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Frequently Asked Questions about old books

How can I find out what my book is worth?

We do not have expertise in appraising items and, therefore, can only refer you to other sources.

1) Check with an out-of-print book dealer. To assist you in locating one close to your home, see our list of out-of-print book dealers who specialize in children's books.

2) You can also try If there are other books with the same title and edition for sale, you can compare the description of the book with yours. Naturally, the condition of the book will either add to or subtract from its market value.

How can I find a book I loved as a child? I can't remember the title and/or author.

We're sorry, but due to limited staff and the volume of questions we receive, we are not able to answer this type of question. The reference staff at your local public library may be able to help you using various references i.e. Children's Catalog, Best Books for Children, etc. which list published children's books by subject. You might also want to look at "book stumper" forums, like the one maintained on the Loganberry Books website.






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