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de Grummond
Children's Literature Collection

Resources for Research at the de Grummond Collection

The resources of the de Gummond Collection are used by scholars, not only in the field of children's literature, but also researchers in a variety of disciplines including library science, education, English, history, sociology, women's studies, popular culture and American studies.

In addition to the Collection's original materials, books and periodicals, we also have extensive holdings of reference works, biographies, subject bibliographies, critical works and genre studies.

Research at the de Grummond Collection can be accomplished in four ways:

1. Check our Frequently Asked Questions pages for a quick response to common questions;

2. Online access through our site index, and links (see left) to other resources;

3. Limited reference queries through our Ask de Grummond Reference service; and,

4. On-site visits.

While our small staff is happy to assist you with your project, we must limit our help to off-site researchers. Much information can be obtained online. Each page of our website is searchable by Keyword through the Finding Aid Search feature located on the left-side of the page. In this same location, another access point is also provided for searching the Online Catalog/Anna.

If you find a book, article or item that is not fully described on the webpage, we are happy to provide more specific information. Online biographies, bibliographies and databases are provided as a starting point for more general queries.



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