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de Grummond
Children's Literature Collection

Thanks to Our Contributors

Contributors June 2000 - April 2001
Names with an asterisk denote new contributor *

Addax Publishing Group - 4 books

Leone Adelson - materials pertaining to Please Pass the Grass; Dandelions Don't Bite, The Blowaway Hat, All Ready for Summer, All Ready for Winter; House with Red Sails and Red Sails on the James; Amnesty Now article honoring Leone Adelson

Daniel Adler - typescripts, dummies, and galleys for David A. Adler's A Picture Book series, including biographies of Frederick Douglass; Harriet Tubman; Sojourner Truth; Sitting Bull; Eleanor Roosevelt; Rosa Parks; Martin Luther King, Jr.; Thomas Edison; Benjamin Franklin; Robert E. Lee; George Washington; and Patrick Henry.

Sidney G. Adler - typescripts and page proofs for David A. Adler's Andy and Tamika

*Advance Publishing Group - 18 books

*Alyson Publications - 2 books

*Atori Publishing - 1 book with CD

*Demetra Bakas - 1 book with audiocassette

*Sherry Ball - 2 books, 7 booklists

Bandicoot Books - 1 book

Kaylene Behm - 1 book, Dr. Seuss totebag

Bellerophon Books - 2 books

Bethlehem Books - 6 books

Beyond Words Publishing - 6 books

Book Peddlers - 3 books

*Louise Borden - 4 books; cover proofs for Sleds on Boston Common and The Day Eddie Met the Author

Onva Boshears - 13 books

Boyds Mills Press - 1 book

Jan Brett - Autographed poster for Hedgie's Surprise

*Jerry Butler - Every Tone a Testimony, 2 CDs

Mary Calhoun - 2 books

Candlewick Press - 97 books

Angelica Carpenter - 15 books, program from the Lewis Carroll Conference 1998, planning materials and correspondence for the Oz 2000 Centennial Celebration

*Amon Carter Museum - 3 books

*Beverly Carter - 2 books

Wendy Cartwright - 41 books, Curious George ceramic bank and puzzle

*Ginger M. Caughman - 11 books

Kay and Peter Cavello - 23 books, monetary contribution to be matched by the Follett Corporation

Charlesbridge Publishing - 4 books

Clarion Books - 20 books

Vicki Cobb - typescripts, sketches, page proofs, galleys, dummies, and correspondence for: Follow Your Nose, Your Tongue Can Tell, Don't Try This at Home, Bangs and Twangs, Squirts & Spurts, Whirlers and Twirlers, This Place Is Wild, You Gotta Try This, Wanna Bet?, and Why Can't I Live Forever?

Cobblestone Publishing - 6 books

*Colonial Press - 5 books

*Compass Point Books - 20 books

*Cornerstone Press - 1 book

Lloyd E. Cotsen - 3 books

*Juanita Coulson - research, typescripts, galleys, and illustrations for The Web of Wizardry, The Death God's Citadel, The War of the Wizards, (M)Andaru, The Secret of Seven Oaks and Door into Terror all by Juanita Coulson; High Spy, To Renew the Ages, The Mind Twister Affair, The Wombat Affair all by Robert Coulson; and Charles Fort Never Mentioned Wombats, and Gates of the Universe by Gene DeWeese and Robert Coulson.

*Council for Indian Education - 4 books

Crabtree Publishing Company - 5 books

Crossway/Good News Publishers - 4 books

*Dawn Horse Press - 3 books

Lynn de Grummond Delaune - original illustrations; folded and gathered sheets for The Story of the Wise Men and the Child by Lisl Weil; 2 books and folders of correspondence from Lena de Grummond to various authors and illustrators.

Winston De Ville - 3 books

Dharma Publishing - 3 books

*Floyd Dickman - 84 books

Discovery Enterprises - 4 books

DK Publishing - 42 books

Eakin Press - 10 books

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. - 10 books

*Bella Ruth Ehrenpreis - Curious George musical menorah, musical waterball and collector set of dreidels

*Elizabeth Estes - Glenn E. Estes collection of 3554 children's books, 55 periodicals, and 62 other items relating to children's literature, including puzzles, calendars, and Beatrix Potter figurines

Farrar Strauss Giroux - 14 books

Feminist Press - 11 books

Gioia Fiammenghi - illustrative materials for Gus et Les Hindous; 98, 99, 100 Ready or Not, Here I Come; Chocolate Fever; Little Sister for Sale; and The Barn

Firefly Books - 12 books

*Five Star Publications - 10 books

Eddie Forbess - 507 books

Dorothy Francis - 18 published books by Dorothy Francis, most translated into German and French; 11 typescripts and softcover books for Perfection Learning series titles, including The Case of the Vanishing Cat, Sea Turtles: Creatures of Mystery, The American Alligator, Bigfoot in New York City?, The Case of the Missing Emeralds, and The Case of the Disappearing Kidnapper, among others

Roy Freeman - original illustrations, sketches, dummies, galleys and proofs for Don Freeman's Guard Mouse, Inspector Peckit, Quiet! There's a Canary in the Library, This for That, The Seal and the Stick, April Foolers, Forever Laughter, Mop Top, and A Rainbow of My Own

Friedman/Fairfax - 3 books

Friendship Press - 9 books

Front Street Press - 33 books

Fulcrum Publishing - 3 books

*Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez - Crece Leyndo poster and bookmark

Gallopade International - 3 books

Charles Ghigna - typescript, proofs, dust jacket revisions, correspondence and publicity for Christmas Is Coming! by Charles Ghigna and Debra Ghigna; reviews, interviews, publicity and correspondence for Tickle Day, and autographed copies of the books

Faye Gibbons - author's notebook, manuscripts, typescripts for Some Glad Morning

*Global Vision - 1 book

Shirley Glubok - original typescripts for 17 magazine articles published in various periodicals

Martin M. Goldwyn - typescripts, color layouts, and galleys for David A. Adler's The Many Troubles of Andy Russell, Brother in Egypt, and Chanukah in Chelm

Greenwillow Books - 2 books

*Groundwood Books - 12 books

Hachai Publishing - 1 book

Mary Hamilton - 77 books, 16 Wizard of Oz porcelain portrait sculptures, 4 Wizard of Oz plastic stamp figures

Hampton Roads Publishing - 6 books

Harcourt - 136 books

HarperCollins - 180 books

Esther Hautzig - correspondence with schools and children for year 2000

*Elizabeth Haynes - 3 books

Herald Press - 3 books

Henry Holt and Company - 8 books

Lee Bennett Hopkins - color proofs, folded and gathered pages for Yummy, Weather; Mama, Mama and Her Boys; materials for cover art for Lives, School Supplies; notes, proposal, original poems submitted by regional poets, typescripts, copy-edited page proofs, book mechanicals, color page proofs, advance review copy, and publicity for My America

*Hoppa Productions - 1 book

*House of Nehesi Publishers - 6 books

Houghton Mifflin - 19 books, 2 CDs, 1 audiocassette, 1 Polar Express ornament

*Woodleigh Hubbard - original pen and ink dummy for The Moles and the Mireuk: A Korean Folktale retold by Holly H. Kwon, illustrated by Woodleigh Hubbard

Margaret O. Hyde - 21 books

*Inglis House - 1 book

Interlink Publishing Group - 4 books

*The Jewish Publication Society - 4 books

*Bob Jones University Press - 54 books

Dee Jones - 759 books

Just Us Books - 25 books

*Kamehameha Schools Press - 3 books

Kane/Miller - 13 books

Kar-Ben Copies - 8 books

Ezra Jack Keats Foundation - 1999-2000 minigrants

Kids Can Press - 29 books

Diana Klemin - 732 books

*Jameela Lares - 1 book and "Pooh Corner, Hartfield" tea towel

Sonia Levitin - journals and notebooks, taped interviews of author, research, typescripts, proofs, and correspondence for What They Did to Miss Lilly, the Amanda series, The Singing Mountain, The Cure, Evil Encounter,and The Return

*Pamela R. Levy - 1 book

*Riki Lipe - author's notes, typescripts, color illustrations, page proofs, marketing materials and published books for The Secret of Ricena's Pond, Color at Ricena's Pond, The Mystery at Ricena's Pond and Sooty

Little, Brown & Company - 90 books

*Loyola Press - 8 books

Marshall Cavendish Corporation - 5 books, bookmarks

*Donna McCallman - 2 books

McClelland & Stewart Young Readers - 7 books

Meriwether Publishing - 10 books

Dinah Moché - notes, typescripts, page and cover proofs, and correspondence for 5th edition of Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide

The Morehouse Group - 3 books

Morgan Reynolds - 12 books

Shirley Rousseau Murphy - edited typescript and proofs, autographed copy of Wind Child

*NBM Publishing - 2 books

Naturegraph Publishers - 4 books

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor - research, typescripts, galleys, correspondence, and autographed copies of Traitor Among the Boys and Peril in the Bessledorf Parachute Factory

*Tommy Nelson - 9 books

*New Dawn Publishing Company - 10 books

Avery E. Neumark - notes, research, typescripts, proofs, and advance reading copies of David A. Adler's The Babe & I, Lou Gehrig, A Picture Book of George Washington Carver, and several Young Cam Jansen titles

*Nilgiri Press - 2 books

Northland / Rising Moon - 4 books

Oddo Publishing - 2 books

Orca Books - 3 books

Orchard Books - 1 book

Our Child Press - 19 books, two with audiocassettes

*Otter Creek Press - 2 books

*Pacific View Press - 1 book

*Paraclete Press - 3 books

Paulist Press - 11 books

Peachtree Publishers - 3 books

Peartree - 4 books

Richard Peck - notes and typescripts for A Long Way from Chicago and A Year Down Yonder

Pelican Publishing Company - 3 books

PETA - 7 books

Pfeifer-Hamilton Publishers - 4 books

*Piatkus Books - 1 book

Jan Pie kowski - computer disks, scripts, color illustrations, text proofs, digiproofs, and copies of published book for The Monster Pet; 42 other published books by the author.

Pittenbruach Press - 2 books

Pleasant Company Publications - 2 books

*Plough Publishing House - 7 books, one with CD

*Pocahontas Press - 20 posters

Polar Bear & Co. - 3 books

*Portland State University - 9 books

*Practical Parenting - 6 books

*Presbyterian Publishing Corporation - 4 books and Family Advent Calendar

Prometheus Books - 3 books

Robert Quackenbush -proposal, outline, chapter synopsis, research, original illustrations, illustrated dummy, galleys, original cover art and published book for Daughter of Liberty; materials for Miss Mallard animated film series; original pen and ink artwork for Sherlock Chick series books; book dummies and original art for Bataby and Henry series; awards and publicity

*Leslie Radloff - 14 books

*Rand McNally & Company - 1 book

Emilie Marie Rausch - monetary donation

Reader's Digest - 5 books

H.A. and Margret Rey Estate - personal, professional and business correspondence; legal documents and tax records; Margret's knitting and needlework notebooks and finished needlework; collection of personal greeting and New Year's cards; personal photographs and slides; Curious George films, filmstrips, posters, and 48 published books

James A. Riley, Jr. - 240 books

Joseph Rollins - letter written by Charlemae Hill Rollins; copy of the Proclamation dedicating the Charlemae Hill Rollins Children's Room at the George Cleveland Hall Library October 12, 1989; notecards with illustrations by Ashley Bryan from Christmas Gif'

Diane Ross - 6 books

*Candace Savage - 1 book

Harriet May Savitz - 47 original essays

Helen Schinske - 6 books, 6 volumes of Monthly Packet magazine

Scholastic - 66 books

School Zone Publishing - 4 books

Art Seiden - 18 pages of original pen and ink drawings

Seven Hills Book Distributors - 5 books

Marjorie Weinman Sharmat - author's notes and correspondence; articles in various publications; 9 autographed books; 2 audio books from Genghis Khan series; author's notes, typescripts, dummies for Nate the Great series

Mitchell Sharmat - notes, research, typescripts, page proofs, correspondence and autographed copy of A Girl of Many Parts

Silver Seahorse Press - 4 books and audiocassette

Norma Simon - typescripts, proofs, dummies, correspondence, reviews and publicity for What Do I Say?; What Do I Do?; What Do I Feel?; Wet World; Firefighters; The Baby House; Go Away Warts; Children Do, Grownups Don't; All Kinds of Children; The Story of Passover; The Story of Hanukkah; Elly the Elephant; I Was So Mad!; and Shavot.

Simon & Schuster - 4 books

Lawrence Slobodkin - Original artwork created by Louis Slobodkin, including 8 framed drawings, 46 portraits, 13 watercolor landscapes, 2 sculptures, other pen and ink drawings, photographs, sketch books, papers, and other published materials

Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators - SCBWI Bulletins dating from 1971 through 1996

Southern Skies - 3 books

*George Edward Stanley - 26.7 cubic feet of original materials and 104 published books. Series include The Codebreaker Kids, Katie Lynn Cookie Company, Road to Reading, Scaredy Cats, Spine Tinglers, and The Twin Connection; articles for Child Life, Children's Digest, Children's Playmate, Health Explorer, Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, Junior Medical Detective, and Young World; also Espionage Magazine short stories.

*John Stewig - 4 Pictures and Print multicultural resource units

Stoddart - 20 books

Storey Communications - 3 books

*Teach Me...Tapes - 6 books and audiocassettes

Ten Speed Press - 6 books

Tundra Books - 5 books

Twenty-Third Publications - 3 books

Unity School of Christianity - 3 books

Upper Room Ministries - 1 book

*Valentine Publishing Group - 1 book

Vermillion - 5 books

Viking - 12 books

Walker and Company - 4 books

*J. Weston Walch, Publisher - 8 books

Gloria Whelan - typescripts, galleys, correspondence, notes, publicity and reviews, and autographed copies for The Dove's Nest, Welcome to Starvation Lake, Farewell to the Island, Return to the Island, Rich and Famous on Starvation Lake, Homeless Bird, and Angel in the Square. Correspondence and program from the National Book Awards 2000

White Mane Kids - 3 books

Albert Whitman & Company - 1 book

*Wildlife Education - 11 books

Williamson Publishing - 3 books

Evelyn Wolfson - typescripts, galleys, photos, and drawings for From the Earth to Beyond the Sky, The Teton Sioux, The Iroquois, From Abenaki to Zuni, American Indian Tools and Ornaments, and American Indian Utensils

*David Wright - 2 books

Laura Zaidman - 1 book

Zondervan Publishing House - 4 books, 2 copies of each


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