, Nieces & Nephews
173/7Letters sent from David Felix & Renate Waldstein to Ludwig Waldstein, July 1936, (3 items)
173/8Correspondence and photograph for Hans Waldstein, 1935-[ca. 1941], (13 items)
173/9Correspondence with Hans & Lisa Waldstein, March 1949-May 1985, (83 items)
174/1Correspondence with Mary & Gunter Eichenberg, September 1937-November 1968, (68 items)
174/2Correspondence with Mary & Gunter Eichenberg, January 1969-March 1993, (83 items)
174/3Correspondence with Robert Peter Eaton and children, June 1964-December 1988, (35 items)
174/4Correspondence with Ludwig & Yoneko Waldstein, February 1949-November 1990, (85 items)
174/5Correspondence with Renate & Frank Eaton, May 1952-August 1981, (45 items)
(3). Correspondence with Others
174/6Letters received from Margarete Rosenfeld Wolff, September 1941-February 1975, (39 items)
175/1Letters received from Karl & Maria Strauch, March 1970-July 1988, (23 items)
175/2Correspondence with Roger & Hans Strauch, September 1977-May 1985, (9 items)
175/3Letters received from Magdalene Proskauer, July 1976-September 1977, (2 items)
175/4Letters received from Emmy, Inge, and Fred Henning; funeral meditation for Emmy Henning; and clippings, August 1966-October 1993, (12 items)
175/5Letters received from Sexta, Wolfgang, and Hilde Gerson, November 1965-May 1977, (4 items)
175/6Letter received from Hermann Rosenfeld, February 1953, ( 1 item)
175/7Letters received from unidentified relatives, February 1940-June 1980, (4 items)
2. Friends & Acquaintances
175/8Abelin-Meijer, Hetty: letters received, n.d., (3 items)
175/9Abernathy, Annemarie: letter received, January 1970, (1 item)
175/10Adachi, Aiko: letters received, May 1983-November 1987, (3 items)
175/11Adams, Jeanette: letter received, January 1966, (1 item)
175/12Albers-Schönberg, Ernst & Elisabeth: correspondence and poems, September 1948-October 1964, (37 items)
175/13Albers-Schönberg, Ernst & Elisabeth: correspondence, poems, and photographs, January 1965-September 1971, (33 items)
175/14Albers-Schönberg, Ernst & Elisabeth: correspondence and poems, January 1972-January 1985, (40 items)
175/15Typescripts of a fairy tale and a memoir of Wilhelm Gymnasium by Ernst Albers-Schönberg, (2 items)
175/16Albers-Schönberg, Ulrich, Georg, Joyce, and Stefanie: letters received, January 1969-September 1978, (11 items)
176/1Alexander, Ben & Mary: letters received, August 1968-January 1969, (3 items)
176/2Ballarin, Oswaldo & Fabienne: letters received, May 1951-January 1978, (11 items)
176/3Banks, Ruth: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
176/4Barber, Bruni: letter received, March 1974, (1 item)
176/5Barnett, Lincoln & Hildegarde: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
176/6Barsly, Wayne: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
176/7Bean, Ralph & Grace: correspondence, April 1953-September 1994, (47 items)
176/8Berks, Bob & Todd: letters sent, September 1974-January 1975, (2 items)
176/9Berthole, John Rossman: letter received, December 1963, (1 item)
176/10Best, Cari: letters received, September 1993-January 1996, (3 items)
176/11Bettmann, Ernst & Hilda: correspondence, 1972-August 1977, (3 items)
176/12Bettmann, Otto & Anne: letter received and clipping, 1958-1972, (2 items)
176/13Bigart, Else: letter received, January 1971, (1 item)
176/14Birkholz, Roswita: correspondence, 1972, (3 items)
176/15Block, Anna Sophie: correspondence, 1941-April 1981, (25 items)
176/16Bloembergen family: letter received, December 1971, (1 item)
176/17Borofsky, Jeanne Stephenson: correspondence, April-May 1981, (2 items)
176/18Bradford, Standish: letter received, December 1974, (1 item)
176/19Bradley, David & Elizabeth: letters received, January-November 1973, (2 items)
176/20Bridwell, Norman: letters received, October 1969, (3 items)
176/21Bright, Cassandra: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
176/22Brodeur, Roger & Cathie: letter received, September 1988, (1 item)
176/23Brooks, Paul: letters received, July 1975-July 1979, (7 items)
176/24Brossollet, Christine: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
176/25Buguña, Enrique: letter received, December 1972, (1 item)
176/26Bundy, McGeorge: correspondence, March 1959, (2 items)
176/27Bunting, John Edward: letter received, April 1968, (1 item)
176/28Burger, Chet: letter received, December 1969, (1 item)
176/29Burnham, Rika: letters received, June 1970-December 1978, (12 items)
176/30Chu, Morgan: letters received, [ca. 1994]-May 1996, (3 items)
176/31Coffin, Harriett S.: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
176/32Comings, Dorette I.: letter received, April 1978, (1 item)
176/33Concannon, Michael: letter received, November 1980, (1 item)
176/34Cooper, Corinne: letter received, November 1965, (1 item)
176/35Corcoran, Joan: letters received, February 1974-August 1993, (2 items)
177/1Corsano, Alona: letter received, December 1971, (1 item)
177/2Cosgrave, Maria Silva: correspondence and clipping, 1956-1984, (19 items)
177/3Covington, William: letter received, 1977, (1 item)
177/4Crate, James & Mindy: letters received, January 1978 & n.d., (2 items)
177/5D'Angio, Dan & Jean: letter received, 1986, (1 item)
177/6David, Lore R.: letters received, 1942 & n.d., (2 items)
177/7Dawson, Stuart & Ellen: letter received and photographs, n.d., (2 items)
177/8DeBevoise, Charles: correspondence, July 1982, (2 items)
177/9De Carlo, Sibylle: correspondence, October 1977, (2 items)
177/10Donovan, Arline: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
177/11Drake, John & Joan: correspondence, July 1968-January 1974, (3 items)
177/12Duncan, Lucille Fitzmaurice: correspondence, August 1967-August 1994, (10 items)
177/13Eisendrath, David B. Jr.: letters received, August 1966-June 1968, (3 items)
177/14Elkan, Henry: letters received, March 1950-March 1973, (5 items)
177/15Elliott, Chuck & Margaret: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
177/16Elsea, Scott & Virginia: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
177/17Ensor, John & Margaret: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
177/18Fales, Decorsey & Iten (also see folder 184/11): letters received, August 1981-June 1985, (3 items)
177/19Fauer, Mel & Marianne: correspondence, January 1968, (2 items)
177/20Fenton, Edward: letter received, December 1960, (1 item)
177/21Field, Parker B.: correspondence, January 1964-February 1966, (9 items)
177/22Fink, Dale B.: letter received, April 1980, (1 item)
177/23Fitzpatrick, Beatrice: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
177/24Frank, Bill: letter received, September 1974, (1 item)
177/25Frank, Dr. Richard & Gerda, and Kate Fuerth: correspondence and photographs, February 1953-October 1985, (24 items)
177/26French, Ellen: letter received, December 1972, (1 item)
177/27French, Gordon & Betty: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
177/28Gallant, Betty: letter received, 1966, (1 item)
177/29Gibernau, J. A.: letter received, January 1976, (1 item)
177/30Gillis, Stephanie: letters received, January 1993-November 1995, (4 items)
177/31Gingerich, Owen & Miriam: letters received, [ca. 1969], (3 items)
177/32Glassman, Jack: letter received, May 1984, (1 item)
177/33Goldhaber, Fred: letter received, June 1969, (1 item)
177/34Gordon, Nancy: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
177/35Gould, Dale J.: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
177/36Grant, Stephen W.: letter received, January 1974, (1 item)
177/37Greeley, Dick & Lorie: letter received, 1968, (1 item)
177/38Greenhouse, Sam: correspondence and essays, March 1969-April 1975, (15 items)
177/39Gregory, J. & B.: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
178/1Grossman, Bill & Mig: letter received, 1977, (1 item)
178/2Hagelberg, Theodor: correspondence, January 1966-October 1977, (16 items)
178/3Hahn, Peter & Lili: letters received, December 1972-November 1977, (4 items)
178/4Hartkemeyer, Dale: correspondence, July 1968-March 1978, (41 items)
178/5Heilpern, Helen: correspondence, May 1976, (2 items)
178/6Heinemann, Lilly: letter received, April 1961, (1 item)
178/7Hempel, Stefanie: letters received, June-July 1988, (2 items)
178/8Hermes, Dr. Gertrud: letters received, May 1969-April 1972, (7 items)
178/9Herzfeld, Arnold & Hertha: correspondence, March 1925-January 1977, (4 items)
178/10Hill, Ginger: letter received, January 1975, (1 item)
178/11Hinckley, John & Bette: correspondence, September 1970, (2 items)
178/12Hirsch, Carlos & Ruth: letters received, June 1942-February 1972, (3 items)
178/13Ho, Wai-Kam: letter received, 1973, (1 item)
178/14Hoegg, Gertrud: letters received, April 1972-January 1978, (5 items)
178/15Hoffmann, Janet: correspondence, June-October 1986, (5 items)
178/16Hogarth, Grace: letters received, February-September 1977, (2 items)
178/17Holmes, Margaret Bloy Graham (Zion): letters received, [ca. 1960] - 1982 & n.d., (23 items)
178/18Horner, Jed & Renata: letter received, December 1974, (1 item)
178/19Horrocks, William B.: letter received, November 1958, (1 item)
178/20Hoyt, Tish Dunfey: letter received, June 1997, (1 item)
178/21Hubert, Alexander & Bibs and family: correspondence, August 1959-August 1978, (27 items)
178/22Hunt, Merrill Jr. & Polly: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
178/23Isenstein, Dr. Charles: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
178/24Jackson, Dick: letter received, August 1977, (1 item)
179/1Jackson, Jesse: correspondence, clippings, and pamphlets, 1964-1982 & n.d., (32 items)
179/2Jackson, Jesse: correspondence and photographs, n.d., (33 items)
179/3Jager, Edward & Jane: letter received, September 1970, (1 item)
179/4Janowitzer, Ernesto & Tauti and family: letters received, December 1969-December 1972, (4 items)
179/5Jiras, Minelda Lange: letter received, January 1973, (1 item)
179/6Johnson, Hugh & Louise: letter received, 1986, (1 item)
179/7Johnson, George & Priscilla: letters received, March 1966 & n.d., (2 items)
179/8Jones, Carol: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
179/9Jones, Fred & Sarah: letters received, n.d., (3 items)
179/10Joos, David & Marty: correspondence, December 1969-November 1975, (5 items)
179/11Kadin, Saul & Susan: correspondence, November 1969-May 1985, (13 items)
179/12Kahan, Harry: correspondence, November 1970-October 1974, (23 items)
179/13Kaplan, Anne: letters received, n.d., (2 items)
179/14Kaskell, Lila: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
179/15Kebbe, Sally: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
179/16Kelleher, Jack & Charlotte: letter received, October 1986, ( 1 item)
179/17Kilbourn, William Jr. & Barbara: letter received, November 1973, ( 1 item)
179/18Kilmarx, Bob & Mary: letters received, December 1970-December 1973, (2 items)
179/19Kock-Petersen, Joseph: letter received, April 1942, (1 item)
179/20Kotsch, William J.: letter received, December 1956, (1 item)
179/21Kowsmann, Hilde: correspondence, clippings, and photographs, July 1965-December 1973, (20 items)
179/22Krasilovsky, Bill & Phyllis: letter received, 1971, (1 item)
179/23Lam, Tom: letter received, April 1968, (1 item)
179/24Lange, Minette: letter received, March 1967, (1 item)
179/25Langmuir, Alexander & Leona: letters received, 1971-1974, ( 3 items)
179/26Laqueur, Peter: letter received, 1972, (1 item)
179/27Lawrence, Martha S.: letter received, n.d., ( 1 item)
179/28Leach, Sallie: letter received, January 1978, (1 item)
179/29LeBlanc, Dorothy: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
179/30Lederer, William J.: letter received, May 1969, (1 item)
179/31Lederer, Wolfgang: correspondence, December 1970-December 1971, (3 items)
179/32LeMessarier, Dorothy: letter received, October 1982, (1 item)
179/33Levenson, Karen J.: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
180/1Levinger, George: letter received, December 1970, (1 item)
180/2Levis, Erlene: letter received, January 1983, (1 item)
180/3Levy-Hüneberg, Ernst: correspondence, September 1968-October 1974, (14 items)
180/4Lewis, Alfred Baker: letter received, [ca. April 1976], (1 item)
180/5Lezin, Norman & Margaret: letters received, December 1960-January 1972, (3 items)
180/6Locke, Stephen: letter received, January 1976, (1 item)
180/7Loew, Elisabet: letter received, December 1940, (1 item)
180/8Lopez, Bernard Blas: letter received, August 1969, (1 item)
180/9Lord, Mary, Teddy & Edwin: letter received, May 1994, (1 item)
180/10Lorenz, Jane: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
180/11Low, Joseph & Ruth: letters received, October 1952-1974, (15 items)
180/12Lowy, Maria: correspondence, May 1967-September 1975, (8 items)
180/13Lubatti, Henry & Catherine: letters received, August 1969-December 1973, (3 items)
180/14Lund-Ulrich, Jane: letter received, May 1978, (1 item)
180/15Lydall, Frank J.: letter received, 1942, (1 item)
180/16Lyons, Richard: letters received, December 1968 & n.d., (3 items)
180/17Maran, Stephen: letters received, January 1971, (2 items)
180/18Marlow, Jeanette: letter received, February 1987, (1 item)
180/19Mattersdorf, Leo: letter received, December 1971, (1 item)
180/20McCrosky, Jean: letter received, January 1971, (1 item)
180/21McGrath, Lauren M.: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
180/22McKenzie, Rachel: letters received, June 1953-1972, (4 items)
180/23McMillan, George: letter received, November 1969, (1 item)
180/24Menzel, Donald & Florence: correspondence and printed material, August 1956-December 1972, (22 items)
180/25Meves, Dr. Elly: letters received, May 1950-October 1988, (14 items)
180/26Mezerik, A. G.: letters received, March 1973-December 1974, (2 items)
180/27Michel, Arthur & Margorie: correspondence, October 1967-December 1968, (4 items)
180/28Michelson, Elmer & Dorothy: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
180/29Miles, Paula: letters received, January-March 1993, (2 items)
180/30Minarik, Else: letter received, May 1969, (1 item)
180/31Minkowski, Rudolph & Luise: correspondence, January 1960-December 1972, (8 items)
180/32Monsen, Joseph & Elaine: correspondence, November 1969-December 1972, (3 items)
180/33Morrill, Polly: letters received, [ca. July 1969]-1972, (2 items)
180/34Moulton, Al & Doris: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
180/35Moyers, Bill: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
180/36Müller, Fridel: letters received, April-August 1980, (2 items)
180/37Naar, Jon & Ruth: letters received, June 1962-January 1977, (2 items)
180/38Nastansky, Heinz L.: correspondence, February-May 1976, (3 items)
181/1Natti, Lee: letters received, February 1966-February 1975, (3 items)
181/2Neumeyer, Peter F.: correspondence, February 1967-March 1987, (8 items)
181/3Newberry, Steve & Clare: letters received, July 1953-December 1969, (4 items)
181/4Nigrosh, Nancy: letters received and typescripts, November 1996-February 1997, (4 items)
181/5Noé, Eva: letters received, January 1973-January 1974, (3 items)
181/6Nordstrom, Ursula: letter received, May 1988, (1 item)
181/7Norris, Guy H.: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
181/8Olney, Austin and family: correspondence and clipping, 1969-1991, (11 items)
181/9Olschewski, Alfred & Evelyn: letters received, January 1970-December 1996, (9 items)
181/10Orr, Nat & Elizabeth: letters received, August 1977-August 1991, (2 items)
181/11Orthof, Geraldo & Olga: letters received, December 1969, (2 items)
181/12Pandolfo, Frank & Gretchen: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
181/13Pekich, Stephen: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
181/14Penney, Walter & Leonie: correspondence, clippings, and photographs, March 1954-December 1977, (11 items)
181/15Petersen, Elly: letters received, January 1960-December 1964, (2 items)
181/16Phippard, George F. Sr.: letter received, October 1969, (1 item)
181/17Popper, Auri: letter received, October 1967, (1 item)
181/18Quayle, George: letter received, January 1966, ( 1 item)
181/19Raymond, Douglas T.: correspondence, March 1973-January 1974, (4 items)
181/20Richards, I. A.: letter received, November 1965, (1 item)
181/21Riggin, Reba: correspondence, March-April 1981, (2 items)
181/22Riley, Ralph: letter received, December 1968, (1 item)
181/23Rimm-Kaufman, Alan & Sara: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
181/24Rizzo, Pat: correspondence, August 1968-June 1975, (5 items)
181/25Royer, Dr. Richard R.: correspondence, February 1966-February 1987, ( 12 items)
181/26Russell, Kate Matthias: correspondence, June 1963-May 1964, (4 items)
181/27Rustino, Adele (also see folder 184/11): letter received, August 1979, (1 item)
181/28Sagoff, Maurice & Charlotte: letters received, February 1974-January 1975, (2 items)
181/29Salomon, Ilse: correspondence, May-June 1976, (5 items)
181/30Sarson, Christopher & Evelyn: letter received, October 1972, ( 1 item)
181/31Sava, John & Pat: letters sent, January-November 1975, (5 items)
181/32Sawyer, Leroy & Barbara: correspondence, 1977-May 1985, (6 items)
181/33Schiffeler, Melody: letter received, September 1945, (1 item)
181/34Schiffrin, Anya: letter received, December 1974, (1 item)
181/35Schindel, Mort & Nancy: letters received, 1971-[ca. 1989], (2 items)
182/1Schleger, Annemarie "Kleine" Mendelsohn: letters received, February 1940-[ca. 1977], ( 23 items)
182/2Schleger, Hans: correspondence, [ca. 1935]-July 1951, (20 items)
182/3Schleger, Hans & Pat Maycock: letters received, [ca. 1963]-November 1976, (23 items)
182/4Schleger, Pat Maycock: correspondence, 1977-[ca. 1980], (24 items)
182/5Schleger, Pat Maycock: letters received, [ca. 1981]-April 1996, (30 items)
182/6Schleger, Maria & Helen "Lalli" and families: correspondence, December 1969-August 1994, (33 items)
182/7Printed material re Hans Schleger's life and advertising art, May 1948-November 1990, (9 items)
182/8Photographs of Hans & Pat Maycock Schleger and their daughters, 1961-1978, (11 prints)
182/9Schmidt-Pauli, Edgar & Monika von: letters received, January 1972-December 1974, (2 items)
182/10Schürholz, Hans "Johnny": letters received, February 1949-June 1973, (12 items)
183/1Schuster, Paul: letter received, February 1989, (1 item)
183/2Scrimshaw, Dr. Nevin: letter received, June 1970, (1 item)
183/3Seligmann, O. H. & Esther: correspondence, May-June 1976, (2 items)
183/4Senecal, Susan: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
183/5Shershin, John: letters received, February-November 1978, (4 items)
183/6Simon, Michel: letters received, 1940, (3 items)
183/7Slemmer, Robert & Margaret: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
183/8Smith, Hunter & Carol: correspondence, December 1969-December 1971, (3 items)
183/9Smith, Marilla A.: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
183/10Smith, Tom & Marcia: letters received, September 1975-August 1977, (4 items)
183/11Solmitz, Robert & Hertha: letters received and photographs, March 1942-January 1973, (4 items)
183/12Sowa, Emma Woody: correspondence, 1971-March 1972, (3 items)
183/13Spencer, Tom: letter received, December 1970, (1 item)
183/14Standard, Paul & Stella: letters received, 1966-December 1973, (6 items)
183/15Stanger, Margaret: correspondence, August 1966-December 1969, (3 items)
183/16Stearns, Henry P.: letters received, April 1968-June 1974, (2 items)
183/17Steegmuller, Francis & Shirley: letters received, January 1968-February 1974, (5 items)
183/18Steig, Bill: letters received, December 1966-December 1971, ( 2 items)
183/19Steiner-Prag, Eleanor: letters received, January 1967-January 1971, (3 items)
183/20Steinert, Alan Jr.: letter received, April 1967, (1 item)
183/21Stevens, Mary Carol: letter received, January 1995, (1 item)
183/22Straley, Lesley: letter received, December 1973, (1 item)
183/23Streiff, Dick & Jenny: letters received, February 1961-December 1973, (5 items)
183/24Summer, Cid R.: letters received, August 1966-January 1967, (2 items)
183/25Tall, Joel & Leona: correspondence, August-September 1977, (2 items)
183/26Thomas, Grant and family: correspondence, October 1976-December 1995, ( 19 items)
183/27Tickell, Cynthia: letters received, January-April 1978, (2 items)
183/28Todd, Chester & Louise: letters received, December 1973 & n.d., (4 items)
183/29Toole, Fred: letter received, October 1977, (1 item)
183/30Townsend, Jim & Amy: letters received, December 1969-September 1980, (5 items)
183/31Tucker, Kay: letter received, n.d., ( 1 item)
183/32Uhlmann, Hattie: letter received, March 1954, (1 item)
183/33Ulrich, Jane: letter received, January 1974, ( 1 item)
183/34Vickey, Sandy: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
183/35Vocca, Susan Merwin: letters received, August 1970 & n.d., (2 items)
183/36Vogel, Helen: letters received, December 1972 & n.d., (2 items)
183/37Wallace, Bruce: letters received, April 1972-June 1986, (2 items)
183/38Weil, Kurt & Charlotte: correspondence and articles, September 1972-November 1984, (32 items)
184/1Weinberg, Adam & Lorraine: letter received, February 1991, (1 item)
184/2West, Emmy: correspondence, April-May 1981, (3 items)
184/3Whitaker, Arline: letters received, June 1974-September 1977, (2 items)
184/4Whitmerfamily: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
184/5Wiesner, William: correspondence, September 1966-March 1975, ( 9 items)
184/6Wilentz, Ted and family: letters received, August 1974-June 1995, (8 items)
184/7Willsky, Alan & Susanna: letter received, 1980, (1 item)
184/8Wilson, Claire: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
184/9Wilson, Jean C.: letter received, October 1974, (1 item)
184/10Wilson, Paul & Linda: letters received, [ca. 1995], ( 2 items)
184/11Wolfinsohn, Wolfe & Sally: letters received and photographs, August 1977-August 1990, (10 items)
184/12Works, David: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
184/13Yarlott, Joe & Barbara: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
184/14Yarmolinsky, Abraham & Babita: letters received, 1967-1973, (2 items)
184/15Yasuda, Tomio: correspondence, June-November 1970, (4 items)
184/16Young, Ginger: letters received, November 1990-January 1996, (9 items)
184/17Young, Jody: letter received, January 1974, (1 item)
184/18Zetzel, Lou & Geraldine: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
184/19Zolina, Rima: correspondence, invoices, photograph, [ca. 1967] - May 1974, (8 items)
184/20Letters received from unidentified friends, November 1939-January 1974, (38 items)
184/21Correspondence with unidentified friends, January 1974-February 1995, (50 items)
184/22Correspondence and photographs from unidentified friends, n.d., (43 items)
3. Other Personal Correspondence
185/1"Guide to the Authors Room," a pamphlet by an unidentified library, including material donated by H.A. Rey, (2 pp.)
185/2Letter received from Boston University, January 1973, (1 item)
185/3Correspondence with Bush Galleries and Mazza Centennial Collection, July 1989-September 1994, (23 items)
185/4Letter received from the Free Library of Philadelphia, December 1961, (1 item)
185/5Correspondence with the Kerlan Collection at the University of Minnesota, October 1969-May 1976, (3 items)
185/6Correspondence with the University of Oregon, January 1972-October 1988, (42 items)
185/7Letters received from the University of Wyoming, April-June 1978, (2 items)
185/8Greetings cards, letter received, and inventory from the Lee Walp Family Juvenile Collection, [ca. 1952-1968], (9 items)
185/9Assorted personal correspondence, May 1941-September 1991, (38 items)
G. Photographs
1. H.A. & Margret Rey
a. H.A. & Margret Rey Together
185/10Photographs, [ca. 1940-1949], (2 prints)
185/11Houghton Mifflin publicity photograph, [ca. 1951], (10 prints & 2 negatives)
185/12Publicity photographs, [ca. 1950]-1956, (8 prints)
289/2Framed publicity photographs of H.A. & Margret Rey, 1954, (1 item)
291/1Framed publicity photographs of H.A. & Margret Rey, 1951 & 1966, (1 item)
185/13Photographs and slides of silver wedding anniversary party, August 1960, (6 prints & 7 slides)
185/14Photographs of Reys and Eichenbergs at unidentified function, May 1963, (5 prints & 18 slides)
186/1Photographs, September 1960-March 1963, ( 3 prints & 23 slides)
186/2Nashville Banner publicity photograph, November 1966, (4 prints & 6 negatives)
186/3Photographs, 1967-1968, (5 prints)
186/4Photographs by Penelope Freeman, [ca. 1969-1970], ( 6 prints)
186/5Photographs, 1976-1977, (6 prints)
Drawer 3-J/3 Photograph collage of H.A. & Margret Rey, [ca. 1996], (1 item)
b. H.A. Rey Only
186/6Photographs, [ca. 1916-1940], (4 prints)
186/7Photographs, [ca. 1935-1945], ( 10 prints)
261/9Rolled negatives for photographs in 186/7, (1 item)
186/8Photographs, [ca. 1940-1949], (11 prints)
186/9Photographs, [ca. 1950-1959], (9 prints)
186/10Publicity photographs, [ca. 1950-1955], ( 3 prints)
186/11Houghton Mifflin publicity photographs, [ca. 1950-1955], ( 16 prints)
186/12Photographs of H.A. Rey with telescope and star finder, [ca. 1955-1970], (4 prints & 3 slides)
186/13Publicity photographs, [ca. 1956], (11 prints)
186/14Photographs, 1958-1959, ( 6 prints)
186/15Photographs, 1960-1963, (17 prints & 1 slide)
186/16Houghton Mifflin publicity photograph, [ca. 1962], ( 4 prints & 1 negative)
186/17Photographs, [ca. 1966-1970], (8 prints & 2 slides)
186/18Publicity photograph, December 1968, (5 prints & 2 negatives)
291/2Framed photographs of H.A. Rey, [ca. 1962-1968], (1 item)
186/19Photographs, 1973-1977, (12 prints & 2 slides)
c. Margret Rey Only
187/1Photographs, 1908-1923, (2 prints & 1 negative)
187/2Photographs taken in Dusseldorf, [ca. 1927-1928], (5 prints)
187/3Photographs taken in Germany, [ca. 1928-1935], (7 prints)
187/4Photographs, [ca. 1930-1939], ( 5 prints)
187/5Photographs, [ca. 1935-1940], (7 prints)
187/6Photographs, [ca. 1940-1949], (9 prints)
239/15Matted photographs taken in New York, 1944, (2 prints)
187/7Houghton Mifflin publicity photographs, [ca. 1951], (9 prints & 2 negatives)
187/8Photographs of Margret Rey and others walking dogs in Washington Square, [ca. 1949-1959], (4 prints)
187/9Photographs for passport, publicity, and in park, [ca. 1950-1959], (5 prints & 3 slides)
187/10Publicity photographs, [ca. 1956], (12 prints)
187/11Photographs, 1960-1969, (10 prints)
187/12Photographs, [ca. 1970-1979], (9 prints & 10 slides)
187/13Photographs taken in Oregon and California, 1978, ( 3 prints & 2 negatives)
187/14Photographs taken in Israel, 1979, (7 prints)
187/15Publicity photographs by Kevin H. Strauss, 1980, (11 prints)
187/16Publicity photographs, [ca. 1980], ( 6 prints)
187/17Photographs, [ca. 1980-1989], (12 prints)
187/18Publicity photographs, March 1987, (10 prints & 2 negatives)
187/19Publicity photographs, 1990-1996, 9 prints, (4 slides & 1 negative)
242/10Enlarged photographs of Margret Rey at various ages, (4 items)
Drawer 3-J/4 Photograph collage of Margret Rey, [ca. 1996], ( 1 item)
2. Waldstein Family
188/1Louis Rosenfeld, 1 print with letter received, (2 items)
188/2Rosenfeld extended family at wedding of Hermann Rosenfeld & Ann Goetz, [ca. 1918], (2 prints)
188/3Photograph album of David Felix & Margret Waldstein in Italy, April-May 1928, (1 item)
188/4David Felix Waldstein with children and grandson, [ca. 1930-1943], (10 prints & 1 charcoal drawing)
188/5David Felix Waldstein with daughters and grandson in Hamburg, [ca. 1936-1938], (26 prints & 5 negatives)
188/6Gertrud Rosenfeld Waldstein with husband and grandson, [ca. 1930-1942], (9 prints)
188/7Waldstein siblings, 1935, (1 print)
188/8Hans Waldstein, [ca. 1940-1970], ( 8 prints)
188/9Mary Waldstein Eichenberg, [ca. 1920-1935], (2 prints)
188/10Robert, Eveline & Nicola Eaton, [ca. 1962-1965], (8 prints & 7 slides)
188/11Ludwig & Yoneko Waldstein, [ca. 1935-1975], (7 prints)
188/12Frank & Renate Waldstein Eaton, 1931-1978, (23 prints)
188/13Waldstein siblings, Christmas 1966, (7 prints)
188/14Margarete Rosenfeld Wolff on 80th birthday, 1962, (2 prints)
188/15Margarete Rosenfeld Wolff on 90th birthday, 1972, (9 prints)
188/16Karl & Maria Gerson Strauch, [ca. 1980], (7 prints)
3. Photographs taken in France, [ca. 1935-1940]
261/10Negatives and proof prints for photographs taken in France, [ca. 1935-1940], (6 rolls)
189/1Photocopy of proof prints of street scenes in Monmarte, Paris, originals wound on first roll, (5 sheets)
189/2Photographs of street scenes in Monmarte, Paris (same as above), negatives wound on second roll, (33 prints)
189/3Photographs of Chateau Feuga, Dordogne region, negatives wound on third roll, ( 14 prints)
189/4Photographs of Chateau Feuga, Eichenbergs aboard ship, and fishermen on Seine River in Paris, negatives wound on fourth roll, (29 prints)
189/5Photographs of H.A. Rey sketching pandas at a zoo, negatives wound on fifth roll, (36 prints)
189/6Photographs of H.A. & Margret Rey with Hans Waldstein in French Foreign Legion uniform, Paris, [ca. January 1940], negatives wound on sixth roll, (42 prints)
4. Friends & Acquaintances
189/7Photographs of unidentified individuals probably made in Germany, [ca. 1900-1960], (10 prints)
189/8Photographs of unidentified German friends of Margret Rey, [ca. 1925-1935], (6 prints)
189/9Photographs of unidentified individuals, [ca. 1940-1980], (16 prints & 6 slides)
5. Assorted Photographic Material
189/10Slides of pages from Curious George Flies a Kite and Look for the Letters, (51 slides)
261/11Rolled negatives of pages for Zebrology, (1 item)
189/11Slides and photograph of animals, (36 slides & 1 print)
189/12Photographs of two houses, a Curious George stuffed doll beneath a Christmas tree, and a weird piece of sculpture hanging on a wall, (4 prints & 1 slide)
H.A. & Margret Rey's slide projector, (1 item)
H. Charitable Giving
1. Charitable Giving Ledgers
191/1Alphabetical ledger of charitable giving in brown binder, 1973-1976, (1 item)
191/2Alphabetical summaries of charitable giving, 1978-1988, (8 pp.)
2. Records for Individual Charities
191/3Action for Children's Television: correspondence and printed material, 1974-1992, (12 items)
191/4Ackermann, Mrs. Paul Kurt: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
191/5Alternative Sources of Energy magazine: printed material, 1976, (1 item)
191/6Alzheimer's Disease Research: letters received, 1987, (2 items)
191/7American Civil Liberties Union: letters received and printed material, 1983-1993, (9 items)
191/8American Friends Service Committee: letter received and printed material, 1980, (2 items)
191/9American Heart Association: letters received and financial documentation, 1984-1995, ( 4 items)
191/10American Institute for Cancer Research: letter received and financial documentation, 1995, (2 items)
191/11American Kidney Fund: letters received, 1979-1981, (3 items)
191/12American Parkinson Disease Association: letters received, 1986, (2 items)
191/13American Red Cross: letters received, 1985-1989, (2 items)
191/14American Red Magen David for Israel: letters received, 1975-1979, (5 items)
191/15American Society for Ecological Education: letters received and printed material, 1975, (2 items)
191/16American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: letter received, 1985-1986, (1 item)
191/17Americans for Democratic Action: financial documentation, 1993, (1 item)
191/18Americans for Energy Independence: correspondence and printed material, 1975-1976, (4 items)
191/19Amnesty International: letters received, printed material, and financial documentation, 1980-1991, (10 items)
191/20Animal Rescue League of Boston: letters received and financial documentation, 1979-1990, (12 items)
191/21Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith: correspondence, 1974-1979, (5 items)
191/22Arts and Crafts, Society of: correspondence, 1978-1987, (7 items)
191/23Association of Handicapped Artists: personal note, n.d., ( 1 item)
192/1Alternatives to Militarism (ATOM): printed material, 1977, (1 item)
192/2Audubon Society of New Hampshire: correspondence, 1974-1986, (11 items)
192/3Authors Guild: letters received, 1987-1989, (3 items)
192/4Authors League Fund: letters received, 1979-1987, (5 items)
192/5Bachrach, George, U.S. Congress: letter received, 1986, (1 item)
192/6Barrett, Mike, Massachusetts State Senate: letters received and printed material, 1986, (3 items)
192/7Berea College: letters received, 1980-1987, (6 items)
192/8Beth Israel Hospital: letters received, financial documentation, and printed material, 1983-1995, (11 items)
192/9Beth Israel Hospital: letters received and printed material re posthumous donations by Lay Lee Ong, 1996-1999, (23 items)
192/10Bill of Rights Foundation: letter received, 1976, (1 item)
192/11Born, Kathy, Cambridge City Council: letter received and financial documentation, 1993, (2 items)
192/12Boston Aid to the Blind: letters received, 1979-1987, (8 items)
192/13Boston Center for the Arts: letter received, 1979, (1 item)
192/14Boston Public Library Foundation: correspondence, photographs, printed material, and financial documentation, 1992-1999, (18 items)
192/15Boston University for WBUR Radio: letters received and financial documentation, 1983-1995, (19 items)
192/16Boston Zoological Society: letters received and clipping, 1967-1985, (11 items)
192/17Brandeis University: letters received, 1979-1986, (20 items)
192/18Braun, Carol Moseley, U.S. Senate: letter received and financial documentation, 1992, (2 items)
192/19Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: letter received, 1975, (1 item)
192/20Cambridge Arts Council: letters received and printed material, 1982-1991, (6 items)
192/21Cambridge Center for Adult Education: letters received and financial documentation, 1971-1991, (11 items)
192/22Cambridge Center for Adult Education: letters received re stock contributions, 1981-1983, (6 items)
193/1Cambridge Citizens for Liveable Neighborhoods: letter received, 1991, (1 item)
193/2Cambridge Civic Association: letters received, financial documentation, and printed material, 1972-1992, (18 items)
193/3Cambridge Commission on Nuclear Disarmament and Peace Education: letters received, 1984-1986, (3 items)
193/4Cambridge Discovery: letter received, 1986, (1 item)
193/5Cambridge Mental Health Association: letters received, 1979-1991, (10 items)
193/6Cambridge Peace Commission: personal note, 1985, (1 item)
193/7Cambridge Public Library: letter received, 1991, (1 item)
193/8Cambridge Scholarship Fund: letter received, 1993, (1 item)
193/9Cambridgeport Problem Center: letter received and printed material, 1985, (2 items)
193/10Camp Osceola for Boys: letters received, clippings, and ink drawing, 1968-1969, ( 5 items)
193/11Capp Street Foundation: printed material, 1977, (1 item)
193/12CARE: letters received, 1977-1979, (3 items)
193/13Center for Constitutional Rights: letter received, 1976, (1 item)
193/14Center for Science in the Public Interest: letter received, 1975, (1 item)
193/15Children's Charter: letters received, 1992, (2 items)
193/16Children's Literature Foundation: letter received, 1984, (1 item)
193/17Children's Medical Center: letters received, 1978-1985, (9 items)
193/18Children's Museum: letters received, 1978-1985, (8 items)
193/19Christian Science Monitor: letter received, 1991, (1 item)
193/20Choice in Dying: letter received and financial documentation, 1994, (2 items)
193/21Citizens for Participation in Political Action: letters received and personal notes, 1984-1985, (5 items)
193/22Clinton, Bill, U.S. President: financial documentation, 1992 & 1995, ( 2 items)
193/23Combined Jewish Philanthropies: letters received and financial documentation, 1979-1986, (20 items)
193/24Committee for the Better Use of Air: printed material, 1972, (1 item)
193/25Committee of Interested Limited Partners: personal note, 1983, (1 item)
193/26Common Cause: correspondence and printed material, 1977-1992, (29 items)
193/27Concern for Dying: letters received, 1982-1986, (5 items)
193/28Cooper, Fran, Cambridge School Committee etc.: letters received and printed material, 1981-1989, (4 items)
193/29Coronary Heart Disease Research: personal note, n.d., (1 item)
193/30Council for a Livable World: letters received, 1982-1990, (6 items)
193/31Cousteau Society: letters received, 1985-1986, (2 items)
193/32Cranston, Alan, U.S. Senate: letter received, 1986, (1 item)
193/33Crotched Mountain Foundation: letter received, 1974, (1 item)
194/1Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Massachusetts: correspondence and printed material, 1989-1991, (30 items)
282/6Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Massachusetts: plaque, 1991, (1 item)
194/2Dartmouth College: correspondence, 1966-1983, (17 items)
194/3Davidson College: letter received, 1991, (1 item)
194/4Davis, Angela: letter received, 1971, (1 item)
194/5Defenders of Wildlife: letters received, 1977-1991, (9 items)
194/6Democratic National Committee: financial documentation, 1995, (1 item)
194/7Disabled American Veterans: letter received, 1984, (1 item)
194/8Drinan, Robert F., U.S. Congress: letters received, 1973-1974, (2 items)
194/9Dudley House: letter received, 1989, (1 item)
194/10Duehay, Francis, Cambridge City Council: letters received, printed material, and financial documentation, 1972-1995, ( 9 items)
194/11Dukakis, Michael, Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts etc.: letters received, 1970-1981, (3 items)
194/12Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association: financial documentation, 1991-1993, (2 items)
194/13 Educators for Social Responsibility: letters received and printed material, 1984-1991, (12 items)
194/14Einstein, Albert, Fund: letter received, 1976, (1 item)
194/15Emily's List: letter received, financial documentation, and printed material, [ca. 1992-1993], ( 3 items)
194/16Encampment for Citizenship: letters received and printed material, 1991, (2 items)
194/17Energy Action Committee: letter received, 1976, (1 item)
194/18Environmental Action: letters received, 1974-1987, (5 items)
194/19Environmental Action Foundation: correspondence, 1974-1975, (2 items)
194/20Environmental Defense Fund: correspondence and printed material, 1975-1992, (20 items)
194/21Epilepsy Foundation of America: personal note, n.d., (1 item)
194/22Erikson Center: correspondence and printed material, 1986-1988, (20 items)
195/1Eye Research Institute of Retina Foundation: letters received, 1976-1977, (3 items)
195/2Family Center: correspondence, printed material, and photograph, 1992-2002, ( 9 items)
195/3Fayerweather Street School: certificate, 1981, (1 item)
195/4Fellowship in Israel for Arab-Jewish Youth: letters received, 1984-1992, (6 items)
195/5Fortune Society: letter received, 1978, (1 item)
195/6Freedom House Books USA: letter received, 1979, (1 item)
195/7Friends of Animals: financial documentation and card, 1990, (3 items)
195/8Friends of the Earth Foundation: letters received and printed material, 1975-1993, (14 items)
195/9Friends of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center: printed material, 1987, (1 item)
195/10Fund for Animals: letters received and printed material, 1977-1989, (10 items)
195/11Fund for Peace: correspondence and printed material, 1975, (3 items)
195/12Fund for Tomorrow: letter received, 1977, (1 item)
195/13Gallen, Hugh, Governor of New Hampshire: letter received, 1974, (1 item)
195/14Globe Santa: personal note, n.d., (1 item)
195/15Golden Age Center: correspondence, 1984-1985, (2 items)
195/16Gray Panthers: letters received and clipping, 1977-1989, (6 items)
195/17Greenpeace: letters received, printed material, and financial documentation, 1983-1987, (7 items)
195/18Grosse Pointe Academy: letters received, 1980-1982, (7 items)
195/19Habitat: printed material, 1981, (1 item)
195/20Harvard Square Defense Fund: letters received, 1984-1989, ( 4 items)
195/21Harvard University: letters received and clippings, 1972-1996, (25 items)
195/22Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for Aged: letters received and printed material, 1977-1985, (9 items)
195/23Hemlock Society: printed material, 1983-1990, (13 items)
195/24Hildt, Barbara, U.S. Congress: financial documentation, 1992, (1 item)
195/25Hospice of Cambridge: letters received and printed material, 1984-1990, (10 items)
195/26Indian Fund: printed material, 1984, (1 item)
195/27Institute for the Advancement of Health: letter received, 1983, (1 item)
196/1Institute for Policy Studies: correspondence and printed material, 1983-1986, (16 items)
196/2International Center for Development Policy: letters received, 1987, ( 1 item)
196/3International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War: letters received and printed material, 1985-1987, (3 items)
196/4International Rescue Committee: letters received, printed material, and financial documentation, 1986-1995, (5 items)
196/5Jewish Community Campus: correspondence and agreements, 1983, (10 items)
196/6Jewish Welfare Board: letters received, 1983-1985, (2 items)
196/7Jimmy Fund: letters received, 1982-1988, (3 items)
196/8Johnson, Magic, Foundation: letter received, 1992, (1 item)
196/9League of Women Voters: letters received, 1977-1986, (5 items)
196/10Legal Aid Society: letters received, 1978-1985, (4 items)
196/11Lewis, Edna, School of Fine Arts: letters received, 1970-1972, (2 items)
196/12Longy School of Music: letters received and printed material, 1982-2002, (7 items)
196/13Lutheran Family and Children's Services: letters received, 1998, (2 items)
196/14Malcolm, Ellen: letter sent, 1992, (1 item)
196/15March of Dimes: letter received, 1977, ( 1 item)
196/16Massachusetts Audubon Society: correspondence and printed material, 1975-1985, (7 items)
196/17Massachusetts Civil Liberties Union Foundation: letters received, 1977-1988, (5 items)
196/18Massachusetts Fair Share: letter sent and personal notes, 1984-1985, (3 items)
196/19Massachusetts General Hospital: letters received, 1984-1985, (4 items)
196/20Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group: printed material, 1982, (1 item)
196/21Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: letters received, 1986-1991, (7 items)
196/22Massachusetts Reading Association: letter received, 1973, (1 item)
196/23McIntyre, Thomas, U.S. Senate: letter received, 1978, (1 item)
196/24Meals for Millions: personal note, n.d., (1 item)
196/25Meharry Medical College: letters received, 1987-1991, ( 5 items)
196/26Mount Auburn Hospital: letters received, printed material, and financial documentation, 1981-1994, (12 items)
196/27Morgan Memorial Goodwill Foundation: letters received, 1974-1977, (3 items)
196/28Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: letters received, 1978-1986, (3 items)
196/29Museum of Science: letters received, 1978-1986, (4 items)
196/30Myers, Jonathan: financial documentation, 1993, (1 item)
196/31National Abortion Rights Action League: letters received, 1979-1981, ( 2 items)
196/32National Association for the Advancement of Colored People: letter received, 1979, (1 item)
196/33National Association of Railroad Passengers: letter received, 1972, ( 1 item)
197/1National Charities Information Board: letters received, 1982-1985, (5 items)
197/2National Council for Universal Unconditional Amnesty: letter received, 1976, (1 item)
197/3National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee: personal note, 1983, (1 item)
197/4National Foundation for Cancer Research: letters received and clipping, 1977-1982, (5 items)
197/5National Heart Research: receipt, 1986, (1 item)
197/6National Organization for Women: letters received, 1983-1986, ( 3 items)
197/7National Parks and Conservation Association: letters received, 1976-1991, (12 items)
197/8National Sharecroppers: personal note, 1967, (1 item)
197/9National War Fund: letter received, 1944, (1 item)
197/10National Wildlife Federation: return envelope, n.d., ( 1 item)
197/11Natural Resources Defense Council: correspondence and clippings, 1969-1991, (12 items)
197/12Navaho Nation Health Foundation: letter received, 1984, (1 item)
197/13New Alchemists: correspondence and clipping, 1975, (3 items)
197/14New College: letters received, 1969, (2 items)
197/15New England Aquarium: letters received, 1979-1986, (6 items)
197/16New England Forestry Foundation: letter received, 1976, (1 item)
197/17New England Natural Food and Farming Association: letter received, 1975, (1 item)
197/18New Hampshire Association for the Blind: letters received, 1978, (2 items)
197/19New Hampshire Clean Air Alliance: letter received and clipping, 1974-1977, (2 items)
197/20New Hampshire Public Television: letters received, 1979-1982, (3 items)
197/21Nicaragua Network: letters received, 1986-1988, (3 items)
197/22Noble, Elaine, Cambridge City Council: letter received and financial documentation, 1993, (2 items)
197/23Oglala Lakota College: letter received, clipping, and financial documentation, 1991, (3 items)
197/24Oklahoma Science and Arts Foundation: letters received, 1973, (2 items)
197/25Osceola Library: letters received, 1973, (2 items)
197/26OXFAM America: letters received, 1986, (3 items)
197/27Palfrey Street School: correspondence, 1979-1990, (23 items)
197/28Parents' Choice: printed material and letter received, 1985-1986, ( 4 items)
197/29PeacePAC: letters received and printed material, 1982-1983, (2 items)
197/30People for the American Way: financial documentation, 1992, (1 item)
197/31People's Bicentennial Committee: letter sent and clipping, 1976, (2 items)
197/32Perkins School for the Blind: letters received, 1978-1985, (8 items)
197/33Petra Foundation: letter received, n.d., (1 item)
197/34Phillips Brooks House: letter received and printed material, 1990-1999, ( 3 items)
197/35Physicians for Social Responsibility: letter received, 1985, (1 item)
198/1Pilgrim Society: letters received, 1984-1985, (3 items)
198/2Pitkin, John: financial documentation, 1993, (1 item)
198/3Planned Parenthood: letters received, 1976-1978, (2 items)
198/4Ploughshares Fund: letters received, 1984-1988, (10 items)
198/5Points of Light: letters received, 1991, (3 items)
198/6Princess Pale Moon: receipt, 1985, (1 item)
198/7Project Hope: financial documentation and personal note, 1994, (2 items)
198/8Recording for the Blind: letters received, 1977-1988, (5 items)
198/9Red Cloud Indian School: letter received, 1992, (1 item)
198/10Reeves, Ken, Cambridge City Council: letters received, printed material, and financial documentation, 1991-1993, (4 items)
198/11Salvation Army: letters received, 1982-1992, (3 items)
198/12SANE: correspondence and printed material, 1973-1988, (8 items)
198/13Save the Old Man: letter received, 1976, (1 item)
198/14Save the Redwoods League: receipt, 1984, (1 item)
198/15Scientists' Institute for Public Information: correspondence and clipping, 1974, ( 3 items)
198/16Seniors for Mondale: personal notes and letter received, 1984, (3 items)
198/17Shelter Inc.: letters received and printed material, 1985-1992, (10 items)
198/18Sierra Club: correspondence, 1972-1991, (15 items)
198/19Society for the Right to Die: financial documentation, 1991, (2 items)
198/20South Cove Community Health Center: correspondence, 1985-1992, ( 5 items)
198/21Southern Poverty Law Center: letters received, 1988-1989, (2 items)
198/22Sponsors of Open Housing Investment: letter received, 1970, (1 item)
198/23Studds, Gerry, U.S. Congress: letters received, 1970, (2 items)
198/24Sullivan, David: letter received, 1983, (1 item)
198/25Telephone Project: personal note, 1984, (1 item)
198/26Temple Emunah: letters received, 1977-1982, (4 items)
198/27Udall, Morris, U.S. President: correspondence, 1976, (2 items)
198/28Union of Concerned Scientists: letters received and printed material, 1976-1992, (7 items)
198/29United Jewish Appeal: correspondence, 1973-1974, (2 items)
198/30United Nations Association of the United States of America: letter received, 1977, (1 item)
198/31UNICEF: letter received and printed material, 1970-1986, (4 items)
198/32United Negro College Fund: letter received, 1977, (1 item)
198/33United Service Organization: letter received, 1980-1981, (1 item)
198/34United Way: letters received, 1977-1980, (2 items)
198/35Vacations: letter received, 1983, (1 item)
198/36Visiting Nurses Association: letters received and printed material, 1980-1992, ( 7 items)
198/37Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament: letters received, 1985-1989, (10 items)
199/1WGBH Channel 2-Boston: correspondence, 1975-1981, (18 items)
199/2WGBH Channel 2-Boston: correspondence and printed material, 1982-1984, (26 items)
199/3WGBH Channel 2-Boston: letters received, photographs, and printed material, 1985-2001, (21 items)
199/4Whale Protection Fund: personal note, 1986, (1 item)
199/5Wilderness Society: letters received and printed material, 1983-2002, (8 items)
199/6Window Shop Inc. Scholarship Fund: letters received, 1979-1985, (6 items)
199/7Winthrop House Music: letters received, 1988-1989, (2 items)
199/8Wolf, Alice, Cambridge City Council etc.: letters received and financial documentation, 1985-1996, (5 items)
199/9World Rehabilitation Fund: letters received, 1977-1983, (5 items)
199/10World Wildlife Fund: letters received and printed material, 1978-1991, (17 items)
199/11Wylie, David, Cambridge School Committee: letter received, 1969, (1 item)
199/12Letter sent to unknown charity, n.d., (1 item)
3. "Worthy Causes" Files
199/13Anti-Ballistic Missiles: correspondence, pencil illustrations, and printed material, 1966-1970, (21 items)
199/14Conservation: printed material, 1968-1973, (14 items)
199/15Mass Transit: letters sent and clippings, 1970-1971, ( 8 items)
199/16Transportation: printed material, 1970-1971, (9 items)
4. Other Charitable Giving Records
199/17Letters received, news releases, and clipping re the Curious George Foundation, 1990-1999, (12 items)
292/3Plaque given to Curious George Foundation from Northeast Family YMCA, 1999-2000, ( 1 item)
200/1Letters received and printed material from assorted charities, labeled "Literature etc. re: Contributions 1973," ( 86 items)
I. Residential Records
1. New York City, New York
200/2Drawings of interior of apartment and building at 42 Washington Square South, [ca. 1941-1949], ( 2 items)
200/3Correspondence re apartment at 82 Washington Place, June 1954-November 1959, (4 items)
200/4Photographs of New York City, February 1958-May 1961, (25 slides & 2 prints)
2. Waterville Valley, New Hampshire
a. Planning & Construction of Cottage
200/5Property deeds with maps and correspondence, November 1957-February 1964, (4 items)
200/6Mortgage deed with letter of discharge, October 1958-October 1968, (2 items)
200/7Maps of Waterville Valley and of property not owned by Reys, 1955-1974, (4 items)
200/8Earliest floor plans, [ca. August 1957], (3 items)
200/9First set of revised floor plans and cartoon drawing with overlay by H.A. Rey, November 1957, (4 items)
200/10Second set of revised floor plans and cartoon drawing with overlay by H.A. Rey, edited, March 1958, (8 items)
200/11Final architect's drawing with blueprints and letter sent re boundaries, April-May 1958, (5 items)
200/12Pencil and color pencil drawings of various rooms and features of the cottage, (21 items)
200/13Slides of construction of cottage and other scenes around the cottage, May 1958-October 1960, (82 slides)
201/1Photographic prints made from above slides for an album given by H.A. Rey to Margret Rey, May 1969, (48 prints)
201/2Binder for above album, (1 item)
b. Household Matters
201/3Correspondence and printed material re utilities, 1958-1982, (28 items)
201/4Correspondence, clippings, and drawings re assorted household matters, 1963-1985, (27 items)
201/5Correspondence re residency taxes, 1978-1986, (8 items)
201/6Correspondence re abutting property, 1980-1985, (11 items)
201/7Correspondence and photographs re windstorm damage in December 1980, December 1980-September 1981, (12 items)
201/8Letter received re property valuation, January 1984, (1 item)
201/9Correspondence with David Breslin re proposed purchase of property, May-July 1984, (3 items)
202/1Photographs of H.A. Rey around cottage, [ca. 1958-1960], (34 prints)
261/12Rolled negative for above photographs, [ca. 1958-1960], (1 item)
202/2Assorted photographs of cottage and grounds, September 1958-August 1983, ( 34 prints)
202/3Slides of flowers and cottage grounds, August 1960-August 1974, (77 slides)
202/4Slides of cottage and grounds, July 1963-October 1964, (130 slides)
202/5Photographs of Margret Rey's pottery studio, October 1972-October 1973, (6 slides & 4 prints)
c. Community Relations
202/6Material re community activities, March 1965-December 1967, (13 items)
202/7Material re community activities, March 1968-August 1974, (18 items)
203/1Material re community activities, January 1975-June 1979, (10 items)
203/2Material re community activities, September 1980-1991 & n.d., (13 items)
203/3Drawings and forms re the Waterville Athletic & Improvement Association, 1976-1985, (6 items)
203/4Songs composed by and for H.A. & Margret Rey, (5 items)
203/5Photographs taken around Waterville Valley, September 1958-October 1960, (42 slides & 4 prints)
203/6Slides taken around Waterville Valley, September 1960-September 1962, (77 slides)
203/7Agreements, stock certificates, and correspondence re investment in Pfosi's Lodge, 1967-1980, (29 items)
204/1Correspondence and printed material re Squam Lakes Science Center, 1971-1985, (38 items)
204/2Correspondence with Herbert P. Field re observatory-stellarium, December 1968-March 1970, (2 items)
286/6Model of proposed Waterville Valley Observatory-Stellarium made by H.A. Rey, ( 1 item)
204/3Waterville Valley promotional material, 1966-1989, (47 items)
d. Waterville Wig Wag
204/4Waterville Wig Wag, July 1970-October 1972, (11 items)
204/5Waterville Wig Wag, June-December 1974, (11 items)
205/1Waterville Wig Wag, January-December 1975, (17 items)
205/2Waterville Wig Wag, January-December 1976, (18 items)
205/3Waterville Wig Wag, January-December 1977, (22 items)
205/4Waterville Wig Wag, January-December 1978, (20 items)
205/5Waterville Wig Wag, January-December 1979, (18 items)
206/1Waterville Wig Wag, January-December 1980, (11 items)
206/2Waterville Wig Wag, January-December 1981, (11 items)
206/3Waterville Wig Wag, January-November 1982, ( 5 items)
206/4Waterville Wig Wag, November-December 1983, (2 items)
206/5Waterville Wig Wag, February-November 1984, (10 items)
206/6Waterville Wig Wag, May 1985-March 1986, (6 items)
206/7Waterville Wig Wag, March 1987-1991, (7 items)
206/8Letters to the editor of the Waterville Wig Wag, 1970-1988, (14 items)
e. Sale & Reuse of Property
206/9Correspondence and legal documentation re the sale of the Reys' land and cottage, May 1987-November 1988, (22 items)
206/10Correspondence and printed material re conversion of the cottage into a nursery, July-December 1992, (7 items)
207/1Photograph albums documenting the movement and dedication of the cottage as a nursery, 1993, (2 items)
261/13VHS videocassette of Curious George Cottage dedication, 4 July 1993, (1 item)
207/2Printed material and photographs re the activities of the Curious George Cottage, June-September 1997, (26 items)
264/6Curious George Cottage t-shirt, (1 item)
3. Cambridge, Massachusetts
a. Purchase & Renovation of 14 Hilliard Street
207/3Correspondence re purchase of house, June-August 1964, (6 items)
207/4Floor plans, drawings, and work orders for house renovation, [ca. autumn 1964], (21 items)
207/5Bills and invoices for house renovation, February 1964-February 1965, (34 items)
207/6Bills and invoices for house renovation, March 1965-December 1966, (21 items)
b. Household Matters
208/1Correspondence, invoices, and bills re assorted household matters, January 1964-July 1987, (53 items)
208/2Photographs of 14 Hilliard Street, May 1966, (12 slides & 4 prints)
208/3Correspondence and clippings re household products, 1963-1986, (35 items)
208/4Household product manuals and guarantees, 1956-1971, (23 items)
c. Community Relations
208/5Correspondence and printed material re community activities and issues, December 1964-March 1978, (33 items)
208/6Correspondence and printed material re community activities and issues, April 1978-September 1982, (32 items)
208/7Correspondence and printed material re community activities and issues, November 1982-February 1991, (31 items)
J. Personal Interests
1. Alternative Sources of Energy
a. Publications & Correspondence
209/1Published and photocopied versions of "A Chat with a Fire Tower" by H.A. Rey with correspondence and drawings of fire tower on Mt. Osceola (also see folder 210/4), [ca. 1974-1975], (16 items)
209/2Ink drawing and photocopies of cartoon leaflet on wind power (also see folder 210/5), (9 items)
209/3Ink drawing of Curious George and photocopies of other leaflets on wind power, (7 items)
209/4Manuscript and letter received in a folder labeled "WIND—a four letter word," June 1975-May 1976, (2 items)
209/5Correspondence with Alternative Sources of Energy, March 1974-March 1975, (15 items)
209/6Promotional material and letter received from Boston Wind, 1976, (5 items)
209/7Correspondence with Albert Einstein, December 1946-September 1953, (4 items)
209/8Correspondence with Sylvia Field with clippings, February 1974-June 1976, (21 items)
209/9Correspondence with John McGeorge with photograph and clippings, April 1973-December 1975, (17 items)
209/10Photocopies of articles sent by John McGeorge, 1974 & n.d., (8 items)
209/11Assorted correspondence re alternative sources of energy, November 1972-December 1974, (24 items)
210/1Assorted correspondence re alternative sources of energy, January 1975-June 1976, ( 22 items)
210/2Letters received from political candidates, March 1973-November 1974, (10 items)
b. Clippings
210/3Clippings, A, 1974-1976, (11 items)
210/4Clippings, C, 1974-1976, (8 items)
210/5Clippings, E, 1973-1975, (15 items)
210/6Clippings, F, 1973-1975, (5 items)
210/7Clippings, G, 1973-1976, (6 items)
210/8Clippings, H, 1974-1975, (7 items)
210/9Clippings, Hydrogen, 1972-1975, ( 6 items)
210/10Clippings, I-J, 1975-1976, (5 items)
210/11Clippings, K, 1974, (2 items)
210/12Clippings, L, 1974-1976, (3 items)
210/13Clippings, M, 1974-1976, (15 items)
210/14Clippings, N, 1974-1976, (18 items)
211/1Clippings, O, 1970-1976, (11 items)
211/2Clippings, P, 1973-1974, (4 items)
211/3Clippings, Q, 1974, (2 items)
211/4Clippings, R, 1974-1975, (5 items)
211/5Clippings, S, 1974-1976, (18 items)
211/6Clippings, T, 1975, (5 items)
211/7Clippings, U, 1971-1976, (5 items)
211/8Clippings, V-W, 1973-1976, ( 28 items)
211/9Clippings, X-Y-Z, n.d., ( 1 item)
211/10Folder of clippings labeled "write?" 1973-1976, (30 items)
211/11Folder of clippings labeled "ideas," 1974-1975, (6 items)
211/12Folder of clippings labeled "People to write to?" 1973-1975, (11 items)
211/13Contents of a 3-ring binder labeled "Energy," 1974-1976, (17 items)
212/1Assorted clippings, 1970-1976, (42 items)
2. Gardening
212/2Gardening journal in red binder, 1959-1974, (157 pp.)
212/3Spiral-bound gardening journal, 1963-1980, (1 item)
212/4Gardening journal in green binder, 1966-1973, (27 pp)
213/1Pencil drawing of landscaping plan possibly for Waterville Valley cottage, (1 item)
213/2Drawings, invoices, receipts, correspondence, and printed material re landscaping at 14 Hilliard Street house, 1965-1984, (48 items)
213/3Personal notes, correspondence, and printed material re gardening information and advice, (44 items)
213/4Soil testing kit, (4 items)
213/5Correspondence, printed material, and seed packages re gardening products, (43 items)
213/6Clippings, 1959-1981, (33 items)
3. Travel
a. Europe
239/16Tear sheet from Der Welt Spiegel featuring article on mountaineering in Switzerland, January 1933, (1 item)
214/1Photographs from travel in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France, September-October 1956, (85 slides & 16 prints)
214/2Handwritten itinerary for trip to Europe, May 1973, (1 item)
214/3Correspondence with Terras Hotel, Paris, July-August 1978, (2 items)
214/4Brochures and receipts re travel in England, September 1986, (12 items)
b. United States of America
(1). Massachusetts & East Coast
214/5Printed material, letter received, and slides (24) re Martha's Vineyard and Woods Hole, Massachusetts, [ca. 1960]-1984, (11 items)
214/6Letter received and printed material re Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 1975-1977, (5 items)
214/7Personal notes and maps re Duxbury, Massachusetts, n.d., (4 items)
214/8Personal notes and printed material re locations in Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey, 1969-1974, (8 items)
214/9Slides from Williamsburg, Virginia, March 1961, (18 slides)
(2). Florida
214/10 Correspondence and slides, September 1957-May 1963, (3 letters & 54 slides)
214/11Correspondence, map, and printed material, January-February 1984, (10 items)
(3). California & Arizona
214/12Slides from California, May 1960, (36 slides)
215/1Correspondence, maps, and printed material re trips to California, January 1976-February 1978, (27 items)
215/2Correspondence and brochure re Arizona, 1974-[ca. 1979], (13 items)
c. Caribbean & Bermuda
215/3Correspondence and slides re St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, April 1959-December 1962, (3 letters & 47 slides)
215/4Brochures and personal notes re St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, 1969-1982, (10 items)
215/5Printed material and personal notes re other Caribbean Islands, 1966-1970, (11 items)
215/6Letter received, financial documentation, and clippings re Bermuda, March 1974-December 1982, (4 items)
d. Israel
215/7Correspondence, itineraries, maps, clippings, and essay re trip to Israel, September-November 1979, (30 items)
e. Other Travel Records
215/8Mileage and time log, 1959-1972, (25 pp.)
215/9Correspondence with American Automobile Association, 1972-1975, (3 items)
4. Entertaining & Guests
262/8Phonograph recording of Margret Rey singing for H.A. Rey's birthday, September 1953, (1 item)
215/10New Year and birthday party planning lists with photocopies, 1955-1986, (44 items)
215/11Christmas gift lists with photocopies, 1956-1995, (24 items)
216/1Hand colored cocktail party invitations, March 1968, (8 items)
216/2Houseguest register, June 1959-July 1966, (1 item)
216/3Itinerary of a guest of Margret Rey, probably Pat Schleger, n.d., (1 item)
216/4Hamburger Kochbuch by Uda Ree (Berlin, 1919) owned by Margret Rey, ( 1 item)
216/5Recipe book written by hand in German, (1 item)
5. Cocker Spaniels
216/6Personal notes, chart, and photographs re Charcoal, 1941-1942, (5 items)
216/7Personal notes, licenses, printed material, and photographs re Jamie, 1956-1963, (14 items)
216/8Pedigree charts for Tarheel's Venture (Jamie's registered name?) and Champion Estadt's Tarheel, 1953, (2 items)
216/9Photograph of unidentified dog (probably either Jamie or Scoopy), (1 item)
216/10Registration and pedigree records, personal notes, licenses, receipts, and photographs re Scoopy, 1966-1977, (22 items)
217/1Registration and pedigree records, personal notes, licenses, receipts, drawings, and photographs re Andy, 1977-1989, (47 items)
217/2Dog show catalogs and kennel lists, 1974-1989, (23 items)
217/3Clippings and catalogs re dogs, 1955-1989, (13 items)
6. Amateur Astronomy
217/4Spiral-bound notebooks of astronomical and other assorted notes, 1960-1974, (2 items)
217/5Spiral-bound notebook of notes on each constellation, (1 item)
217/6Vinyl notebook of revised star magnitudes, 1971, (1 item)
217/7Charts & tables for constellations, planets, and star viewing times, (9 items)
217/8Papers for the Rotating Star Chart "Sirius," 1955, ( 3 pp.)
217/9Tables for finding planet positions, 1966-1985, (12 items)
218/1Slides of constellation charts, calendar charts, and other astronomical subjects probably used for public lectures, ( 87 slides)
Drawer 3-J/5 Two sets of 12 large diagrams of selected constellations on black poster board (set A includes stars & lines, set B only stars) probably used for public lectures, (24 items)
218/2Correspondence, publications, notes, and drawings re the Amateur Astronomers Association, 1955-1971, (27 items)
218/3Correspondence and publications re the Astronomical League, August 1952-February 1976, (20 items)
218/4Programs re the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston, March-May 1973, (3 items)
218/5Assorted correspondence re amateur astronomy, April 1954-January 1978, (12 items)
218/6Correspondence and clippings re United Scientific Company, July 1955-May 1957, (8 items)
218/7Clippings re astronomy, January 1955-December 1975, (44 items)
7. Political & Social Issues
218/8Correspondence and clippings on assorted issues, March 1951-February 1974, (44 items)
219/1Clippings and correspondence re the war in Vietnam, June 1966-January 1973, (14 items)
219/2Correspondence and clippings re "Nuclear Salvation or Nuclear Folly?" by Ralph Lapp, February-June 1974, (8 items)
219/3Correspondence and clippings on assorted issues, March 1974-August 1987, (13 items)
219/4Clippings, letter received, and button re "Where Was George?" quote by Ted Kennedy, August 1988, (4 items)
219/5Correspondence, clipping, and photograph on assorted issues, October 1991-March 1993, ( 9 items)
219/6Printed replicas of especially patriotic American historic documents, 1961, (2 items)
8. Art & Literature
219/7Clippings re art & literature, 1948-1970, (30 items)
219/8Clippings and letters received re art & literature, 1971-1978, (12 items)
219/9Clippings and drawing re art & literature, 1983-1993, ( 21 items)
219/10New Yorker covers, 1964-1968, (44 items)
219/11Correspondence re magazine subscriptions, 1965-1979, (43 items)
219/12Typescript of an English translation of a fragment of Aber Anne hiess Marie (But Mary's Name Was Ann) by Hugo Hartung, n.d., (2 items)
219/13Manuscript pages of song lyrics, n.d., ( 6 pp.)
220/1Clippings of assorted book reviews, 1959-1983, (59 items)
220/2German and Italian book catalogs, [ca. 1950-1970], (23 items)
9. Other Interests
220/3Academic essays and publications re foreign languages, [ca. 1954-1957], (15 items)
220/4Clippings re wordplay and language, 1964-1973, (15 items)
220/5Obituaries of literary figures, activists, and acquaintances, 1968-1972, (11 items)
220/6Clippings re education, 1957-1982, (5 items)
220/7Clippings and correspondence re science & technology, 1959-1980, (22 items)
220/8Clippings re food, 1968-1975, (3 items)
220/9Clippings re household products and concerns, 1952-1987, (12 items)
220/10Assorted clippings on other interests, [ca. 1950]-1999, (39 items)
220/11Cross-reference sheets, (51 items)
239/17Maps of the environs of London (1832) and Northwestern Africa (1966), (2 items)
K. Items Given to H.A. & Margret Rey
1. Artwork
221/1Artistic collage book given to Margarete Waldstein by Jonathan (?), [ca. 1933], (1 item)
221/2Block print of ships at a dock by "F.K.," (1 item)
221/3Painting given to Margret Rey by Alcides Rocha Mirano, (1 item)
222/1Portfolio of twelve block prints by Albert Urban, December 1948, (13 sheets)
221/4Pencil drawing of Jamie by Jeus von Sious, December 1957, (1 item)
222/2Framed oil painting of the Reys' Waterville Valley cottage by Bibs Hubert, 1959, (1 item)
223/1Framed illustrated poem about Margret Rey by Bibs Hubert, 1961, (1 item)
222/3Framed birthday card with watercolor illustration given to Margret Rey by Margaret Blois Graham Zion, May 1965, ( 1 item)
221/5Color pencil drawing of Reys' Waterville Valley cottage (n.d.) and illustrated poem about H.A. Rey (September 1966), both by Bibs Hubert, (2 items)
221/6Blue pencil drawing of street scene by Marigold Maycock, 1951, given to Margret Rey by Pat Schleger, May 1976, (1 item)
221/7Letter and artwork given to Margret Rey by Mik Casey, December 1981, (1 item)
221/8Diptych of opening lines and illustration of Curious George in Chinese and Pinion given to Margret Rey by Ray, Susan & Christian Lum, May 1985, (1 item)
223/2Framed birthday card with watercolor illustration given to Margret Rey by Margaret Blois Graham (Zion) Holmes, May 1985, (1 item)
223/3Framed painting of Reys' Waterville Valley cottage by Margaret Bloy Graham, n.d., (1 item)
223/4Framed painting of Margret Rey by Lori Scheft, 1989, ( 1 item)
221/9Birthday card with watercolor illustration given to Margret Rey by Margaret Bloy Graham (Zion) Holmes, May 1992, ( 1 item)
221/10Pencil drawing of H.A. & Margret Rey by Darren Clossin, September 1996, ( 1 item)
2. Books
221/11Struppi an der See by Gene Zion, illustrated by Margaret Bloy Graham (Reinbeker Kinderbücher, 1968)
221/12The Harder They Fall: Selected Editorial Cartoons by Paul Szep (Boston: Globe Newspaper Company, 1975)
221/13Memoirs of Kurt Enoch: Written for His Family by Kurt Enoch (Privately printed by Margaret M. Enoch, 1984)
221/14The Coin Collector's Survival Manual by Scott A. Travers (New York: Arco Publishing, 1984)
221/15Ice Time: Climate, Science, and Life on Earth by Thomas Levenson (New York: Harper & Row, 1989)
L. Public Recognition of Margret Rey
224/1VHS videocassettes of Margret Rey on The Book Channel, July 1985, (2 items)
297/2Invitations, photographs, and seating guides for Margret Rey's 80th birthday, May 1986, (27 items)
297/3Birthday cards for Margret Rey's 80th birthday, May 1986, (43 items)
225/1Resolution by City of Cambridge, Massachusetts, for Margret Rey's 80th birthday with clipping, May 1986, (2 items)
224/2VHS videocassette of Margret Rey on Writers on Reading on WGBH-Boston, August 1987, ( 1 item)
224/3Cambridge YWCA Tribute to Women glass plaque with stand, 1988, (2 items)
225/2Certificate of Recognition by City of Boston, Massachusetts, for Margret Rey's 88th birthday, May 1994, (1 item)
224/4VHS videocassette of Margret Rey on CBS Sunday Morning, May 1996, (1 item)
224/5Audiocassette of Margret Rey on Connections on National Public Radio in Boston, May 1996, (1 item)
297/4Birthday cards for Margret Rey's 90th birthday, May 1996, (28 items)
297/5Birthday cards for Margret Rey's 90th birthday, May 1996, ( 36 items)
294/3Album of photographs and clippings re Margret Rey's 90th birthday, May 1996, (1 item)
225/3Clippings re Margret Rey's 90th birthday, May-July 1996, (10 items)
225/4Certificates of Recognition and letter received from State of Texas, September 1995-May 1996, ( 3 items)
225/5Resolution by City of Cambridge, Massachusetts, declaring "Margret Rey Day," September 1996, (1 item)
224/6VHS videocassette of Margret Rey on Chronicle, December 1996, (1 item)
M. Health & Aging
225/6Correspondence re health care, July 1952-[ca. 1994], (17 items)
225/7Printed material re health issues, 1958-1993, (19 items)
225/8Personal notes re physical and mental health, 1970-1985, (11 items)
225/9Health journal kept by H.A. Rey, October 1975-February 1977, (32 pp.)
225/10Letters received and clippings re live-in companions, July 1979-May 1981, (11 items)
225/11Printed material re aging issues, 1980-1985, (16 items)
225/12Letters received and photographs re Lay Lee Ong, February 1981-August 1983, (8 items)
225/13Get-well cards for Margret Rey, July 1996, (13 items)
N. Death & Estate Matters
1. H.A. Rey
a. Estate Settlement
226/1Copies of will of H.A. Rey, June 1975, (2 items)
226/2Correspondence and legal documentation re transactions made immediately before H.A. Rey's death, July-August 1977, (6 items)
226/3Death certificate of H.A. Rey, September 1977, (1 item)
226/4Correspondence and legal documentation re settlement of H.A. Rey's estate, August 1977-May 1979, (41 items)
226/5Correspondence and legal documentation re settlement of H.A. Rey's estate, July 1979-December 1980, (26 items)
226/6Tax returns for H.A. Rey's estate, [ca. May 1978], (3 items)
226/7Correspondence re Hildegard Reyersbach and Ellen Rubin as beneficiaries of H.A. Rey's will, June-October 1978, ( 10 items)
226/8Letters received and legal documentation re disposition of H.A. Rey's body, November 1970-June 1978, (13 items)
226/9Letter received and personal note re sale of H.A. Rey's library, October 1977-January 1978, (2 items)
b. Obituaries & Condolence Letters
226/10Obituaries for H.A. Rey, August-October 1977, (10 items)
227/1Condolence letters, August-September 1977, (55 items)
227/2Condolence letters, October 1977-May 1978, (25 items)
227/3Condolence letters, n.d., (26 items)
227/4Condolence letters from schoolchildren, September-December 1977, (6 items)
2. Margret Rey
227/5Wills and anatomical gift form of Margret Rey, March 1960-November 1994, (5 items)
227/6Obituaries for Margret Rey, December 1996-January 1997, (8 items)
227/7Memorials to Margret Rey by friends, December 1996, (2 items)
227/8Program and transcript of memorial service for Margret Rey, February 1997, (2 items)
261/14Audiocassettes of memorial service for Margret Rey, February 1997, (4 items)
227/9Clippings and letters received re Boston Globe article on the settlement of Margret Rey's estate, December 1998-February 1999, (13 items)
227/10Articles re the settlement of Margret Rey's estate, February 1999-March 2000, (3 items)


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